05 Sep 2018 19:07:36
so the Salisbury story still doing the rounds, when it first broke the media were talking about ground troops in Syria, so a attack on British soil was the proxy war to get involved more, as ISIS were getting took out, one thing they never took into account, the Scripals should not have survived, i remember watching a sky news interview with a former scientists who claimed he made the nerve agent and it was definitely from Russia and they will not survive or at best be brain dead, then as weeks went by it went quiet, then they got better, so many people (not the media ) questioned the motive that the Russians decided they wanted to kill a ex spy,

by the way i am not saying the Russians would never do it, past history shows they have a history of it but it did not make sense at the time as it does not make sense today,
the Russians were winning the propaganda war by erasing ISIS in Syria, then as soon as the allies were ready to pack up and go back home, Assad decides to use chemical weapons on his own civilians (no proof ) then the Salisbury thing happened,

my own theory is it was a home made batch of nerve gas, made at Porton Down ( Chemical Warfare faculty )

now the story is going on today, the real mystery everyone should be asking is were are the Scripals and why have neither of them made any live statements?


{Ed033's Note - the Scripals were given something, but not the proper stuff, that's why it was survivable.

1.) 05 Sep 2018
05 Sep 2018 20:30:55
craig murray (former British ambassador) has questioned the official story from the beginning and has just tweeted this about the two suspects.

"To get UK visa, Ruslan Borishov and Alexander Petrov had to submit high grade clear passport photos against a plain white background. So why has HMG issued deliberately foggy photos with dark areas around eyes and murky background, way below accepted for UK visa standard?

2.) 08 Sep 2018
08 Sep 2018 19:16:08
I think they also had to submit thumb prints for their visas. So why is Britain requesting them from the Russians?

3.) 13 Oct 2018
13 Oct 2018 09:59:24
There is an interesting timeline regarding Porton Down.

1916: A facility at the 3000-acre site is established

1920: Research starts on whole-body protection against mustard gas

1930: Porton Down scientists conduct tests on the London Underground to assess vulnerabilities to chemical or biological attack

1940: Site expands and biological warfare research starts

1946: scientists conduct research into war gases and nerve agents with the help of volunteer military personnel

1989: Nerve agent trials cease

1997: Chemical Weapons Convention comes into force, requiring all members to dispose of chemical weapons and their production facilities

1999: Wiltshire Police begin a four-year investigation into the human experiments at Porton Down nearly 50 years earlier

2008: MoD awards £3m compensation to 360 veterans of the tests without admission of liability

2013: Dstl scientists test samples from Syria for Sarin.

4.) 25 Oct 2018
25 Oct 2018 18:30:53
If Moscow wanted Scripal dead then he would be dead. Remember Litvinenko. Also GRU is military Intel, they shouldn't be anywhere near wet work. That remains an area for the intelligence services.

{Ed033's Note - It wasn't the Russians