12 Jan 2019 14:10:56
In the light of the brexit debacle that you predicted before and after the referendum. What is your take on Jacob Rees Mogg? I’m taken by him. Or at least he appears to be smarter than any other leading the leave cause and by far smarter than any remainer!

{Ed033's Note - Hypothetically, even if Jacob Rees Mogg is some exceptional 'super' man, the office of Prime Minister in U.K. is a puppet position, where you do as you're told or you're out.

If hypothetically there are 2 groups vying for power in U.K. (not political parties, but 'elite' groups) like we can surely see in U.S.A., whichever group runs U.K., their agenda will get carried out.

We can see that the lesser of the 2 evil groups (not Republicans and Democrats, but 2 'elite' groups) runs U.S.A at the moment. Maybe we can hope that might happen in U.K., but don't hold you breath, because even if it does happen, the agendas between the 2 evil groups are not exact opposites, some agendas are the same and some are different.

For all we know though, Jacob Rees Mogg could be the choice of Puppet Prime Minister for the lesser of the 2 evil groups in U.K. assuming there are 2 groups in U.K.

1.) 12 Jan 2019
12 Jan 2019 16:06:01
Well he is at least speaking the same as I feel so hopefully the lesser of two evils if it’s a choice between the two. He has distanced himself from running and although that’s a disappointment I would be equally satisfied if he stuck to his original outlook.

{Ed033's Note - Well look, May has a handler called Oliver Robbins, so anybody who thinks it is about getting the correct person in as Prime Minister would need to realise that things aren't what they seem. If people realise that Oliver Robbins is May's handler, then you have to ask, who does Oliver Robbins report to and get orders from?