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08 Mar 2016 09:16:10
There's something not right here, we're meant to believe Muslim terrorists can blow up planes with a shoe or their under-pants but the IRA can't knock out any glass or the electrics with a bomb? It's not even bust a tyre. It reminds me more of my Mrs' parking.


1.) 08 Mar 2016 15:30:12
Was it placed correctly or even built correctly to start with.

2.) 08 Mar 2016 20:50:27
The present IRA are a few ill trained men with no popular support and if not informants they are agents. If required for political gain an operation will be let "slip through". Most operations will be "foiled" by excellent police work.

They are another tool in the box of British intelligence.

3.) 08 Mar 2016 21:26:29
I woulda thought that no matter were u put it the widows woulda been blown out
Not that I know about this type thing just would think car bomb windows at least gone.

4.) 08 Mar 2016 23:02:34
No because most car bombs are placed underneath near the fuel tank or on the exhaust pipe if your using certain detonation methods. The blast if directed in the right direction ignites the fuel. If it wasn't placed right and the blast went in the wrong direction i. e. downwards into the road it wouldn't do much damage.

To be honest most the of the ira are pretty amateur. A mixture of psycho thugs looking for a means to direct their inner rage, foolish naive boys who swallow all the horseshit about being soldiers in a war or wannabes on a power trip. And its been getting more amateurish as time goes on. Too be busy trying to control the drugs trade and become legitimate business men and/ or politicians now there's only a lunatic fringe of the truly amateur.

Sure some were/ are mi5 agents but most crime gangs are given a licence to operate by informing. Look at the krays or the American mafia. Similiar thing, granted business licences and immunity from prosecution in exchange for information. Strokes the egos of those who think their major players.

5.) 09 Mar 2016 16:17:19
Alright nice one
Quite lucky it wasn't any of the older lot then lol
Car would probably be gone.

6.) 09 Mar 2016 18:20:34
Car bombs are more of a psychological weapon. If we can get to his car we can get to you. And loud bangs gives the drama. There's more efficient members.

7.) 10 Mar 2016 02:38:44
The victim was seriously injured and in a stable condition in hospital. What possible injuries could he have received? It was nice of the emergency services to leave the electrics on when there was a fire risk and shut the doors all neat and tidy.
In fact if you read the report the bomb only partially went off, does that van look like it's had a once over with the bomb disposal squad, wouldn't they shut the electrics off?
The bomb was found to have been made of semtex - that's just a blatant lie not worth commenting on.

8.) 10 Mar 2016 09:53:05
I'd assume leg injuries, usually set under front drivers side wheel arch held in place by magnet and rigged with a mercury tilt switch.
The favour explosives used was semtex, a small amount could do a lot of damage and easier to conceal, and with the tilt switch the planter does not need to hang around.
The availability of an explosive like semtex to the "new IRA" would be very limited plus the availability of an experienced bomb maker also as the Provisionals took most of their main operatives along with them into the piece process and buried their hugh stocks of semtex in large secret bunkers.
There was always a chance that rogue
members with bomb making skills have renegaded back to those that choose to continue the "armed struggle" and not all the explosives were put out of reach. Semtex is a stable substance with a long shelf life.

{Ed001's Note - sorry but there are so many manuals available online, that there is no need to be 'experienced'. If they can get hold of explosives, they can find instructions in how to use them.}

9.) 10 Mar 2016 10:08:02
The sad thing about the whole thing thou ed is that they are a small group known to security forces and are and mostly likely being marshalled by them. Any success is not because the operatives are skilled in guerilla warfare but because security let them for what ever agenda they have.

{Ed001's Note - very true.}

10.) 10 Mar 2016 14:02:56
Manuals are one thing but practice makes perfect. Just because I have a Delia smith cookbook doesn't mean I make great soufflés.

Would there stocks be pre 1991 semtex by any chance?

{Ed001's Note - it is not making a great souffle though is it? It is making a half decent bomb, which should be child's play. It is basic, very basic, knowledge and expertise level required.}

11.) 10 Mar 2016 17:21:12
Which is why most Lon wolf bombs fail to off and AQ's roadside bombs were made by expert bomb makers.

I agree anyone *should* be able to stick a time pencil in some plastique. But the more complex the device the more the technical skill goes up.

Manuals on how to make a nuclear device are all over the internet but you still need certain engineering skills even if you have access to the materials.

Same with bomb making. I can give mr philby a shopping list for B and Q and garden centre and leave him the step by step instructions on how to do it but I'd prefer to be a few miles away whilst he does it. It only takes one mistake by an unskilled or inexperienced pair of hands. Of course the same applies with someone skilled or experienced but the odds change somewhat.

Personally if I was running something like that i'd want someone with some basic engineering skill doing the actual assembling rather than eager but unskilled volunteers.

If it was as simple as just downloading a manual off the internet, going shopping for kit, and tinkering in the kitchen, then given the amount of people out there with grievances against the rest of society then wouldn't there be regular occurrences?

{Ed001's Note - I am not getting into this, but there have been plenty of such bombers that succeeded in the past, so I fail to see your point at all. Not every IRA bomb, for instance, was due to trained members, there were splinter factions with none. There are plenty of bombers around the world succeeded on a daily basis in places that never receive TV coverage here that are totally untrained but manage to make their explosives work.}

12.) 10 Mar 2016 20:05:07
The IRA had master bombers who down through the years perfected their skills and indeed came up some very clever methods of causing the most destruction. Security forces were able to attach bombs to certain makers and their students due to their make up. When these guys stood down the ability for what was left in the organisation to carry out a successful bombing campaign was virtually wiped. There has been attempts which were crude and had limited success. A while back a device was used which suggest 1 of the top makers had at very least shared some information if not made a more than capable devise. But once again you can have the best maker at your disposal and it can count for nothing if intelligents is on top of the organisation.
A few weeks back it was suggested and must likely correct that the Shankill bomb was tampered with by either a member who had been turned or intelligence acting on the information by a member.

13.) 10 Mar 2016 22:23:24
Agreed ttts each maker has their own signature.



23 Nov 2014 03:35:04
{Ed007's Note - As a follow up to what I posted above and Kim saying she was surprised the two Michaels weren't shot dead at the scene by the armed 'police', I had a snoop about and found this report from during their trial.

I'm going to reprint some parts of the report and point out the glaring errors.

"They were released as a police markswoman told jurors at the Old Bailey that she feared for her life when she was left defenceless as the alleged killer of Fusilier Lee Rigby charged her car waving a machete.
The officer known only as D49 and the driver of a three-strong armed response unit, struggled to pull her gun out of a holster as Michael Adebolajo sprinted towards her car, the court heard. "
So we are to believe that highly trained police officers who we are supposed to trust with protecting us panicked so much she struggled to get her gun out her holster when her and 2 other colleagues were in immediate danger? Note the word machete is used here.

"CCTV footage shown in court showed a machete-wielding man get to within a few feet of D49's car door before he was thrown thrown into the air with the impact of a shot from her colleague sitting in the back seat of the car. "
Now we have a highly trained police officer who can't get her gun out of the holster and her colleague in the back failed to shoot dead from "within a few feet" a man posing that much of a danger her highly trained colleague was so panic-stricken she couldn't get her own gun out it's holster. It's beyond parody, it would be far fetched for a film script so why do people believe it actually happened?

"I saw a flash to my right, when I looked I saw a black male running at me waving both hands up in the air with a chopping motion, " said D49 in a statement read to the court. "I instantly thought he is going to kill me. I could not immediately pull out my Glock… I could see the look in the suspect's eyes. They were so wide I could see the whites of them. "

First off, she doesn't mention the machete, not a big deal but wouldn't a policewomen's statement be more thorough? Perhaps not as she then says "waving both hands up in the air with a chopping motion" still no mention of any machete and if you imagine what she's describing it sounds more like rave dancing than threatening behaviour, remember at this point they have no idea what's occurred. He could have been a witness in a blind panic? D49 is so close to the disco dancing black male she can see the whites of his eyes but her colleague, a highly trained police officer can't/won't shoot him dead?

Wouldn't a lawyer question what hand the machete was in etc. when the suspect was shot, to build up an exact picture of what happened and forensic evidence? You would think so BUT note the part "said D49 in a statement read to the court", D49 wasn't giving evidence, her statement was only read out in court and so she was never cross-examined, she was never there in person.

"The officer in the back of the car, E48, told the court yesterday of his decision to shoot Mr Adebolajo as he charged towards the car. Speaking from behind a screen, he told the court that D49 was "defenceless, she had a pane of glass to protect herself".
Why was E48 behind a screen, why wasn't his statement just read out like his poor little defenceless colleague, who although she was carrying a Glock "only had a pane of glass to protect herself", hardly defenceless is it?

"The second he started sprinting at us still in possession of that knife I made the decision to fire and until he fell away from the vehicle I was still in the frame of mind, he said. "
All through this story, this blade went from being a meat cleaver to a machete and now a knife! I know it's a small point (small point/knife? Get it lol) but shouldn't the police know the difference, or better still wouldn't the weapons be there as evidence? It's not mentioned in this article but I'm sure I read somewhere that they were only shown pictures of "blood soaked weapons".

"It felt like everything went in slow motion, " she said in her statement. "I thought 'Oh my God, he is going to shoot me'. I feared for my life. "
This is good old D49's statement being read out again as evidence in a murder trial the eyes of the world are looking at. This is her talking about the SECOND Michael, so again this highly trained police officer has panicked when faced with danger, doesn't she play the damsel in distress so well? How the hell did her unit ever manage the 35 out of 35 shooting to kills ratio with this panic merchant in the ranks? That's twice in one day she's feared for her life, the poor lass nerves must be shattered!

"Mr Adebolajo told a paramedic who treated him that he believed in sharia law and "should be allowed to have as many women as he wanted, " the court was told yesterday. He kept repeating that British soldiers were raping and killing women in Afghanistan on his way to hospital, according to a statement by paramedic William Woolston. "

So even the paramedics don't get a day off work and claiming court expenses for it as William Woolston only had his statement read out. It must be the truth then eh? It's reported elsewhere that Adebolajo also told Woolston that Allah was his next of kin. So that's the 2 Michaels both had poor little D49 in fear of her life and now one of them is saying he "should be allowed to have as many women as he wanted".


1.) There was a case (can not remember it)and it went to court in the usa and everything the cop described was based on emotion from his emotions to the accused emotions and not on facts, the accused got found guilty and got life but after ten or so years they done a retrial and the new lawyer told the jurors just look at the evidence nothing more nothing less does it add up to what the cop is telling you?

the accused went free.

2.) 23 Nov 2014 12:06:53
Interesting. As I said, it would make the most sense for the two guys to get killed at the scene. Imagine the positive media publicity for the police etc. And saving an inconvenience of a trial.

Instead they were allowed to survive for some reason and to go on trial. This points to a deeper game.

I would question if the police who arrived were actually properly firearms trained. As you say they had a record of 35 kills in 35 incidents. An outstanding record for marksmen, and highlights how well rained they are. Marksmen need nerves of steel and do not panic. That whole statement is incredible, i'd like to see her service record.

Kim Philby

3.) The inquire into the "prevention "of murder today seems to be focusing on internet information from unnamed American internet and clearing the spooks.
Seem like the whole story is now being used to help ease through laws governing the internet. Has this always been their intention or is it now a convient time to use incident?

4.) 25 Nov 2014 18:06:12
Todays bbc very interesting. These 2 do sound like assets in place.

Kim Philby



21 Nov 2014 02:54:56
For anyone interested Chris Spivey put a new article up the other day regarding the Woolwhich/Lee Rigby false flag operation.

The part where Nick Kollerstrom (any opinion on/knowledge of him Ed033?) has tried and failed to find Lee James McClure, Rigby's real name, birth certificate is to me a very important point in the whole con if you've been following it, how can somebody that never existed be killed?


{Ed033's Note - Nick Kollerstrom PhD wrote the book, Terror on the Tube about the false flag event in London known as 7/7, showing that the uk government completely lied about the event's perpetrators.

He also co-organised the Belgrano Inquiry in 1986 about the sinking of the Belgrano which was travelling away from the Falklands and around 86 miles outside the exclusion zone when it was purposely sunk. Nick Kollerstrom to me is very credible.

older interview about the woolwich event, Nick Kollerstrom with Richard D. Hall

Nick Kollerstrom and David Shayler 7/7 Revisited Part 1 of 6

1.) That tina bystander women looks as dodgy as h--k.

why is she there?
why would she not remove herself from the situation?
why did the police not remove her?

i know every1 is different and I know shock means you can not move a muscle but she is walking towards the event like a coordinator.

good link edd007

2.) 21 Nov 2014 13:30:38
Yes she looks to be highly trained and was expecting something to be happening. Most normal people its 'fight or flight' these days i'd have to run away, 30 years ago i'd have tackled the guy. This woman striding around the place like nothings happened apart from what she was expecting or was told to happen.

I think this was a planned operation and the only part that went wrong was the police failed to kill the two guys at the scene. I don't think the two accused were supposed to survive this.

Kim Philby

{Ed007's Note - That's actually the wrong link I sent in, that's a page listing all his work on it. The newest one is the:

And in that article, Kim, Spivey tells us:

'between the 1st of January 1995 and the 22nd of May 2013, British Armed Police had shot 35 people.

Moreover, of those 35, all 35 died.

Yet on the 22nd of May 2013, two fellas are shot at close range, one twice, the second three times and both survived… Nothing to see here, move along!'

So it doesn't look to me like the 2 Michaels were meant to die that day, Kim.

Here's some very basic and obvious questions about the Rigby false flag event that should alert everyone to the idea that everything isn't as it seems.

- Why did Michael Adebowale and Michael Adebolajo face no charges related to terrorism and why were witness statements read out rather than them personally appear in court to be cross examined? Why would a court be shown pictures depicting the crime scene rather than actual scenes of crime evidence pictures, no matter how horrific? The jury also only heard a description of Drummer Rigby's injuries, there was no photographic or video evidence produced in court.

- Why is there no damage to the posts the Tigra supposedly crashed into even though they are designed to fold on impact, yet the front of the car is heavily damaged?

- According to the official reports Drummer Rigby was struck at 30-40 m.p.h. he managed to stay on the car bonnet as the car bumped up a 6 inch high kerb without slowing down, made an impossible turn and struck the posts at 40 m.p.h., sending Drummer Rigby flying through the air a whole TWO metres.

- Why have some photos released of Drummer Rigby been obviously electroniacally manipulated and some are not even of him at all - he has a mole on his left cheek that seems to appear and disappear at will.?

-Why did/does the media persist in detailing that Drummer Rigby had brothers and sisters (no mention of different fathers or step-siblings) yet his biological father has said Drummer Rigby was his only child

- Why was Drummer Rigby portrayed as a happy family man with his 'wife' (his child's mother) leading the charade at his funeral when he was split from her and already engaged to another woman?

- How was Drummer Rigby identified by the terrorists as a soldier when he was not in any uniform, only a Help for Heroes T-shirt that any one of us can buy?

- We were told Drummer Rigby was returning to his barracks from the Tower of London where he was part of a recruiting team, so why wasn't he in uniform like most Army recruiters, the type we see every day on the streets, why was he returning to barracks at 14.20 when recruiting offices don’t shut until 17.00 at the earliest?

- Oh and why is there no records of any recruiting office ever being in the Tower of London?

- Why did someone who was no more than a murder victim recieve what can only be described as a state funeral? Serving soldiers killed in action don't recieve this treatment.

- If Lee Rigby joined the Army in 2006, after unsuccessfully trying to enlist twice, so he had been a soldier for approx 7 years. The Army's own website states:

'Promotion to Lance Corporal may follow after Phase 2 Training or after about 3 years as a private. After 6-8 years, and depending on ability to lead, promotion to Corporal typically follows.'

So why had he never been promoted from Private in seven years in the army if he was the super soldier we were told? I said he was ranked as a Private but there is no mention, record or evidence to what his army rank was. Why had he not been promoted in SEVEN years?

- Why did it take the police twenty minutes to turn up after the event even though Armed Police are stationed less than 1 mile away at Plumstead police Station. Lewisham Police Station is less than 3 miles away and is the largest in Western Europe

- Why did police, including, armed officers, not follow police procedure from the minute they arrived.

- Why did the police not check the 'terrorists' car or the rucksack, which was neatly placed against the wall, for potential explosives or booby traps?

- Why was the bus allowed to leave the scene with so many potential witnesses on board it.

- Why are we supposed to believe that at 14.20 during the day on a busy main road full of the 'public' and with a bus full of passengers that no-one took any photos or mobile phone footage of ANY of this whole sequence of events?

- Why has Drummer Rigby's fiancee Aimee West never been interviewed on live TV yet his estranged 'wife' has and has been been allowed to portray a lie, the lie being that her and Drummer Rigby were not the happy young couple and doting parents the media would like us to think they were?

- How much money has the Rigby and McClure families made from what happened that day?

I could list 'Whys' all day long but after you read all the evidence on Spivey's site all the questions are answered. He must be annoying someone, him and his family are being put through hell by the 'police' and social services. I would recommend everyone to read through all his articles on it, it's certainly an eye-opener at the very least.}

3.) I will be honest I never thought this was a false flag at the beginning until spivey and you edd07 have tweeted me some links, the one thing that surprises me about this event is we live in a age of camera mobile phones and its second nature for people to video anything out the ordinary, and for the life of me the only video images I have seen is when 1 of accused is basically doing a interview to a remarkable calm passerby considering this guy has blood on his hands and holding a machete,

were are all the people recording this scene?

{Ed007's Note - There's a bus full of 'passengers' sitting at the scene, and it's only now a video has surfaced from on it, one single video from a bus load of people just doesn't ring true. It was when I tried to find out if he had actually been decapitated (he wasn't although the later reports saying he wasn't are ignored) I stumbled on Spivey's work.
In my opinion there should have been a lot more blood at the scene, that's what made me question it initially, the day it happened I said to my wife, that the Michael in the video you're talking about would have been covered in blood if what we were being told happened actually happened, he's really only got blood on his hands, if you're hacking away at someone there would be blood splattered everywhere, including on you and on the ground. Years ago I was standing right next to my mate when someone slashed his jaw and there was more blood there than there was around Rigby/McClure body and people who were close to the scene, I had splashes of blood over my neck, the shoulder of my T-shirt and my arm and that's just one slash.
The 'police' don't have the situation under any kind of control as 'bystanders' are walking about picking things up and dropping them elsewhere etc. and ignoring the 'police' orders.
I don't have any doubts in my mind that this was a false flag used to stir up British Nationalism and anti-Muslim agendas but they've made so many mistakes it's easy to pick your way through it all, a lot of the evidence is as plain as the nose on your face.
Be warned though, it's a touchy subject to bring up in front of certain types of people. I mentioned it once on the Celtic site and was bombarded by posts calling me all sorts and threatening me, because of the Celtic/Irish connection and my own Irish family I was accused of just being anti-British and a terrorist lover and that's just the ones I can repeat on here! I wouldn't try discussing it down your local British Legion club.
P.S. Two questions I didn't have on my list is why did the police/paramedics not use latex gloves when there was so much blood from Rigby/McClure and the two Michaels?
And how did the police and emergency services know it was a 'terrorist' attack? No offence to anyone but two big black guys 'chopping' up a civilian looks more like a gangland hit than a terrorist attack, that's what I'd think but maybe that's looking at it from a Glasgow point of view. There is no possible way that the two Michaels could know Rigby/McClure was a soldier, it's not just soldiers who wear the Help our Heroes business, ooops I mean charity T-shirts.}

4.) 21 Nov 2014 16:13:46
Interesting ed007. I would assume they were not meant to survive as it leads to too many questions, necessitates a trial and all that entails even if it was a farce. You'd think killing them makes more sense. But I'm thinking as a Russian. If they preferred a trial it shows another agenda

Kim Philby

5.) No doubt a touchy and raw subject and anyone who disagrees are either anarchists or unpatriotic, I do agree with kim on it would make more sense killing both and that way it would focus on the death of rigby rather than the trial of the two accused, which was secret which in turn then opened up another can of worms , they obviously wanted them alive for a reason, maybe to use again in the future?

6.) 22 Nov 2014 10:46:10
Just doesn't make much sense to me. But then their minds work on a different level. Fascinating statistic though regards the 35 previous instances of arms police responses all being fatal. It immediately highlights these 2 were wanted alive.

Kim Philby



17 Nov 2014 19:53:09
If anyone's looking for something to read here's 4 free books to download that might be of interest. I've not started reading them myself so if they're muck don't be blaming me :)




04 Nov 2014 22:56:26
Chris Spivey has written a new article updating his investigation into the Woolwich/Lee Rigby false flag operation.


1.) Everyone should read this, edd007 showed me it last night and for the first time I do now genuinely believe woolwhich was a staged false flag.

2.) Cant seem to access the site. anyone else having this problem?

3.) No mate site working I just copied and paste the link.

4.) Yeah seems i'm blocked from the linked page Franky, always times out? trying to get through another way with no luck.
Mr. Jones

5.) Try go on twitter mate, I can send you it there @cush42 my username.

6.) Thanks for sharing Ed007. What an eye opener. Spivey deserves a lot of credit for this.





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07 Mar 2018 00:48:48
Leahy, I remember about 20 odd years ago there was a song always on the radio - I was on the tools at the time so maybe about 2004 - from some teeny bopper band called Busted about being to the year 3000 and nothing's changed but we live underwater.
So yer man the time traveler left 2004 and travelled to the year 3000 where nothing's changed but we live underwater. and I've just BUSTED him! :-D.




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22 Jun 2017 00:47:20
That DUP are getting everywhere!




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04 Mar 2017 17:27:09
Obama calling Michelle, Mikey isn't that strange, my wife's called Jacqueline and everyone calls her Jack because she hates being called Jackie. My old man used to get a bit uncomfortable talking about his son's wife Jack lol It's more than likely just a pet name imo.




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14 Oct 2016 01:53:16
Stars are just like holes in a tent roof is a particular favourite, Rian lol
I'm quite open to all sorts of nonsense I readdon the internet at 2 o'clock in the morning but the flat earth stuff is miles out.
Don't they say that Antartica is the outer edge of earth but that the flat earth goes on indefinitely?
I look on things like the flat earth stuff as a distraction allowed to snowball to get people looking away from real issues and problems. And that's from someone that believes in Heaven and Hell. :-D.




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06 Jul 2016 02:20:56
Hopefully it's third time lucky.





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