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14 jan 2019 12:11:36
Gateshead council want Mark Steele jailed for asking questions about 5G. Also contains info about blue lighting.

1.) 15 Jan 2019 12:58:40
One of the problems with 5G is that there is widespread ignorance, so thanks to people like Mark Steele for encouraging us to find out more. And now I know why he wears those glasses too.



12 Jan 2019 12:27:31
Energy from Space - The Shift Has Begun.



01 Jan 2019 21:13:55
Dinosaurs never existed? - The Great Big Dinosaur Hoax discussion.



01 Jan 2019 14:10:12
The Truth About Oil? Oil part starts around 11:30 minute mark, but 0-11:30 is worth viewing.

1.) 01 Jan 2019 19:06:53
Yes very interesting. I must say though that when I refer to fossil fuel it’s just it’s brand name and I do and have always realised that it’s not from dinosaurs. The thing about making it a rare commodity to increase price is what I’ve said below about the fracking. The protesters and papers like the sun have stirred this up and are useful pawns in making this method more exotic and pushing the price up. It’s no coincidence that the frack off movement coincided with the huge price fall around 4-5 years ago.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, but we're told that they force a load of highly toxic chemicals at super high pressure into the underlying earth to split rocks apart and this is happening in loads of locations around the world. For one it has to pollute primary water sources.

2.) 01 Jan 2019 20:59:54
Have you seen the company in canada i believe who are extracting co2 i believe out of the atmosphere and turning it into clean fuels. Thought it would have had a lot more publicity than it has honestly but that would go against the fossil fuel industries.

{Ed033's Note - yes, they control all alternatives. If people didn't know, in the above video was Bruce de Palma (n-machine creator); it appears they also took him out as well as Stanley Meyer.

3.) 01 Jan 2019 21:26:05
It’s not highly toxic chemicals in the case of fracking it’s just water. That’s the biggest lie. I know because I have personally prepared the fluid for jobs like this.

{Ed033's Note - Right, thanks.

4.) 02 Jan 2019 19:56:37
How do you prepare water browgun? Surely water is prepared and needs no other intervention.



26 Dec 2018 10:45:16

1.) 30 Dec 2018 14:16:16
Oh he’s one of those anti fracking nut jobs who actually don’t know anything about fracking. Dis info at its best there. God forbid they look into conventional oil and gas drilling 😀 I’ve had the misfortune of bumping into a fair few of these highly confused lefty students (just looked on his YouTube channel) dear oh dear.

{Ed033's Note - You only woke up a bit when the mainstream were saying ISIS were controlling a part of the oil cartel - (impossible of course like you said as your job is part of that industry), but Ian R. Crane is awake on a lot of issues and your still believing the mainstream on most issues.

2.) 30 Dec 2018 21:25:41
Ed I work in the industry it’s not believing the mainstream it’s something I see and do every day. I would suggest that the whole fracking nonsense originally came from a tabloid newspaper . I could write an essay debunking the whole thing. I would suggest that the whole thing could be a different agenda making people look away from more conventional techs that people don’t appear to have any problem with that are far worse and more destructive. I know this for a fact Ed I’m not lying to you.

The whole anti fracking movement are been played like puppets. I’ve seen this first hand and also seen the same faces at these movements that are also affiliated and seen amongst ANTIFA . I can’t comment on the other stuff he talks about and I’m not trying to feather my nest. I’m telling you as real 100% first hand knowledge that it’s utter rubbish.

On another note these idiots that are protesting at sites are nutcases I have had experience with this and these people are obstructing humans and stoping people getting home to there families after what should be a 12 hour shift is turning into 16-18 hour days . They are physically detains people and been offensive and provocative to people and damaging people’s personal stuff. This is totalitarian and fascist by there own logic.

They believe that there opinion is absolute. I’m not for a second defending oil and gas cartel I believe that fossil fuels are only needed for about 10%. I am currently working on geothermal and that should be the future but the same idiots are protesting these rigs as well. It’s shocking what these morons are doing and the fact is “conventional “ drilling is far worse as they are using oil based muds and synthetic muds that also fracture (frack) the formations when lack off occur. Fracking is just high pressure water mate. Fact. I’m just giving you the heads up so you don’t get conned by this MSM agenda. Surely your not buying this.

Also research what he did about CBL (cement bond living) And nuclear sources . They are typical for MWD (measure whilst drilling) CBL is run on wireline using resonance for determining the validity of cement jobs. He is simply making it up. A person with no experience in the field piecing stuff up to make himself sound like some sort of expert. Those nuclear barriers would have been for the MWD. I’m not lying just letting you know that he is very very wrong. And to be fair fracking jobs are absolute peanuts in the world of oil and gas. Don’t believe the hype mate.

{Ed033's Note - Ian R. Crane used to work as a high level executive in the oil industry, so he does know something.

Another thing people don't seem to comprehend is that there is no such thing as 'fossil fuels'. If you put any life form in the ground, they turn to earth, but they want us to think that a 'dinosaur' in the ground, turns into a billion barrels of oil?

No, oil is made in the Earth, by some unknown (as yet) process. There are now apparently oil fields that are now starting to refill with oil.

3.) 31 Dec 2018 09:03:41
🤔. Anyway regardless of fossil fuels. The point I’m making is that if he was such a high flier in oil and gas I don’t know why he has said the things he has and is targeting shale gas in particular. If he is what you say he is then he would surely be putting more efforts into traditional methods of extraction. The main point I am making is the protesters themselves, they are horrible human beings that are attacking and stopping workers going home to their family’s after what is a long enough day as it is and a fairly dangerous job where you need the time off between shifts to safely perform their duties. Surely you can’t be advocating this can you? They are also wasting lots of tax payers money on another note.

{Ed033's Note - ok, my main point is Ian R. Crane makes sense to me in all he says.

Update on multiple issues from Ian R. Crane:

4.) 31 Dec 2018 20:34:55
Ok well my main point is that I don’t have the knowledge and expertise to comment on the other things he talks about. So would have to blindly follow. As for a top oil and gas executive how do you know that. Have you seen his certs. Now as I do have a very good knowledge on the subject I can safely say that even if the other things he speaks about are correct (although I would not have a clue) the shale gas thing is absolutely nonsense, in the sense that it is a lot less damaging than conventional drilling if you like.

Of course there can be mistakes and things that go wrong as there can be in any job. For example plane crashes, car crashes etc. Are people up in arms saying that plane or car travel should be banned because they are ruthless killers? So if you compare the OTT coverage of fracking that I believe was set off by the sun newspaper or some other awful tabloid to the Gulf of Mexico that ended up been a blockbuster film after the absolute devastation it caused to the area then you have to put it into perspective!

So after watching a few of the guys videos and knowing that what he speaks of is utter nonsense then it would be fair to reason that the other subjects he speaks of are also flawed. By the reasoning on this very page and presuming that he is in fact some top oil and gas executive (although I believe it’s a lie or an exaggeration) could he be a planted dis info agent that is trying to divert attention away from the more damaging conventional drilling (which I do! Not shale) that covers 95% of the drilling world in far more delicate eco systems than what are been tracked in the uk.

It’s 100% hype and I’m honestly trying my best to give a good insight into a situation that is probably more propaganda than you would believe (unless I’m a half awake moron that doesn’t post you tube videos) I do believe this guy is charging for his videos on fracking, now if he was on the moral high ground and it was his passion to wake people up he wouldn’t be charging daft money for his stuff. Screams hypocrite and phoney all day long to me. Just my take ED ✌️.

{Ed033's Note - No, i haven't seen his certs, but i haven't seen your certs either. Ian R. Crane used to work for Schlumberger.

There are paid agents about, but is he? At the moment i don't see it.

5.) 31 Dec 2018 21:58:58
Well there we go! One of us is talking BS in regards to fracking. If you want my certs I can send you them. But like you say you believe whatever resonates with you. Funny enough he reminds me of someone I worked with ten years ago and he was a wire liner with sclumberger. But that was a long time ago. I do appreciate what you put on here and this is most certainly not a dig at what you do or what you believe. Just thought I’d chip in.

The world is a mine field and I believe no one has a bloody clue what goes on. Just wanted to put out there what I see in this fracking nonsense. Thought it might help. But I don’t know what you think of ANTIFA but can tell you I’ve seen dozens at both fracking protests and ANTIFA protests. Just saying.

{Ed033's Note - There are loads of ANTIFA groups and at the middle of most of them are paid agents (paid by government agencies) with their job being to recruit ordinary people to get the ordinary people to believe in the government agency/globalist narrative and turn up to 'events' and 'protest'.

6.) 31 Dec 2018 23:15:08
Exactly! So it stands to reason that the fracking protests are possible government paid agents that are creating a big stink to stop people looking at where the real money is been made in conventional drilling or to create a higher price because it’s such a sensitive method.

And said so called expert mr crane is such pawn or paid agent that even people on hardened conspiracy sites swallow up said operation and end up singing from the same hymn sheet as known morons from groups like ANTIFA. Trust me ed I’m condemning a sector I’m working in to highlight what I believe to be a smoke and mirror attempt to divert people’s attention from what the real issues are. It’s all very clever and you can be forgiven as they are seriously intelligent nut jobs out there.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, it stands that it is all smoke and mirrors.

7.) 01 Jan 2019 11:46:52
Browgun didn't a fracking site get shut down twice for causing tremors? i'm not sure, but i thought i heard something like that.

8.) 01 Jan 2019 18:21:02
I should just recap. My main point is that I don’t understand why fracking gets the worst publicity. I’m all for renewable energy and agree to a degree that hydrocarbons are somewhat obsolete. I also am fully aboard the fact that oil and gas is one of the main tools in a globalist capitalist agenda. It’s not even debatable. My point has been and always has been that anti fracking is obviously some sort of agenda.

Fracking has been going on for years and it’s used on all sorts of formations to make them permeable. There are different types of fracking like cold water fracking, acid fracking and the type of fracking that is getting slaughtered . Wells can be inadvertently fractured by other unintentional methods like pack offs where cuttings fall back down and surround the bit, when the pumps are started up again the fluid can’t return up the annulus which creates a pressure build up which fractures the formation and pumps usually oil based mud into the earth. Most of these fracking jobs are not drilling with oil based mud but gentle water based muds or weight brine (salt water) . Is it possible for it to create tremors? I don’t know I have never experienced it!

9.) 01 Jan 2019 20:57:10
You skirted around the question without answering it lol. Maybe a future politician here (i joke), but a site was closed twice i believe for tremors occurring whilst the site was in use was it not.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, i heard that. Browgun possibly doesn't know about it.

10.) 01 Jan 2019 21:28:27
I don’t mate, not saying it hasn’t happened . Just honestly trying to give my opinion based on intimate dealings. There was no skirting I answered the question! ?

11.) 02 Jan 2019 19:55:03
No offense intended browgun was only joking with you. If your not aware your not aware.




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11 Apr 2018 10:56:07
And with this latest gas attack that has been wrongly blamed on the Syrian government, this is obviously an attempt to get the war in Syria going again.



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23 Feb 2018 10:43:39
Further reply to Standard - If you're going to have a 'Patsy', then you want a believable one. This Cruz kid is a good candidate just for the reason you gave in your post.

Above are 2 witness videos from 2 separate witnesses to a 2nd shooter.

Like i said, the reason for the second shooter is because the 'Patsy' is unpredictable and may not carry out what is wanted for any number of reasons. They may not even make it to the crime scene for any number of reasons. There are backup agents to make sure what is wanted gets carried out.

We know from Switzerland that guns aren't the problem. There is a huge gun culture there where most people own guns and on the weekends go out and practise.

The real question is why do the globalists want to remove guns from Americans? And as the globalists do want this it should be resisted as then the American people would be defenceless without them. The U.S. 2nd Amendment is so the American people can defend themselves against enemies; foreign and domestic.



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04 Oct 2017 15:38:13
Las Vegas shooting - Mission Impossible?



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03 Sep 2017 09:04:47
Looks like the 'black ring' has been photoshopped in to me.



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19 Jul 2017 18:29:06
True Legends: Holocaust of Giants video is good to watch.




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