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13 Apr 2016 18:43:42
New to this page and loved reading everything.

Quick question. Should UK remain in EU?

Please give reasons for all answers and enjoy the discussion - unless everyone says the same thing of course ;-)


{Ed033's Note - If the government want people to vote to remain in, then as the government do not have the people's interests at heart and only have big business/bankers interests at heart, then it's pretty obvious that a vote to remain in will benefit big business/bankers.

1.) 14 Apr 2016 12:33:59
Can it also not benefit the people at the same time?

2.) 14 Apr 2016 13:20:00
Leave. Your the 5th largest economy in the world its hardly likely everyone is going to stop trading with you. Especially the emerging markets of Asia and the Americas not to mention the commonwealth.

You pay all this money into a club that only wants you for your money. Everytime you mention any attempt at reform ot gets blocked.

3.) 14 Apr 2016 17:05:41
Tell me something from the level of scale that I am
I would think I would like to go Italy Portugal Spain
Do u think they will pay for me to have a house and give me benifits to tide me over till I get work
Also could I then send my children home and keep claiming the same
Will any govt within the EU give me money to start a bussiness in any country I wish I won't to go to.
Or will EU make it so houses are availible so I don't have to live in a one bedroom flat with my partner and four children.
For the interest of my children I vote out
Country is so far from what it use to be it is unreal and only people that don't see this are the ones changing it and don't care.

{Ed033's Note - We already know that 99% of the immigrants will never get a job and even if they do, they'll put someone who already has a job out of a job.

But it gets worse because in 10 years time, robots will take over a lot of the menial jobs and in 20 years time, simple Artificial Intelligence will take over a load more jobs.

4.) 14 Apr 2016 17:08:09
Just imagine go Greece claim benifits till I can get work then sit in the sun
Not just look at gray clouds 350 days out of 365
Then there's the open boarders.

5.) 14 Apr 2016 17:29:21
I cannot see a benefit of being in EU for all the people on zero hour contracts and are ment to pay rent to Europeans that own English houses and are renting at rip off rate knowing at first they can rinse the tax man
Then the best thing our govt can do I cap what there willing to pay leaving people who are at the bottom of the economy even more broke
And any good thing of being able to travel europe is sucked becuase they don't have the money to travel
But every one who travels here are paid for
All they do is get a flight stay with there friend and head straight in the council to get the houses then send children back and buy the council house at a cheap rate lol
It is by no means built for us normal people of britian
It was built and designed by a French man and a German and surprise surprise who are 1 and 2 Germany and France and only benifits all other Europeans
So if u are well of or a banker or a bussiness man who likes to pay less tax than in uk
U can run for the greener grass.

6.) 14 Apr 2016 21:42:22
I did send a post earlier but rant and list of why when't on so long I think it got lost or was inappropriate and wasn't posted.

{Ed033's Note - Sometimes you have to wait a while for your posts to appear on this site.

7.) 14 Apr 2016 22:46:26
Lol as I just see
Sorry people
And as normal I agree with earlier comments.

8.) 14 Apr 2016 22:51:39
Also what is with the agencies that source work for Europeans
Why can't everybody go to the same agencies?

9.) 15 Apr 2016 01:40:23
In. Most of these folk are willing to work minimum wage albeit I do disagree with tax credits until some contribution has been made, however the jobs they do are jobs lazy brits don't want or won't do. I used to work as a recruitment consultant and these guys were willing to work as many days as we would give them in literally horrible workplaces. I employed scottish, English etc but tbh more often than not I was let down with local lads not turning up to work. I trusted the migrants more than home grown boys and girls. Maybe the issue England is u can still but council houses up here the law was changed and the right to buy was abolished a number of years ago unless you were a tenant before the law change.

Bankier bhoy

10.) 15 Apr 2016 10:46:32
Yh exactly
Or country instead of employing a British lad
Directly and giving him the full benifits of wages
But instead they will get recuitment agencies give the agencies 10 to 12 pound a hour but u give the idividual 7
And like u say some of these places to work are dire but u still happily take money earned buy another individual to go in your pocket and benifits you not the person having to survive and bring a family through with.
And do u know how angry British get when they hear the bull propaganda the immigrants started
Do u know how many young britsh kids will work but when they do they have no future being built on such low wages and even worse when someone who sits behind a desk earns nearly as much u on your back
And if these European people are working in such bad jobs
How come the company that fitted the kitchen in my mums house was polish and same with bathroom
Do not try tell me there ain't no British kids that will dive at that
Then I used to work as a delivery driver couple of years back job was good 90-140 drops a day do able and I enjoyed the job even though others do not
But where our govt think it's good to flood country with minimal work the company knew they could be picky who they employ becuase of the competitive market they created for this reason
Then upped the drops all the way to 180 drops a day in 10 hours but I still stuck to it and only lost it due to losing my licence .
Then when I was a kid I used to see people on work sites clear 500 as a labourer
My mate just done a full week work for a agencie to receive 280 after tax and after greedy recuitment company took even more .
This is what EU and recuitment company's do
Hilarious how twisted people's view are especially when they are one of the ones making the gap between rich and poor worse
By making sure u take up a massive chunk of the work available in our country and what is more u then advertise across Europe to attract even more over so u can earn of them to
Absolute joke
Not to meantion
The polish that used to bully the older English lot down the docks and making it hard for them to get lunch
Funny they didn't do it to the younger bigger and stronger lot .
At the minute I have realised people well of don't realise the damage being done becuase they usally live in a area that is less affected by immergration
As the people who are branded lazy are the ones that live with it day to day
So there views are massively different
And if EU is so fare make it so British can also go anywhere they like in Europe have houseing payed and receive benifits till I go to a English recuitment company in this chosen country
Believe me most would love it
But let's face it britain got mad great becuase people of Britain worked to make it that way not run and sell our country out soon as it gets hard
And on another point (it works both ways British are abroad to ) yeah they pay for themselves not payed for
And in the hole of Europe under 2 million British
In Britain from the hole of Europe 3.7 million
Yeah that argument is great to
Blind and what is more turn your back on your own people becuase of the fake propaganda our govt and Europe started
Britsh are to lazy to work
When in all truth is the rich realised flood the country and we can pay less and be picky who we employ .
Then let's not get started with if I own a britsh company and I won't to only help my people out with work
The law makes it so I can't and have to employ a mixed diversity
But what polish shop has English working very little and the law rarely stops it.

11.) 15 Apr 2016 11:36:06
And in truth immergration should be for the ones worse of and need it
When I was working as a delivery driver I had children in a one bed flat
I was regularly being told by polish that when they first came they took there children into the council and refused to leave until they we properly housed and got housed
I did the same and they tried to ban me from entering my local council hilarious
He had two children in a three bed council flat (how)
Then to make it worse this so called poor polish man then said why don't u by your own van on hp becuase this is what he was able to do
I haven't even botherd with contract phones but my credit rating was apparently so poor I would have been paying stupid amourt to make this happen that is was not worth it lol
Then if u won't a bigger example go to your local area that is mainly immergrants you will see BMW, Audi, land rovers, mercadies, even bloody bentleys and u will see young kids also walk out of there house and get in these type cars and drive my 1.4 cost a bomb to run let alone a 3.0 m3 BMW
For crying our loud then go to a mainly British area vauxhall, ford, renualt, and the kids will be walking out getting in on of these type cars walking or rideing a bike .
I tell u what this is great (if your not British)
Then the way they get there people in positions of power in govt or councils the person who decides who gets a move in our coucil is a Indian
No wonder why the last time I contacted them they said me my partner and happily now 4 children are adequately housed and all we can do is bid and hope or pay over the top rent to one of the Asian or European house owners or we should call the the houseing tyrants witch then makes even less available for my children.

12.) 15 Apr 2016 16:18:24
But none of that gets reported.

And then we have the voice of the workers (40 years of being anti Europe in the party of the workers) declare its better to be in for socialist reasons i. e. workers rights.

13.) 15 Apr 2016 17:11:18
Your right of course it doesn't
Just goes to show who really runs the country
Becuase if the government in charge did care
We would hear exactly these type things
As it brexit says better putting the money from Europe into the NHS it would probably help the poor people who have ended up with cancer that this toxic stressful life that or govt empose upon us.

14.) 15 Apr 2016 23:53:24
top post Southampton87 you have described my current work place and situation to a tee, the place is full of polish, Bulgarians and Romanians who all stand about talking in there own language yet you have a brief chat with your fellow English worker and you quickly get told off, plus they try and treat you as if you are the foreigner and if you bite back at them they quickly play the race card. The sooner we leave the eu the better as far as i'm concerned, as you point out its a myth that English people are work shy and lazy, from what I have observed the laziness comes from the foreigners but they have it all wrapped up and get away with it, for a start they should be made to only speak English at all times so that we know what they are saying, when in a English work place speak English should be the 1st rule. Look forward to reading your next post mate.

15.) 16 Apr 2016 15:13:44
Yes I agree with your view of how and what the work place has now become it is not right but it seems British law or britsh work ethics only apply to British people .
This is the start of how u begin to be the minority and as soon as we are the streets and work place will be even harder to deal with
Fair plays for opinion
But remember not to get wound up becuase in this climate and economy it will be hard to get another good
Don't be forced out stick to it.

16.) 16 Apr 2016 15:54:41
Also going to add this is the view of millions of Brits in work places
But EU law protects Europeans we kept the pound and Europe are bitter
But EU law don't help us British
Britain is the island we live and we call our country eroupe wonts to be the big country and they won't is part of it so there people can walk freely
But the catch is for it to be fair it needs to be equal across the whole of Europe benifits social housing nhs the lot but EU has no plan for this
And British govt are not asking them to
Becuase they don't won't it in our country They won't a USA they can milk and roam across
So they will wait till it breaks then say
To be fair to every one
We are going to do it only to the britsh
We are going to pull apart everything British worked hard for nhs, social houseing, benifits you name it .
And before people start saying that is good it is not
Benifits where there so you don't walk down the street and see homeless people Hungry or nhs is there so people of Britain don't manifest illness or disease .
These are why Britain was great but they have made people believe there is so much work everyone can work
Witch is not the case and any one not working is lazy
In truth people can't get a career to plan there life with they get bits of work that mentally distresses them to squeeze thourgh life with .
This type of work would suit a man that wonders around not the person that has a family or a plan to move forward in life . be that a paying for your home or going on holidays
Instead it's pay bills do shopping and then enjoy rubbing your two penny's together
This is the future of Britain
This must be what the general politician wonts for us.

17.) 16 Apr 2016 22:13:11
thanks for your reply southampton87 don't worry I won't be doing anything stupid, they will not force me out mate, thanks for your advice though really appreciate it, its one of the reasons I visit this page because I love reading posters views on things the msm will not talk about, also posters like yourself offering free advice and sharing your experiences of things you have been through.

{Ed033's Note - it's still most likely that they will rig the vote if they have to for UK to stay in the EU.

18.) 16 Apr 2016 23:25:43
no doubt about that ed033 that's why they printed those stupid leaflets, £9million well spent according to dodgy dave our so called prime minister.

{Ed033's Note - yes, dodgy 'puppet' dave

19.) 17 Apr 2016 01:20:49
Sad truth is as ed u and many have said it's very true
We will not get out
But we need to communicate becuase most have stopped and a trend is there where your uncool if u do not speak what the rest said lol
And the signs are there most I speak to are in favour of out but most listen to BBC and so on and what are they saying
It's to close to call its 50/ 50
So when they show us a fake result like 52 percent favour we stay in the rest voted out
The ones that have heard the talk of how close won't argue
And the rest will be classed as the ones with a chip on our shoulders .
And it's good your not a quiter keep at it bro.

20.) 17 Apr 2016 03:05:34
Ps we have the eds to thank for this site even being available and free
That's how and why we are able to come across people's views and have a out of the box conversation
Hats of to the eds
And thanks for taking the time to read and reply .




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