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22 Dec 2015 18:19:31
I have been doing some research into subliminal programming via TV and media and have stumbled onto some things that are quite troubling.

Recombinant memetics is a relatively new field of study that examines how memes can penetrate and change accepted cultural axioms.

Memes act like genes insofar as they proliferate and have the capacity to create other memes that are designed to protect and aggrandise the memes effect within any given culture. Examples of this can be found in religion and politics.

I have also been looking at the use of Symbolism (sigils) in the media. Again, it is pretty scary stuff when you factor in the potential dehumanising process that is being aimed at the young.

Here is an excellent video I found that explains much of this.

Mnemonic & Digital Sigil Magic on your T.V. to Brainwash you

Demonic Mnemonics - Digital Sigils


1.) 22 Dec 2015 21:44:22
i watch very little tv anymore, maybe because I am awake and out of their spell.

good link mate.

{Ed033's Note - They're called TV programs because each TV program contains 1 or more programs they're trying to program you with. Political Correctness for an example is a program. And unfortunately it appears that 99.9% of people have accepted the Political Correctness program.



15 Dec 2015 22:09:13
I am not a big fan of Dr. Steven Greer (among other things, he takes credit for other peoples research) I have to say that this was quite an enjoyable watch. There are a couple of things that Greer says that I out right disagree with, as well as making some mistakes - whether by mistake or intentional. Other than that, the information given is backed up by documentation he produces in his presentation.


{Ed033's Note - i haven't taken any notice of him for a number of years as Dr. Steven Greer appears to be limited or controlled to some degree and deliberately puts out some disinfo, imo. i.e. how can he possibly know that all ET groups allegedly visiting Earth are benevolent, which he claims or used to claim.

1.) 16 Dec 2015 00:10:10
seem to remember Greer had a bust up with project camelot duo a few years back, I struggle to know who is genuine today and to be honest I am very skeptical about the names mentioned, not to say the Disclosure Project was a scam but more of a containing exercise.

{Ed033's Note - They obviously planned the the Disclosure Project conference just before 9/11 so it would be completely drowned out by 9/11.

2.) 16 Dec 2015 00:22:32
ahh yes, I only found that out a few months ago. The phrase, "kill two birds with one stone" comes to mind.

3.) 16 Dec 2015 21:32:11
There was a couple of things that were let out the bag prior to 9/11, namely the then American Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, announcing that around 2 trillion dollars was unaccounted for over a 5 year period. To put that in context, the average American congress sanctioned defence budget in that period was around 300 billion.

The one thing Greer mentions, which I actually agree with, is the existence of a "breakaway civilisation" of sorts, that is operating technology way beyond anything most could imagine. Technologies such as Anti-Gravity propulsion and advanced Quantum computing. There is also the facilities that house these projects: Underground bases that are linked via magnetic tube systems. There is also the possibility that we are operating off world; a possibility that I am almost certain to be true. Putting aside the evidence to suggest that there is a secret space programming, the fact that humanity still uses 1940's rocket technology to get us into space while everything else has evolved at an exponential rate, raises many questions.

The biggest problem with trying to get to the bottom of many of these possibilities is the fact that there is so much disinformation circulating out there; so it can sometimes feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. That said, I think there are a few that are onto something; but I am not sure I put Greer in that category.

{Ed033's Note - i think you're right about everything you said in your post and we've had posts about this topic before.

i think Joseph P. Farrell has some important info on the breakaway civilisation topic. Below is a video for those who might want some info on how the breakaway civilisation may have begun

Dark Journalist & Joseph Farrell: Roots of the Breakaway Civilization (NASA, Nazi International, JFK)

4.) 16 Dec 2015 22:23:42
I read Farrell's book: The SS Brotherhood of the Bell. It was about secret experiments the Nazi's were undertaking. Farrell argues that they were trying to develop anti-gravity propulsion. The funny thing is, the scientists who were working on the Bell project were captured by the Americans and eventually given American citizenship.

I also read an interesting book by a German author (his names alludes me) Who said that the Nazi's SS Cult organisation - The Ahnenerbe - were conducting experiments using the Bell, to creating tears in space time and enter other dimensions; or call forth the beings that inhabited those dimensions. Sounds like the realm of fantasy, but the occult and the belief in higher dimensional beings, was at the root of the esoteric side of Nazism.

Thanks for posting the Video.

{Ed033's Note - Joseph Farrell has done several excellent interviews with dark journalist. All can be found on youtube.




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20 Jan 2016 17:57:42
I watched a good documentary about them once, which showed these Killer Whales toying with a seal before they killed it. I felt for the poor old seal.


{Ed001's Note - they are incredibly intelligent as well.}



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20 Jan 2016 17:00:46
Not sure Ed. I am not that informed about Killer Whales and their attack patterns; or the depths in which they attack. I am just quoting what the scientists said.


{Ed001's Note - most scientists know little about them either mate, it is only recently they even realised that pods of Orca hunt Great Whites. Scientists also claimed they were no danger to humans, even though abalone divers in US would tell tales of how dangerous they are. When the divers for the D-Day landings were sent to the States to train in clearing mines prior to the attack, the local divers would tell them that they were to immediately get out of the water if Orca were spotted but they said Great Whites were unlikely to attack. Scientists always used to dismiss that as fanciful tales, but now it is known Orca are extremely dangerous under certain conditions.}



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20 Jan 2016 15:20:47
I agree with you Bun. Who knows what lurks down there.

BTW Ed: I believe they dismissed Killer Whales because of the depth the Shark was killed at and the body temperature of the predator that killed the Shark was different to a Killer Whale.


{Ed001's Note - seems unlikely they would know that, considering Sperm Whales hunt at the deeper depths and the only known predator of the Great White is the Killer Whale. There are Orca pods which specialise in hunting and eating sharks, in particular Great Whites.}



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20 Jan 2016 12:56:52
There was that incident a few years ago where a 9 foot White Shark had been tagged; and when the scientists who tagged it were analysing the data, they found out that the shark had been chased by another predator and eaten whole. They came to this conclusion because of the instant change of body temperature.
Some seem to think it is an extremely large White Shark in the region of 25 + foot; while some speculate it was something else. The Megladon was mentioned.

I actually think it was a massive White. I have seen an 18 footer up close when I was in SA. It was truly amazing to see such a creature. The thought of them being bigger is amazing. I mean, I cannot describe just how incredible they are.


{Ed033's Note - It's likely that this White Shark was eaten by 1 or several killer whales. Killer whales can hunt in packs.



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20 Jan 2016 12:19:32
Slightly off topic, but I had a debate/ argument with a guy at work - who happens to be Muslim - about the Crusades. I told him that the Muslims initiated the conflict in the first place, when the Muslim Caliphate invaded Persia and then attacked the Roman Eastern Empire. In fact, the longest war in History was between the Muslims and the Roman Empire, which last from the 7th century until the 15th.

Some people just don't like facts.


{Ed033's Note - it's the same with most religious people regardless of which religion. The main religions are there to mind control people regardless of general intelligence level to be a controlled army who will help the controllers carry out an agenda. And there's more religions than we know. Leftism, Feminism, Political correctness are all religions.

In theory, the controllers can get any religious group to either stand down and turn the other cheek or to continuously make demands to governments until something is done or even to act as an army in small groups or large groups.




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