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10 Jan 2016 22:48:44
Hey, usually read the footie pages but just discovered this one. Lots of interesting stuff posted. Got me thinking about all the religious based troubles, if there's evidence of aliens could it not be made public? Would this then not put an end the 'holy war'? Or would it then cause even more mass uproar?
Not trying to have a go at any posters beliefs just thinking out loud.


{Ed033's Note - Welcome pk85, there's lots of stuff to take a look at on here if you keep coming back.

If the control group(s) thought they'd benefit from saying aliens exist now or existed in the past on Earth they'd say it regardless of what proof they could give us. They'd just make up something if they didn't have much proof. Obviously they've already decided they won't benefit from saying there are or were aliens about, so they keep any real proof away from appearing on main stream media.

On the same line of thinking, the control group(s) benefit from 'holy war' i.e. any war so we have wars.

1.) 11 Jan 2016 13:36:47
Or if there were different aliens we could we a "my alien is better than your alien" type clash. People will always find something to fight about.

2.) 11 Jan 2016 12:36:31
Thanks ed I couldn't find the original post but saw the updates in the search function. Great insight into the inner workings of these organisations. Hopefully J. is safe and sound, sounds like hell where he is.

{Ed033's Note - i don't know if J. is in Lebanon and whether lebanon is ok, but Syria is apparently a mess and we couldn't even attempt do do anything because most of the people are brain washed into thinking that bombing Syria to pieces is necessary (for all the wrong reasons because of the controlled main stream media)




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24 Jun 2016 07:24:01
I live in Scotland and I am shocked at the percentage of remain votes. Out of all the people I had spoken to I would say 80% were for voting out. I would guess it's maybe to do with the older generations scared of change or what might happen but then again older members of my family voted out. If it was a 51%-49% for remain then fair enough but in some areas the split is too big for me to not think something funny is going on.




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27 Feb 2016 22:57:24
I remember reading that a member of the group who did the Hatton garden raid said they had uncovered pictures of a high ranking personality involved with children. They left all the pictures scattered on the floor of the vault and the identity and acts involved have never been made public.
Maybe all made up but you never know.




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20 Feb 2016 18:47:32
That's what really annoys me with all those adverts for £3 per month or whatever to help someone in some part of Africa or the 3/ 4 times a year the BBC do a fund raiser for Syria or wherever. The state Britain is in that's never really in the news or put out in the mainstream. Through work the conditions I have seen people, adults and children here living in a so called first world country is a disgrace. We should be using all this money from these fundraisers to sort out our own problems before trying to help all the other places.
Just my two cents worth.




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20 Feb 2016 17:44:00
Thanks for that ed, going to read up on the Zionist element. Really interesting and potentially grim situation. Maybe use it as a reason to convince my wife to pack up and disappear into the wilderness of Alaska 😝.


{Ed033's Note - If we already have tens of thousands of people living on the streets of Europe, why don't the governments of Europe help those European people?

The wilderness of Alaska sounds fun.



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20 Feb 2016 09:33:07
Hi ed, had typed out a big reply but it doesn't seem to have sent, anyway,

You've said couple times about Europe becoming an Islamic state and the number of people recently being moved into Europe to make this happen in maybe 10+ years.

How do you see it coming around? Acts passed through parliament? Fighting in the streets until a ceasefire and deal is made?

If it were to happen do you think the areas that become an Islamic state would be governed like a Saudi Arabia/ Qatar or would it be along the lines of an Isis held territory in Iraq/ Syria?

Also you think there would be some sort of amnesty for those who didn't want to live in such conditions to move on to an area where they can believe whatever they want?

Finally why do you think the "ones in charge" have decided that an Islamic state is the best way to go? Provides more control? Or people easily led?

I know it's lots of guess work but quite interesting.



{Ed033's Note - Just my opinion but, first of all, we have to go back to the roman empire and realise that the zionists had the eventual aim of taking it over. When the roman empire became 'the church' and 'the church' was running things in Europe, at some point the zionists did take over but i don't know exactly when.

'The church' actually were the ones that took over Islam and used it and still uses it as zionists to get muslims to do their bidding for them (this is why muslims are so useful to the zionists), or at least that is what the zionists want to believe.

zionists have been trying to ruin Europe and genocide europeans for hundreds of years and then some and their religion demands it.
The zionists hate all europeans for at least 2 reasons.
1. they see them as competition

2. Jews have been thrown out of Europe over 100 times because every time they go into any country in Europe, they try to ruin it. The reason why all jews get thrown out is because they don't know which of the jews are the zionists ruining things.

How are the zionists going to turn european countries into islamic states?

One answer is how did the jews takeover Palestine and 'ethnically cleanse'/genocide the indigenous Palestinians

The answer is not, 'They wouldn’t do that'
The answer is not, 'The Jews will become Muslims'
The answer is not, 'The Jews will live like Palestinians'

The answer is that you keep bringing jews into Palestine and accommodate the Jews according to their religion.

They’ll just keep bringing muslims in and accommodate them according to their religion. This will happen through government legislation. This means Pork legislation, Alcohol legislation, Holy Holiday legislation, and bringing in any legislation that benefits muslims to the detriment of europeans, building of Mosques, Bringing in Sharia Law etc.

Any pushback from Europeans will turn muslims into radical muslims, which is the agenda, as only radical muslims will live in a totalitarian state. The ultimate aim of 'the controllers' is total control, something Europeans won't go along with but radical muslims will.

You would expect each country in Europe that has enough muslims/africans in it, to be governed like Saudi Arabia (Wahhabi-zionism).

If, in any of the european countries a big fight breaks out (with ISIS fighters already in Europe), you would expect some type of military action to be brought in who would not be on the side of the Europeans (although the military may not know this as they’ll do as they’re ordered). The military action may be a combination of drone strikes, jet fighter attacks, helicopter gunships, hired mercenaries (blackwater/XE), NATO forces.




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