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26 Jan 2016 10:18:43
The NSA is currently in the process of taking over computer operating systems based on linux and dismantling the open-source community.

An establishment organised group of young women are targeting programmers, setting them up and falsely accusing them of rape, discrimination and racial abuse, thereby discrediting them. Female programmers of the community are being labelled whores and are also targeted.
In the majority of cases these political correctness trolls harass people even at work and try to get them fired by contacting their bosses.

On December 28th, the creator of Debian, Ian Murdock, was murdered. He was arrested twice (on the same night) on false charges and beaten to death. His tweeter account and blog were hacked, in an attempt to portray him as a racist lunatic, but were found out and then deleted as a result.

The NSAs plan is to install systems on all linux distributions, a copy of svchost.exe designed for linux, so as to standardise infiltration and manipulation procedures on operating systems using the linux kernel.


1.) 26 Jan 2016 11:27:02
what is the reason zari?

2.) 26 Jan 2016 16:56:27
I would assume that this will be running on ring0 which means it's totally undetectable by any anti-malware and anti-virus software (they usually run on ring1, unlike Nod32 which runs ring0, or it did anyway) .

The idea that government agencies are doing this is nothing new though. The NSA have been hacking for years, whether it be civilian emails or military systems.

3.) 27 Jan 2016 11:50:08
The word "systems" should not appear in the last sentence but rather the word "systemd" (system-d) .

I can only assume as to what they are really after. It could be none, any or all of these:
They cannot get the brightest people to work for them anymore. "Fighting terrorism" is not an inspiring enough ideal for people to justify and persevere their totalitarian practices.
They want uncontrolled (read free) people to stop figuring out their encryption algorithms. Their methods are so unefficient, due to compartmentalization, that they can't compete, even with their resources.
They also want instantaneous, unlimited access to peoples' data which they cannot get when people are using non-standardized, non-commercial operating systems. The NSA can impose on governments and corporations to install backports in their systems and programs but not on people or democratic groups of people.
The NSA and their buddies are realizing that, even with all the suppressed technologies at their disposal, human ingenuity guarantees humanity the strongest hand.



12 Jan 2016 16:07:06
TTTS, I believe this article is related to the explosions in China. I do not how though.


1.) 12 Jan 2016 22:36:33
The disappearance of billionaires connected to the chemical plant explosions? Is it within or outside influence do you think.

2.) 13 Jan 2016 11:11:49
Seems fairly straightforward on the surface. Under cover of an anti corruption investigation the communist party is clearing house. A purge of tycoons. Almost certainly they're all corrupt. Maybe they've been exposed to too many bad western influences. Some have been arrested. Others have fled and are in hiding.

Almost certainly its inside rather than outside for the simple reason that Asian countries are the hardest for western agencies to operate in.

3.) 13 Jan 2016 11:19:14
I do not know how credible these are TTTS but allegedly the eastern secret societies (Triads, Yakuza etc. ) have strengthened their position within the Chinese government and are assaulting their western counterparts (Khazars) embedded in the country. The Japanese are siding with China and are jointly focusing on the development of Asian infrastructure, which is hurting Khazars' interests. The Khazars also appear to be losing control of the USA and are encountering heavy resistance on implementing their policies. International deals with Israel, Turkey and Saudi are being cancelled and the imbalance in the middle east seems to be shifting the other way.

Benjamin Fulford is reporting on most of these and he is not the only one, so there could be some truth in these.

4.) 13 Jan 2016 11:29:53
Interesting point of view zari.

{Ed033's Note - Unfortunately, Benjamin Fulford has been a dis-info agent, although he doesn't seem to know it.

if anyone doesn't comprehend the 'Khazars' notion above. It maybe easiest to think of the word 'Khazars' as zionists.

5.) 15 Jan 2016 10:41:03
It's not my point of view Kim, just what I read online. I am too far removed from this to have any insight.
I simply wasn't satisfied with the official explanation which is exactly as you posted.

Wouldn't they have had seized their domestic funds and companies before going after them?

Ed033, I didn't know that. Is it the Yakuza/ Triad connection or the whole package, as some of the finance related information checks out?

{Ed033's Note - Benjamin Fulford gets dis info from MI5 and various other places and of course up to 80% may check out but that's the whole point of dis-info. If it was all false, then no one would believe it (even Fulford himself wouldn't believe it).

He's a brilliant dis-info agent for whoever because he himself seems to be a genuine guy.

6.) 15 Jan 2016 14:06:56
I did say on the surface.

I'm not an orientalist so can't comment on secret societies etc just my knowledge on how allegedly communist organisations work. They already take a percentage of all profit these people and the companies make anyway as the price of allowing capitalists to do business in a supposed communist economy.

Like any event on the surface is fairly plausible explanation. Its the background. As I said I'm not an orientalist, I don't speak any of the languages and have few contacts in that arena.

Ed if your going to sell a lie you wrap it in the truth.

{Ed033's Note - of course.



11 Jan 2016 20:40:36
There is a paper by the ARL (army research laboratory) called "ARL 3-D holographic display using strontium barium niobate". It appears as though the globalists are capable of projecting holograms, even in daylight, utilizing the photorefractive properties of said material.
To do so one requires high-powered antennae which can be focused in such a way so as to excite the ferroelectric medium. The material then emits photons in directions that depend on the employed electromagnetic waves.

Strontium barium niobate is a material found in chemtrails. During chemtrail spraying certain patterns are used (trail crossing) to ensure uniform dispersion of these materials for more detailed projections.
The antennae setup mentioned above is known to most as HAARP (harmonic aurora research project) . There is also a rumour doing the rounds on deepnet that the establishment, through various countries space programs, have recreated HAARP in space, using artificial satellites.

The above holographic projection method was successfully employed on September of 2011 and there are video recordings that prove as much. Milton William Cooper warned us that it would take place and was murdered shortly thereafter for it.
He also warned us of Project Blue-Beam. The establishment will use holographic projections and suppressed technologies to convince humanity that we are being invaded by extra-terrestrial entities. In the ensuing panic the globalist parasites will attempt to convince us that we our powerless unless we unite against the common enemy so as to implement their plan for a single central management on the whole planet. The execution of this project is said to be scheduled for 2020.


1.) 12 Jan 2016 12:52:25
So just to get this correct as I'm not the most technical. The antenna is created by aircrafts contrails spraying the correct chemical mix. Then using satellites or ground based projectors they project the holograms. Yes?

2.) 12 Jan 2016 15:28:33
No Kim. Contrails dissipate while chemtrails persist and disperse. The first are plane exhaust fumes which become temporarily visible as they condense due to the cold temperatures encountered at heights. Chemtrails on the other hand are chemicals being sprayed on us for various nefarious purposes, one of which is mentioned in my post above.

The materials we encounter in chemtrails include, among others, aluminum oxides and strontium barium niobate. These materials disperse creating a "smog looking" layer at low heights which has ferroelectric and photorefractive properties.

Vector electromagnetic waves are then emitted using either ground based antennae (HAARP) or space based satellite arrays to project images onto them. Similar to how a projector requires a surface for the moving images to be projected on.

So to recap, the antennae is the projector and the plane dispersed material (chemtrail) becomes the canvas or surface. Hope that helps.

3.) 12 Jan 2016 17:21:26
Yes thank you.

4.) 15 Jan 2016 12:09:21
And it's all for power and greed
Think of it as most probably have if we worked together as one we could easily live and supply everyone with wot they needed but that percentage strangle hold it so they can just manipulate and prosper mentality and physically becuase there greed is so immense they will destroy any thing to be able to play there big chess game
And others know this so they pull in there only direction
Witch causes conflict and war
Look at the last time the economy crash ww2
Harrp is to manipulate the jet streams and cause tsunami earthquakes melting of the ice caps
And there funny reason for this was a (communication) device for subs lol.

5.) 15 Jan 2016 12:11:25
And project blue beam is as u say
Sorry for jumping in I'm new to this sight
Have u come across Steven greer.

6.) 18 Jan 2016 18:31:22
Welcome to the site southampton87. Feel free to join any discussion, the more minds working on a problem the more likely it is to find a solution to it.

I have watched a few presentations Greer participated in in the past, while I've only heard of Keshe in the last few days. I'll go over their research.



09 Jan 2016 15:05:17
Methane is known to trap vastly more heat than CO2. Could this:

natural gas and methane leak in California be partly (HAARP) responsible for causing the polar "freak storm" that melted a chunk of the polar ice with these results:




09 Jan 2016 15:02:57
The following links are for articles which deal with issues that are in my opinion related:

US Military-Industrial-Big Corporations-Congress complex

Proof that corruption is endemic to the establishment. Is there a pattern?

NLP or neuro-linguistic programming is being used on establishment puppets and pawns (without their knowledge) so that they obey and slave to further the WO program (could partly explain police brutality)

Application of Hegellian dialectics (thesis, antithesis, synthesis) and divide & conquer practices to establish the next paradigm

It's not a conspiracy theory, it's a conspiracy. Ever wonder what establishment parasites read? The most checked-out book of the UN library is...





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03 Jun 2016 21:39:52
Kim if organization is a problem then the only alternative would be anarchism. Bureaucrats are intermediaries who neither produce nor design and were necessary only due to our inability to automate the processes they were charged with overseeing. Through the use of technology we can eradicate their need but the ensuing simplification would benefit the prey and not the predators we were bred to sustain.

Capitalism depends on them to act as a buffer between the classes it creates so as to perpetuate their existence. Career politicians, lawyers, bankers, accountants, tax collectors, police officers et al, are all bureaucrats benefiting through parasitic behavior.

Money is the quantification of resources and resources are the charge that enables flow towards one's chosen direction. In other words they are a way to travel along the path, not the path itself.
Freud's absolutism caused his modern downfall, as people are not as sexually suppressed as they were.

Human nature is an artificial label used to describe behaviors we have witnessed but do not condone. None of us live in nature but rather in artificial environments of our creation. Additionally, nature is comprised by an infinite number of organisms with varying behaviors and societal organizational levels.

The transference of theory to practice depends on more than the quality of the theory. 2+2=4 but have you ever tried counting money among thieves?




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02 Jun 2016 22:01:28
I can't answer for others but socialism for me is an economic system designed to benefit the whole of society. In such a system the beneficiary of the utilization of resources would be society itself, with increased resource availability for the utilization of those deemed by society as having benefited it the most. In doing so we would reward and thus promote characteristics which would enable the prospering of society.

A great advantage of such an economic system is that as societies have no time limitations long-term planning would be required. As long-term planning relies on organization, obfuscation would be less applicable thereby enabling most people to contribute to and participate in the commons.

A lot of the details would be decided by the political system or establishment said economic system would complement.

As the meaning of words changes with time to identify the different systems of organization and imposed forms of tyranny I categorize them according to convergence. All it means is that a comparison is made between initial subject resource availability and final availability.
The importance of convergence is best highlighted in vectors whereby the numerical value takes a secondary role to direction in the determination of the effect of their interactions.

As an example capitalism reduces the availability of resources to those with resources, by design promoting the monopolization of resources. By constricting the availability of resources it acts as a cone (think jet engine) thereby increasing friction, pressure etc.




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02 Jun 2016 09:38:43
franky there can be no people's party. We should neither hope nor wait for others to show us the light. Individuals are transient and once these leaders leave these plains we often return to our previous condition. If we instead accept the responsibility of leading ourselves we organically form a democracy.

Hellenes, just like all other human beings, have the spirit fighting through them. As more and more people find the courage to stand up and act while having recognized and accepted the risks from doing so, the closer we will be to true change.

In regards to the politicians mentioned, Tsipras spoke openly about his program at a lodge in Texas before being elected and Varoufakis has always admitted he is pro-EU and pro-establishment. If I recall correctly I shared the part about Tsipras before his election and before the referendum whose results he ignored. Admittedly, until a few years before that I used to also suffer from the disney princess syndrome or spiritus domesticus.




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01 Jun 2016 15:48:19
I don't get to vote franky but if I did, I would vote out. No rational person would would wish to be managed as a resource by a remotely located and centralized private corporation. Covert oligarchies with pseudo-election processes have had their millennia and their work always results in self-destruction.

No more trustees and limited referendums. Let's try some real democracy.

Varoufakis and Tsipras are children of the establishment. Pro-EU, pro-central management, pro-capitalist. anti-symbiotism = parasitism.




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14 Apr 2016 19:16:47
If you collect them all and compare them, patterns will emerge. Those are based on internal mechanisms which are manipulated, with/ on a frequency set by the individual, by the establishment to form or modify our behavior.

I would be very interested in seeing a collection of their pictures online. Thank you for sharing and remaining vigilant.





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