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18 Jun 2017 03:51:32
Hi ed / fellow posters got a bit of a conundrum here. I rented my roof for solar panels the company went bust and a new company has contacted me about them. I haven't engaged with them at all. Therefore I believe I am not in any form of contract with them. I also have some issues with the installation as I have roof slates which have dislodged from under neath the panels meaning they need to be removed to make good the repair. Secondly the meter has only recorded that only 0.1kw of electricity has been sent back to the grid. Which I can't believe due to the fact we've been on holiday as previous posts about fines conclude therefore I'm not happy about the accuracy of the meter installed. And thirdly the biggest issue of all we are looking to relocate and sell the house which leaves me in a predicament to say the least. I recall a fellow poster saying they were a solicitor or lawyer and was hoping someone may be able to shed some light on my predicament. Much appreciated.
And as an update we got nowhere with the fines and paid them.

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18 Jun 2017 14:30:26
If you want to relocate, why not go to a solicitor as your conveyancer, assuming you're selling the property and they may be able to give you some advice.

07 Jul 2016 19:51:03
Here's a conspiracy for you, anyone ever seen leadsome and may in the same room together? Just putting it out there :p.

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01 Jun 2016 20:40:44
Hi got a question for you can't find anything to help on the net. My neighbour has had an uncontrolled nest of bees in his chimney for 2 or 3 years which is growing. It is now becoming a nuisance with regards they swarm our garden for food and water I suppose which in turn affects my children and dog using our garden. I am hoping you may be able to offer some advice as I don't want the uncontrolled hive killed but at the same time getting a bit sick of the dog being stung and the kids not being able to use our garden. Thanks for any advice offered in advance.

{Ed033's Note - Could phone up the council and see what they say, as this can be classed as a public nuisance.

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02 Jun 2016 08:36:47
You could contact the local bee keepers association. They are usually pretty happy to come and relocate any bees depending on their species. Bees are not a protected species contrary to popular belief, however all other methods of control have to be looked at before insecticides are used.

Does your neighbor want to get rid of the hive? As it could be a problem if not, however there is legislation that could be used to force his hand in the form of the prevention of damage by pests act.

02 Jun 2016 18:20:49
Not sure especially if he would have to pay. Rang council awaiting a return call as the person wasn't sure as it's an uncontrolled nest. Therefore there's no breaches as they would be if it were a bee keeper. Previously I have contacted a bee keeper on behalf of my neighbour and he said it would be virtually impossible for a keeper to remove them. Thanks for the reply thanks ed.

{Ed033's Note - In theory, even though your neighbour is on private property, when what's going on his property starts negatively affecting other neighbours, that's when some type of monitoring or investigation should happen by the council, as they seem to think they have jurisdiction to 'manage' your area.

What people don't know, (even virtually everyone at the council included) is that every 'council' is a for profit business, trading as xxx council and not the original council that everyone thinks it is, which has some kind of duty of care under oath to the people of that area.

29 Mar 2016 20:11:38
So, I'd like to start a discussion. I know it's a long shot but here goes.

From memory, the Mayans believe we are on our 4/ 5th cycle of mankind. Basically, we've killed ourselves 4/ 5 times before. I've thought quite long about this and how this ties into agenda 21 and the potential (nuclear) war.

The native Americans believe we came from underground. And were led out if the caves into the new world. Now, if we were to have a nuclear war, we would go underground? Correct? So this ties into what the Mayans believe. We'd spend so long underground we'd forget all our 'knowledege' and tech. Whether they were led out by 'higher beings' is something I'd like to hear more about.

Back to agenda 21. Again, from memory, I believe I read somewhere about a warrior race of Celts. These were flame haired women, all above 6 foot 5. Very muscled. Again, I mention this because, if agenda 21 is being implemented, and they are weakening the male race, then surely this would be a 'consequence' (sorry, I struggled for a better word) of this. Women to become the dominant race as men become weaker. As portrayed by the hungar games/ divergent series/ 5th wave series. Women lead roles are more masculine while the males tend to start playing the macho bravado, sensitive role. Has anyone else noticed this? Or am I looking too much into it?

I admit, I've had a few tonight but if be interested in hearing other peoples thoughts and ideas on how the future links with the 'myths'. As well as genetic engineering by 'higher beings'. By this I'm talking of the minotaurs and the legends, which in theory, are probaly true.

I've a few other things I'd like to chuck into the mix but I'll wait to see if I'm talking to myself first. Come on guys. I know you love this stuff! :)


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12 Apr 2016 17:07:54
Adolf hitler believed that the middle of the earth is hollow and there was a race of people in there, he sent expeditions to the poles looking for an entrance. I also heard a story of a couple of children wandering around England somewhere, they had greyish green skin and said they were from the middle of the earth. There skin colour makes sense as they would have developed without sunlight and therefore would appear greyish green.

20 Apr 2016 10:51:37
Sorry I haven't look into the Mayans very much
But if the people lived underground is it not likely that
They would have evolved to use there eyes left .
Also I did hear of the story of the two children wondering out of the woods would not speak any language and only eat elder Berry's I think and there skin was apparently green ish
As for men getting weak I walk past many wondering witch is what these days with some stinking the whole street out and whereing something called guy liner lol
Got to be something they do on TV
And as for woman becoming the stronger of the sexes
I think this has happend becuase of the wasted men believing there is only on fish in the sea and there hole is god
Two mates of mine got left quite a bit of money and they both got rinsed
Lol I know they don't think that same hole is god now they don't even speak
But one serious point I was and have been thinking of is egg bearing animals
And the question egg first or chicken
The way I see it a egg has to develope inside the animal can't happen any other way
The egg has to be kept warm and protected to survive or nothing comes from the egg .
So how would it be possible for the egg to appear out of the blue
And a chicken can survive after the initial weeks where the mother feeds them
So it might sound dumb but
I was thinking Mabey
Birds and reptiles where some type genetic of creation
And when it comes to Greek myths I used to be addicted lol
Flight was interesting in that one where he made wings from bird feathers and wood but melted when he when't to high and the minortor from the labyrinth I also though very much the same
Only thing is that a lot is down to a belief thing becuase it ties in with there gods
Another thing was the Spartans and the battle against the Persians see how the to have slightly different views on reality from Sparta to Athens but it's all good for a bit of fun speculation
I mean imagine going clubbing pulling a chick and thinking she is wired why the hat then in bed it comes of to revels snakes chomping at yh bit.

14 Feb 2016 02:40:05
I know it's not a conspiracy but I've grown a bit of a man love over the years for denzel Washington and just watching training day for the up teenth time. Great film. Especially when alonso (denzel) leaves ethane hawke at a Hispanic neighbourhood with a few shady characters.

{Ed033's Note - umpteenth

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20 Feb 2016 16:06:15
Great movie, has a lot of truth to it too.

16 Jan 2016 01:01:28
Hi all
Read an article recently about a new energy source that could supply infinite power. The article said it was to do with energy particles that come from the sun and new technology has become available that involves splitting atoms or something using grains of sand that supposedly traps this energy. It claims it is being sold at 5¢ a Kwat. jus wondering if anyone knew anything about this cause at the end of the article there was a link to buy shares in some company that claimed to be able to produce this energy.

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03 Dec 2015 00:45:46
Well, RAF bombers have already left Cyprus and are on their way to start bombing.

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03 Dec 2015 23:12:21
Have you seen the before and after pictures of Syria from 2010 to 2015? What's left to bomb? More innocent people.

04 Nov 2015 06:29:32
Hey ed033, a few years ago I got into trouble with a Loan ( down to my own stupidity and lack of responsibility) so it ended up as a default. Due to this I had to get a higher interest loan to pay for a van for work, the van has only lasted a year and is a non runner and I've had problem after problem with it. So effectively I'm paying quite a lot of money a month for something I can't use or sell to help fund another van. I was just wondering if there's a way out of the loan without damaging my credit rating further as in the last 6 months I've also been turned down for a mortgage.

{Ed033's Note - It sounds to me as though you want a mortgage more than anything else. It sounds like you're 'self employed', which makes things more difficult.

Assuming you're making payments to your current van loan on time, this is actually helping you out by increasing your credit rating, so if you want a mortgage you don't want to stop paying it, at least for the moment.

The first thing to do is to go and see your bank manager or another bank manager and explain the situation and ask, 'how could you get a mortgage'?

Maybe you could pay off the current loan as part of the mortgage.
it should come down to how much you're earning and how long you've been earning with your current earning scenario. Mortgage lenders really want to give you a mortgage so they will do their best to help you out.

You also want to look up on the www, how to improve your credit rating. It's important to be on the electoral register and that you're current paying back credit on time.

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16 Sep 2015 08:29:06
Hi ed! Can u maybe help me? I was currently working but had to hand sickline in due to epelepsy its getting worse to the point I feel I just can't work no afraid if I quit my job the jobcentre will ban me for months for family said I would probably be eligible for disability living allowance, how would I go about that the right way?

{Ed033's Note - {Ed033's Note - Firstly you go to your G.P. to get a medical certificate saying you have epilepsy and you believe you can't work any longer, then you follow the instructions on the below web page. (With the medical certificate, you can apply for and receive basic benefits straight away and then DWP makes a final decision later)

After getting the medical certificate
How to claim ESA

This will lead to assessments to find out how disabled you are. The more disabled you are, the more money you receive in benefits.

I've said this before on here but if anyone in UK is over 25 and can only get the basic benefits, i.e. housing benefit + jobseekers allowance and child benefits then apply for working tax credits (+ housing benefit + child benefits) instead by saying you work 40 hours a week for yourself selling on Ebay

Otherwise you are constantly being monitored and told to go to this interview or go on this short support course and if you don't do as you're told, then they take benefits off you.

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16 Sep 2015 18:00:58
Thanks ed your a star

{Ed033's Note - ok, thanks

16 Sep 2015 18:27:47
i too have epilepsy since I was 17 and like you, I was working but the unpredictability of epilepsy, you can not hold down a steady job.

the advice of edd is correct also I would make an appointment with your local C A B who will guide you through the process.

good luck feller.

16 Sep 2015 21:50:41
Thanks guys ,I love the community spirit on this weblog,good to hear from someone who's in same position thanks again.

23 Oct 2015 16:58:09
I would like to add to this.

If they ask you to see ATOS for your assessment, good luck, you're going to need it.

30 Jul 2015 13:37:27
no I am not a expert by any means on this subject and its prob nothing to it , a few of you guys have mentioned symbols with numbers etc , like I said its not really my subject but I seen a tweet by former sky sports prensenter richard keys who took a picture of the new london buses looking great but why the strange number plates?could be nothing as a guy reckins they were built in northen ireland and its prob there plates .
just thought I would post it.

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08 Aug 2015 19:55:05
What was the plate. Buses are built in Ballymena.
The company took some flax when they allowed the DUP to take a campaign photo with a new London bus behind, suggesting maybe London bus somehow endorses a party closely linked with evangelistic christian diehards and creationists.

29 Jul 2015 22:49:16
Hi all, long time reader, sporadic poster.

Ok, so I am currently watching a Swedish drama called Jordskott (no spoilers please) and it seems that it is about a very interesting topic at it's root and I just wanted to gauge people's thoughts upon this.

Spoiler alert (read no further unless you want clues).

It seems the show is based around the fact that a foresting company are digging too far into a forest where supposed ancient beings live in synch with the wild almost in a symbiotic relationship with the forest. - I see this as almost a Gaia kind of situation. These 'beings' are responding to the threatening behaviour of the forestry company and this is where the drama lies.

I guess the question I am asking is, could there be any actual evidence of entities like this living/or have lived on this planet - either simply as one with nature or allowing the planet (and it's inhabitants) to evolve (if indeed we have).

I don't even know if my post makes sense but what are people's thoughts on this matter. I am not talking about aliens fleetingly passing by, or living amongst us for their own ends, more a presence within nature than we can't quite fathom or understand.


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19 Aug 2015 12:43:09
No thoughts on this one?

{Ed033's Note - i didn't see this because it was put on the non-conspiracy page by another ed.

The film avatar was similar to this where the blue beings were living in harmony with nature. When the Avatar film was released, David Icke, i seem to remember thought that we humans were originally like the blue beings, in harmony with nature, but we became corrupted when a group came in and started 'civilisation', which is really about herding us all into cities where we are more easily controlled.

This also resembles a time when Neanderthals were about, who were possibly driven into this situation.

It also resembles sasquatch/big foot, who are in this situation now.

We also have the legends of fairies and such entities on Earth but i don't know much about fairy legends.

18 Apr 2016 16:39:42
Ed sorry I've just seen this
I'm interested in big foot or Sasquatch
But I've never seen any decent document arts or anything that gives a good insight
A man called Lloyd pie
Believes through what he sees thourgh the missing link
That these are the original beings of this planet
I'm not sayin he is right but he seems to talk the truth of what he has found he also states that there are over 1000 different sites where human bones have been found and they range from 27 foot tall one has one eye apparently (cyclops) Mabey
But with so much untouched land in uk and forest people are not aware of these things would have learned how to keep hiden
And like a big dog tends to be more jumpy than say a braisen staff
This would sort of tie in with what u would expect there behaviour to display .
If u can throw me a bone I'll appreciate it

{Ed033's Note - i can't give you any proof, but it appears that up until 1500 years ago, there where giant humans about especially in North America. They were known as the mound builders because they buried their dead in mounds. It looks like the American Indians wiped them all out in North America by killing them.

On top of this, we have 4 different types of hominids that have been about on Earth longer than we have and they are still here. These are the 5 Foot Agogwes, 6 Foot Almas, 7 Foot Yetis and 7 Foot to 8 Foot Sasquatch.

18 Apr 2016 18:15:21
Honestly ed
U are a mound of information
When I first heard this type thing
It normally strikes u as untrue or it seems as though there is a truth we are far from being made aware of
And this may seem wierd
But a planet that appeared held so many
Dinosaur and the like it would be more sense that
A yeti / big foot / Sasquatch we on the planet to
Also on regards to these big hominids makes sense
Also there are tails like gullivers travel and so on it does make u think
But just knowing the species will help massively with finding the interesting bits .
Thanks for reply and info again ed.

{Ed033's Note - There are youtube videos on these subjects but there is no definitive proof that's in the public domain that i know of anyway.

19 Apr 2016 01:03:06
Yes I have watched most on youtube I think And I haven't seen no real evidence but there are some piece that make it get interesting
But then there are 100s that just waste your time .
Thanks again.

01 Jul 2015 06:11:35
What do people feel is the biggest barrier to people waking up/being able to wake people up. How is it that some seem to be able to read between the lines so clearly when others cant?

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06 Jun 2015 14:59:48
Any interesting links to operation paperclip anyone?

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01 May 2015 17:14:38
Hey Ed033,

One for the non conspiracy page.

A while ago I read in one of your posts that the crisois could be seen as an opportunity by people to become self-employed and find an alternative income source. If I remember correctly you suggested an example were people could start their own companies and sell things online, while receiving a sort of subsidy from their local establishment branch(gov).

If that is indeed the case and not my mind playing tricks on me, could you please repost it? As that is something that would interest me.

{Ed033's Note - People need to move away from Job Seekers Allowance and look at tax credits instead. By starting a private business (sell stuff on ebay?) and working 40 hours a week on it, you may be able to claim tax credits as a full time earner.

That way there's no signing on each week and no job interviews/form filling on a regular basis to get benefits, and if you get a job, you can stop the private business.

What could you sell online?
To sell on amazon, go to a product page and look to see if there is a "Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon" link.

1. Lots of items sell on ebay or amazon at the same price as shops, so if you ever see a sale/discounted items that you know sell on ebay on a regular basis such as pharmacy items, you know if you bought the sale pharmacy items, they'd probably sell after a while at the regular price.

2. On ebay, people grow or make 'stuff' which sells well, all you have to do is grow or make the 'stuff' that sells well yourself.

3. Look for other arbitrage opportunities such as finding items that sell for lower on ebay than on amazon. Buy the item from ebay then sell on amazon.

4. Go to jumble sales, auctions and car boot sales to buy boxes of books for a couple of pounds a box then sell the books on amazon for profit. Before you buy the box of books, check (using your mobile device) on Amazon that there is at least 1 book in the box that sells on amazon for at least £5. You don't want to buy a box of books that only sell on amazon for 1p each.

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20 Jan 2015 20:07:31
What do you guys think the best form of alternative energy sources we could use are? I'm on about ones which are feasible and not science fiction - it's a very serious matter. We only have a finite amount of fossil fuels, and instead of waiting until they've ran out to do something about it, we NEED to be developing ultra efficient means now in order to have a smooth transitional period


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30 Mar 2015 15:01:21
Practically all of commercially available technologies employ explosive reactions to extract energy from the microcosm i.e. combustion engines. Doing this means that we rely on finite energies to power our machines.

By following Nikola Tesla's, Viktor Schauberger's, Royal Rife's and Wilhelm Reich's works, one is introduced to alternative energy production and transference methods that employ implosive reactions. Mainstream science attempts and fails to describe these phenomena through centripetal forces.

Not as yet mainstream science has already successfully employed and explained such methods. They relate to harmonic resonant frequencies (when working with electromagnetism) and harmonic geometries/crystalline structures for appropriate reflection and refraction (when working with the frequencies belonging to the optic field and beyond). This yields access to a perpetual and infinite power source.

In simple words this is achieved by drawing energy from higher frequency planes/dimensions rather than lower ones. After all, it is more logical to look for infinite energy in the planes that contain ours, in terms of difference of potential (measured in volts).

In regards to electromagnetism keep an eye on Marko Rodin and his work. He finally has the funding to advance his research and is heading in the right direction.
In regards to the optic plane, Nassim Haramein seems to be close to completing Buckminster Fuller's harmonic geometric model.

{Ed001's Note - sorry but how can it be a finite energy? There is no such thing, it just changes form, it is not 'used up' so to speak. We just fail to know how to harness what it turns into.}

15 Apr 2015 13:31:24
It's a matter of perspective Ed001. After all, its rare for one to refer to another's death as a transformation. People react unreasonably to such remarks in the absence of common perspective on the matter.

Silliness aside, a liter of benzine will only cover one's energy requirements for so long, even when used in a non-existing combustion engine with an efficiency of 99,999%. The problem being, as you correctly noted, that as energy is transformed into other forms it escapes to the environment.

The losses in these type of systems such as friction, heat, sound etc. are in the same frequency scale (electromagnetic spectrum band) that their and our environment resonates with. Thus said machines are grounded and constantly interacting with their environment.

If, for the sake of argument, one based their technology on the principles used by stars or black holes, on maintaining charge and regulating discharge (or eliminating it completely with a closed feedback loop), one would have access to an energetic source with a high enough frequency so as not to interact with its environment. Thus being infinite in our use of it.

The U.S. navy is currently employing these principles in the motion of its submarines. The closed feedback loop I mentioned above is employed in these submarines by charging their exterior with electromagnetic fields of specific geometry and frequencies. This prevents ionization/friction between the submarine's exterior and the water that surrounds it.

Another and more rewarding way of viewing this, is that the submarine is actually propelled forward by expanding the space in front of it and contracting the space behind it (see jet engines).

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