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06 May 2021 12:47:31
The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis - Can Sanity Return to an Insane World? a good selection of videos on this channel.

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06 May 2021 08:59:35
hi ed, saw utube had deleted the video, found a copy on Bitchute.
read what's said in comment section. and they have links to other videos.


{Ed033's Note - thanks.

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06 May 2021 08:29:33
Hi ed, found this image of Bojo at shadwell community project a few years ago. seems relevant in today's climate.

Image from

heres another image with article about recent business deals [property scandal] involving the guy 'pushing' Boris.

{Ed033's Note - Hi, that first image is incredible.

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06 May 2021 12:44:35
Such a creepy image.

{Ed033's Note - Why is the child in a tunnel?

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06 May 2021 15:53:17
ive look in news reports but nobody mentions the kids. little girl in tube/ pipe and little boy just behind the guys head in background up on what looks like fence/ clibing frame.

{Ed033's Note - Right it's a picture showing truth hidden in plain site.

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05 May 2021 17:46:01
If you're new on here:

The Swine Flu Vaccination Fraud of 1976

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05 May 2021 17:45:57
NHS Freedom of Info request. Zero deaths from 'Covid' alone

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05 May 2021 17:45:54
This is satanic:

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04 May 2021 23:37:47
Hi Ed, hope you are well.
Watched this below video tonight, thought it was presented and explained very well, by a man who is clearly well educated in his field.

Dr. John Lee, Prof. of Pathology UK - Unlocked Documentary!

{Ed033's Note - Yes, i'm well thanks. My 'immune system' seems to be working correctly. No need to genetically modify myself :)

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05 May 2021 07:15:06
Nicely presented but something doesn't sit right with me. His enthusiasm for the jab despite the mass of evidence coming to light and belief that the government is simply bumbling along on bad advice instead of something more sinister does not reassure me of his good intentions. I've got a 'Tell enough truth to get away with a lie' feel about this one. The fact it's not been taken down from youtube yet doesn't help either.

{Ed033's Note - Right, for one, he thinks the jab is a success at stopping this mythical 'Covid'. Covid remains mythical until they investigate what is causing the minute fraction of the population who are getting into respiratory problems. But if they investigate that, all of a sudden there is no pandemic caused by a 'killer virus' through the air and being passed from man to man.

At the moment 'Covid' / 'Coronavirus' is based on a fake test. We know it's fake because of the people who originally said they were going to take a test, but didn't and still got a positive result, and the people who didn't use the swab as directed and still got a positive result.

Even if they have a correct test now; is it testing for the Coronavirus known as Influenza A / Influenza B, also known as Seasonal Flu?

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05 May 2021 14:37:33
Hi Ed, immune system still working 😁. Mask free, government advice free and 'experimental injectable' free. Watched most and agreed with 50 to 60% of his 'opinions'. Sadly his views on vaxs (not a vax by legal definition) are infuriating. Mike Yeadon has better insights. He also comes across very naive when he tries to explain the lockdown measures and how the world was all doing the same.

The Sars Cov-2 'C.V.' still hasn't been isolated and still not a HCID according to Public Health UK. So all talk of positive tests, cases, 'vaxs' and mutations, is just that - talk.

WHO changed definition of a pandemic from deaths to cases.
WHO accepted a non peer reviewed study on PCR testing for Convid.
WHO accepted a Wuhan lab's scrap of RNA, from a victim's lungs, as proof of a new virus.

Professor Ferguson's modelling was accepted, despite years of failure.
Social distancing measures are based on a school girl's project.
No peer reviewed studies for the efficacy of masks.

Independent US study on 1500 'C.V. positive samples' found they were all influenza A or B.
The evidence of a Plandemic just keeps mounting up but the sheep still watch MSM. 🙄.

{Ed033's Note - yes.

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05 May 2021 19:45:56
Hi Ed and fellas yes I agree, no jab for me or my wife.
The reason I suggested the video, was because of the way he was taking away, a lot of the stuff we have had drummed into us for the past year and a half.
The figures that have been generated, the way everything has been exaggerated, he talks about the situation without the fear factor.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, thanks for the video, Dave

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04 May 2021 14:46:50
Ed what's your opinion on doge coin? Is it going to crash or is now the time to buy? Would love it if you could get the crypto page up again please.

{Ed033's Note - Isn't the site working?

I don't know if you're new to crypto, but my guess is only as good as anyone else's.

If you want some Doge get some now, then if it goes down, buy some more. I guess Doge can get to $1, but i don't know when.

Don't be surprised if there is a large retracement in the Crypto market this year sometime and if there is, be patient as it should recover and prices of the top Cryptos should be much higher in a couple of years time.

Below is a post from 29 August 2020: Theta then was around $0.50 USD now around $10 USD; a 20x move. XRP was $0.27 USD now around $1.40 USD; a 5x move.

"29 Aug 2020 12:21:53
Ed is there a way to profit from this knowledge? I’ve always wanted to dabble in stocks etc and I thought knowing about cashless, blockchain etc before the masses should mean there’s money to be made? I looked into cashless a year or so ago but in the end I bottled taking the risk.


{Ed033's Note - It's all rumour and speculation, but the new financial/quantum/blockchain system is allegedly backed by gold. The lesser of 2 evils who are winning the war are going to 'tokenise' everything using 'blockchain' technology and release suppressed technology with silver as an important component.

Certain blockchain token cryptos are going to increase significantly. XRP is possibly one of the alleged blockchains used in the new financial system. Theta crypto token is possibly a big part of our future online entertainment.

Therefore maybe, physical gold, physical silver [not paper GLD/SLV], XRP, Theta are possible 'investments'?"

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04 May 2021 21:44:50
Amazing reply thanks a lot. And yes I was unable to access the crypto site for some time but it seems to be up and running again now. One thing I will say is how gutted I am I never started earlier but hey £90 from 50 for a few days on doge ain't the worst start!

{Ed033's Note - Well done and good luck.

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05 May 2021 00:39:43
Same to you.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks.

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05 May 2021 17:32:22
I thought Doge was a coin that is used when the market is temporarily falling. So when bitcoin etc starts to fall they move it across to DOGE temporarily. When bitcoin rises they move back across. I think DOGE price is unsustainable if the market is good in general.

Ed is right though about the other coins. I like chainlink, AVALANCHE and KLV is one to watch too. KLV exchange goes live this week with blockchain later in the year and I think a new phone end of next year?

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05 May 2021 17:59:36
Try and have a nice spread of tokens. I would try and own a nice spread of the top 20/ 30 tokens where possible although DOGE would have been one of the last ones I would have picked. If I did, today would be a day where I'd probably move half/ all to something like XRP and then shift back to DOGE on a dip (which it will) . Bitcoin to hit $100,000 by July I reckon. Possibly $200K+ next year and lots of coins to grow rapidly. Remember crypto is long term not short term gains or you'll get burnt.

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06 May 2021 07:05:28
What happens to Bitcoin if the 3 Forge Damn Collapses? After all, most of the super computers that mine for Bitcoin are underground in that valley. The Damn is already know to be structurally compromised and leaking. In fact I hear they are moving people out of the area.

{Ed033's Note - Maybe Doge takes over as the King of Crypto? :)

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06 May 2021 10:33:16
Lack of supply. Lack of supply means increasing price.

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03 May 2021 12:19:34
i haven't watched all of this yet. Unfortunately it is 5 hours long, so not many people will get through it:

World's Secret Religion of the Minions - Satanic Luciferanism hidden inside Freemasonry

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06 May 2021 16:44:52
Hi Edd, I managed to watch all of the video over two days a very good watch. Thanks for posting it up :)

{Ed033's Note - ok thanks.

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03 May 2021 10:27:21
Trump boards Air Force One for flight to D.C.

{Ed033's Note - This is from 4 Jul 2017 - Any significance to this?
I don't watch or listen to mainstream news.

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06 May 2021 07:08:28
The significance would be you actually notice the difference in plane used, how he enters the plane, red carpet, saluting marines, press entering plane to rear etc ED.

{Ed033's Note - Ok thanks, compare this to when this 'Bidan' character does the same.

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03 May 2021 10:16:31
Fox News letting a tiny bit of truth out.

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01 May 2021 21:08:11

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01 May 2021 21:08:09
The Borax Conspiracy: How the Arthritis Cure has been stopped.

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01 May 2021 21:19:28

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06 May 2021 16:02:41
level teaspoon in a litre of water has done wonders in last three months. arthritis down 60% much mobility regained.

{Ed033's Note - It's possible that by taking other mineral supplements, more improvement could be made. The problem is affording them?

Zinc is cheap, maybe Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate (Food Grade) is cheap?

If people have the money, then might be a way to go.

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01 May 2021 21:07:58

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01 May 2021 21:07:55

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01 May 2021 10:56:25
Same crisis actor?

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01 May 2021 11:28:58
So has anyone got any ideas about what's REALLY going on in India?

{Ed033's Note - This lady on video [who lives in India] saying the mainstream media is putting out the usual B.S., where nothing out of the ordinary is happening in India.

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01 May 2021 17:57:41
Surely that is the same picture going by the clothes, peice of timber/ plywood and colour of the Kerbs.

Looks like they've just used the same picture to pedal their bs.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, looks like it.

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05 May 2021 14:41:20
Gates has got back into India, through back door investment in an Indian vax company. India was coping well with Convid until they started jabbing, cases are surging, apparently. 🤔.

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30 Apr 2021 20:13:31
Pfizer admits that SHEDDING can occur and non-jabbed can be exposed by INHALATION or SKIN CONTACT!

{Ed033's Note - This won't last long on youtube

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30 Apr 2021 19:39:03

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30 Apr 2021 19:38:21
Crimebodge's Private Criminal Prosecution outcomes [against Police Constables].

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05 May 2021 14:57:06
Fascinating watch.

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30 Apr 2021 08:58:41
Shot In The Dark 2020 documentary: The Hidden vax Agenda.


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30 Apr 2021 21:50:54
Wow just wow how do they get away with these vaxs. The facts don't lie good watch and well done for the ones that speak out it's criminal.

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