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26 Jun 2022
New image uploaded to the
Conspiracy Talk Sightings page entitled, Watching mister drone footage surely you shouldn't be able to see the tall buildings in the distance on a globe

Click picture for larger image

26 Jun 2022 10:12:10
Thanks for the image, Bluey1878. MSBS will just tell you it is refraction. But the real truth is 'Plane' to see, isn't it? πŸ˜€

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25 Jun 2022 21:06:29
A word of caution before watching this. I tend to be doing multiple things at once to basically distract my mind from my own problems (mainly pain) so I wasn't giving the whole video my full attention. The lady narrating the video claims to be a hypnotist herself and at the end of the video I felt like she could have been using some suggestive techniques of mental manipulation to forward her own agenda. If she is it would be mainly in the second half of the video. I am unsure either way but wanted to make you aware of this possibility. I thought the main content was really interesting and worthy of posting.

The Media Experimented with Television Hypnosis Back in 1946

25 Jun 2022 20:18:17
UAP is a good channel but IMO only for those with eyes already opened to see his perspective. He isn't the opening of the rabbit hole, he lives in the depths of it.

I thought I'd share this one for those of you wanting to continue a personal journey. He has good insights and spends a lot of time finding things we won't have seen or noticed.

I hope this is worthy of your time to watch.


25 Jun 2022 18:14:20
A Rockefeller Document: Resetting The US Food System - Control The Food - Control The People

25 Jun 2022 20:57:20
any regular long term viewers of this page may recall me getting upset and angry that my dad, who is in residential care (92yo) was getting tested multiple times a day for a fake virus that doesn't exist with fake tests that can basically test positive for whatever this LE 'C word' want and all the testing was scaring the proverbial out of him.
Before he moved to a residential home he was in hospital and tested positive for the 'South African' variant but had absolutely no symptoms (funny that ah?)

Anyway there are 'booster' shots happening now. 4th? 5th? and he told me many a time he didn't want to have it or anything like it anymore (kudos dad!)

Well, my sister (works in his care home) basically forced him to have it and now he is sick AF.

He had covid (apparently. a fake BS test told him so) and was not ill at all when he was in hospital before moving into care.

Every F-ing jab has made him sick as I have ever seen him.

If I ever see anyone (even the puppets) that have any say in this, I am going to go full on Guy Fawkes on them.

My dad is scared to go to sleep because he thinks he won't wake up.

Felt like venting but also sharing, hope that is OK?


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25 Jun 2022 23:38:17
My Dad is a full on, BBC watching leftie. He was sick after the 1st jab, told him don't take the 2nd. Took the 2nd and made Mum do it too, both have been sick ever since. Now refusing boosters, gladly. Can't say 'I told you so' but old school Dad is fuming inside. Prayers for your Dad.πŸ™

{Ed032's Note - I posted a video today on 'TV' hypnosis, Scouseduckred and it wouldn't surprise me at all that techniques like this are being used all the time on the unaware masses.

Thank you for the prayers, really kind of you and appreciated. I reciprocate the same to you and yours and wish you all the best of health. I hope your parents get better soon.

p.s. Even though I censored them I apologise for all the swearing. I wouldn't say this is a 'family friendly' site as such but it is better without the need for curse words. I tend to use them when I get angry as they emphasise this. My bad.

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26 Jun 2022 13:05:54
Sorry to hear that Ed032. I posted a video before of Mick from Rebel without a Pause youtube channel, where he said that both him and his wife have given medical power of attorney to each other, whereby if any one of them is within a medical cartel establishment and the NHS or whoever staff are insisting on any medical treatment, then in theory, it can't go ahead [outside of immediate life or death situation, i presume] without the say so of the other half.

{Ed032's Note - Thanks, Ed033. I recall the post you mention.

I have full LPOA for my dad with one of my brothers but he and the rest of my sibling family got together when my medical problems started and withdrew all my access and any responsibility for my dad on the grounds I am not in my right mind because of pain caused mental health issues. Ironically my sister has no LPOA over him and she forced him to have the vaxx booster though I guess my bro will/would have sided with her anyway so I'd be screwed over anyhow. Family, ah?

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24 Jun 2022 16:52:02
Most people who take an interest in the 3 main Pyramids at Giza believe in the theory that those 3 pyramids line up with the 3 belt stars of orion.

However, it's known that the alignment is fairly close but not any where near as close as you might expect.

An engineer called Rodney Hale figured out that it was the wing stars of the Cygnus constellation that matched up perfectly with the 3 main Pyramids at Giza. This is not surprising as there are ancient stone monuments built to honour the Cygnus constellation all over the Earth.

After Rodney Hale discovered this, he told his colleague, Andrew Collins, who worked out that there should be a monument or something on the ground that would match up with the brightest star in the Cygnus constellation, called Daneb.

Andrew Collins and another colleague of his called Nigel Skinner Simpson rediscovered an underground tomb and cave system where Daneb would be located on the ground. This cave system was used by a bird cult in ancient Egypt.

The story of how the cave system was discovered was made into a documentary called, The Lost Caves of Giza that can be seen below.

{Ed032's Note - Thanks, Ed033.

25 Jun 2022 17:45:48
Really interesting. Thanks, Ed033.

And once again the LE indoctrinated/skooled/brainwashed (archaeologists) say that this is how it is, I am trained, nothing to see here. But lo and behold, there is plenty to see and discover which, as we (the awake) all know from all of the information on this site, is the case with EVERYTHING you were 'skooled' to believe.

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24 Jun 2022 15:16:49

{Ed032's Note - Is POTUS even human?. Seems just some useless clone/borg hybrid.

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23 Jun 2022 14:07:10
The ancient history of New Zealand goes back much further that is commonly believed. We explore the evidence and the possibilities of who and when people first arrived.

{Ed032's Note - Thanks, Ed033. This looks very interesting, will watch this evening.

23 Jun 2022 10:04:57

{Ed032's Note - Quite interesting version of a possible map of our planet PLANE that I haven't seen before. Thought I'd share it.

23 Jun 2022 09:21:28

Irish Nurse Reveals What Really Went On In Hospitals During The Plandemic

{Ed032's Note - Thanks for this, Rian. πŸ•

24 Jun 2022 00:58:26
A return to Liverpool Care Pathway. DNR orders without family consent. Excessive prescription of Midozolam. Forced intubation. Fake Convid testing with excessive PCR cycles. It was a massive cull and people need to hang for their crimes against humanity.

{Ed032's Note - The LE are om a one way trip, Scouseduckred, you can be sure of that. πŸ”₯πŸ‘ΏπŸ”₯

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