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Conspiracy meaning - "A combination of persons for an evil or unlawful purpose; an agreement between two or more persons to do something criminal, illegal, or reprehensible (especially in relation to treason, sedition, or murder); a plot." It does not mean - Nutters, lunatics, those that should be shunned and silenced because they are free thinking and awake and want to question the narrative fed to them by the 'Dark Ones/Elite' and their controlled followers.

This is not a place where you are forced-fed facts and told to think in a certain 'agenda-led' way. This is not a place of Satanic Evil for we want to cause no harm. We are the frees spirits. We are of Love and only want the best for you and this 'Realm'. This is a place where you are shown possibilities to think of and make your own Mind decide. This is a place where you are 'Free' to discuss your mind, for only you know it unless you share. This is the place where it is your time to awaken. Email for topic suggestions. You can also share your thoughts off-record with him. Topic suggestions can also be left on the live chat page.

17 Aug 2022 08:43:41
Chemical Farming & The Loss of Human Health - Dr. Zach Bush (After Skool)

12 Aug 2022 13:53:44

11 Aug 2022 14:09:55
What the hell is going on in this Realm!? This is sickening.


18 Aug 2022 11:10:29
she is dangerous her and I wonder how she would feel if it was her child who was being groomed. In my line of work I looked after a paedophile and once caught the images videos and chats he had with children was sickening but like good old British Justice he played the mental health card and was placed in a mental institute where he pulled the wool over the eyes of everyone and had them believing he was retarded it was not until the hospital manager had a meeting with myself and his PA that she found out the truth. In reality lots of Paedophiles are extremely clever (he had his own broadband credit cards mobile phones ect when he had no ID or means to get it and the police said they had never seen security like it on his electronic devices) my issue here is people like her try to normalise it and you cant even if their brain tells them they fancy a child they know the difference between right and wrong

{Ed032's Note - Sounds like you have a very difficult job, Bluey1878.

The whole panto is run by a bunch of LE sickos like the man you mention so your assessment of them being clever is correct.

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11 Aug 2022 13:47:44

{Ed032's Note - Thanks, Ed033. For those interested this is a clip from the film;

FLATTEN the CURVE The Documentary in 4K. - Flat Earth

17 Aug 2022 10:19:26
Something MAJOR has happened today!!!
144,000 from the bible maybe?

{Ed032's Note - The image is from NASA, WNBTK. You have been on this site a fair while now. Do I really need to explain further?

17 Aug 2022 23:45:20
Prepping us for the impending fake alien invasion, which will create the need for martial law and resulting in widespread economic collapse and monetary reset.

Convid has brainwashed the masses to do exactly as they're told, and believe everything NASA and their govt etc tell them.

{Ed032's Note - And the winner of today's slice is........Rian. 🍕

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15 Aug 2022 17:33:03

13 Aug 2022 15:10:40

13 Aug 2022 11:40:29

11 Aug 2022 14:14:40

15 Aug 2022 21:46:34
Real Stars

{Ed032's Note - Thanks, Topher. Here is something with a bit more context for you.

Water Above the Firmament The Truth About the Stars Luminaries

16 Aug 2022 19:35:51
Cheers Ed.

{Ed032's Note - Welcome, Chris.

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18 Aug 2022 08:54:22
Morning ed32, I enjoyed that video, more so the water and frequencies, my question is the focus on the stars,I don’t own a telescope or have any knowledge regarding cameras/telescopes/focus/etc etc. so I posted this and the 1 I put and it’s ‘apparently’ due to poor focusing etc and is false, and you can make anything look like that. Is that truely how stars look as telescope people say different? Or am I being fed a fib? Or is it just ‘you decide’ I get the idea in my head whether it’s out of focus or not and to me it shows the workings and not the image they portray. Any help
Would be great

{Ed032's Note - Hi, Topher. These people saying it is false and can make anything look like that, ask them to do the same with a coin of choice at a distance. They will not get it to dance like the luminaries do.

Even on a completely still night, verified by high magnification Moon viewing, the stars will do this even at a mid-range magnification. It just gets bigger and more visible at higher magnifications. And the focus is irrelevant, you will still see the same thing, just out of focus.

The dark spot at the centre and the 4 black lines (more 2 lines as a cross) are caused by the secondary mirror and support. These components become more visible at higher magnifications and this is one of the drawbacks with reflecting telescopes.

Or you can base your logic on the information you get from NASA. They never fake anything, right?

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