25 Sep 2019 16:44:17
I've given it a couple of days to settle but I was wondering what people's thoughts on Greta Thunberg are?

{Ed033's Note - Is she:

1. A paid actress

2. A managed brainwashed stooge who entirely believes the b.s. she's been fed

3. Mind controlled

26 Sep 2019 22:18:04
A wee cretin that is taking up airtime.

Watch the piece on Australian Sky News, where a viewer tells us as it is:

Generation X - the need for air conditioning in every room, cars to school rather than walking or bikes, generation that consumes most manufactured goods etc.

27 Sep 2019 13:10:25
You know how at that age everything is black and white. She is very annoying though and I think she believes the b.s. she is spouting. What worries me though is that adults in large numbers also believe what she is saying.


{Ed033's Note - Yes and she's being used to forward the agenda and the mainstream media are being told to promote her. Most people think anything the mainstream media states is correct info, rather than realising it's all, spin or lies.

04 Oct 2019 05:56:46
She's being tipped for the Nobel Peace Prize. Many lols.

05 Oct 2019 11:18:20
Unfortunately she'll almost certainly win it hands down.

07 Oct 2019 00:40:10
Greta Thunberg Actress?


{Ed033's Note - Thanks Rian