17 Oct 2019 13:20:45
Has anyone seen the William Tompkins interviews? If he is telling the truth is crazy mad stuff.

{Ed033's Note - If this is the William Tompkins that talks about the super black tech ufo type technology, then he's making it up. There maybe several reasons for this, but it's pretty obvious that there is no way they are going to allow people to talk about their first hand testimony of this tech. You have to sign non disclosure agreements which say you can't say anything, and if you do it's classed as treason or the like.

He's been speaking about this stuff for years and either had what Jean Lear calls 'Ufo Disease', where you may have worked on some classified or top secret stuff at some point and then after you say the little bit you know (as it's all compartmentalised so no one knows much anyway), you then have to make stuff up if you continue saying stuff to keep people interested in what you're saying. Or he was always paid agent.

This same William Tompkins is now or was a short while ago, part of this 'Blue Avian' Cult which is run and paid for by an American government agency to intentionally put out ufo type dis-info. Corey Goode, is the front man of this Cult calling himself a Galactic Ambassador who says gets info from Blue Avian ETs and goes for rides in their blue spheres.

Imo, if William Tompkins still works for the 'Blue Avian' Cult he's a paid dis-info agent or he was always a paid dis-info agent when talking about this stuff, or he just makes it up for his own reasons.

18 Oct 2019 09:43:38
Think it's that bloke, died in 2017 Ed, watched the project camelot interview with Cassidy and Shratt, good listening though, what's your thoughts on my old mate Bob Lazar?


{Ed033's Note - I think Bob Lazar was telling us his truth all along. It seems to me that the 'Black Tech Protection Group' at the time came in and chose to ridicule him rather than suicide him and they may have been mostly successful with that.

18 Oct 2019 17:47:26
Love all this. Dolan is one of my faves, great guy. Can you give me any pointers Ed? Been researching this stuff since I was 15, 38 now lol.


{Ed033's Note - I like Dark Journalist's work.

Dark Journalist X-series Episode 46: Nymza X-tech Secret Ufo Dellschau Connection
With Walter Bosley:

19 Oct 2019 09:18:40
Cheers mate, I'll have a listen.