28 Jan 2020 21:46:13
"I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing." - Plato.

It's amazing how many like-minded people that wrongly tell me what I am trying to portrait, because they being conspiratorial too, know it all already. And miss what I am trying to tell them. Again falling back on the mainstream BS

The people that were awakened are falling back asleep. Are they not? .

1.) 29 Jan 2020
29 Jan 2020 21:04:42
Yes, probably some can't continue past a certain point.

2.) 30 Jan 2020
30 Jan 2020 00:14:55
I got to that point around 2 months ago. Then just let go of everything I have 'been taught' and started looking for myself. Very strangely everything, on the whole, seem to make, much more sense (or what I knew made more nonsense)

I was one of the few that asked you to start the 'Space and Astrophysics' page. I can't bring myself to study that at this time. Too many things I have seen make that seem pointless until other questions are answered. Consequently, my humble book collection has taken a very, vivid turn in direction.

{Ed033's Note - It seems they've lied to us about everything we can think of and all we can do is think and investigate things ourselves.