10 Feb 2020 17:01:41
How do they control us?
See if this resonates with you;
Your mum deposits an ovum and your dad also makes a deposit in the same area. Why we are all here is because a divine spark causes Fertilisation. Neither your mum nor your dad has anything to do with this divine spark.

Our origin is Fertilisation. Our origin is not the 'date of birth'. Our Strawman corporate entity's origin is the 'date of birth'. They think they own the Strawman corporate entity, so when we identify ourselves with the 'date of birth', we identify as the Strawman corporate entity.

1.) 13 Feb 2020
13 Feb 2020 20:11:24
I enjoyed this. Someone talking on what they believe but making it tie in with things. Interesting concept. Well thought out and he believes it.

Do you think it's ritualistic to separate things mid-event? . Or a case of what's best for the physically formed baby? . I don't know enough about this subject but, if down to me, nature knows best. But things CAN go wrong, so fear will put us in the hands of who we believe to be best for the situation. (we know no better)

A lot to think about, like the ownership of the placenta. It would be easier to think about this, if I knew where I sit. As in what I believe.

I believe in things, but I am not sure what they are. It is their call that guides me to do my best to find them.

{Ed033's Note - So we are Man (male or female), but they have kept a piece of our DNA and placed it in Trust, given it a title (our name) and date of birth - This is then a 'Natural Person' (not Man).

They then create statutes, acts, rules, regulations that govern 'Persons' (not Man), which also means Natural Persons. When we identify ourselves with the 'date of birth', we identify as a Natural Person.

The problem with me saying the above is that hardly anyone can comprehend what i'm saying.

There is more to it which would involve their version of some sick ritualism.