24 Mar 2020 15:14:17
So conveniently 21 days lockdown in india announced by pm from today. Could have been any number of days.
Agenda 21 event 201.

{Ed033's Note - Boris Johnson mentioned 12 weeks, could be that corporate entities pretending to be countries like UK Ltd and USA Corp went into 90 day bankruptcy and all non essential corporate activity had to be shutdown according to the rules and they needed an excuse for the people not to engage in non essential corporate activity?

Maybe only certain countries have to be 'corporately' shut down due to bankruptcy rules and shut down for a certain length of time?

When they do stuff, they normally do multiple or extra things at the same time, so in theory as they have the full consent of most of the people, anything could happen now.

24 Mar 2020 18:28:10
As Donald Trump is possibly the number one expert on putting large Corporations into bankruptcy, as he's been through bankruptcy a couple of times before, maybe he was installed as President. Maybe he was told this was going to happen and asked to be President of the Corporation known as the United States. Maybe the reason he didn't get much done so far is because they were planning bankruptcy and the aftermath. Why would you do a load of stuff if you're only going to go bankrupt. Wouldn't you wait until after the bankruptcy to do stuff?

25 Mar 2020 02:20:24
Didn't India start removing cash already mumbaianc?

Good video ed. Will have to also check how much scarier is 5g compared to 4g if depopulation is planned to be done at a quicker rate.

Is that true contagion can't be proven?


{Ed033's Note - contagion can't be proven because they can't isolate the entities (if they exist) that are causing the problem within our bodies,

25 Mar 2020 12:56:14
Since there was a lot of black money in cash floating around, the government asked all the people to Deposit all their money in the bank. The old currency notes would then be replaced with new ones. They gave around 3 months deadline to deposit. The new notes started to circulate slowly so people had to go digital for a while.

This happened 3 years back, but people now prefer digital transactions especially in the cities. I guess apart from the elderly and the remotest places in central india everyone knows how it works. The internet and mobile calling rates are super cheap as well.

25 Mar 2020 13:33:44
Ok nice one mumbaianc
And Ed cheers for replys.


{Ed033's Note - ok thanks.