21 May 2020 09:44:29
The corona ritual we are in world wide, does it have 3 stages? The first stage of the ritual is isolation.

The corona ritual article?

21 may 2020 09:50:58
From the Old World [order] into the New World [order]. Destroy and Rebuild the first degree - Enter the apprentice.

21 May 2020 09:59:34
The New World = Neverland? [from Peter Pan] a fantasy artificial place where Anything is possible.

The dark origins of Peter Pan (Pan god = Satan)

What do you think will happen if you let a bunch for Sick Satanic Pedo Lucifereans get away with Anything?

21 May 2020 10:31:12
Goals of Fabian Socialism from the early 1900s.

21 May 2020 12:38:21
What the satanic luciferean controllers have done in order to gain control is create a fantasy artificial world in their minds (Neverland) and they have convinced everyone with the help of the 'educational' system, Hollywood, T. V. programs, government agencies, space agencies, mainstream science and the mainstream fake news media that Neverland is the Real World.

In Neverland there are artificial characters (birth certificated persons) who live in a military style hierarchy with each birth certificated person having a rank in the hierarchy. The lowest ranks are: Mr., Mrs. and Miss.

The birth certificated persons are controlled by an extra set of rules put out by the controllers' minions called governments in the form of Statutes and Acts, which only apply to persons. Those rules are: 'We make the rules up as we go along for the benefit of the controllers'.

If a birth certificated person breaks any Statute or Act, a piece of meaningless artwork is sent to their address in order to gain compliance. If the birth certificated person doesn't comply, then the birth certificated person is sent another meaningless piece of artwork which they believe is an order to go into a room in a court house, where a play is put on and the actors in the room pretend Neverland is the Real World, where the end result 99.9% of the time is: the birth certificated person must first be punished and then must comply.