21 May 2020 22:48:55
Giant Books inside the Giant Prague Castle, Built by a previous civilisation of Giants?

21 May 2020 22:59:22
Hi Ed, As you have a lot of knowledge, this may have been asked before, so apologies beforehand.

Last winter there was a big push for people to take the flu jab, especially over 65 year olds, does the flu jab have any strains of corona virus in it, if so why has the question not been asked for those who died of corona virus f they have had the flu jab last winter, either from their next of kin or someon who would have known, if that person had a flu jab.


{Ed033's Note - Yes, Dr. Judy Mikovits says in the Plandemic movie (below) that the last flu jab contained more coronavirus than previous years. I think she said 4 of them were in it and she thinks this extra load took people who were already compromised over the edge so to speak.

The reason people haven't put it together is because those people who take the flu jab are so brainwashed that the flu jab will help prevent flu, they would never think it would cause flu. Only people who don't get the flu jab could ever put it together.

Plandemic video from T.C. channel on lbry.tv.

22 May 2020 20:06:38
WHO death figures, for a bad flu year, are 650,000. C.V. 19 attributed deaths, are 340,000ish. How many influenza deaths do you think have been recorded this year?
190,000, even added together we have less deaths than a bad flu year. We have never locked down and trashed people's lives for the flu. Regardless of conspiracies, the facts and figures should be enough for the sheeple to question the narrative.


{Ed033's Note - They have to wake themselves up, but at the moment they only listen to the mainstream media and government, but not the Uk government web site which tells them COVID-19 is not infectious.

It would be a start if they knew about 'Q'. Then some of them could graduate past 'Q' into reality.