13 Oct 2021 20:46:26
Although the paid minions do well at posting comments/ views. This page is lost without Ed033's knowledge and responses to posts. Just saying. :)

{Ed033's Note - Did you want me to respond to your previous 3 posts? i was looking at other stuff.

14 Oct 2021 07:30:03
I think you need stronger meds Southern Monkey.

Much stronger.

14 Oct 2021 10:31:40
Well I could always take the "meds" the various consultants tell me to take to help me cope with pain but all they do is put me in a self-induced coma. Would you prefer that, Rian?


{Ed033's Note - Have you looked into Urine Therapy SM?

It's a possibility that people's body manufactures substances that the body thinks would benefit you and dumps it in the urine.

The time to collect half a pint of urine is mid flow of the first morning 'bladder emptying'.

Then it can be decanted a bit at a time into half a mug of tea (without milk) and drunk until the half pint has gone. [maybe after three mugs of tea.]

14 Oct 2021 13:53:34
If it stops you from talking nonsense about the other posters on this site then yes, it sounds like an excellent idea.

14 Oct 2021 14:02:33
Sounds delicious ed, i might pour my Mrs a glass and see if she likes it.


{Ed033's Note - Yes, it takes a while for people to come round to the idea of drinking it.

14 Oct 2021 16:13:52
I remember watching a film about the kidnapping of Tiede Herrema back in the 70's and Eddie Gallagher famously tried it but not with great results. I think I'll stick with the apple cider vinegar.

14 Oct 2021 16:30:13
My genuine deepest apologies, Ryan and fellow posters. There was no intent of insult in my OP. And by paid minions I was just being jovial about Eds helpers running this site (sorry if you run it on your own, Ed. And you were just posting whilst busy)

I am dealing with a lot atm. But no excuses. I can go offline again if other posters feel I am degrading the site.

I am a little idiosyncratic with how I write/ speak/ use words. It's not until someone points it out that I realise it can be taken in a whole other context.

Apologises again all.


{Ed033's Note - Please keep posting if you can SM.
No other Eds/Admins run this particular site, just me.

14 Oct 2021 16:37:28
As for drinking my own urine, Ed. I have looked in to it seriously a long time ago and from what I have found is that urine is processed several times before leaving the body and if the body was releasing compounds or whatever to benefit the body surely this would be processed before leaving the body? That seems logical to me though I will admit I maybe wrong.

From this I did however learn about testing your urine PH levels (as well as saliva and sweat) and eating alkaline foods to raise the PH level to 9 or above as most nasty things like an acidic environment and can not survive in an alkaline one.

I am just going down the mind over matter route ATM and using Will alone to help cure me.


{Ed033's Note - I hope you find something that helps at some point.

14 Oct 2021 18:39:11
Rian, I am an ACV man also, do you have mother as well? I am really interested in a deep look into this subject as most peoples thought of vinegar is acidic, but ACV is alkaline. As I mentioned in another post alkaline environments don't suit a lot of bad things.

14 Oct 2021 19:29:06
Thanks Southern Monkey.

15 Oct 2021 08:07:41
I always try to use locally produced ACV, organic whenever possible, and always with mother. I usually have it with lemon and a tiny amount of organic honey, again locally sourced. In a cup of hot water, it makes a nice bed time drink. It's important not to take too much or to have it neat. Small amounts daily is the key. It has helped reduce my acid reflux amongst other things.

15 Oct 2021 20:48:36
I admit it was a bit of a white lie as I have neglected it for quite a few complicated months but I intend to source some more once I get to know the place. Lemon being the best natural cleaning agent and honey being antifungal, antibacterial and quite possibly antilucerferian sounds like a great evening drink. I on the other hand don't particularly like the taste so I do teaspoon in a glass of water and get it down. As I have said in other posts I like to keep a high PH body and ACV is incredibly good for that.

Regarding reflux issue's, in my 20's I had a, luckily, very small ulcer and basically ate jacket potato with very crispy skin with a fresh colourful salad every day for 3 months (dressings allowed just not vinegar ACV OK though) and touchwood not had a problem since.