20 Nov 2021 23:18:27
I know this is probably a silly question but how do you post a video? Sorry I'm not great with technology ????

{Ed032's Note - If you mean a video you have rather than one you have found on another site then you will need to upload it to a video sharing platform such as Odysee, Bitchute, Brandnewtube or the heavily censored Youtube or even Fcaebook and than post the video webpage url (www.etcetcetc). Then I will find the embed code and post it on this site.

This site can not host its own videos. This is something I am trying to figure out how to do but it is a long way off, so for now the above directions is the only way.

Hope that helps, bert13.

21 Nov 2021 16:59:05
Not at all Ed lol I can just abt work my phone, me and technology fell out at school 20 odd years ago and never made up.

Thank you for your reply tho and will look forward to the day the site can host its own videos and I can't work that out either. Cheers


{Ed032's Note - Do you have any accounts like gmail or anyone to ask to help?

Uploading is fairly straight forward when you know how, but I understand not understanding and it all getting a bit overwhelming trust me.

Sorry to not be of more help, bert13.

Probably the best thing to do is pick one of the aforementioned sites and type in their search box 'how to upload a video' and have a go. Trying and failing is never a bad thing to do.

22 Nov 2021 20:53:11
Have you giving it a 'try', bert13?