22 Nov 2021 14:19:05
Is this actual video of the North Pole?

{Ed032's Note - Thanks, Ed033

22 Nov 2021 15:43:16
Spent a bit of time trying to locate the original footage, sadly no luck. Really difficult to know what this is but I wouldn't be shocked to find it is actual 'real' footage of what we are told is the north pole.

I think that is where the search for answers should start, thing is to get their you would probably have to use GPS which is just another control system. Who knows where you actually are when you get to the north pole coordinates.

22 Nov 2021 17:19:49
In theory, this video could be anything, but it is interesting to think about what it would be like there.


{Ed032's Note - I often do, Ed033.

As in a post below, that I almost deleted because I do not want to overwhelm new-comers to the site, this is the centre. The control of all we 'see'.

The energy/energies that fluctuates from this Realms centre, to control movements of the Sun, Moon, Luminaries and the Waters above and below to create the 'seasons', are fed to us as solar flares, climate change and all the MSBS that hides the 'real' truth.

Truly believe something special is happening there at this time, a change of 'Age' maybe? I don't have the answers but covid restrictions are a perfect cover story allowing less people the possibility to 'see' the truth. Admiral Richard E Byrd's diary is about all we have on real experiences from this mysterious place and that is when the major cover up of this known time began.

He was so highly regarded by the 'LE' to be sent on multiple expeditions that no one else is allowed to now, nowhere near to the same extent and freedoms, it is difficult to not trust or at the very least contemplate what he suggests in all of them.