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25 Sep 2019 16:44:17
I've given it a couple of days to settle but I was wondering what people's thoughts on Greta Thunberg are?


{Ed033's Note - Is she:

1. A paid actress

2. A managed brainwashed stooge who entirely believes the b.s. she's been fed

3. Mind controlled

1.) 26 Sep 2019 22:18:04
A wee cretin that is taking up airtime.

Watch the piece on Australian Sky News, where a viewer tells us as it is:

Generation X - the need for air conditioning in every room, cars to school rather than walking or bikes, generation that consumes most manufactured goods etc.

2.) 27 Sep 2019 13:10:25
You know how at that age everything is black and white. She is very annoying though and I think she believes the b.s. she is spouting. What worries me though is that adults in large numbers also believe what she is saying.

{Ed033's Note - Yes and she's being used to forward the agenda and the mainstream media are being told to promote her. Most people think anything the mainstream media states is correct info, rather than realising it's all, spin or lies.

3.) 04 Oct 2019 05:56:46
She's being tipped for the Nobel Peace Prize. Many lols.

4.) 05 Oct 2019 11:18:20
Unfortunately she'll almost certainly win it hands down.

5.) 07 Oct 2019 00:40:10
Greta Thunberg Actress?

{Ed033's Note - Thanks Rian



14 Aug 2017 15:52:48
You're back! I just thought I'd try on the off chance and it seems I've missed loads:) It's been a long few months:)

So happy to see you all:) You do a cracking job on here, Ed. I hope it all works out this time.

So, I've been on twitter, unfortunately. Someone was talking about the possible assassination or Impeachment of Donald Trump. How do people feel things are going to play out over the next year? It seems, to me, the racist agenda is snowballing but other than further division of the masses, what else do people think lies in wait for us?

Loved the Stanley Kubrick stuff:) I'll work my way through the rest when I've chance.

So happy you're back:) I love this site:)


{Ed033's Note - It seems that the 'deep state' have been unsuccessful with trying to get impeachment going by saying Trump is a 'Russian agent', because no evidence has come forward. So they will now try to get Trump to 'mess up' somehow and call for impeachment again, most likely within a year, but possibly later this year.

1.) 15 Aug 2017 09:03:45
Personally I think he will be took out, I think something big is coming in regards to North Korea and I genuinely believe he'll be assassinated. The next few months will be critical for his life or presidency.



23 Dec 2015 15:27:22

I'm hoping someone can help me, I've tried the search function and no joy.

I remember someone talking about Bill Gates' Polio Vaccination Scheme. I'm not sure it was on here though. I've just read an article from Mrs Gates regarding how polio is massively on the decrease due to their vaccines.

I remember someone speaking about how these polio vaccines have left 100,000s of children brain damaged. Does this ring a bell with anyone? I'm really looking for some info on Bill Gates and this scheme.

I will admit, I'm being a bit lazy. I don't have time for scouring YouTube for documentaries. Cheffing at Christmas is stupid busy for me. Does anyone have any links or articles on the subject?

I appreciate your time, as always.


{Ed002's Note - Try googling the key words and India.}

1.) 23 Dec 2015 16:51:47
There may be something in the little box at the top of the screen entitled 'Articles', I hav'nt looked but there may be something in there.

{Ed033's Note - Angrychef, we've had a number of vaccination threads / videos on here before. i'll dig one out in a while.

2.) 23 Dec 2015 23:48:48
Thanks for the replies. I've just tried the search function again and it has shown previous posts and videos. It didn't seem to do that earlier. Sorry about that, I know you're busy - I didn't intend to waste your time.

Enjoy your Christmases and New Years everyone.



24 Mar 2015 05:40:42
Link for a video regarding Russia shooting down 4 US aircraft on 19th and 20th March. The guy does mention its unconfirmed but a credible source. Make of it what you want.




24 Nov 2013 21:56:51
Genuine question, I only ask because i'm giving it some serious thought. How many of us have a 'survival pack' hidden in the attic, ready to go?


1.) No not a survival, one thing these preppers have in common is they have money to store food/equipment, so your normal man/women on street have not that type of finance.

another thing if the economy went belly up tomorrow forget the people who have millions in a bank account, the best people to know are the gangstas.

2.) I'm really into a few shows at the moment dealing with post apocalyptic themes (Revolution & Walking Dead). It's got me thinking about prepping for a worst case scenario. I've even started thinking about best places to retreat to, and non standard places to get supplies from should the worst happen. Any of you guys got anything already in place?

Cheers, Nick

3.) Yes, the best thing for me to do, is to buy camping stove, camping gas, food such as hot cans, tins, dried stuff also get powdered milk!. I would also get a decent tent, rucksack and if you have a place of safety such as a flat that's above ground level get a superser with a couple of tanks of gas for it, or just stock up and steal a boat!

easy peasy!

4.) Agree with you easy peasy!I would stock up on all of the above essentials. Would stock the flat board it up then leave. Then I would aquire a boat take a fisherman with us sail on until hopefully we can return back to land.

red blancmonge

5.) As usual frankies bang on about the gangsters, these people live outside the boundaries of society and are already the most qualified to survive the unthinkable. Those who disagreed are in for an almighty shock if the worst comes to the worst. What's the point of prepping if someone bigger than you can just take it off you? I suppose my point is together we stand divided we fall!

6.) What if we all fell and did'nt see it coming. Higher order.

red blancmonge

7.) We are not dominoes and each one of us has their own set of eyes. There is so much variety within our species, that we have pondered various scenarios. We are also very adaptable.
Higher order - lower order.
Higher chaos - lower chaos.
Not sure what you are referring to, but all dualities fit in a sphere.

8.) How can you say it as fact zari. surely many of your ideas are the only theories and should be presented and such

{Ed033's Note - You're not supposed to read anything on this page as fact but as an opinion or as a theory. After all, in the past anywhere on Earth, how many alleged 'facts' have turned out to be wrong.

9.) To anon
Are you referring to the statement that all dualities fit in a sphere?

I believe it is how nature was designed and has its basis in math.
A circle can be analyzed as the sum of infinitely small lines (dx) in a polygonal view.
The earth appears flat, depending on altitude and field of view but is sphere.
The same seems to hold true in dimensional progressions where the relationship between systems is limited by point of view. Microcosm - macrocosm.

Everything occupying space fits in a shape that changes according to dimension.
A point in a 1 dimensional reality.
A line in a 2 dimensional reality.
A sphere in a 3 dimensional reality.
A double vortex in a 4 dimensional reality.
. l O X

Apply its highest corresponding dimensional spin from the center of that shape and you get the next one.




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27 Nov 2017 23:41:35
Evening all,

I consider myself pretty open minded but I do struggle with the flat earth theory. Although, it is very interesting. I have a mate who's a 'militant' flat earther. Some of what he says begs a lot of questions but I do struggle to make the leap.

I would love to hear as many peoples opinions and reasons for or against flat earth as possible. Ideally without having to put up with any shouting, swearing, insults and drunken ranting, which is how this subject normally ends with my mate.

I remember someone on here, a while back, mentioning there are things/ islands/ structures in the oceans that aren't on our publicly viewed maps or globes. Could this be why planes don't fly direct to some of the destinations mentioned in the video? I admit, I'm baffled by it.

It's a very intriguing subject.




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25 Sep 2017 15:53:14
I remember watching a film called 'Kill the Messenger' starring Jeremy Renner. He plays Gary Webb, the journalist that reported on the CIA drug trade in the 90s. It's a decent enough film and it highlights just how much the CIA get away with. And that's before we delve into the suicide of Gary Webb.


{Ed033's Note - Yes, Gary Webb was probably 'suicided'.



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23 Dec 2015 23:48:48
Thanks for the replies. I've just tried the search function again and it has shown previous posts and videos. It didn't seem to do that earlier. Sorry about that, I know you're busy - I didn't intend to waste your time.

Enjoy your Christmases and New Years everyone.




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05 Apr 2015 09:21:55
Something awful did happen Frankie, did you not watch the match??





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Cheers guys, I appreciate your time to reply. I've found some pretty scary stuff





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