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30 Sep 2021 06:42:12
Are the ancient Greeks, Hubble, Hawking are all frauds?


{Ed033's Note -
1. Stephen Hawking:
longest ALS survivor by miles. Was probably replaced by an Actor double so they can keep the fictional physics/outer space going because you can't argue with 'Science', especially 'Top Scientists'.
This leads to divorce with his wife and the same year gets married to his nurse Elaine Mason. Elaine mason formerly married to David Mason an engineer was a super-fan of stephen hawking, who conveniently also designed hawking's speech synthesizer.

The Stephen Hawking Conspiracy youtube video

2. Hubble:
The Hubble Telescope is located inside an airplane that flies at about 45,000 feet.

30 minute fascinating phone call youtube video with NASA Deputy Mission Operations Manager, Mike Myslinski about the Hubble 'Space' Telescope.

3. Ancient Greeks:
We've been given a fictional history and fictional timeline. It's important to watch the below youtube video from Ewaranon [shown on here multiple times before] showing that we've been given a fictional history and fictional timeline. It's 6 hours long, but if you watch it at 1.75 speed, then it take it down less than 3.5 hours.

1.) 05 Oct 2021 01:58:18
Cheers. Is it true the Vatican have the biggest telescope called Lucifer? Wtf would they be looking at / for?

{Ed033's Note - The Vatican have, yes and i guess they are looking for a sign or signs in the Stars.



02 Aug 2021 10:04:44
So my sister has had both jabs yet she was positive for C.V.. I. She told me you can still get it but the symptoms won't be as bad or serious. I haven't had the jab so she tells me you could have it and not know about it spreading it about infecting folk. If that was the case you would just simply harvest my dna and jab everyone and we will all be fine with or without C.V. and make me a billionaire. She then tells me don't talk rubbish! The worlds gone fecking mad She doesn't get irony😂😂😂🤣.


1.) 02 Aug 2021 10:47:18
I hear you Pud, world has gone mad. Seems to be a massive lack of critical thinking out there now. Anyone who doesn't follow the mainstream narrative and get vaxxinated is an anti vaxer. I have had numerous people at me because I have not been vaxxed. I contracted C.V. in October last year and got over it fine, the worse part about it for me was not being able to smell or taste anything.

Yet when I say to people who tell me to get jabbed that I have had C.V. and got over it and have built up my immunity to it as much as, or if not more, than what they think they have through a "vax", people's response is that I should get it anyways and it can't hurt to get some extra protection! Like seriously what is going on in people's heads these days? It is crazy and people literally have lost their minds.

Additionally, I was up in my girlfriend's mother's house this weekend and she is pure pro vax because the telly told her if you don't get it you will catch C.V. and die. Anyways, when I was up there she got a text from her brother and his wife saying that both of them had tested positive for C.V. and were quarantining. Both had been fully vaccinated back early this year.

So I asked her could she now see that the "vaxs" basically are not the saviour she thought they would be and that. Her response was that it was because of unvaccinated people who gave it to them and also that it was the delta variant. So I pressed on how she knew it was the delta variant and she said because the government was saying it was all the delta variant now here and that's why the "vax" didn't work.

Pressing her for detail on how they can distinguish between variants in an already flawed PCR test was a losing battle so I left it. Additionally, turns out they contracted it from their son who returned from a sun holiday in Greece. who was also double jabbed too. that conversation was also a dead end trying to get through to her as she had been blaming people who didn't get the jab. My point is that people have completely lost their ability to do critical thinking (if they ever had that capability in the first place) . It's just mind boggling.

{Ed033's Note - Right, our main problem is the sheer number of Sheeple who can't think anything other than what they're told from mainstream media.

I guess that the Sheeple will assume that the 'Booster' shots they will be told to take are because of the unjabbed spreading 'Variants'. And they can't work out that there were no 'Variants' before the Jabs.

2.) 02 Aug 2021 10:49:49
The only people testing positive are the vaxxinated as anyone unvaxxinated now wouldn't waste time getting a test.

{Ed033's Note - Pity the Sheeple can't come to a conclusion that either the Tests don't work or the Jabs don't work.

3.) 02 Aug 2021 13:24:25
Yes, the only reason she ‘knows’ it’s the Delta variant is because that’s what she’s seeing on TV. The PCR test cannot distinguish. As Peter said the only people testing positive are the vaccinated.

This worldwide PSYOP is working because 90% of the population accept the news on the TV as fact. Stop watching TV. They’re called programmes for a reason.

{Ed033's Note - Right.



08 Jan 2021 04:37:31
The police are now legally allowed to enter British homes if that person reasonably accepts that an offence under regulation 5 (1) is taking place on the premises under legislation. Also here in Scotland you are only allowed out for exercise and essential journeys due to the legally enforceable stay at home rule. 3 people arrested for police assault after police entered the family home after being told there were too many inside the house. This is mental what's now happening.


{Ed033's Note - Right, and this is why more people have to 'wake up'. It's about total control.

1.) 08 Jan 2021 11:23:35
So if you have to wear a mask because you might have 'virus' in your mouth, why do they stick that stick right up your nose?

2.) 08 Jan 2021 11:25:58
Princess di Dodi and jfk jr?

3.) 08 Jan 2021 11:27:40
Something as a round up



22 Dec 2020 19:20:38
Ed what do you think of Dr. Vernon Coleman? I've read loads on his site. He seems well clued up and nobody will debate with him. They have tried to blacken his name with the antivaxer conspiracy tag.


{Ed033's Note - He's putting out loads of truth, so they are going to blacken his name.



15 Oct 2020 02:46:08
Ed, have you ever watched the tv series Utopia back in 2013 by Dennis Kelly? It's eerily reminiscent of the C.V. at present. Its wacky funny yet so close to what's at play right now . Their plot was about a few conspiracy theorists finding it through a comic that leads to a Russian flu C.V. and the covert dark arts at play to vaccinate the planet to make everyone sterile due to there being to many of us on the planet. Cover ups, paranoia fear tactics, Billions for the elite etc. there's a new American version of it but the original is class. I would recommend it. 2 seasons with 6 episodes in each of them.


{Ed033's Note - I am aware of the later one, but not the Utopia version.

What 'Awake' people can realise is that this C.V. is also a script, except it's a ridiculous script that shouldn't make sense to anyone, but we're dealing with mind controlled Sheeple.

I'm guessing over the next several months, this current C.V. script will go beyond ludicrous with the amount of info coming out and we will hopefully get enough people telling the government to get out, so we can move on. But we'll have to wait and see.

People also have to 'wake up' to realising there is no difference between Conservative, Labour, Liberal, Green Party or any Nigel Farage type Political Party as all of those will follow the same C.V. Script.

1.) 15 Oct 2020 09:30:20

2.) 15 Oct 2020 09:31:36
2 Vaccine companies giving Closure on these new experimental vaccines?

AstraZeneca pauses Covid-19 vaccine trial over possible adverse reaction in participant

Johnson & Johnson Halt All Covid-19 Vaccine Trials Over 'Unexplained Illness'

3.) 15 Oct 2020 09:31:59
Shadow [Government] Gate 2.0 - New Extended Trailer.

4.) 15 Oct 2020 09:38:31
In 2008, Chris Whitty, accepted, $40 million from Bill Gates to control British vaccine promulgation and he stated COVID-19 vaccines and drugs would need to be in place before measures could be lifted.

The Imperial College; Neil Ferguson for Covid-19 mortality predictions (0.5 million in UK) accepted £184 million from B. Gates.

Patrick Vallance (5-12 yrs.) GlaxoSmithKline ex-director, he chairs SAGE which was created by Bill Gates for to advise W.H.O. and UK government on vaccine and immunisation policies, research, development, and delivery systems.

Dominic Cummings and Ben Warner are related to an artificial intelligence company for data-mining operation which was teamed up with Palantir, founded by the rightwing billionaire Peter Thiel, who shares biotech startups with Bill Gates.

5.) 15 Oct 2020 09:59:34
Government now allowing certain agencies / people to commit any crime.

Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill 2020.

6.) 15 Oct 2020 11:33:30
Hi Ed,

Where is the source / proof of all the bill gates links to the people pushing C.V. in the U.K.? Trying to verify it to spread awareness cheers.

{Ed033's Note - Bill Gates links to the people pushing C.V. in the U.K.




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26 Nov 2021 02:45:59
Yeh it was mask. I watched that movie the other day and I thought it was quite good. A modern day revolution can't come quick enough.


{Ed032's Note - A lot of truth hidden in that film, Pud.



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25 Nov 2021 14:02:46
Thanks for the reply. Its so true about the divide and conquer technique being used. I'm going away for a family get together for a few days. There will be about 20 of us sharing a big cottage. Me my partner & brother are the only unjabbed going so it will be fun listening to the garbage of them going on about data, follow the science, tinfoil hats etc. I will wear a *mask* around them which will be a laugh.


{Ed032's Note - Currently emoji's don't work on the site, Pud. It just shows four question marks, I guess you meant mask?. Are you going to wear the 'vendetta/anon' ones to make it more interesting? :) .



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25 Nov 2021 01:59:00
I go to hospital every 6 weeks for ketamine infusions for chronic pain along with a few other patients.An elderly woman was in the next bed to me who came in on her wheelchair.The nurse asked her if she had the 2 vaxs whilst setting up her infusion.She replied "The bloody vax had me in hospital for 3 months due to adverse reactions"She is wheelchair bound due to it all.The pharma take no responsibility.The government take no responsibility.The person who administers the vax takes no responsibility.The responsibility was hers!A 1 of payment is given.(I don't know the amount but I think its about 70k)Listening in to their conversation was so so sad.The nurse agreed it's russian roulette when I spoke to her regarding me not taking it.Other nurses think it's selfish & we all should have it.I replied " OK if i consent and take it will it react with the numerous medications I'm on?"Im sure you will be fine was the answer.Well that isn't very reassuring is it??I will wait to see the longterm data after the 4 year trials are completed and not 1 of them knew its an unlicensed Vaccine.Many Health professionals I'm treated by whilst under their care are allover the place with what they know or think they know or what their told to know.


{Ed032's Note - I am sorry to hear of your situation and I hope things improve for you, Pud.

The lady in the wheelchairs story is becoming an all too frequent one and it is tragic that those that ARE responsible are free from accountability and blame. They will end up paying one way or another be it in this realm or with their soul. Hopefully both!

Healthcare professionals are in fear for their careers and most for the welfare of their patients too. It is of no surprise that they are, as you say, all over the place. Confusion is all part of the plan. If they speak out they will get silence and the media are gagged with the new legislation the corrupt government have enforced so no one can say anything that is 'not in the publics best interest. And sadly most people rely on the MSBS for truth.

I am not going to tell you what to do or choose as you are free to make your own choice. You only have to look at a small fraction of the information provided on this site to know that not taking the vaxx is the right choice but the choice is yours to make.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences , it is appreciated. Stay strong.



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05 Oct 2021 01:58:18
Cheers. Is it true the Vatican have the biggest telescope called Lucifer? Wtf would they be looking at / for?


{Ed033's Note - The Vatican have, yes and i guess they are looking for a sign or signs in the Stars.



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05 Aug 2021 01:36:14
I heard a radio advert encouraging young teenagers to get jabbed without their parents consent.





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