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24 Jan 2022 21:16:10
Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test, questions the widely held belief that HIV causes AIDS.


{Ed032's Note - Thanks, Rian. ?



17 Jan 2022 20:25:39
Novak Djokovic becomes the first professional athlete in history to be banned from a major sporting event for not taking drugs.


{Ed032's Note - Haha. Never thought of it like that.



17 Jan 2022 16:16:32

1. Gave €1.000.000 to Italian hospitals for covid19
2. Gave €1.000.000 to Serbian hospitals for covid19
3. Gave money to Spain for covid19
4. Donated funds to Australia to fight bushfires
5. Donated funds to Melbourne City Mission disadvantaged children program
6. Bought a CT scanner for a Belgrade hospital "Dragisa Misovic"
7. Hired a private airplane to transport a little girl suffering from a rare illness for medical treatment in the USA
8. Gave up on $1.000.000 from his Australian Open award in favor of junior players
9. Gave € 500.000 to fight floods in Serbia
10. Gave €110.000 to fight floods in Bosnia and Croatia
11. Raised $1.500.000 for kindergartens damaged in floods 12. Gave millions of € for education for poor children
13. Payed for winter preparations for 15 Serbian tennis players
14. Offered Lorenzo Musetti a ride on his private jet so he doesn't miss neither Wimbledon nor his school exam
15. Fights for the interests of lower-ranked players in face of the entire establishment
16. Role model for his healthy lifestyle and nutrition
17. Role model for his character strength and mental stamina
18. Role model for his diligence and self-discipline
19. Plays every tournament vs both opponent & audience
20. Rose to dominate both Nadal & Federer, playing whole career in the era of Nadal & Federer

No good deeds go unpunished.


{Ed032's Note - Thanks, Rian.

Not saying I am right but maybe these actions are to clear his conscience for being involved with the likes of WEF and possibly this is all pantomime staged by the LE.

I will be happy to be wrong as I have always been a fan on Novak and his on and off court 'humbleness'. Really hope he is one of the good guys if so he will be one of a few in such a high profile place.


1.) 17 Jan 2022 20:24:27
I guess only time will tell Ed032 but you're right to keep an open mind to all possibilities.

{Ed032's Note - I don't wish to be cynical, Rian but I am sure you understand why I am being so.

2.) 17 Jan 2022 22:09:16
Completely, and it's good to be reminded not to get carried away with the idea that Novak is now the poster child for the unjabbed.

But we cross our fingers nonetheless.

{Ed032's Note - Exactly, Rian.

3.) 18 Jan 2022 10:52:10
I hope he's genuine



12 Jan 2022 21:59:32
I see there's a fairly high profile cardiologist in California called Steven Gundry who is promoting the idea that you can get rid of a flu/viral infection with high doses of vitamin D. He advocates 150,000 iu per day for 3 days, and also 40,000 per day for people with leaky gut and or autoimmune diseases.

Just wondering if you've come across any this before Ed032? The main advantage is that vitamin D is easily available, as opposed to something like ivermectin.

I don't know if it works, but he seems to swear by it.


{Ed032's Note -Hi, Rian. Thanks for bringing this to people's attention.

Vitamin D (specifically D3) is great for boosting the immune system, metabolism and a good preventative way to stop things such as 'flu', and along with vitamins K2 and zinc are a very healthy part of a balanced diet. (I will stress that vitamin K can interfere with any blood thinners if someone is taking these for certain conditions as Vitamin K helps with healing (blood clotting) so take care and do you own research or ask your GP for advice on medication interactions).

There have been a lot of studies on the correlation between high Vitamin D levels and 'covid' related deaths and it would appear that it is very good at preventing infection of the said 'virus'.

Here are a couple of videos that have been posted on the site previously to get you started.

Vitamin D, government inaction - Dr John Campbell

How Vitamin D Helps Boost Immune System - Dr. Annette Bosworth

1.) 13 Jan 2022 11:07:54
Thanks for this guys. I've been taking vitamin D since the start and I'm yet to catch it. I will look into Zinc and may even increase my Vitamin D intake!

{Ed032's Note - Hi, HoneyBadger. Please remember that you can take TOO much of a good thing. 4,000 IU is the safe upper limit. You can cause toxicity which will increase calcium levels leading to all sorts of problems. The information on these pages are to show you things that everyone should do there own research on. I know you're smart enough to know this but I had to say it all the same. :)

On our health page there is also a very simple immunity elixir recipe video as well as other health information. I recommend having a look.

2.) 13 Jan 2022 13:29:19
One thing I wanted to add

Something that is great for general wellbeing and some say boosts the immune system is cold water therapy. Easiest way to start is just do 30 seconds of cold shower at the end of a normal shower. If nothing else, I can assure you it feels great!

{Ed032's Note - Thanks, HoneyBadger. If you suffer from health conditions, especially heart problems I would seek advice before trying this. But yes it is great for all sorts of things, especially circulation and inflammation.

Have you heard of Wim Hof? He takes this method to a whole new level!

3.) 13 Jan 2022 16:13:45
Just wanted to jump on the vitamin d discussion to let you know that the last five years since having my heart condition I have from September till the start of may taken 4000iu and 40mg of zinc to help my immune system. I have never felt better since doing this and have had a positive side effect in that my labido got better with these, you need all the help when you're knocking 50

{Ed032's Note - Hey, LEP72. Thanks for your post and welcome to the site.

So sorry to hear of your heart problems, but equally happy to hear of the benefits you have found taking vitamin D and Zinc. Thank you for confirming about these facts.

Anyone would need help knocking 50....souls? ;) . I crudely jest but wish you many happy returns of the day that will soon visit you.

4.) 13 Jan 2022 17:55:53
Hi Ed032, yes I agree we have to be careful with any medical measures. I will take a look at the health page thanks.

Yes I'm a Wim Hoff fan, that's where I got it from. I'm very much into exploring my spirituality and true nature. I actually believe it's the best way to combat the negative aspects of this world - to raise our own levels of consciousness and inspire others to do the same.

The war we face exists on the immaterial plane and is reflected in our physical world IMO.

5.) 13 Jan 2022 18:38:35
HoneyBadger, I think what you have said is absolutely the right thing to do. I think what you have described is forgetting everything we have been 'skooled' to believe is fact and instead push that aside as falsity and rediscover lost wisdom which is hidden from us.

You only have to watch the videos on this site to 'see' how much BS we are fed as forced 'facts' when they are not. It is all about control over us. The problem is this control 'they' have is strong and most people/sheeple can not deal with the cognitive dissonance of thinking beyond that. Then you have those that are so narcissistic they can not see beyond their own nose because that is all the distance they need to see and all they care about.

Learning about 'true' self makes one more open to others. Making one more selfless and caring and willing to help others in need. Which you wouldn't think was logical as they spend more time within themselves, but it is the case. Those with eye's to 'see' will always help the 'blind' of sight.

If you have any knowledge or posts to share on the health page, post as normal and Ed033 or myself will know where to place them. Thanks for your input and I am sensing a much more balanced happier soul this time around. I hope things have improved for you?, whatever things made you seemingly disappear for a while. :)



09 Jan 2022 23:47:39
Letter from Srdjan Djokovic, father of Novak Djokovic.

"My son is hostage in Australia tonight but he has never been more free."

From now on, Novak has become the symbol and leader of the free world, the world of countries and poor and oppressed people.

My son Novak Djokovic showed that even a small heroic country like Serbia can have the greatest athlete and tennis player of all time and that the truth can no longer be hidden.

Tonight you can lock it up, tomorrow you can chain it up but the truth is like water and it always finds a way.
Novak is the Spartacus of the new world who does not tolerate injustice, colonialism and hypocrisy but fights for the equality of all on this planet, regardless of skin color, religious belief and money they have.

Novak has proven that you can achieve any goal if you have a dream and his dream is shared by billions of people, including children who look at him as an example.

Maybe the rich world won't let him continue playing tennis, but in doing so, he will reveal his true face and start a much more serious match.

On one hand, there will be greedy and arrogant members of global oligarchy and on the other, a proud and free world that always believes in justice, truth, fair play and the dreams of its children. "

- Srdjan Djokovic


{Ed032's Note - Great letter, thanks Rian. I would change Greedy and arrogant to corrupt and satanic as that is more just.

Seems the 'Law' and the 'fake illegal government' don't agree about Novak's situation. Interesting to see how it plays out.

1.) 10 Jan 2022 13:02:33
This has turned into a farce for the Australian PM.MSM media outlets scream Anti-Vaxer!This labelling of folk who make their own choice is full on propoganda at It's finest.The story is blowing up bigtime now.I liked the guy for his sporting talent but now I love the guy for his stance on this issue.

{Ed032's Note - Yes and because of his status not so easy to hide the story because that would raise even more questions. Australian government tried to delay the hearing. Then the cameras were tampered with and it seems they can still overrule the law somehow and say he has to be detained and deported.

2.) 10 Jan 2022 16:15:01
He won his appeal this morning but they can still deport him.Cowardly vile police pepper spraying members of the public is disgraceful.As you say because of his status this has been headline news.




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17 Jan 2022 22:09:16
Completely, and it's good to be reminded not to get carried away with the idea that Novak is now the poster child for the unjabbed.

But we cross our fingers nonetheless.


{Ed032's Note - Exactly, Rian.



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17 Jan 2022 20:52:07
No doubt they'll say she's not really a doctor.

Then again, that's not really a vaccine.


{Ed032's Note - She will just join the rest of the 1000's of silenced, shunned professionals speaking out and losing their jobs no doubt.



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17 Jan 2022 20:24:27
I guess only time will tell Ed032 but you're right to keep an open mind to all possibilities.


{Ed032's Note - I don't wish to be cynical, Rian but I am sure you understand why I am being so.



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14 Jan 2022 10:32:18
Please name her Pud.




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13 Jan 2022 18:57:38
Politics attracts a disproportionately high percentage of narcissists. The system is designed for them to thrive.


{Ed032's Note - I agree in a way, Rian. The problem is the 'system' is designed to corrupt. You can not get to the top in politics without corrupting yourself which makes the whole thing completely flawed.




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