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17 Mar 2020 16:45:03
Here is a time-lapse of the super wolf blood moon last year.

The eclipse shadow starts out moving from bottom to top, then moves toward the top-left.

The Moon is then uneclipsed by the shadow moving from bottom/ mid left to top mid right.

How is this possible using the Heliocentric model?

{Ed033's Note - Rahu and Ketu?

1.) 17 Mar 2020 18:27:06
I am not that familiar with Hindu mythology and astrology yet, but the fact it is written in Sanskrit, one of the old languages, to me suggest there is truth with in.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

{Ed033's Note - It's speculated that Rahu and Ketu are the shadows over the Moon (i think the ancient info also says this), but mainstream obviously says no.

2.) 17 Mar 2020 19:04:07
It would help the OP video make a lot more sense.



16 Mar 2020 18:17:58
Problems with the Globe Model

1.) 17 Mar 2020 09:55:10
Good vid SM
Exactly the point.
Flat earth grows
Because the globe evidence is weak when looked at with open mind .



12 Mar 2020 19:41:12
We all should know that our eyes play tricks on us. Seeing things that are not what we think they are.

Could the alleged 'curve' of the Earth be an illusion?

Are we misinterpreting what it is we are actually seeing?

Could it be caused by excited noble gases which emit protons (light) which are then trapped and bent within the electromagnetic field of a local Sun?

1.) 12 Mar 2020 23:42:02
what an amazing video find. Awesome SM.

2.) 13 Mar 2020 08:35:17
Incredible. The similarity in the colours is uncanny.



12 Mar 2020 16:24:55
When reporting the news about vaccines was honest. (1976)

{Ed033's Note - Thanks SM.



06 Mar 2020 22:14:54
Was going to post a video on the 'strawman' but in it it states.

"when a police officer says do you understand? . And you reply yes, there is (within these sentences) an agreed verbal contract that 'you' "stand under" the authority of the law. they state this is from Blacks Law Dictionary.

However, I have in front of me the 7th edition of said Blacks Law Dictionary and under 'understand' it reads what you would expect -

"to apprehend the meaning of; to know. the testator did not understand what he was signing"

I haven't found anything, as of yet, that twists words to mean other things.

I am a little perplexed with said 'strawman' though I am not stating it a lie.

Is it that usually the book is pretty expensive, the narrator is hoping no one checks up?

Just seeking truth.

{Ed033's Note - Maybe, you should read what i wrote in the 05 Mar 2020 10:28:09 thread again.

The Birth Certificate doesn't represent the living man. The surname on the Birth Certificate is written in all caps nowadays. That shows it doesn't represent the living man.

Instead of using the term, 'Strawman', how about using the term, 'Birth Certificated Person'.

The Police try to get joinder with a name and address or name and date of birth of the Birth Certificated Person in the system.

1.) 07 Mar 2020 10:16:30
I understand that, Ed. I Should have made the post solely about 'Blacks Law dictionary' and left the 'strawman' bit out.

What I meant was that, I brought Blacks Law Dictionary because from the research I have done and from what I have been told, 'the law' use legalese to confuse. I. e. using words with a reverse meaning to what you would expect. (like the example I gave in the OP) .

I am just stating that I have, as of yet, not found any terms that twist their meaning in said book.

It is a big book so there is still time, but I was expecting to find a lot of things that when someone (the public) acknowledges a phrase from 'the law' they are unknowingly accepting a language they do not understand and this language may have twisted what they believed the sentence to mean. If that makes sense? .

I know my mind can come across as a bit idiosyncratic at times, but I have taken on board and understand what you were telling us with the 'birth certificated person'.

I guess I am a little disappointed not to find a more twisted legalese language.

{Ed033's Note - In Black's Law 7th most words have multiple definitions. What is it's definition of human and 'human being'?

Just like Fomenko, you get bogged down looking up words for the rest of your life in Black's Law 7th to get some incite on what might be being conveyed.

2.) 07 Mar 2020 15:43:15
'Human' and 'human being' are not in BL7th. However, from that I looked up person.

'Person' - 1. A human being 2.An entity (such as a corporation) that is recognised by law as having the rights and duties of a human being. 3. The living body of a human being

'Artificial Person' - An entity, such as a corporation, created by law and given certain legal rights and duties of a human being; a being, real or imaginary, who for the purpose of legal reasoning is treated more or less as a human being. - also termed fictitious person; juristic person; legal person; moral person.

Pretty interesting.

{Ed033's Note - Ideally though, in order to comprehend any of that, we need the definition of 'human being'?

3.) 07 Mar 2020 16:46:31
The only thing I have been able to find so far is this:

"Human Beings Law and Legal Definition.

There are various definitions for a human being. Biologically, they are classified as hominids of the species Homo sapiens, which are a primate species of mammal with a highly developed brain. Humans have the highest brain to body mass ratio of all large animals. They have a life expectancy approaching 80 years old in wealthy nations, walk on two feet and have opposable thumbs. Skin color ranges from almost back to pale pinkish-white. Height and weight varies, depending on locality, historical factors, environmental, and cultural factors such as diet.

Human beings are characterized by the ability to speak. They have a high capacity for abstract thinking and are commonly thought to possess a spirit or soul which transcends the physical body. The spiritual aspect of human beings is often defined in terms of rituals and religion. Theories involving the definition of the beginning of human life, evolution, and creationism are hotly debated topics in the law. " - definitions.

{Ed033's Note - ok thanks.




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20 Mar 2020 11:21:19
Just keeping you on your toes, Ed.

{Ed033's Note - That's what i thought



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20 Mar 2020 00:30:14
I am surprised no one has mentioned the YT and social media purge of independent views literally the same month the proverbial hit the fan.

This is my last post on this subject. I stopped trying to find out what is going on several weeks ago (although you can't really escape this news now. ) just because what I had concluded as what I saw as truth is coming to fruition. Honestly, I am scared. Not for me but those I hold dear.

My thoughts are, this is something gone wrong with an agenda. Of which I do not know.

I have spoken to several people within the healthcare system and trust me you will know if you have it bad. The cough reportedly to me is obviously different. This are trusted friends with husbands and wives on the front-line.

This will be the 'One World Order' the 'elite' have so wanted.

That's it from me on this subject because it will only be bad for mental health.



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19 Mar 2020 22:28:34
Yep I am getting Deja Vu. I posted similar video or maybe even the same one a week or so ago.

Whatever is going on from 'their' perspective, out of view from 'We the people' we are going to be on one 'hell' of a ride for at least 3 months.

Whatever is happening, this is fast tracked global change.

{Ed033's Note - "global"?, don't you mean worldwide?



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17 Mar 2020 19:04:07
It would help the OP video make a lot more sense.



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17 Mar 2020 18:27:06
I am not that familiar with Hindu mythology and astrology yet, but the fact it is written in Sanskrit, one of the old languages, to me suggest there is truth with in.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

{Ed033's Note - It's speculated that Rahu and Ketu are the shadows over the Moon (i think the ancient info also says this), but mainstream obviously says no.




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25 Apr 2019 20:24:22
hsf, as much as I want to believe/ know a civilisation could build a Dyson sphere (blows my mind just thinking of the logistics) I'm of the thought, that it is something we have yet to understand/ discover the truth of. Much like most of the Universe.
I can not wait for the James Webb telescope to be finally launched rather than the mofos keep pushing the date back. I know it will just create more questions (which is good) rather than answers though.

Ed033- A space / astrophysics page would be great, mate. Will you be explaining EVERYTHING for us? ;)

{Ed033's Note - Yes, i could explain; life, the universe and everything, but i think you already know the answer.