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31 Jul 2021 14:18:26
Hi, it's been tough going this year in my family circle. I've become the Dad labelled as a conspiracy theorist.
I'm not having the vax and don't intend to mainly thanks to this site and other relatives and people I know who feel the same way as I do.

My wife feels like she had to have her 2 Pfizer jabs as she is a Sister at the main NHS hospital in our county. She's had people and colleagues very unwell, some dying in this second wave. She missed nearly the 1st year of this C.V. saga due to being on paternity leave with our youngest whilst I carried on working and enjoying lockdown I might add.

I'm now getting more and more slight pressure to get the jab and constantly have to come up an answer but generally I just say I'm more afraid of the vax than I am of the C.V.. My daughter has been told she may need to have the vax to attend university next year when she'll be 18.

My son who is 15 has just been selected into the best rugby club academy in our area (Bath RFC for what's it's worth) as well as doing really well at school. It's now being mentioned that he might need the vax to continue his rugby, I presume it will be mentioned for secondary schools.

My wife isn't keen on either having it but my teenagers are keen. I was hoping this whole C.V. and vax narrative would have began to subside by now but it feel a like it's only now beginning and it is starting to wear me down, its relentless and something needs to be done about it.

I read about the graphene oxide and other things etc, is it in the vax? Is it not in the vax. It's just a complete mess and meant to be that way. What do I do as we had pretty much agreed that the children should wait at least a few years before considering it just for me to kick the can down the road but this whole extra pressure from outside threatening your children's futures is something else. Complete divide and rule going on.


{Ed033's Note - The Yellow card and VAERS adverse effects / death numbers alone should be enough for people to realise that at the very least, they should wait a while longer. If people have survived this long, then they should realise, there is no need to hurry into any jabs.

What are people afraid of again? Or is it some kind of psychological trendy thing now?

Once jabbed, there is no 'unjabbing' that we know about, so people better not get jab remorse. Not only that, there are multiple 'Boosters' coming.

It's a pity, people can't comprehend that if you've been jabbed, then you're protected, so why are they frightened of unjabbed people? Why only allow jabbed people into a Rugby School for instance? What are the jabbed people afraid of?

In general, we might get to the stage where only unjabbed people can get insurance, so this Rugby School who needs insurance can only get insurance if only unjabbed people attend. This could happen everywhere and so places will have to close because they can't get insurance?

It's probably likely that they can't reset financially anyway the way they want unless at least half the population are gone or there is a population control system in place, or both.

Good luck with what you do.

1.) 31 Jul 2021 17:30:46
its a tough time mate. to put it plain and simple you can inject a lethal poison into your body and have all the things they took from you or reject the poison and have limited stuff. that was the point of lockdown after lockdown, so were begging for the stuff back makes it easier to jab people.

stay strong mate refuse the jab its not for our good. i'd rather be jobless and starve to death than die on my knees injected with their poison. i don't have kids so its easy for me to say your a father who has to protect your children so you have tough choices. the way things look we will all have the same fate but do it on your terms not there's reject the vax.

my auntie has blood clots now and she has been on the phone to my mum most nights crying wishing she never took the vax now. i hate these evil persons for what they're doing to people. i had a spiritual awakening a while ago buddy. i came into this world and i will go out of it one day that is the one guarantee in life, but it will be on my terms and not with those persons injecting me. as i says, you're a father so its harder for you to make choices i feel for you mate such a sad state this world is in.

{Ed033's Note - Some people might be experiencing Stockholm Syndrome.

[Stockholm syndrome is a condition in which hostages develop a psychological bond with their captors during captivity.]

We're up against Sickos, who want total control and to remove a percentage of us, so why would anyone in their correct 'Awake' mind go along with them.

2.) 31 Jul 2021 18:27:19
where do you think we will be a year down the line mate. i think this year is the last of a small bit or normality.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, there is a lot more up their sleeve yet. i would imagine next year is when they put a fair amount of pressure on the unjabbed. We have to hope that there is an equal and opposite reaction from people somehow.

3.) 31 Jul 2021 23:23:27
I really sympathise. How do you convince teenagers to refuse the jab when all their friends are getting it and the peer pressure is enormous.

No one can tell you whether you should or should not take the jab. You already know the answer anyway.

People need to ask themselves why are the controllers worried about a few who are not jabbed? Isn't the jab protecting people? If it doesn't give them immunity why did they take it? Wasn't that the whole point?

Didn't they tell us society would be back to normal as soon as we all took the jab? We can clearly see it isn't going back to normal.

This is not about a C.V.. It is about the enslavement of humanity. We are 18 months into world war 3 and most people are sleepwalking through it. I hope they don't get a collective rude awakening after a few more booster jabs.

4.) 31 Jul 2021 23:27:35
I had a spiritual awakening too some time ago of the educational variety. I have absolute clarity on this and I don't think I can be swayed. I'm free thinking and I've grown to question anything I see or hear in the main stream media and I actually remember my parents did too, I think most older people and people's parents often were very cynical about things in the papers and on the news. Most people seem to question it less and less now and I'm not sure why. But yes it's my children I fear for if they do get the vax eventually due to life choices.
It potentially taps into my worst fears.

5.) 01 Aug 2021 10:36:34
you just need to keep speaking to them about it mate and showing them the evidence of what it does and show them what these people in power are really like and the media lies. i saw a post today of medical staff in France refusing to give people it now maybe show them that to. just keep planting that seed. ive managed to talk 3 people out of it. been laughed at by other people and family members too, but i will take the laughs all day long ive i manage to talk 3 more out of it.

{Ed033's Note - Well done.



24 Jun 2021 00:21:41
On a positive note if you follow the news over the last 18 months, even if I don't wear a mask or social distance: 8 out of 10 adults have now developed antibodies to C.V., many people don't have any symptoms, 60% alcohol kills it anyway, I'm thinking Smirnoff Black after being chilled in the freezer for about 30 mins then I'm thinking I'm about 100% covered as I'm already about 80% covered to begin with. Yet if a vax is 95% effective but C.V. has mortality rate of less than 1% then I'd say that's a pretty pointless vax.


1.) 24 Jun 2021 09:56:28
Shakes head in disbelief at supasub. Reading your recent responses is like watching a baby trying to eat soup. Very messy. You hygeine hygiene might not be good, but does that mean everyone's was? Masks protect the wearer, so if everyone wears one everyone is protected. Common sense really. I've had the misfortune of having to spend the last 9 month's going to and from hospital and I've seen it first hand how busy they are. My sister also works in one. Her first hand account and medical knowledge means a lot more then the rubbish that you claim. And no, I don't believe all news is real.

Take the recent war ship incident. Russia report one thing, UK another. However given the evidence available, it's much more believable that there is a C.V., regardless how it started then a fictional C.V. just so they can gen modify us through a vax. If that is what they wanted to do, wouldn't it be easier to give all new babies some kind of vax then create a financial crisis. Maybe you just didn't like to be told that you had to stay inside for the last year and are trying to find an excuse why you shouldn't. Maybe you have issues with authority? I'd maybe believe you all a little more if I'd not read some of the crazy things put in here. The world is flat, trees used to be several miles high, there are no such things as rocks. I mean come on.

{Ed033's Note - Liverpoolmanc, where's your proof for the Earth is a Globe, spinning at 1,000 mph, 'orbiting' the Sun at 66,000 Mph, Moving with the theoretical Solar system at 300,000 mph and moving in the theoretical Galaxy at over 1 million mph to satisfy the Heliocentric theory model?

2.) 24 Jun 2021 12:28:40
I'm going to have to correct you there Ed, we are supposedly travelling through space at 66,600 per hour. The earth's tilt is 23.4 degrees from vertical, leaving 66.6 degrees to 90 degrees. The earth's curvature is also 8 inches per mile. How many inches are in a mile you ask? 63360 inches in a mile. Anyone seeing a theme here? As you were Ed. 👍.

{Ed033's Note - OK thanks.

3.) 24 Jun 2021 12:47:10
Masks are alleged to prevent the wearer from spreading the disease. They are not intended to protect the wearer.

I know nothing about lizard people. I don't think anyone here claims to either.

Maybe there once were miles high trees, maybe not. Maybe the earth is flat, maybe not.

But if you can't discuss these possibilities on a conspiracy site then where do you think these discussions should take place?

You wouldn't care enough to be on here arguing if you had the certainty of your beliefs. Maybe this is the beginning of your awakening.

If you ever want to discuss JFK, 9/11, 7/7, Oklahoma, Sandy Hook, the 'Moon Landings', I'll be happy to share everything I know with you.

If none of that interests you then best of luck back on the football pages and I sincerely hope you have no adverse effects from your jabs.

4.) 24 Jun 2021 13:15:28
Liverpoolmanc, my wife is a Sister at the biggest hospital in my county who covers the whole hospital at night. Yes we have disagreements, but she is starting to question everything after having her 2 vaxs. She will not be letting our children have the vax due to the fact they are getting more and more people in now due to the complications with the vax.

Just because you have a C.V. ward that has 10-20 beds filled doesn't mean that hospital is over run. She would often have to go on that ward and then come home to me. We are all fine thanks. Comments like I'm crying like a baby? Very mature.

Still you've offered no proof yourself yet I have to provide some. Check Event 201 by the gates foundation attended by leading powerful figures from around the world in October 2019, FYI the outbreak was in November 2019. You still don't get it do you. Maybe Bill Gates ate some dodgy squid at the wet markets on his summer holiday in 2019 or visited a back street lab in Wuhan full of dodgy looking people in overalls which gave them the simulation idea.

Which countries are bankrupt? Your just making stuff up now. Contempt prior to investigation. And finally if you don't believe all the news, then which bits don't you believe? Thankfully I'm a free thinking adult who can make their own mind up and question whatever I like.

5.) 24 Jun 2021 13:22:47
Liverpoolmanc people like you and your blind trusting of ergonomic figures is the reason the goalposts keep moving.

Three weeks to flatten the curve remember.

6.) 24 Jun 2021 14:04:57
The number of the beast Morpheus.

Sure it's just a coincidence!

7.) 24 Jun 2021 16:07:50
Rian, I'd be happy to discuss JFK as that I do believe was a cover up. 9 11, I do think that was a terroist attack however one which they might have had prior knowledge to. And supasub, I never said you were crying like a baby, I said your post was like a baby eating soup, very messy.

{Ed033's Note - It depends who the terrorists were on 9/11. You think a guy in a cave in Afghanistan phoned up his mates and they, with only box cutters and minimal flight training, pulled off impossible feats that can't be explained without using the words, 'Black Technology'.

8.) 24 Jun 2021 17:41:36
LM, there's a video called 'From JFK to 9/11 - everything is a rich man's game. ' It's by Francis Conolly and so far it's the most comprehensive documentary on JFK I've found. It's long, but well worth a watch (or two) . I'd like to hear your thoughts if you decide to watch it.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks Rian.

9.) 24 Jun 2021 18:36:56
Glad you have a touch of common sense and open mindness Liverpool manc. Do you not see this alleged C.V. as being overhyped and a propaganda tool?

10.) 24 Jun 2021 18:49:38
Hi everyone new poster, been lurking on site yonks. Great info on here.

{Ed033's Note - Hi Delboy124, good to have you aboard.

11.) 24 Jun 2021 18:52:15
Seen that vid great video to wake people up.

12.) 24 Jun 2021 19:09:32
Sorry Liverpoolmanc, I tend to skim read stuff that just doesn't really interest me or bother me including the subtle mocking. Vaccinated people, Non-vaccinated people, travel or no travel, (regardless of the point that they say vaccinated people still can carry the C.V.), age group discrimination, special concessions if you are disabled of have underlying issues, B.L.A.M.E, Black lives matter, conspiracy theorists, Wokes, terrorists, Muslims, ravers, wide awake wackaday club, celebrities and tv personalties and sports people exempt from the rules due to work, LGBT? Or is it LGBT+ (Am I + symbol if I'm heterosexual? They should add enough letters so it just covers everyone anyway), racists, fascists, communists, white supremacists.

I can carry on. Division, get your ducks all in a row and get your sheep in its correct field so you know what they are thinking and how they are behaving. Divide and rule, the oldest trick in the book whilst lowering the numbers at the same time, all the above is control through fear.

None of the above needs to exist, we were all the same. This is happening and people are until they realise it completely having their head turned whilst they should be paying attention to what people in power are really doing whilst we are looking the other way.

No singing in public wtf? I mean WTF? By using lockdown, face masks and no singing (singing is good for morale after all), social distancing and profiling, it stops like minded people (and there will be millions/ billions out there) from coming together and talking about it, working it out and rising up. Did I say divide and rule?

13.) 24 Jun 2021 19:59:01
Spot on supasub.

14.) 24 Jun 2021 21:22:31
Art of war. Divide and conquer.

15.) 24 Jun 2021 23:08:41
I'll give that a watch rian and let you know my thoughts.

16.) 25 Jun 2021 21:40:48
Hope you enjoy it LM.



09 Nov 2016 00:39:59
And what a day to pretty much bring a conclusion to the paedophile inquest amongst politicians etc. Talk about a day to bury bad press. Just double check what else gets pushed through whilst the American election is going on.
Shame on you.


1.) 09 Nov 2016 02:01:16
Everyone's too focused on America. Me and my assistant have 2 tvs 2 laptops 2 phones all going and a very large bottle of vodka which is slowly draining.



05 Nov 2016 22:52:25
Just completely off subject, and playing devils advocate. I turned over channels a couple of nights ago to again come across the annual MOBO award (for those that don't know - Music of Black Origin) . During this I noticed Lenny Henry give a big introduction and award to a black female Olympic champion boxer. I have nothing against it.

So I thought what would happen if we had the MOWO awards (yes white origin) and it so happened that we gave an award to an outstanding white Olympian.
How would this be received? Racist I take it.


1.) 06 Nov 2016 16:45:03
Based on previous happenings, if someone started a MOWO award that happened to get national attention, you would expect a government agency to pay a few 'white' assets to attempt to recruit people from the public, then hold a 'protest' to call it 'racist' with main stream media being invited to sell it to the mass population as 'racist'.

2.) 06 Nov 2016 18:04:27
Supasub black people created a lot of music genres and never got the credit for it. I see no problem with it because they're probably sick of being mugged off.

{Ed033's Note - i think Supasub's point is not that there shouldn't be MOBO awards, but what would happen if someone started a MOWO award.

3.) 06 Nov 2016 19:25:05
Edd033 I personally think the idea is patronising.
I understand the racism card though. It would likely draw in serious criticism and alleged racism from the media even though black people are doing it. only white people can be racists apparently. All these labels are killing free speech. We're as a nation being walked over because again over political correctness.



06 Jul 2016 22:27:30
Ed/ anyone. I'm pretty much 99% sure Dr kelly was assassinated. I'm a little swayed in thinking that Robin Cook was too. Both obviously interpreting information differently regarding going to war in Iraq. Just what's happened in the last day has brought it back to me. What's your thoughts?


{Ed033's Note - All Dr kelly did was to say Blair lied, but the problem was he was an insider and insiders aren't allowed to talk to the media because they know a lot. They killed him because otherwise it would of given the green light to other insiders to come out and talk to the media and sooner or later someone would start telling the truth. so they killed Dr Kelly to send a message to other insiders to keep quiet and never talk to any media.

Robin Cook was killed exactly the same way as Labour leader, John Smith was, using a heart attack 'gun' which sends microwave energy to the victim to stop their heart. Both Robin Cook and John Smith were on walking holidays when they were murdered.

It was thought that John Smith wouldn't go along with the Iraq War and weapons of mass 'distraction' (as Tony Blair once said in error). The control group knew Tony Blair would go along with the whole Iraq war fiasco after Blair went to the Bilderberg meeting just before John Smith's murder.

Robin Cook (a millionaire author who didn't need the money from being an MP) was about to reveal that there was no discussions within the cabinet and Tony Blair just dictated to the cabinet what was to take place (with Tony Blair being told what to do by Blair's handler). So they took out Robin Cook permanently to prevent this coming out.

1.) 07 Jul 2016 00:53:03
Yep, that's what they call democracy haha. Sometimes you look at these cases of suspected assassinations and just think we're not much better off than countries that live under a dictatorship or communist rule. If the truth can't be revealed by the people we trusted to put in power then are we that different from the governments and regimes we call bad if we just give in to corruption and corporate greed. While all the time we hide under the veil we call democracy and that somehow makes us feel better. TRUE democracy would be great but power, greed and corruption will always come out on top if the masses don't wake up.

{Ed033's Note - yes, most people believe in the illusion of democracy but we're actually living under a dictatorship (that currently uses the velvet glove if you think and do exactly as the government wants you to think and do.)

2.) 07 Jul 2016 01:06:48
Funny you mention John Smith ed. I posted about this a couple of weeks ago when the whole brexit thing was going on. I was quite young when he died but my step father who was a socialist at heart but had always voted tory for as long as I remember mentioned him as someone who would get his vote for whatever reason, what little I know gave the impression that he was as honest as they came in a politician sense and was fairly genuine. My parents brought me up to believe that in general politicians were untrustworthy and some more untrustworthy than others. If there were any honest politicians then they were very few and far between but he appeared to maybe be one of them. Then just as he takes leadership (I think) he dies of a heart attack and Blair is thrust before us. On another note how does Alistair Campbell not even get a mention today? He just makes me feel dirty when I see him or hear him speak. Add Mandelson to that too.

{Ed033's Note - yes, there are a few good non corrupt MPs always about and John Smith was apparently one of the good ones and therefore as we know Tony Blair did so much harm as the Establishment wanted, it's highly likely John Smith would never had gone along with all the evil stuff, so from their point of view, John Smith had to be removed permanently.

3.) 07 Jul 2016 15:48:02
I think you're right about David Kelly.

4.) 07 Jul 2016 17:46:14
Yes, and I've heard quite a few different accounts of the directed energy 'gun' being real.
If I remember right a clever man / scientist called John Hutchinson had a big one on his van lol.
But he just can't get funded for his science, basically been cut off. no one invests in him because he is on the same line as tesla.
I even think he may have worked with him. don't know for sure as I can't remember if it was him that said this.

5.) 07 Jul 2016 17:51:13
Also there are many people to have claimed to be T.Is (targeted individuals) in America and a couple in Britain.

Also on a side note the tetra system the police use, works on a dangerous frequency / microwave that interferes with the chemical process in your body making you depressed. This can in theory back up claims of directed energy weapons being possible.




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17 Aug 2021 09:31:46
I haven't watched the film above but my opinion is that he only trusted children probably due to their naivety. I had a conversation the other day with someone regarding adults and children. We both agreed that say a boy or even more so a girl who were say 10 to 13 etc and they wanted to learn to fish, say (as an example) and they weren't in any way related to you, Would you take them? It would be questioned by some. Its the sort of world we live in now. All part of divide and rule imo.




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31 Jul 2021 23:27:35
I had a spiritual awakening too some time ago of the educational variety. I have absolute clarity on this and I don't think I can be swayed. I'm free thinking and I've grown to question anything I see or hear in the main stream media and I actually remember my parents did too, I think most older people and people's parents often were very cynical about things in the papers and on the news. Most people seem to question it less and less now and I'm not sure why. But yes it's my children I fear for if they do get the vax eventually due to life choices.
It potentially taps into my worst fears.




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16 Jul 2021 18:28:57
Yes 23/ 9 is my birthday. Hopefully it's a good day.




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13 Jul 2021 20:34:44
You Ok WNBTK? I mean seriously is everything ok? Probably not too easy to discuss some of the things you've come across even on a conspiracy page.




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07 Jul 2021 23:27:11
Check Event 201 (2 and 1 again) by the Gates foundation in October 2019. Its uncanny how similar it is to what has happened this past 18 months or so especially as the outbreak started a month later.





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