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26 Dec 2021 23:48:02
Shops in North Yorkshire are now displaying large posters with "It's The Law' followed by instructions to wear masks.

I've just emailed North Yorkshire Council who produce them the following ..
Dear Sirs,

I notice that you have produced posters for shops in North Yorkshire. On these posters it states the the wearing of masks in these shops is "The Law'.
May I point out that it is not a law. The advice regarding the wearing of masks falls under The Health Protection Regulations of 2020.
A regulation is in itself not a Law and the irony is that it is not 'lawful' to proclaim a 'Law' is in effect when it clearly is not. There is the possibility that a non specified regulation has the force of law, since it may have been adopted under authority granted by statute but this does not entitle the claim of 'Law'. This is a clear mis-representation.
Therefore I would request and suggest that all materials proclaiming this mis-truth be removed as a matter of urgency. If this is not completed within the next fourteen days then I will reserve the right to challenge this 'error' by legal means.

Kind regards

Don't suppose it will have any effect but we have to keep doing the small things where we can.


{Ed032's Note - Keep us posted with any responses please, Tj70.

I know you are right with what you have written but I am ashamed to admit this is an area where I sadly lack a lot of knowledge. This is something I am working on changing, I don't like being 'dumb' or 'ignorant' but I find it so overwhelming I am those very 2 things.

Ed033 has supplied me with David Wards case no WI 05257F and his 61 page affidavit to focus my attention on. I do realise what the basics are but it is how to imply them with reference to things like you have for example. The Health Protection Regulations 2020. I just feel I know nothing in this regard and as stated, get overwhelmed, lost and second guess myself making me feel incredibly frustrated and stupid.

I will continue to chip away at the subject as that is all I can do. I hate feeling this way.

Thanks for your post.

1.) 27 Dec 2021 09:02:51
Well composed and articulate letter Tj. Will be interesting to see if they reply. Have you offered a copy of your letter to any of the shops you mentioned?

2.) 27 Dec 2021 09:26:10
Great work Tj70 ??

{Ed032's Note - Hi, Lickyfeilds_M7. Welcome to the site and thanks for joining in with the last live-chat.

3.) 27 Dec 2021 12:55:44
No probs Ed, I’m visiting more and more now so no doubt I’ll be chirping in haha

{Ed032's Note - Good to hear, Lickyfields_M7. Great to have another new poster.

4.) 27 Dec 2021 22:15:05
Cheers Ed, M7 and Rian.

I haven't taken the letters to the shops directly Rian for two reasons, firstly I'm hoping (probably wrongly) that the email will do the work for me and secondly with North Yorks being so large the logistics to get to them all would involve many weeks work unfortunately.

Ed, I will certainly keep you informed of any developments, fingers crossed. As regards your knowledge of the legal side of things I'd say that all of us should be confident of saying when we don't have a full understanding of something. There are many areas you have more understanding than I do. With regard to the legal side, although I have an interest and have had for many years there is no way I would consider myself an expert. Let's say it's a work in process!

I think the PDF's above that you have posted are going to keep me busy for the next few weeks, many thanks, they are a brilliant source, many thanks to Ed33 as well.

{Ed032's Note - Thanks for keeping us posted regarding the email, Tj70.

Another regular on here has posted some links to peter stone's work which is appreciated.

The PDF's and Peter stone's website were presented to me by the great Ed033. There seriously isn't a day that goes by when I am not completely staggered by just how much Ed knows and understands. He has well and truly earned every single one of those thirty three degree's and it's an honour and pleasure to help him on this site.

Regarding the law/legal, I know of more than I think but just unaware of just how to use it. The PDF's above and Peter Stone's work top off with a sprinkling of Ed033 guidance is beginning to make everything make sense. It is just going to take some time to process all the information.

There may well be a little extra on this site sometime to give this topic it's own space. We shall see :)



25 Dec 2021 13:01:52
Merry Christmas one and all.

Stay strong in the coming weeks and little by little we will triumph over the evil.

Many thanks to everyone for your amazing posts that renew my faith in people and indeed help me keep going. Of course, thanks to the Ed's without which this site wouldn't exist, in particular a personal thanks to Ed32/SM who is incredibly generous with his time and knowledge.


{Ed032's Note - Thanks. Merry Christmas, Tj70.



25 Nov 2021 22:37:25
Max Igan | Something Big is Coming


{Ed032's Note - Thanks, Tj70. Max summaries everything well.



16 Nov 2021 01:18:35
Ed032, Enjoy!


{Ed032's Note - Thanks, Tj70, and enjoy I did. I have heard his voice many times before (mixed in with other informational videos/audio) without knowing who he was. I assume, without looking yet as I wanted to reply to you first, that he has a/some book(s)?. I need to purchase one/them.

It is really strange (or not?) that you have mentioned him and dreams at this particular time, as it goes. As I have been wanting to ask what people's opinions were of them. Dreams.

Basically, for the last several months, every night and I mean every night, I have been having a recurring dream. Now when I say recurring, it wasn't the same dream or even the same place but it felt like and was the same 'reality' or 'realm'.

It would be difficult for me to explain them, in total detail, to someone because they have all been 'vast' and 'epic'. And the more I try and think about them, when awake, the more distant they become. But within these dreams I have been the same as I am now, here as I type. All that burdens me, my troubles, my problems, my thoughts, have all been echoed within this 'dream-realm'. I am always the same 'ME'.

I have woken from them when I get overwhelmed, perhaps for a breather?, and then I have purposely been able to (go back to sleep?) re-enter the same dream, at the same place I awoke, to continue on with the journey and complete their stories.

Sometimes I wake in a prolific sweat and my heart rate maxed out (pushing over 200bpm. I have a Garmin 945 as I run in the very early mornings and monitor everything including sleep) other times I am calm, refreshed and reinvigorated. But as stated, it has always been leaving, when I awake, the same 'dream-realm'.

I feel that you have given me some guidance to understand by sharing with me, the above, and given me a name, Alan Watts, so that I may find some understanding to all this I speak of.

Really appreciated, Tj70. Thank you. :)

1.) 17 Nov 2021 01:38:13
Hi Ed,

Alan Watts does have lots of books and more vids on YouTube than is possible to watch!

He died years ago so I'm presuming someone controls his estate? He was a very deep thinker and was able to articulate in a way that is possible to follow.

I'm no expert in dreams or their analysis but have touched upon lucid dreaming and perhaps more pertinently the understanding that our brains can be seen as an antenna to the background consciousness. This gained knowledge can be expressed as inspiration or insight and has been credited with many a geniuses work. Dreams are a way of expressing this understanding.

It is equally possible that your dreams are the way of your consciousness absorbing, filtering and making sense of the current situation and your response to it. Dreams are patterns interpreted as we file this input and periods of intense dreaming are reflective of current experiences.

Knowledge has undoubtedly been hidden on a large scale (flat earth, technologies, timelines etc) but also think about the little stuff that gives us clues. What about Row Row Row your boat gently down the stream etc etc life is but a dream. Your boat is your life and experience and you steer it gently through lifes path (stream) and it is nothing but a dream!

Once we understand we are in a dream it takes the edge of slightly and we know that one way or another we will return to our spiritual self. I can picture myself when I die saying .WTF was that all about! :)

{Ed032's Note - Thanks, Tj70.

I have managed to acquire probably a vast chunk of Alan Watt's work. 41 books and a pretty epic array of audiobooks (Out of Your Mind - The Essential Lectures) so I have a solid base to start looking more in-depth at his point of view and knowledge.

I used to try a lot at 'lucid dreaming' a few times achieving it but it's something I haven't been looking at for 20 years or so. I agree when you say it takes the edge off. Makes it more of a game with infinite lives. What I am experiencing now is not like this. But it does appear that I can leave and enter them at will which you may feel contradicts that. It is all very strange.

And, yes, nuggets of truth hidden everywhere. I like your 'row the boat' analogy and your very last sentence literally made me laugh out loud which is unusual for me first thing in the morning as I always wake up to my 'pain'. So I thank you for that haha :)

The whole dream topic, such as where you state that the brain could possibly an antenna to a back ground consciousness, to me I feel there is some link (possibly) to the 'memory' of water. I have posted a few videos on this subject and it is a subject that intrigues me very much.

Appreciate your thoughts, thanks.



31 Oct 2021 20:06:00
More of a question to see what you guys think. Thought hard before posting this as I like to support theories with proof but I'll be honest, this is just a feeling at this stage so please take that into account when reading.
I'm very much against the jabs due to the harm I believe has and will come from them.

As a football fan of many years and interested in the game in general, do we think that the forecasted sicknesses as a result of the jabs will start to show in footballers sooner than the rest of the population due to the intense physical nature of the game or will their fitness shield them at first?

Million dollar questions I know but have we started to see it already and dressed up as players having the C.V. or 'no reason' given such as Villa today?
This is definitely a case of me hoping that I'm seeing something that isn't there but little pointers are starting to make me think. Less running, less pressing, players looking off the pace. As a Leeds fan I notice this with Leeds in particular, is it just Leeds or teams in general?


{Ed033's Note - What percentage of footballers have taken the jabs? We don't know do we?

Based on the varying side effects and the analysis of Drs that have obtained and looked at what is in the bottles of vaxs, it appears it is pot luck at what people are being injected with as to the side effects at the moment i.e. Russian Roulette [this is because it's likely that there are multiple experiments going on; both nano tech experiments and genetic modification experiments].

Therefore it depends on what the footballer has been injected with.

1.) 31 Oct 2021 22:59:15
Has Aguero had the jab?

2.) 31 Oct 2021 22:40:34
Thanks Ed, makes sense, thanks for your reply, appreciated.

I pray that the majority have had something harmless or that I, along with others, are tending to look at worst case scenario.

Unfortunately examples of people affected horribly seem to be all too common.

I tried in vain to warn family and friends and was very sad to see my daughter get both. Here's hoping I'm wrong and they are right, somewhat doubt it though.

3.) 01 Nov 2021 08:58:49
I agree there are probably several different jabs doing the rounds.

And like SM I also wondered if Aguero had the jab. And Eriksen.

Tj I think it seems young men are more likely to have a heart issue with this jab. But if something goes wrong with a high profile footballer it's in full view.

Well done with the live chat. I logged for 20 mins or so in but I didn't have anything meaningful to say so just read the comments. I think it would be nice to have a specific theme to the live chats. Flat Earth, 9/11, JFK, mud floods, you know, the list is endless. Just a thought.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks Rian, a good idea.

4.) 01 Nov 2021 09:31:09
I think ED is spot on regrading multiple experiments.

An investigation of data found in the USA’s Vax Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has revealed that extremely high numbers of adverse reactions and deaths have been reported against specific lot numbers of the C.V. vaxs several times, meaning deadly batches of the experimental injections have now been identified.

5.) 01 Nov 2021 11:58:09
It could be a case of the 1st jab roll out had a very limited number of the mulitiple 'nano', 'GM' experiments within them with the possibility of most being a placebo. Then after they have the results on the small minority tests, they revise the tech they are putting in to the vaxx and in the 2nd jab the test subject numbers are increased.

They manipulate the data to suit their LE needs so then we get the MSBS need for the 'booster' vaxx, again after getting data back from the 2nd jab roll out, revise/ modify etc, then expand the number of test subjects, again.

The fact that most vaxx's could be placebos also gives the MSBS the data to give the appearance that the vaxx is safe?

The PCR and lateral flow tests could just be a way of getting everyone's DNA so they can hand pick suitable candidates to be the 1st/ 2nd/ 3rd round of Guinea pigs?

They have now manipulated the data where they want to have annual/ biannual jabs or even pills so they can get their formulae right to maximise the numbers for their LE purposes without everyone just dropping dead from a botched experiment.

There has been mention on here of it being a 5/ 6 year project and by that time they will have all the data they need.

{Ed033's Note - Good points. Also when governments ordered 8 times their population in doses, the Vax companies maybe didn't have enough, so had to make up the amounts using saline only?

6.) 01 Nov 2021 12:06:34
Good idea with having live chats on a certain subject, Rian. Would be more manageable and an easier read rather than switching between subjects, as I am sure I may have missed some posts.

Maybe we could have a weekly/ fortnightly poll so all the posters could vote on which subject they would like to talk about each time?

7.) 02 Nov 2021 14:27:51
Good posts all

Good point ed033
I didn't think of that a out supply and how they came around it.

8.) 02 Nov 2021 19:36:48
Yes sounds good Rian




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09 Jan 2022 22:26:44
No loss to you I would suggest.

It is frustrating but eventually it will be responsible for it's own demise.

The only ones left (allowed ) on the platform are the ones that blindly follow their rhetoric, the same ones that will have the jabs, the same ones that will become ill or die etc etc, so whose going to be left to be 'on' Facebook/meta/?

He who laughs last.....


{Ed032's Note - I only opened the account for this site so the only loss is that I will no longer be able to post FB posts from posters who post posts that they'd like to be posted. With a peck of pickled pepper. :)



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06 Jan 2022 22:32:24
I really hope they get somewhere however it must be so difficult to challenge events when the institution that you complain to is more than likely a part of the problem.
Greatly admire them though for doing what they can.




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06 Jan 2022 22:29:39
My impression is that he very much likes to dramatise. His views are build on half truths and exaggeration and as mentioned by Ed he contradicts himself.
Worth remembering that even those with insight and on 'our' side can still be a little on the 'one sandwich short of a picnic' side of things.


{Ed032's Note - What are you suggesting, Tj70? ?



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05 Jan 2022 22:44:03
There's a reason those actors aren't in films or on TV. Fake plane by the looks (film set), whole thing is fictional but I would imagine that if the asleep believe in a pandemic that doesn't exist then of course they won't question this.
I'm sharing this earth with a bunch of f***wits (excluding the awake).




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02 Jan 2022 11:08:19
Brilliant, it will just take one of these complaints to be upheld and then hopefully their horrible plan will start to crumble.
In the meantime we must all keep doing what we can even if it seems insignificant as combined it will make a difference.





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