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23 Mar 2020 22:21:55
Monday March 23rd 2020. I'm starting to think this will prove a vital day in our history, the day democracy officially died, it wasn't met with rioting or protests, it was met with total compliance. Anyone under the illusion that people are waking up this is the end of that theory.
I guess we best just try and stomach the obvious bs as best we can.

always a red

1.) 24 Mar 2020 08:05:36
I'm hoping for some reaction within a week, or Netflix and JustEat have won the war. I will be barely complying, there's not enough police to enforce the 'new guidelines'.

2.) 24 Mar 2020 09:11:59
Sounds about right always a red
Sad as it is
Lol scouse
Don't underestimate the CONS
I've blown dust off the scrambler.

3.) 24 Mar 2020 16:07:01
So far I've seen or heard rhetoric relating to global vaccinations, micro chips for all (thanks Bill Gates), increased powers for police, reduced rights for the masses. All to keep us safe - of course!

I think we are beginning to see the shape of our future society, if everyone goes along with the furore.

4.) 24 Mar 2020 18:11:22
Yes agree honey badger
And none of it looks good.



25 Jun 2016 14:29:50
Not posted for a very long time but the events of this week have offered the smallest glimmer of hope, even if it does seem it's going to be snatched away with a 2nd referendum.

I just can't see the 4th Reich letting us get away with throwing a spanner into the works, I watched the David Icke 'Brexit' reaction video on here and agree with almost all of it, no doubt the EU will offer us new terms tricking people into changing their mind and when we end up back in Europe they make an example of little Britain similar to the way they crippled Greece.

One frightening thing is the reaction of the PC controlled mainstream public, the way they have turned on the people with their eyes already open has shocked me, things are going to get a lot worse with no doubt another false flag attack.

always a red

{Ed033's Note - Unbelievable as it may seem what's happening right now could actually be the calm before the storm.

1.) 25 Jun 2016 17:18:02
My Facebook wall has resembled the beginning of the apocalypse,

10 years of doom

I have lost faith in humanity

Thank you all you stupid racist fools for ruining the country

All the above are genuine quotes, personally I woke up this morning still had the roof over my head, food in the fridge and people I care about around me.

It saddens me people my age believe they are deserving and smarter then the 'elder generation' and there say matters more, it also saddens me that they can't see that what there reading is just to scare them further.

2.) 26 Jun 2016 00:28:03
As part of the older generation it saddens me. Naive fools.



12 Aug 2014 13:30:27
Not posted on here for a very long time and its great to see so many new names on here, I know my question is not really conspiracy related but I know many of you are clued up on here regarding peoples rights and how the government love to abuse them.

I recently received a form to fill in regarding registering to vote, now I have no intention to vote for any of the corrupt money grabbers but its seems if I don't fill in my details I could be fined £80, has anyone else received this form and is it legal to be fined? Ed what's your take on it.

always a red

{Ed033's Note - What people have to remember is that in UK, there are 2 languages, English and legalese. Whenever you receive a form like this, you have no idea what it actually says, because it's in legalese. You have no idea what any word means such as 'register', 'citizen', 'UK','United Kingdom', 'must', 'resident' etc. on that form.

They've sent you this form because they assume you're a 'UK' 'resident' and someone has the idea that legally, all UK residents must register to be placed on Electoral roll.

However, if they are attempting to call you something like 'resident', what you have to ask yourself is, did you ever register for UK residency or are you indigenous / were born here.

If you did register for UK residency, you might want to do as they say because you agreed to their rules when you registered and ultimately you could be thrown out of the country if they wanted to.

However, if you were born in 'UK', they can't throw you out of the country and you never agreed to any rules through residency registration and therefore there is no requirement to fill out this form / register to vote/be on the electoral roll.

I presume this form is from the local council but there's no point attempting to have any discussion on this point with any of them because none of them would have any clue and they would be thinking it's all in English and because you're a 'resident', you 'must' fill out the form.

So the easiest thing to do is to respond to them without even talking to them. if this is the form, i'm thinking it is, all you would have to do is pick up the phone, dial the automated line, dial in the code on the form and then press whichever number it is to give the response of, no changes need to be made to the form because the form already has the correct info.

1.) Thank you for the fantastic response Ed will ring the number and put an end to it.

{Ed033's Note - Yes now you've responded appropriately, they shouldn't bother you with this form for a whole year. Then you can repeat next year.

2.) My comments won't b as gud as that, but i'd heard that once you sign up to the electoral register you are signing away your consent to common law and have no rights therefore to challenge it

{Ed033's Note - The problem is we have a ruling class who want total control but that control has to be based initially on total deceit and fraud.

They have this maxim that says, Let Him Who Wishes to be Deceived, Be Deceived. Therefore this allows them from their point of view to use any method to control us.

This means their forms can mean anything, they can have secret agreements which are part of their forms, which you don't get to see and once they think you consent to or sign any of their forms, they can decide what that ultimately means.

Obviously, that's deceit and fraud but that doesn't stop them.

The following is a bigger picture look at things for those that might be interested.

Britain got took over by a corporation (with shareholders). it also took over and replaced any legal system we had and replaced any type of 'administration/government' we had.

When this corporation took over, they brought with them their version of a legal system and their version of a language called legalese and in 1666 while their agents were burning down the [rat infested/disease ridden] London to remove the people that were living there and give them a cleared location to do business (now called the City Of London) and a another cleared area they could create a new modern city in we call London, this corporation's agents in parliament declared everyone who was living here, dead and lost beyond the seas.

Now with no one living in here, their legal system could perform a salvage operation on this country and all the proceeds from this salvage operation could go to the shareholders of the corporation.

This salvage operation is still going on today. Everything the government and the legal system does is to benefit the shareholders of this corporation that took over.

All what we the people owned, all the natural resources and anything we the people pay for are supposed to be held in trust by a lawful 'administration/government' for we the people's benefit. If any natural resource was to be sold, then we the people (who were born here and therefore are the beneficiaries) should be given an equal share each of any profits.

But because this corporation's legal system/government doesn't recognise we the people, then the corporation's shareholders get the money.

Politicians and all public/civil servants/ employees (persons who work for the corporation/government) should be working for we the people but it's obvious they don't. Why not? Because they're working for the shareholders of this corporation, whether they know it or not.

The government creates legislation to serve the shareholders of the corporation not to benefit we the people.

What the FUQ entertaining documentary

3.) Ill give it a watch, I just want to say thankyou as even though I was skeptical of many things in our 'society' many of your links have introduced me to areas I probably would never have found on my own, so genuine appreciation for all your efforts of illumination :D

{Ed033's Note - ok, thank you

4.) What annoys me is it's not compulsory to vote. Yet it's compulsory to register to vote.


Ever wondered how cold callers get your phone number? Know your name, address, spouses name etc?

Once you've registered, your details can be bought by any person, company or organisation. The government openly admit this, and threaten you with a £1000 fine if you don't comply.

Last year I ignored their letters and phone calls, mostly out of curiosity but also slightly out of protest.

Then I had some guy knocking at my door saying I owed £1000!
But if I filled out the form there and then, he'd waiver it. Not being in a position to take the risk I reluctantly agreed, but it left me furious and somewhat helpless.

It stinks




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Thank you for the fantastic response Ed will ring the number and put an end to it.

always a red

{Ed033's Note - Yes now you've responded appropriately, they shouldn't bother you with this form for a whole year. Then you can repeat next year.




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