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24 Sep 2021 11:06:37
More flat earth:


{Ed033's Note - thanks p1

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24 Sep 2021 10:35:13
The Great Wall of India.

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23 sep 2021 20:28:03
from m.o.b. - PEOPLE'S UNION OF BRITAIN three notice process to stop Care Homes mandating employee vaxxes [amended].
1. notice of conditional acceptance
2. notice of opportunity to cure
3. notice of default

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23 Sep 2021 19:44:39
Project Veritas - PART 1: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings

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23 Sep 2021 18:34:41
Just got letter from my wee lads school saying u16 that have been accessed to be competent can give consent themselves for jabs, surely this is illegal?

So our government think u16 aren't able to decide if the want an energy drink but old enough to decide if they want an experimental gene therapy.

{Ed033's Note - There are some truthers taking this to Court, but i guess it will take a long time even if they win.

Isn't it likely that the schools are being paid for jabbing children at schools?

Essentially these letters are saying it's likely that your child will be jabbed at some point while your child is in school.

They are now in full Satanic mode because people keep consenting to it all.

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23 Sep 2021 20:21:59
You have an opt out sheet but that means nothing obviously as they can just say your child is competent to give consent.

It also says you have to give a reason if you don't consent which I found weird, ill be ticking no consent and writing that I don't need to give reason.

{Ed033's Note - At the end of the day, the school can say, Whoops, Honest Mistake Gov., don't know how your child ended up having the jab, sorry.

23 Sep 2021 21:18:24
Unfortunately your right Ed, my kid is only young but I've told him if anyone tries to give him injection in school not to let them, do whatever to try stop them and tell them to phone daddy, best I can do I suppose.

Part of me still hopes people will come to their senses now they're coming after kids but that's me probably being naive.

{Ed033's Note - maybe they are going to have to run out of school and then phone daddy on a mobile phone.

24 Sep 2021 09:59:18
Keep them off on the day/s when inoculations take place.

{Ed033's Note - Sounds good, but are they going to inform anyone but the teachers, which day inoculations will take place?

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