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20 Sep 2021 16:09:22
World Nearly LOST [TV Series] to Hive Mind Ethereal Evil Explained by LOST and LOST History [Ewar] - UAP Channel.

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20 Sep 2021 13:31:21
Several doctors from the Food and Drug administration's (FDA) vaccine hearing on Friday claimed in explosive testimony that the COVID-19 vaccine is killing more people than it’s saving and is driving the coronavirus mutations like the so-called ‘Delta’ variant.

FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee after 8 hours of testimony voted 16-2 against Joe Biden’s proposed COVID-19 booster shot program.

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20 Sep 2021 17:18:18
would you call this a small victory ed.

{Ed033's Note - So far, yes. This should be shown to to the unawake people, so the unawake people might think the experimental jabs should be stopped.

21 Sep 2021 13:38:19
Problem is the sheeple have their heads stuck so far up their ass they won't even see it or acknowledge it i'm afraid.

{Ed033's Note - Right, because why aren't the BBC and other mainstream news outlets running this as a main story.

21 Sep 2021 13:53:09
if people look at that and still believe in it, then i don't know what will wake them up.

{Ed033's Note - Right.

21 Sep 2021 20:15:04
BBC and other MSM aren't being paid to run it Ed033. He who pays the piper calls the tune.

{Ed033's Note - Right.

19 Sep 2021 21:13:20
WHY Prof Julie Ponesse CANADA REFUSED C.V. injection enforced by University of Ontario


{Ed033's Note - Thanks Rian.

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19 Sep 2021 21:06:28
FAKE C.V. jab.


{Ed033's Note - Thanks Rian.

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20 Sep 2021 18:18:51
I'm guessing the reason we see lots of these is because they won't take a chance of someone having an adverse reaction so publicly with all the media there.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, and if it's a top politician [who was never going to take the mRNA shot], then they can say they've taken it and therefore so should you.

18 Sep 2021 11:01:11
Uk funeral director speaks out


{Ed033's Note - Thanks p1.

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18 Sep 2021 14:57:03
Did he say they had the 'C.V. tents' in Nov/ Dec 2019?

{Ed033's Note - Yes, around 2:22 to 2:57 mark?

18 Sep 2021 23:45:28
I'm just trying to figure out how they would have had the foresight to have that level of preparedness so early in the timeline of the so called C.V.. Seems like they were way ahead of the posse if his memory is accurate about the dates?

{Ed033's Note - Government was told to expect mass deaths at that time, so maybe that was passed on?

19 Sep 2021 10:52:26
Hes now been struck off or whatever for speaking out.

{Ed033's Note - Terrible, but not surprising.

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