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13 Jan 2022 20:44:32
Lunar Wave Displaces the Entire Moon

{Ed032's Note - Thanks, Ed033.
I have seen the Lunar Wave footage before, thanks to you. But I haven't seen this before. Very compelling evidence that the Luminary we know as the Moon is nothing like what we are skooled to believe.

13 Jan 2022 20:09:24
Gravity disproven in 3 minutes

{Ed032's Note - Thanks, Ed033.

12 Jan 2022 17:39:02
The Pre-Flood Super-Civilization

14 Jan 2022
New image uploaded to the
Conspiracy Talk Sightings page entitled, The truth is coming

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14 Jan 2022 13:08:16
Thanks, LAVERS.

14 Jan 2022 00:44:53
We know they have been drumming up support to jab kids recently behind the scenes.Some evil old witch at Edinburgh University (A key goverment advisor.)ts time for the program to be rolled out to stop kids being absent and stop shools from closing.The health risks are tiny,you would prevent a small number of paediatric .admitions.Shes a professor of public health who certainly doesn't give a feck about children's safety.Theres been concerns worldwide from real medical experts to keep kids away from jabs yet she says it's a tiny risk.Any risk would have sane parents steering clear of it.shills like her sadden me more and more everytime.

{Ed032's Note - Sadly she has only been made a professor of public health because she, like you say, is 'evil'. And the fear narrative can drive even the the sane out of their minds for it is a powerful tool. I agree it is very saddening, Pud. Stay strong, pal.

14 Jan 2022 10:32:18
Please name her Pud.

14 Jan 2022 17:14:42
Linda Bauld..On December the 5th A new paediatric formulation of the Pfizer BioNtech Covid 19 has already been approved for kids aged 5-11 after meeting safety quality and effectiveness standards.Only valid for the UK Authorisation granted by the MHRA.They say it passed a robust review of the safety data that shows a positive benefit risk profile for this vax to be used on this age group.Everything they fecking say and do is from made up stats about data models projections etc.They say side effects reported to date have found the overwhelming majority relate to mild flu like symptoms.Basicall it's a waterd down version for kids.I would love to know where and when they did these trials on kids?How many kids where used as experiments?Where do they find parents that are so fecking willing to hand over their healthy kids to be used as experiments based on numbers and algorithm bollocks?Scary times we live in.

{Ed032's Note - So they are going to jab kids with a watered down version of a vaxx that even the Pfizer CEO openly admits, doesn't work? And the parents will still take their kids to the satanic LE to have this done because they think it will give protection. Shows how brain dead sheeple have become and what becomes of blind trust in any government.


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