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24 Jan 2020 20:25:35
Geocentrism (All heavenly bodies rotate around the fixed, non rotating Globe Earth) : Galileo was Wrong - Discussion with Robert Sungenis

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24 Jan 2020 19:19:35
Malcom Bowden on Geocentrism - The Globe Earth is at the centre of the Universe.

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25 Jan 2020 21:24:23
I haven't listened to the post above this. I will try to later (probably fall asleep to it) .

These are the same "proofs" used for flat earth. I haven't seen any counter arguments disproving these experiments, yet. Are there any? .

They (the experiments) seem to prove no Earth movement. This still has no preference towards a flat or globe Earth. I still struggle with Airey's failure. I understand what is being said, it's not something I know about so thinking and visualising multiple elements at once, for me, takes time for me to make an opinion, so I know it isn't a parrot-effect.

The problem for me, is that everyone seems to ignore (but still use as proof for a globe) is all the NASA photoshop Earth pictures. I mean build a camera/ satellite/ (balloon? ) specifically for that purpose, a full view of the amazing planet, Earth. I just can't understand why they haven't. unless there is some sort of barrier/ waters/ radiation that is preventing it.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, it seems definite that the Earth is fixed and non rotating, but the exact shape is unknown.

Why don't they turn the Hubble Telescope (347 miles away from Earth) around towards Earth so we can have a look?

25 Jan 2020 21:55:24
It's still below that magic barrier that only 60's tech can get through, Ed. The James Webb telescope is ( I think) supposed to be set in an Earth orbit of 1-1.5 million miles. So a Moon, Earth picture is possible. Maybe their CGI department aren't convincing enough, which is what's causing the delay.

JWT and Artemis are, as I have said before, going to be intriguing.

24 Jan 2020 13:33:00
The absurdity of flying around a globe.

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24 Jan 2020 18:16:35
So, I still don't know where I sit so trying to prove either way.

Used to listen to this Michelle Thaller "scientist", but won't hold what she says with any weight anymore.

Starts the argument with, "You have all the beautiful pictures of the Earth". Which NASA has, said are photoshopped. But the bit that made me go WTF?!?, was just after 6 mins.

"So the gas right around the Earth is actually millions of degrees hot. That's actually true"

Maybe she's getting confused with the Sun? . Oh no wait, it's a proof the Earth is a globe video.

3 proofs that debunk flat-Earth theory | NASA's Michelle Thaller

{Ed033's Note - There is another option Southern Monkey, If you look at the work of Robert Sungenis, who is a Geocentrist, where i think he thinks, the Earth is a fixed, non moving Globe in space, with all other bodies orbiting the Earth in outer space. There are other Geocentrism thinkers as well. That would give you 3 theories to ponder.

24 Jan 2020 22:24:19
So no comment on the air around the Earth being millions of degrees?

It's not theory's I seek, everyone has one of them, It's proof I look for.

{Ed033's Note - How can anyone comment on gas right around the Earth is actually millions of degrees hot, that's crazy talk.

Proof would be great, but where is it, it seems to be all lies from the mainstream.

24 Jan 2020 01:04:09
This is who and what we're up against?:

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23 Jan 2020 13:19:25
How many times has the truth community heard that all these conspiracies can't be real because there are too many people involved. How many people are involved in the Commercial Airline business, they could never keep it a secret that planes fly using compressed air.

i.e. NASA can't be faking or lying about anything because so many people work at NASA.

More on commercial jets use compressed air not jet fuel:

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23 Jan 2020 21:32:50
Does this video show Commercial Jet Planes hovering in mid air?

24 Jan 2020 12:55:30
An intriguing one this, Ed. Does really look like they are hardly moving.

Could this have been faked?
Possible, but expensive due to foreground running across view of plane. Less likely as a lot of seemingly individual cases of seeing this independently and on different occasions. And why would you fake so many different occasions (expense again) .

Could it be an optical illusion?
Possible. But for a plane to appear stationary? at a few hundred feet? hmmm.
The inside view of this happening on a high altitude flight is probably more likely to come across as an illusion, as air speed is not related to the Earth. It is the speed of air passing across/ over the wings.

But I thought these planes travel between 350-550mph, so you would need the equivalent windspeed in the opposite direction the plane is travelling to be at the planes speed. 350-550 mph jet stream I doubt it! . (without delving a little more, I am not sure how altitude effects airspeed as the air is thinner. My thinking right now is that it just allows the plane to travel faster as less resistance. The air still travels ( although less air as thinner) across the wings the same speed.

The A380 flights from Dubai to London fly directly over my house multiple times a day. They always appear slow and lethargic in the sky, and seem to fly oddly (not how you would expect, maybe because of there size?! ) but I haven't witnessed anything like what this video shows. And I do make a point of watching for odd things happening in the sky. Seen a few, but not relevant to this thread.

Is it possible, plane engineers are mistaking a mix of liquid helium and avgas as just avgas? . I know helium is only light as a gas, not a liquid, but releasing a pressurised gas (liquid) into a space where it would not be pressurised (just release the equivalent volume of uncompressed gas as a liquid), it would still become a float-able gas mixed with avgas.

I am just spit-balling to take my mind off my potentially anger inducing day. Thanks.

{Ed033's Note - it's really well done if it's fake. I'll go with fake video for the time being.

24 Jan 2020 13:17:46
Just for my inner peace. I didn't say it WAS fake. But agreed if it is, really well done. And expensive. Why waste that sort of money?

{Ed033's Note - Some of these videos on youtube are faked in Adobe After Affects. If someone is a whizz with Adobe After Affects and other applications, they download some video online such as youtube and add in audio and the visual effect.

24 Jan 2020 15:39:36
I thought it would be a lot harder passing behind foreground objects, but maybe not? . I not that familiar with AAA or programs like that. So I don't know.

{Ed033's Note - Would probably take a long time to do.

24 Jan 2020 20:58:50
This is completely fake.

They are all recorded from a moving car going in an opposite direction from a handheld camera. Say the car is going at 50 - 60 mph, and the aircraft in the opposite direction is travelling at about 140kts, it would be easy to think the aircraft is static even though it's moving.

As for the single piston towing the banner, that proves to me what fakery this is. It's a poster or photo and they are trying to convince the viewer that it is real.

It is technically possible (and has been done many times) for a small aircraft to go backwards if the indicated airspeed is less than the the oncoming windspeed. Banner towing pilots would never go up in those type of conditions though. But that's not what's going on here. This whole video is just taking the you know what.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks Rian.

23 Jan 2020 10:03:00
Planes Fly Using Compressed Air not Jet Fuel (mirrored video from Mr Truth channel):

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23 Jan 2020 15:40:29
Within the last hour this guys YT account [Mr Truth] has been terminated.

{Ed033's Note - He was putting out a lot of truth and they can't allow it?

23 Jan 2020 16:14:26
It possible. I was trying to do some calculations on what he was saying and I am not sure what he was saying was right. Was just going to run through some bit again and now its gone, so I guess I won't be sure, now.

I was confused over one part of his statement.

2,500,000 (litres in Olympic pool) / 323,525 (fuel capacity A380 litres) = "7,727 litres"?

The answer is 7.727 . As in the Olympic pool holds 7.727 times the amount of fuel on board an A380. Not seven thousand seven hundred and twenty seven litres.

Or did I miss something here?

I did get to figure out that the pumps work out to be around 1000 litres a minute. Fuelling time (standard) is about 2 hours, so 120,000 litres of fuel. Not a full tank, but it depends on the destination. Full tank is about 8,500 miles. and would weight about 90,000kg I think (6lb per gallon is the standard pilots use).

It would have been nice to re-watch and go over things again.

{Ed033's Note - You can watch again as someone else mirrored the video. The whole idea being there isn't enough room in the wings to store all the fuel for the commercial jet journeys unless something else is going on, which makes sense to me. Jet fuel in the wings only makes sense to me if they don't use much jet fuel.

23 Jan 2020 17:16:39
Not all of the fuel is stored in the wings. There are 6 other tanks in the main body of the A380 not including the wing tanks.

I get that the video was displaying it was too much fuel to fit, it was just his calculations seemed weird.

I don't remember him mentioning the other fuel tanks either?

I'm not writing off his theory. Just figuring out the if he is right.

Always thought Tesla's turbine has been very underused considering, on his deathbed, Tesla said it was his favourite invention. Maybe because it doesn't run on million year old squashed plant juice?

{Ed033's Note - Is it likely that when cruising at high altitude, the commercial jet uses a lot less fuel than they're saying, but pricing tickets based on more fuel being used? If that is the case, then can a case be made that the passengers are being charged for fuel that isn't being used?

23 Jan 2020 21:19:09
I'm going to look in to this more. As I don't know enough about the subject to think it through properly. (I don't think being 4 hours in to " the greatest story never told" is helping my mental state right now. )

I know avgas is denser at colder temperatures maybe this could somehow effect the amount used?

This being said, Though. Prices for anything are set as high as they can in relation to what people are willing to pay. And I doubt anything would stand up in a court of law even if they were using no fuel.

{Ed033's Note - ok thanks. This mirrored video has been taken down now!

23 Jan 2020 21:33:57
Just a thought. I may have missed something.

If you hold a hair drier in you face, its hot and will burn, Yes?

An airliners jet engines are going to be a lot hotter?

But those people on that beach, next to the airport, that get blown over by the jets. Not even singed hair?

{Ed033's Note - Is a hair drier going to burn? Probably not much.

But jet engines you would think would burn people yes, sounds correct.

24 Jan 2020 06:24:54
OK, Burn maybe poetic license when it comes to the hair dryer, But it would feel hot and uncomfortable directly in your face. :)

{Ed033's Note - yes

22 Jan 2020 21:05:29
Prof. Dr. Gunnar Heinsohn explains his theory on the missing 700 years of the first millennium AD. He also states there was a catastrophe that caused mud floods!

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22 Jan 2020 16:13:03
So, I’ve read the replies and watched the videos but I find it all completely unbelievable. There are a number of reasons for this:

1. I’ve flown all over the world and from what I have seen, the horizon curves away from us.
2. The Flat Earth models are theoretical and I guess you can create any theoretical model to justify your argument.
3. Some of the videos state things as fact that are clearly not fact or irrelevant to the discussion.

However, there are a few more gripping reasons:

4. It denies over 500 years of science from Copernicus onwards.
5. The theory isn’t just that the Earth is flat, it suggests that the agreed view of the universe, stars, and planets is all wrong too. That’s something of a stretch.
6. The size of this conspiracy theory is immense, all airline pilots across the lifetime of air travel, all astronauts, pretty much everyone at NASA, an enormous number of scientists, and so on and so on.

There are some conspiracy theories that are believable but this isn’t one of them.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks for the responses.

This site doesn't just concentrate on the Fixed, Enclosed, Flat Earth model.

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22 Jan 2020 17:45:18
I get that Ed, I'm going to keep popping on here.

{Ed033's Note - That would be great.

22 Jan 2020 18:27:52
I can completely understand how you feel on the FE theory, AJH. I struggle with, what it would mean if true, too. Something is not right though. And I'm trying to find out with my own research. I'd be happy to admit I was wrong about something if I was proved to be so.

Its the fact that there are no real photos of the Earth in full view. They are all photoshopped and made to look how we would expect it to look. Why is that? . They send probes and robotic machines to even the farthest planets to take photographs, yet they have none of the planet we live on?

If you were on a spacecraft going to the Moon. Would the first thing you look at and photograph be the Earth? This just doesn't add up to me.

As for the 500 years of science being denied. I am just about to start, probably a life's work, to try and understand the works of A. T. Fomenko. Someone that believes "consensual history is a finely woven magic fabric of intricate lies about events predating the XVI century".

That will be after I have read: Isaac Newton - The chronology of ancient kingdoms. Who believes the same. I will share my thoughts as and when.

Just to add a little more to your responses. I don't believe everyone at Nasa knows much at all with, what is going on. It's all compartmentalised, so no one knows what anyone else is doing. And there are a lot of ex nasa people who are now flat Earthers which generates questions. It would be possible for the elite few at the top of these organisations to be the only ones in the know.

I'm not a flat earther (yet), but I am open to the possibility to it being true. You can see my journey down the rabbit hole from about 2 months ago on here. I actually said to Ed recently that, if you told me a few months ago I'd be researching the FE theory, I would have told you, you were insane!

22 Jan 2020 10:23:57
When we can see Moon and clouds in the sky, only the few clouds nearest to the Moon are lit up by the Moon.

You certainly got me thinking with that line Ed033. Even though I've seen that thousands of times, I never thought about it in that way.

Are there any videos you know of that explore this phenomenon?

{Ed033's Note - Difficult to find videos on this. Has Southern Monkey come across any?

Another thing with the Moon is that with a full moon, if the Moon was a sphere and lit up by the Sun, then there would have to be a hotspot (reflected sunlight) observed on the Moon, which we don't see. This is why they add a hotspot to the Photoshopped Blue Marble - to simulate Sunlight reflecting off the Globe.

So it's likely that the Moon is luminescent, giving off it's own light.

With the Moon being much closer than 325,000 miles away (maybe hundreds of miles away at most?), it should be easy to get there if it was a rock (petrified flora or fauna see hangman1128 yt channel) floating in space.

We have to ask ourselves, what's up with the Moon as it has been portrayed to us by the mainstream.

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22 Jan 2020 16:15:46
Ok, the moon is bright as it is reflecting the Sun's light but as we all know, it is nothing like sunlight, it is a lot fainter, that’s why it doesn’t light up the whole sky. But in a similar vein, on a sunny day you can look into the distance and see dark clouds.

You can find an argument in everything.

{Ed033's Note - This is why there should be definitive answers, but there aren't in my opinion and other people's as well.

22 Jan 2020 20:54:56
To me, the clouds immediately around the Moon appear extremely bright, but the clouds not too far away appear extremely dark. If the Moon was 325,000 miles away, we wouldn't see such a contrast. In fact the clouds immediately around the Moon wouldn't be that bright.

But it's all subjective and we probably can't devise an experiment, because all the World can't agree on the Moon's luminosity or agree on the fall off of luminosity the further away from the clouds the Moon is, can't agree on the size of the Moon and can't agree on how far away the Moon is from the clouds. Also there are different clouds at different heights from the Earth.

22 Jan 2020 21:15:54
I haven't seen any conspiracy-type videos on this at all that I can remember. I am however aware of some visual effects of light interacting with particles either larger or smaller than the wavelength of the light called "Mie" and "Rayleigh" scattering. I think its "Mie scattering" that has an explanation. This doesn't really fit this site though. But I will add, it doesn't mean the Moon is where we are told it is. And the distance we are told is measure using mirrors put on the Moon by astronauts from the apollo missions who travelled through the Van Allen belts even though we still don't have the tech to take a human past 350 miles of low Earth orbit. If only we had the tech from back then.

{Ed033's Note - Bizarre how NASA have lost the knowledge of how they allegedly got to the Moon in the early 1970s.

22 Jan 2020 22:06:24
It boggles the mind that original data from arguably the most amazing achievement the human race has ever accomplished, has been erased from history. Either lost of written over. You would imagine it being under lock and key somewhere safe. Maybe Mr Kubrick had it stashed somewhere?

{Ed033's Note - Or maybe it was all a hoax and then it would make perfect sense.

22 Jan 2020 22:29:10
You heretic, you. It's in all the textbooks I remember from school, so it must be true! :)

22 Jan 2020 09:15:11
The European Space Agency are launching a new satellite soon called "Truth". To get an "absolute measurement" of reflected light off of the Earth's surface. It's to help the climate change agenda. I found this paragraph rather amusing so thought I'd share.

"The map should be of such exquisite quality that it's expected to become the standard reference against which all other imaging spacecraft will want to adjust and correct their own observations."

Get ready for Globe 3.0 people!

{Ed033's Note - Because of all the Globe skeptics and Apollo got to the Moon skeptics out there, at some point they are going to have to a huge campaign of some sort.

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21 Jan 2020 22:27:57
To avoid being persecuted this is just a simple thought process.

Suppose Hitler, Roosevelt and Churchill were on the same team. Team "elite".

FTW I lost my Great grandad in WW1 and my Grandad fought in WW2, both my parents were sent where ever was safe.

{Ed033's Note - Southern Monkey, did you watch on here before the long documentary called Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told. It's 6 hours 30 mins long, but really worth it.

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21 Jan 2020 23:03:23
Ed, you really are a legend, mate. I'm sure not just in my world, at least, I hope not. Thanks, I will watch.

{Ed033's Note - See if this documentary breaks anymore of your programming :)

22 Jan 2020 10:26:28
It's a mind blowing video and well worth the time.

SM, did you know that apparently Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill all admitted after WWII that they believed Hitler didn't die in 1945?

{Ed033's Note - The Nazis spent a lot of time and effort in Antarctica and then Admiral Byrd was sent down there after the war with a huge force possibly to finish off any Nazis there, but encountered a more technically advanced group there, which caused him to abandon the mission early and according to him, he found more land at least the size of America beyond Antarctica (video of him talking about this a few pages back).

22 Jan 2020 22:22:50
I didn't know that exact fact, Rian. But have been aware of the conspiracies of him not dying where and when it was portrayed. It amazing how many CIA investigations there, were trying to track him down, all the way into the 1970's.

I did watch a particularly well put together MS documentary recently called "Hunting Hitler". It was actually backed up by facts and very thorough investigative research rather than jumping to amazingly speculative conclusions from nowhere, like say " Ancient Aliens".

After 3 seasons they tracked him down to being in Argentina. It's worth a watch. Maybe he was on his way to an unknown region in Antarctica?

21 Jan 2020 13:35:13
I know I should probably let this go, but here goes. Mid the Earth is flat then I have a few questions.

1. Is the moon flat or round?
2. Along the same lines, how about the other planets in our solar system, flat or round?
3. Does the Earth move around the Sun or is it stationary?
4. Why do stars in the night sky not stay on the same place. Are they moving or is the Earth moving?
5. I’ve watched sunrises and sunsets, is it the Sun moving or the Earth?
6. Similar question, why does the sun start in the East and finish in the West?
7. If the Earth is flat and non rotating, how do we have day and night, and different seasons?
8. What is the Moon’s relationship to the Earth if the Earth is flat? Does it orbit and if so, how?
9. When I fly on a plane, I can see what appears to be the curvature of the Earth, why is this?

{Ed033's Note - If you had watched the videos under your previous questions, you would have known how the current Flat Earth model works and maybe answered some of your questions.

I offer answers for your consideration under this video (you might have to wait for all to be answered), but don't think that's the end of asking questions as we should all continue asking questions and my answers are not anything definitive either as this is an ongoing journey to get definitive answers one way or another.

It would be good if you would download the Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac Clock app from Google Play or the Iphone apple app store (unfortunately costs $2.99 but it's worth it imo.)

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21 Jan 2020 13:57:19
Q1. Is the moon flat or round?

A1. If you were to look at Earth from way above it, it might appear to be round, so the question is, Is the moon round or spherical?

One thing about the Moon, it can't be 235,000 miles away because we observe that when we can see Moon and clouds in the sky, only the few clouds nearest to the Moon are lit up by the Moon.

I could be incorrect, but from what i have observed, at the moment, i'll say spherical.

Moon photos taken at the same time from Scotland and Australia. How would this be possible on a globe?

21 Jan 2020 14:56:07
Q2. Along the same lines, how about the other planets in our solar system, flat or round?

A2. NASA and all space agencies have been stuck in low Earth orbit because there seems to be a crystal, watery barrier above us called the Firmament. The luminaries that are called stars are within the Firmament. I'm guessing the luminaries called planets are within the Firmament. At the moment i think spherical plasma. see video below of Mars zoomed in seen through Nikon P900:

Q3. Does the Earth move around the Sun or is it stationary?

A3. The Sun moves in circles (of increasing and decreasing diameter) above the fixed, non moving, non rotating Earth. (See Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac Clock app video above)

21 Jan 2020 17:37:08
AJH, As for star movements, see Eds response to my question below this thread.

But, this is a good video to explain the Sun and Moon, the seasons etc on a Flat Earth/ Dome model.

21 Jan 2020 18:04:53
When you say you saw the curvature from a plane. Did you actually make a conscious point of looking for it or was it a case of remembering that you saw it?

Only reason I ask is that once, many moons ago, I was training to be a skydiver. So throwing myself out of a plane at 5000ft+ was a normal regular occurrence back then. But I never consciously looked for a curve, I just think I remember one or even I don't recall at all (is it the mandela effect?, not sure) . So, because I am not sure, I have put it down to not seeing it and now I have to actively seek it on purpose. Hope that makes sense. Question everything including your own mind.

Also, If you have the time, AJH, this is well worth a watch. Should have most of the answers and more for you to think about.

200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball

{Ed033's Note - Remember Southern Monkey, the windows on airplanes are curved to some degree which simulate some Earth curvature, like the fish eye lenses they use to intentionally simulate Earth curvature.

21 Jan 2020 18:50:27
Q4. Why do stars in the night sky not stay on the same place. Are they moving or is the Earth moving?

A4. The Earth is fixed, not moving not rotating. The luminaries we call stars (which may not be suns, but could be plasma?) move.

See the video in the below thread at timestamp 21 Jan 2020 13:26:21.

Q5. I've watched sunrises and sunsets, is it the Sun moving or the Earth?

A5. The Earth doesn't move. The Sun moves away from you until you can't see it anymore, then it moves towards you until you can see it again.

The Sun does not set, but fades out of view

Q6. Similar question, why does the sun start in the East and finish in the West?

A6. If you know the current Flat Earth model or have downloaded the Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac Clock app, it shows the movement of the Sun and the Moon

21 Jan 2020 19:34:10
Yes. That had slipped my mind, Ed.
Think half my brains gone on strike today in protest of the amount of info its received of late. Poor ol' monkey can peddle fast enough.
I Had a flip through the Fomenko book (more doorstop and this is just vol 1) which just turned up today, and the level of research is astounding! to the point where I am not even sure I'll be able to understand it without a lifetime of research myself.

Guess that journey starts now. I need to try and have days where i just study that and nothing else, to give myself a chance. I did note early in the book he references Newtons book "The chronology of Ancient Kingdoms". So I will delve into that first as it is a more regular sized book! haha.

P.S there are many diagrams in Fomenko's book which are not easy to interpret without reading the book (I speculate they will be easier) . But it does seem it would be possible to draw up a timeline of events once I get my head round it.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, Fomenko's entire info would take a lifetime to go through and comprehend i would imagine, that's why we don't have a concise version of it from anyone else i think.

21 Jan 2020 19:16:17
Q7. If the Earth is flat and non rotating, how do we have day and night, and different seasons?

A7. Day and night are covered in previous videos. Seasons are covered in the below video, Seasons disprove the globe video:

21 Jan 2020 19:44:34
Q8. What is the Moon’s relationship to the Earth if the Earth is flat? Does it orbit and if so, how?

A8. The Earth doesn't move, the Moon moves above us. The Moon moves towards us and away from us:

The Moon over a Earth video:

Q9. When I fly on a plane, I can see what appears to be the curvature of the Earth, why is this?

A9. There could more than 1 reason for this, the main one being; the windows in planes are curved, which give some apparent curvature to the Earth.

Also, the light rays could appear to our eyes/brain to bend slightly due to refraction as you look through the layers of air from you into the distant horizon. Meaning you see curvature where no actual curvature exists.

21 Jan 2020 20:40:05
Kudos to you for your work today, Ed. Hope Tony spends the time reading/ watching the answers to his questions. I Hold his opinion quite highly on the MU pages and comes across as balanced and thoughtful. Be good to have another open mind on here to discuss / question the truth.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, and this site is not just about the Flat, non rotating Earth as Russia, CIA, NASA and the US Military assume it is based on their documents.

21 Jan 2020 13:26:21
A quick question (bit gutted about finding this TBH) that throws a spanner in the FE theory:

How do both northern and southern stars circle around their respective poles and are only seen in their own hemispheres?

{Ed033's Note - Hopefully this video playlist will help. I don't know about you, but i don't default back to the spinning globe model if i come across something that i can't currently explain on the current FE model. I currently default to the Fixed, enclosed Earth with moving Aether model.

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21 Jan 2020 17:09:39
Thanks, Ed. Haha no it wasn't a default switch back to SGE model. Maybe I should have put, It throws a spanner in the works of how I visualise the flat Earth model, especially relating to Gleason's FE map and how Antarctica is a surrounding ice wall.

I asked you a while back how the Sun works (not daylight everywhere) on FE, and you pointed me towards the info of the dome. That made perfect sense to me. It was more the fact I couldn't mentally visualise how the star hemispheres worked on this same dome principle. Knew there must have been a way. Knew you'd help me find it. Thanks.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, we have to try to figure out all questions as it's highly likely the current FE model is not perfectly accurate as yet.

21 Jan 2020 13:18:29
Did I post about gyroscopes Ed?

I know some of my posts don't make the cut, but I thought that, that was a good one (perhaps not :) ) . It was early so maybe I just didn't press send.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, i thought there might be better gyroscope videos out there, so i meant to save it for later, but it got deleted as this site's backend code works different from the football sites.

Did you wrote something like, if you take the gyroscope out of the plane, why doesn't the gyroscope perform like the Earth is moving?

The original video you submitted is below:

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21 Jan 2020 18:10:11
Yeah, that's an easier way of writing what I put. This is a slightly more in-depth video using the above clip.

Surely this does prove the Earth isn't moving?

20 Jan 2020 15:49:40
Apparently, according to someone I hope to have just met, for the last time. The fact that someone is an "engineer" and has been "trained" to question everything. I have "no say of any relevance" to any matter they have knowledge of. My own research is invalid because of no recognised institution admitting to it as bona fide research.

I, in no way insinuated I was right. I was debating. But the fact that, they're institutionalised by a government program made me wrong regardless of whatever I had to say or anything my own eyes had witnessed.

These are the people that think that everything that IS, IS. And everything else is wrong. This is the society that everything is based on. Nothing that questions the narrative can not possibly be correct, for "I have been told". These will be the people that will soon rule us. These are the people that will take away your rights because you are not allowed to question what you are told. You are just WRONG for it has not been taught "you have just assumed".
These people think they have questioned everything, when they have been told all the answers. Beggars belief.

It was either this rant or a possible lawsuit. Thanks for amusing me.

{Ed033's Note - You're like a 10th Dan (you) taking on a White Belt (them), but they think it's the other way round :)

Yes, there's no way to communicate non mainstream info to most people, they can only wake themselves up.

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21 Jan 2020 08:25:40
Did you just tell this person the earth is flat? What other response did you expect?

An awful lot of people out there still think LHO killed JFK. Even more think you’re a complete looney if you suggest an alternative to the msm story on 9/ 11.

You never stood a chance.

21 Jan 2020 10:47:16
I'm open to debate, listen, learn, and challenge, but some theories do not deserve discussion as they are just so 'out there'

{Ed033's Note - No AJH, we've been programmed all of our lives to keep our minds in a tiny box. I will answer your Flat Earth questions (from a previous post of yours) in a while. It is important to watch videos on here to begin with to break your mind of the programming.

21 Jan 2020 11:01:18
I was explaining (amongst other things) the Michelson-Morley/ Sagnac and Bedford level experiments and the whole perspective effect with the eyes and all lenses. As in they have a limit.

But no, they are an engineer that has been "trained". So, consequently their tiny brain had no room for things that go against the MS grain, and had never heard of such preposterous reasoning.

I am still currently washing off the heathenish treachery with carbolic. But I openly admit, I am not looking forward to the lashings!

{Ed033's Note - Those types need the mainstream to think for them. I will break up a previous post of yours into a couple of different threads.

21 Jan 2020 21:21:43
I'll keep this in this thread as its relevant.

Went and read the Wiki link on all FE videos and at the end it says

"Despite the scientific fact of Earth's sphericity" and I thought, what scientific facts? So I googled the quote and this is the response:

ways to prove earth is round

The first image proves we are all doomed! . The whole antarctic ice-shelf has melted away and maybe if I climbed a tree as they suggest I would have seen this coming, because a lot of ice missing = a lot of water I should be seeing?! .

But, after getting over the shock of this make believe flood from melted ice that i couldn't see, I decided to book myself on a "round-the-world flight" which clearly, by its name, means the world is a sphere. A perfect sphere as shown in all the photos. But isn't there a bulge in the middle?

Oh no wait its pear-shaped isn't it? (just take a look at the photos they show on the round-the-world flight. the one that doesn't show the black of space, has less curvature than the one lower and shows no black of space. And most people believe this crap.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, you can go round the world in a circle. Astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson has stated the Earth is pear shaped, so does that mean NASA has been giving us fake pictures all along?

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