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12 Sep 2021 02:36:57
911 No Plane

{Ed033's Note - Thanks Rian.

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11 Sep 2021 19:55:41
This isn't a video that will guide you. Look at it with an open mind.

Are all deserts ancient remains of gigantic trees that have been erased from our minds?

Are genuine mindful people searching for the wrong things because they have been trained not to see it?

{Ed033's Note - Thanks SM.

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11 Sep 2021 20:29:07
There has been lot of texts not involved in "canons" of religion. I do not know who decides what to include (kings queens?) . Why not include all? Surely to exclude is to hide and direct. But why?
What is that important to hide?
Maybe a free minded religion is harder to control?
If everything was rich and fruitful, evil has no place?
Evil fell. From where? to this realm? trapped?

There is no dark in light.

SM :)

12 Sep 2021 18:16:57
Nice video if it wasn't a shameless PR job for Saudi Arabia.

11 Sep 2021 11:20:28
20 years ago today the US government and their zionist allies managed to convince almost everyone on the planet that 4 hijacked planes crashed into the twin towers, the pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania.

Considering the enormous success of that lie, it should really come as no surprise that they've managed to dupe almost everyone all over again.

One each occasion they've used the same MO. Make everyone scared of an invisible enemy, and then offer to make them safe again, whilst stripping them of their personal liberties along the way.

{Ed033's Note - What about this for a theory:

We should know that their Atomic structure model is another one of their fictional theories. And they like to think that Carbon has 6 Electrons, 6 Protons and 6 Neutrons in their fictional world.

They want to lower 'carbon emissions' to near zero and in theory even if we presume they only mean lowering CO2 emissions in industry / companies / houses, that would by default necessitate depopulation of humans.

Maybe 'lowering carbon emissions' can also mean lowering the number of entities that breath out carbon dioxide? And can it also mean lowering the amount of 'carbon units' being emitted by Mothers (lowering amount of babies being born)?

Remember recently the Script readers we know as Political Leaders have been using the phrase:

6uild 6ack 6etter.

I'm guessing that whenever the Satanic Luciferean Types use the word carbon or 666 anywhere it's their code for Depopulation?

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11 Sep 2021 20:08:17
Ed, your delusional (spot on) . It's all global warming that's the problem (MSBS) Once we establish energy companies on the Moon (BS) we will find a way to keep the enslaved just that. No pill will break the mind that swallows all that bull.

I think waking people up is becoming a thing of the past.

{Ed033's Note - i think Awake people will have to give up trying to Awaken the Sleepwalkers before 2025.

12 Sep 2021 20:05:52
The thing is, Ed. They get awakened all the time. The problem being is they think they're dreaming and fall back asheep.

{Ed033's Note - Asheep, very good.

11 sep 2021 09:33:32
Tartaria explained Part 4 - Ancient E.M.F. technology. History distorted.

Note - in this video, when you hear the audio being reversed - The reversed part is saying, Jesuits.

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11 Sep 2021 06:49:23
Have flat earthers worked the Sun out?

{Ed033's Note - Thanks p1

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