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20 Sep 2021 16:09:22
World Nearly LOST [TV Series] to Hive Mind Ethereal Evil Explained by LOST and LOST History [Ewar] - UAP Channel.

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20 Sep 2021 13:31:21
Several doctors from the Food and Drug administration's (FDA) vaccine hearing on Friday claimed in explosive testimony that the COVID-19 vaccine is killing more people than it’s saving and is driving the coronavirus mutations like the so-called ‘Delta’ variant.

FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee after 8 hours of testimony voted 16-2 against Joe Biden’s proposed COVID-19 booster shot program.

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20 Sep 2021 17:18:18
would you call this a small victory ed.

{Ed033's Note - So far, yes. This should be shown to to the unawake people, so the unawake people might think the experimental jabs should be stopped.

21 Sep 2021 13:38:19
Problem is the sheeple have their heads stuck so far up their ass they won't even see it or acknowledge it i'm afraid.

{Ed033's Note - Right, because why aren't the BBC and other mainstream news outlets running this as a main story.

21 Sep 2021 13:53:09
if people look at that and still believe in it, then i don't know what will wake them up.

{Ed033's Note - Right.

21 Sep 2021 20:15:04
BBC and other MSM aren't being paid to run it Ed033. He who pays the piper calls the tune.

{Ed033's Note - Right.

19 Sep 2021 21:13:20
WHY Prof Julie Ponesse CANADA REFUSED C.V. injection enforced by University of Ontario


{Ed033's Note - Thanks Rian.

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19 Sep 2021 21:06:28
FAKE C.V. jab.


{Ed033's Note - Thanks Rian.

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20 Sep 2021 18:18:51
I'm guessing the reason we see lots of these is because they won't take a chance of someone having an adverse reaction so publicly with all the media there.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, and if it's a top politician [who was never going to take the mRNA shot], then they can say they've taken it and therefore so should you.

18 Sep 2021 11:01:11
Uk funeral director speaks out


{Ed033's Note - Thanks p1.

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18 Sep 2021 14:57:03
Did he say they had the 'C.V. tents' in Nov/ Dec 2019?

{Ed033's Note - Yes, around 2:22 to 2:57 mark?

18 Sep 2021 23:45:28
I'm just trying to figure out how they would have had the foresight to have that level of preparedness so early in the timeline of the so called C.V.. Seems like they were way ahead of the posse if his memory is accurate about the dates?

{Ed033's Note - Government was told to expect mass deaths at that time, so maybe that was passed on?

19 Sep 2021 10:52:26
Hes now been struck off or whatever for speaking out.

{Ed033's Note - Terrible, but not surprising.

18 Sep 2021 07:06:22
Censored - a short 6 minute film about vax injuries.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks Rian.

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17 Sep 2021 20:43:31
Did anyone see what appeared to be two suns today
Our sun we see was as is and what appeared today was a second disc at six o'clock a lot smaller and only visible for 1 and half minutes roughly.
At about 6.30 UK time
And on top of that this morning there where 7 planes for engineering.

{Ed033's Note - I didn't, but if the Sun we see is a projection of some kind, then it's possible that any second Sun we see is also a projection or a reflection of some kind?

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17 Sep 2021 22:12:59
Yes I also thought that ed33,
Like a lense flare in camera.
Two work colleagues I gave a lift back from Brighton to Southampton
Also see the same thing.
I didn't say what to look for
Just where to look and they described the same thing I see.
Also it was orange in colour compared to the sun we see everyday.
And there was a lot of geo engineering (chemtrailing) happening first thing this morning.

17 Sep 2021 22:14:16
I know Hunter's moon, sun dog.
But this wasn't that .
Or didn't seem to be .

17 Sep 2021 16:39:48
The public schools [in the west] are now becoming satanic?

Ohio Mayor Craig A. Shubert [who is obviously not in their satanic club] demands school board members resign or face possible criminal charges.

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17 sep 2021 14:37:25
Camden catacombs and ancient highways - Paul Cook

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17 Sep 2021 12:06:28
People may not have seen some of this before?

3.5.5 Lost History of Earth - Ewaranon.
Can be played at 1.5 speed or higher

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16 Sep 2021 23:13:15
Is this the biblical prophecy being played out before us?

{Ed033's Note - Thanks p1

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16 Sep 2021 23:06:12
The Millennial Kingdom of God - Exploring Tartaria

{Ed033's Note - Beautiful, thanks United ireland

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17 Sep 2021 18:07:49
the video does tug a few hearts string ed.

16 Sep 2021 22:16:35
Quote from Michael Gove.

There is no sound sweeter than a young boys voice breaking than the sound of breaking then in

He also described thatchers policies at the time as A new empire where the happy south stamps over the cruel, dirty, toothless face of the northerner.

Yet people comply to these sickos.

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16 Sep 2021 19:37:31
Sir Christopher Chope in Parliament talking about deaths after receiving C.V. jabs.

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16 Sep 2021 13:44:40
10 days isolation as someone who lives with me has had a positive test. Test and trace just called I told them they may as well end the call as they will be getting zero personal data from me, she tried to waffle on saying I had to. can't wait for round 2.

{Ed033's Note - Round 2 can't truly begin until they get a Birth Certificated name. I'm not saying p1's issue is a police issue, but the below video, shows people a bit more about their satanic [legal] fictional world control system.

Lancashire police testifying that [when not dealing with a true crime], without the Birth Certificated name, they are stuck.

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16 Sep 2021 17:58:27
When you go out leave your phone at home just in case they track you and try to give you a ten grand fine which happened to someone I know who had a fireworks display on bonfire night.

16 Sep 2021 18:34:57
Oh ed they already had my name they asked to speak to me by my name, I just repeatedly told them I wouldn't be sharing any person information with them. So hopefully they will either try again or send the idiots around which is what i'm hoping for as I will say why you here, what do you want, this is ironic you calling here as if you were doing an investigation surely it should of started at my place of work. Bye.

{Ed033's Note - Right, i might ask them, if they can show where you consented, agreed or contracted to any of this?

16 Sep 2021 20:01:01
I don't believe so, I opted out of the NHS sharing my data too.

{Ed033's Note - They use the Maxim; Let he be deceived, who can be deceived, con on us.

We can ask them, show me where i consented, agreed or contracted?

16 Sep 2021 21:37:47
Great video, fantastic woman. I've subscribed to their channel. Thanks Ed033.

{Ed033's Note - I think that many years ago M.O.B. was part of her Community Trust

16 Sep 2021 22:11:49
If you have an iPhone they track you regardless of apps.

19 Sep 2021 21:47:14
As an update everyone else has been contacted again bar me lol. Is it because I unequivocally told them they would get no personal data from me or just my telephone voice.

{Ed033's Note - Maybe they might have thought that you declined their offer? And if they continued, you might think it's harassment?

15 Sep 2021 20:20:01

{Ed033's Note - Thanks Rian.

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15 Sep 2021 23:12:16
Thanks mate I love seeing the 911 stuff. Seeing all that stuff as a young child definitely had some sort of traumatic affect on me and everyone.

15 Sep 2021 19:09:48
Where is Nasa's version of Planet Mars? The answer is, it's on Google Earth.

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14 Sep 2021 16:49:35
They Took Away EVERYONE'S Rights - Time To Wake Up! | RUSSELL MEANS

{Ed033's Note - Thanks United ireland.

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13 Sep 2021 23:14:40
World Health Organization European Advisory Group of Experts in Immunization former Vice President Professor Christian Perronne said that all vaxxinated people must quarantine over the winter months or risk serious sickness.

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15 Sep 2021 10:13:45
the problem is ED033 the vaxxinated won't have to, they will be advised that due to being twice jabbed and booster jabbed, they are the safe ones and they lap it up. I am fed up arguing with idiots on twitter who believe everything Chris Whitty and Dr Hilary Jones (I use the word Dr loosely) say that the unjabbed are dangerous and we put them at risk. I have just had one say he hopes all unjabbed get seriously ill he will not accept that the jabbed are 6 times more likely to catch it or can even transmit it he soon shut up when he said he feels sorry for the unvaxxed so I asked him what unvaxxed means and they can not answer because they have heard whitty and jones say it then its a real word. I can see dark times ahead for us unjabbed.

{Ed033's Note - Aren't they confused as to why the unjabbed aren't dropping like flies? Because wouldn't that mean from their point of view that the jabs make no difference?

16 Sep 2021 00:03:53
You would think so wouldn't you ED033 but it seems that having the jab and hanging off every word a TV doctor says is enough evidence that they are the saviours and us the destroyers I'm fully expecting concentration camps or likewise in the next couple of years.

16 Sep 2021 17:58:59
They've already made a massive USA like prison in Wrexham.

13 sep 2021 18:09:21
The vax, 5g, EMFs and magnetism - sgt report.


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