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14 Jun 2022 20:28:11
Andreas Kalcker cures millions in South America with CDS.

{Ed032's Note - Ed033 posted about chlorine dioxide solution a few weeks back. This is an interesting insight into using the solution.

19 Jun 2022 10:06:36
Hi Ed what is the best CDS product to use.

{Ed032's Note - Hi, AlFred. Good to have you posting again.

That is a good question, thanks. I am really unsure over what product would be best to use. I'm not even sure if you can buy an actual product, off the shelf so to speak, that would be used in this way and with the lifetime of satanic indoctrination by the Luciferian Elite, the cognitive dissonance is strong.

Ed033 posted a video - Dr. Andreas Kalcker: How To Make Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) - (type in 'CDS' in the search box, its the 2nd post, maybe 3rd now) This explains how to make your own solution. I can not endorse it though as I haven't tried it myself, but it is a very interesting subject and one I intend to look into further. Due diligence is needed when it comes to dealing with potentially toxic substances. But when you think of all the pills and potions 'prescribed' by medical professionals (the indoctrinated) and the fact most are toxic to humans and need other pills to counteract adverse reactions, I don't think anything should be left off the table especially when it comes to the potential incredible benefits of using such things.

Hope this helps, mate. Keep us posted on any research or findings you may make, it will be appreciated.

All the best


19 Jun 2022 17:31:27
Having a quick search around there are quite a few CDS products available from various places, AlFred. I wouldn't want to or know which to recommend though as I will only do that having used a product myself.

I will do some more research into CDS when my situation allows some time for that and I will post any worthwhile findings, I assure you of that.

Wasn't Trump recommending drinking bleach for Convid at one point? I mean CDS is basically a type of bleach so maybe this is what he was referring too? It's all about the doseage though. Even when something is good/beneficial there is always the age-old saying "too much of a good thing" if you catch my drift.

Research eyes wide open 👍👌😉

22 Jun 2022 16:15:21
Thanks ed

{Ed032's Note - Very welcome, AlFred.

14 Jun 2022 18:55:49
THE PLAN - WHO plans for 10 years of pandemics, from 2020 to 2030

14 Jun 2022 14:05:57
The Great Pyramid Mystery

13 Jun 2022 18:49:33

15 Jun 2022 11:23:32
It mysteriously disappeared!

{Ed032's Note - Thanks, Rian. Looks like the learnt a thing or two from NASA. 🍕

13 Jun 2022 17:54:39
Why are There No Photographs of the Flat Earth?

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13 Jun 2022 15:52:17
Dr Tom Cowan with Clive. Science is taking the radio apart to find where the sound is coming from.

13 Jun 2022 14:44:27
Monkeypox Mythology

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16 Jun 2022 11:14:32
These bastards have no shame!

{Ed032's Note - These satanic bastards have no soul but sadly all the shame is falling on to the sheeple getting fooled more than once, kingkenny7.

16 Jun 2022 15:44:41
Ed032: you are so right, and have put it better than me, thankfully i was awake as soon as Monkeypox was "invented" but sadly the sheeple will fall for it and other viruses hook line and sinker.

{Ed032's Note - We have to be careful and not turn against ourselves. The People. The Souls.

This is crucial, kingkenny7.

We, the awake, are not better than a sheeple. We are just blessed to see a more in-depth view of Truth and at the end of the day we were part of the main herd once, also, and no different.

The thing we have to do is nudge the conscious thinking of others to be aware of the satanic trickery going on. It is more of a case of getting them to think of an answer to a question we know the answer too rather than than telling them how things are/the answer.

You have to get their minds to come up with the answer themselves because that will overrule any pre-programmed 'skooled' logic. Sadly the satanic magic is strong.

16 Jun 2022 23:30:58
Just want to add.

I use 'Us' and 'Them' regarding the awake and the asheep.

In my world/realm there is no difference other than one side hasn't really thought things through with their own mind.

The only segregation I want is from the soulless luciferian elite that deserve everything coming their way.

13 Jun 2022 21:15:13
Grand Jury Day 8 - Closing Arguments: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich ' English

13 Jun 2022 21:01:14
Antagonists / Follow Up To Is Life A Drag / Hugo Talks

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