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26 May 2021 11:22:00
An exclusive interview with Dr. Roger Hodkinson

Dr. Roger Hodkinson says there is sufficient evidence in the literature to show the spike protein [in the jabs] expresses in the placenta and the testes could kill unborn babies in current pregnancies and permanently stop men having children.

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25 may 2021 21:15:39
canada's new appointed head of state and commander in chief - trudeau is out

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25 May 2021 08:25:08
Planet Lockdown documentary

Catherine Austin Fitts on the coup de'tat complete control system behind the C.V. jabs - Transhumanism, Economic war, Crypto, Disaster capitalism, technocracy, Robotics, A.I., turning people into Borg slave entities hooked up to 'The Cloud'. [and she uses the term, 'Borg']

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24 May 2021 21:30:18
India government saying there is no 'Indian Variant'?

Click for larger image:

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25 May 2021 07:18:33
i think the issue here is about the mutant strain being named "indian variant" on social media platforms just like the whole trump china C.V. situation. Its all politics so far.

the fear mongering in india started as soon as the vax drive started as well.

one thing for sure is everyone is confused with the whole situation here but the sheeple are still taking the jabs and there are some reports of the vax drive taking at least 2 years to complete across all of india.

{Ed033's Note - thanks for the perspective.

24 may 2021 17:57:48
i remember a while back a deduction about bitcoin. i did say what if the 3 gorges damn gave way? not saying it was a prediction but listen to this lady.

looking behind the cover of the three gorges dam! + green passport to fully end!

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24 May 2021 11:46:29
If you're new on here, the Jon Levi youtube channel is an excellent channel and if you watch enough of his videos, you have to come to the conclusion that at a minimum, we have been given a fictional history and fictional timeline.

This video has been shown twice on here before, but it's a good one if you haven't seen it.
Reverse Engineering History (Red Mercury)

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23 may 2021 23:29:07
NHS receptionist reveals true shocking story about adverse reactions to the jabs


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23 May 2021 20:04:24
UK Government changes Genocide Act?

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23 May 2021 19:31:47
Interview with Dr. Tenpenny: Covid Shots Start Genetic Process That Is 'Like Having an on Button With No off Button'

From the article:
"Perhaps as more people succumb to the side-effects of gene manipulation inherent in these drugs, doctors and researchers will dig deeper into ways of reversing the process, but right now there’s no way to do it."

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23 May 2021 19:14:33
Homeschooling is best.

A group of furious parents lined up before Virginia's Loudoun County School Board this week to read several "prnographic" passages from books assigned to ninth graders in the district.

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23 May 2021 18:10:07
Watched the UK Media recently? Taken over? Watch closer.

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23 May 2021 19:14:59

23 May 2021 12:19:20
Russian Army Recruitment Ad vs American Army Recruitment Ad.

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23 may 2021 11:56:23
Another good Flat earth model conversation with dave weiss.

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23 May 2021 11:17:36
In the Garden of Eden there are two trees left of right. Choose your path God says. What if that were up or down? Bowing our head to God is down is it not? Raising our head to Satan is it not? What is up is down and vice versa.

{Ed033's Note - Also, isn't it when praying to the Creator, you get on 2 knees, but when they 'worship' Satan/Lucifer, they apparently get on 1 knee. So why are these sports people getting on 1 knee? It's Satanic isn't it?

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23 May 2021 12:28:54
Exactly my point. They the sports people, pray to satan.

{Ed033's Note - Right yeah [i didn't quite get it the first time i read it] - They're trying to mind control people towards Satan and away from the Creator. All of this intentional dividing us is Satanic.

23 May 2021 16:47:02
wee bit confused with this one. would you not be looking up praying to the creator as he is up in the heavens and down below is the evil one?

23 May 2021 10:55:14
A poster asked what is our/ your next prediction? I know it was answered correctly, however if he/ she wants a prodiction I have one, although probably not a good idea here it is. Queen Elizabeth's death or someone else within the Royal Family will be announced within the next 2/3 months.

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23 May 2021 10:47:29
I haven't watched the Eurovision contest for well over 10 years, my wife loves it for some reason and always used to watch it with her family. Due to circumstances we watched it together and she not with her family. I noticed the first act had an all seeing eye on his teeshirt. A lot of other symbolism followed. No masks, no distancing, hugging etc. One very important telling which most probably missed myself included, my wife noticed it, the female presenter said the winner of the Eurovision contest for 2020 will soon be reveiled? Anyone else notice that? Was the contest made in 2020?

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22 May 2021 18:18:39
Ed you got any links / gov links even better stipulating the vaxs are only for emergency use and not backed by mhra etc.

{Ed033's Note - If you look on search engines, newspapers have stories stating emergency use.

If you want government using the words temporary and emergency supply then here is one - Conditions for authorisation for emergency supply under Regulation 174 for COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca

I guess there is one for Pfizer as well.

MHRA seem to be given the ability to withdraw these vaxs or issue the "full market authorisation" in the future - [Within the above .gov .pdf] "12. This authorisation will be valid until expressly withdrawn by MHRA or upon issue of a full market authorisation by the MHRA."

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23 May 2021 09:57:08
Thanks Ed that's great trying to have a conversation with someone who has had the vax. Sent him a few bits now hopefully he now understands the vax is not licensed.

{Ed033's Note - Right, i presume none of the vax companies can get a license from MHRA until 2023.

22 May 2021 12:48:49
Doctor Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test, was the biggest critic of Doctor Anthony Fauci.

One of his greatest concerns was the way the PCR test was being used to generate unreliable data.

He conveniently died only a few months before the start of the plandemic.


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22 May 2021 11:55:30
The Time For Action Is Now with David Mahoney and Lee Dawson


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23 May 2021 10:06:55
Digital warriors?

More like Digital Thugs.

{Ed033's Note - But their hearts are in the correct place.

23 May 2021 12:13:44
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

23 May 2021 17:01:45
Were these two not associated with Charlie the fraud Ward.

{Ed033's Note - They are friends of his, but just because you associate or are friends with someone, doesn't make you the same as them.

22 May 2021 07:53:03
I posted last week and only one of them was put up, the first. You responded to try and make me look stupid when I was only after info. The 2nd post was not added.
Question for ed 033. What is the endgame for C.V., what is it that world leaders/ those in charge what to achieve. I'm not trying to make fun or pick a fight, I just want to know what your opinion is. Also why do they want to do this? .
I'm a believer in hearing all sides to every point. Until you do, you can't make your own judgement. No problems if you don't post this. Keep up the work on this great website. It's services a lot of people.

{Ed033's Note - What is the endgame for C.V. and why do they want to do this?

This is the same question as your 2nd post and i answered it with:
This 19 May 2021 23:37:46 entire thread
This 21 May 2021 21:22:33 post.

If you're new on here you're supposed to watch the videos and read the articles. There are 22 pages you can readily access to start you going. You haven't watched anything or read anything on here or you wouldn't have repeated this question.

If you want me to answer; What is the endgame for C.V. and why do they want to do this? in 1 sentence or less :), so you don't have to put any time into video watching or reading, i'll do it in 3 words:

1. Total
2. Satanic
3. Control

Does that mean anything to you? If not, then start watching videos and read the articles on here or bitchute or brandnewtube or brighteon or elsewhere.

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22 May 2021 12:02:08
The great reset Klaus schwab. They want to destroy all small businesses like they have already been doing for years. Think Tesco popping up everywhere a pub or local shop closes. They want to reduce the population to 500 million so the world is sustainable as lost jobs will be done by A.I. robots. Even delivery jobs will all be drones etc so no jobs for humans will cause civil unrest.

Why let them riot when we can just cull them before hand? All this will be done by 2030 and we will officially be in the new world order where nobody will own anything bar the corporates and in there eyes you will be happy. There reasoning for this? It's for the greater good.

{Ed033's Note - Their greater good.

22 May 2021 15:50:48
Liverpoolmanc, as the saying goes: Its easier to fool the people, than it is to convince them, that they have been fooled.
You need to think about that, it says it all.
We are all fooled and misled from day 1 mate.

So like Ed033 has said, you should watch videos and listen to what's being said, read articles and posts, and form some sort of opinion by yourself, its all about joining the dots.

I have close to 500 hours of research that I have accumulated on this subject, I have also dismissed lots of rubbish that is clearly done by people who have no idea.
This site is very informative, so if you are genuinely interested, spend some time and look though the maze of fascinating info available within the 22 pages.

I have a simple theory, and that is, I don't believe anything until I have checked first, and if I am asked to do something, I always ask why.

I hope you approve Ed, thought it might help LM.

{Ed033's Note - Yes i approve, thanks dave.

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