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25 feb 2021 22:14:47
world doctors alliance - c.v. is a hoax.

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25 Feb 2021 21:51:06
Is the scamdemic unravelling?

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25 Feb 2021 17:38:58
Neale v DPP court case - the right to silence, citizens' duties and C.V. Regulations.

"The judgment was a significant restatement of the position in Rice v Connolly that there is no general common law duty to assist the police and a person cannot be guilty of wilfully obstructing a police officer by remaining silent when questioned if there is no legal duty to answer questions. There is no such duty under Coronavirus Regulations.".

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25 Feb 2021 16:47:19
Just a piece of info you all might be interested in. My partner had to go to the hospital in our area for scans and crafts. There was a designated area as usual. The car park was only one third full which usually consists mainly of staff cars. The hospital nowhere near full capacity. Most unusual thing was she can't remember seeing a single medical staff wearing a mask.

{Ed033's Note - ok thanks.

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24 Feb 2021 22:09:49
The regional government of Galicia in northwestern Spain has announced that the CV-19 vax will be compulsory for all its 2.7 million inhabitants, and that fines for those who don’t follow the rules will go from €1,000 to €60,000.

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25 Feb 2021 22:33:37
Seems Galicia's nostalgia for Fascism is more than just nostalgia. It's no surprise that this region of all places should be the first to mandate vaxs. Their beloved Franco would be proud.

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