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06 Oct 2021 19:15:36
Ok. So I've tested positive last week. My wife (who's vaccinated) and my 3 kids have all tested positive also.
I was really rough for a couple of days, reminds me of a bad cold or mild flu when I was younger and be off school.
But today I have lost my taste and smell and I've got a weird sensation in my nose like I've gone to the local swimming pool gone under water upside down and not held my nose.

I'm starting to feel better but it is a little weird.
I'll be fine but obviously worried about my wife as she's had the vax as she works for the nhs and felt she had too.
I'm guessing the loss of taste and smell is like can apparently occur sometimes when you have a cold according to what I've read on line.

{Ed033's Note - Don't know whether it's true, but I've read that the lack of smell is down to a lack of zinc? If so, what causes the zinc to be used up?

I still think that if Ivermectin (kills parasites) can stop the symptoms in 48 hours, then we're dealing with some type of parasites?

If people get into trouble with their breathing or such it seems what's going to help is parasite killers?

1. Ivermectin
2. Hydroxychloroquine
3. MMS / Chlorine Dioxide in water
4. 30 drops or so [using a pipette] of Diamond G Forest 100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine onto a teaspoon of sugar and then eat the Turpentine soaked sugar
5. Nano particle size silver solution?
6. Wormwood, Black Walnut, Cloves parasite cleanse?

I heard that in:
1720 there was a mass outbreak of Plague [Plague = Parasites being sprayed about?]
1820 there was a mass outbreak of Cholera [Cholera = Parasites in the water supply?]
1920 Spanish Flu where they injected people with disease causing substances i.e. parasites?

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06 Oct 2021 20:16:58
I'll check it out Ed. I have always taken good quality supplements. I regularly eat foods with good zinc contents, nuts, eggs, shellfish etc and get my kids to do the same. The other stuff I'll have to check out but none of us can work or leave the house until next week lol.

{Ed033's Note - What was the point of taking the fake test?

06 Oct 2021 23:00:39
My work wanted the results of a PCR test. To be honest it was after the PCR swab that I lost my taste and smell earlier today. Has the coatings on the swab got anything to do with it?

{Ed033's Note - Apparently there is something coated onto the swabs and that is why you don't put the swab anywhere near you and you either don't do anything with the swab or you spit on the swab from a distance.

07 Oct 2021 09:42:05
I had the exact symptoms you did. My sense of smell came back around two weeks after I stopped being ill. Around 3/ 4 weeks with no smell.

05 Oct 2021 15:10:09
From this article:

"Because the latest Public Health data shows that Covid-19 vaccinated people have accounted for 81% of Covid-19 deaths this summer, whilst UK Government data shows that Covid-19 deaths are over 11 times higher than this time last year, and Office for National Statistics data shows that since teens were first given the Covid-19 vaccine there has been a 63% increase in deaths among teen boys compared to the same period in 2020.

The UK is essentially in the midst of a national disaster with a vaccine programme that has clearly failed, but more worryingly has also killed children, and will kill more. because we seem to have a problem in the UK where a huge majority of the population do not believe a single thing unless it is shown on the BBC News.

But the data could not be more clear. Just take a look at Public Health Scotland’s latest Covid-19 Statistical report published September 29th. Table 18 of the report shows that the vast majority of Covid-19 deaths between August 21st and September 17th 2021 were among the fully vaccinated population with 233 deaths recorded, accounting for 77% of all Covid-19 deaths.

Throw in the 10 deaths to have occurred among the partly vaccinated and that means the vaccinated population accounted for 81% of Covid-19 deaths in Scotland between August 21st and September 17th."

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04 Oct 2021 19:31:45
What the Ship Is Going On? October 4, 2021 | What's Going on With Shipping?

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04 Oct 2021 11:43:23
If you missed it on here from a ago: World Bank Document Lists Covid-19 Program Ending on 31 March 2025.

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04 Oct 2021 11:28:56
Evidence of Midazolam Death By Government Policy [From M.O.B.].

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04 Oct 2021 21:02:02
Mob chats rubbish though he's been winning against the government for about 2 years but achieved jack.

{Ed033's Note - And he's not going to stop.

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