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08 Nov 2020 05:01:36
Sums the U.S. Election all up, really.

We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.

{Ed033's Note - Exactly and what we have to keep in mind is that the mainstream media don't pick the winner of an Election.

I don't know exactly how it works, but something like, Every State Governor has to sign off on who won the State. That hasn't happened so the mainstream media appear to be 'interfering' with the Election, which i'm guessing is a criminal offence?

There are still 3 outcomes here:

1. Biden Wins
2. Trump wins
3. Election is void

There is also a possibility that as Maritime Admiralty is a water based system and we're now moving away from the Age of Pisces (Water sign) to an Air sign (Aquarius), that the Maritime Admiralty system becomes void at some point in the near future.

If this does happen, then any political system that currently uses Maritime Admiralty then becomes void.

For this to happen, we really need enough of the population on board [consenting] to 'Change' because our political systems are completely broken

So the Lunacy Script we're seeing being played out on the World Stage if we're 'awake' is an attempt to 'wake' up the 'Asleep' Muggles.

If option 3 is declared above, then there is a possibility of a second U.S. Election next year for a different type of 'Control' system, and that doesn't mean to say it's all 'Rosey' from then on, if this does happen.

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08 Nov 2020 11:18:22
Be careful, that video has been edited and taken out of context from a podcast on Oct 24th.

Ed so you think the powers that be are genuinely trying to wake people up?

I’ve always assumed that to be able to have a global government maybe they need people to lose faith in their national governments which I see a great opportunity to expose them fully.

{Ed033's Note - Trying to get them out of their current mindset and into a new mindset, which i don't know as yet, yes.

How bad/crazy does it have to get to move them out of their current mindset?

08 Nov 2020 12:21:45
This example could be of some use in full of part if you have your offspring in school:

Notice to Revoke Power of Attorney
Dear [Headmaster/Principal],
Due to the severity of the epidemic/pandemic, i hereby serve you notice that, with immediate effect, each Power of Attorney held by [name of school] in relation to [name of your offspring] are now discharged in full without exception.

From now on, with immediate effect, the only protocol in force is; should there be any issues of any kind involving the health and safety of [name of your offspring], the school is required to immediately contact [people + phone numbers], in order for my offspring to be restored to my care, either myself directly and / or any of the aforementioned people.

All rights reserved.

07 Nov 2020 20:07:53
Hey new to this part of the site
So help everyone

So I take it now Biden has won the election then?
Has Trump any real chance to stop this from happening? Is there any real evidence election fraud has taken place?

2 nd question

Who started the private prosecution for parliament who's funding it
And does it have any substance to it?
Don't see any news outlet reporting this and only found out by reading this site?


{Ed033's Note -
1. Who knows maybe Biden has won, that should 'wake' the American people up, which is good. However, the rumour is that there is a special trackable Quantum Voting System 'Watermark' on each genuine ballot, so if that is correct and everyone knows and accepts it then Trump will win after they discard the fake paper ballots. And that should 'Wake' people up to the fact 'Changes' need to be made.

There is also a possibility of a second U.S. election in a few months time, but we'll have to wait and see.

2. On Monday 9th November 2020 some legal people are supposed to lay out the Private Criminal Prosecution of most of the M.P.s. in a court room.

It's likely based on what M.O.B. [who wrote the actual final document] said, that people involved contributed for free because it's the only solution we have at the moment to get a public judgement for arrests against them [because not enough people have 'woken up' to require the government and M.P.s to get out.]

We'll have to wait and see what happens on Monday. The mainstream media do as they're told and they've been told to keep quiet about it, it seems.

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07 Nov 2020 22:12:13
Thanks for reply 😊.

08 Nov 2020 00:07:49
Update on Hull Petition 07 11 2020 Common Law Constitution. Government Regulations don't trump the Bill of Rights, Don't trump the Constitutional Common Law rights.

08 Nov 2020 00:14:06
The Great British Mortgage Swindle - A Documentary Film By The Michaels of Bernicia and Deira.

08 Nov 2020 07:56:04
Ed your first point regarding Biden winning. how does that make you think it will wake Americans up? I understand the second point of if trump can prove fraudulence it would wake people up.


{Ed033's Note - Because Americans would see before their own eyes over a period of time, America being ruined.

10 Nov 2020 02:03:35
Trump and his fanatics are paranoid of their own paranoia. A narcissist who's times up. He will try to do as much damage as he can before he goes. The scary part is the brainwashed want to take up arms which will lead to mass shootings across America.

{Ed033's Note - One faction wants mass shootings across America, but people have to realise that the mainstream media is 100% biased against Trump and controlled by that same faction.

If people don't watch the mainstream media then they have a much greater chance of being objective as to what's really going on.

06 Nov 2020 17:30:59
Voter Fraud - this lady has been at it an hour - Delaware county Pennsylvania.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks Rian.

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07 Nov 2020 09:57:59
What people have to keep in mind is that we are now moving away from the Age of Pisces (Water Sign) to the Age Of Aquarius (Air Sign).

The Controllers are into Ritual 'As Above So Below' Astrology as part of their religion so they are moving away from systems and stuff they perceive as Pisces / Water Sign and into systems and stuff they perceive as Aquarius / Air Sign.

This means things we thought can't happen can now happen.

07 Nov 2020 10:09:51
What we could see with the fictional 'presidential' race is that it's like watching American Wrestling where Hulk Hogan has been constantly 'beat up' and then the other side 'Cheat' with someone else coming in and 'beating' Hulk Hogan up a load more when he's on the floor when the Ref isn't looking.

It looks like Hulk Hogan is beat and out for the count and then by some 'miracle' he manages to get up and starts beating up the other side and wins.

Whay would this happen? Maybe to 'Wake' people up to the fact that 'Big Changes' need to be made [for the Aquarius Age].

07 nov 2020 10:23:11
So, you might have to take this with a large pinch of salt:

The Original Prophecy: What will happen on December 21st 2020 at Uluru Ayers Rock with a ceremony with the Original People Of Australia? Part 1 of 2:

07 nov 2020 10:28:06
You're going to have to take this with a giant pinch of salt.

6000 year alignment coming December 21, 2020:

06 Nov 2020 13:02:07
Hello Ed,
I came across John Harris the other day and watched his presentation on Legalese. have come across this before. but can imagine how much harm it would cause you and your family if you were to try and get your freedom back. It’s sad that he committed suicide. What did you make of him overall?

On a separate note, I turned the TV on yesterday night and by chance, caught Trumps live speech. What caught me was the biased reporting against him across all news channels. I don’t think he stands a chance now. What do you think will happen to him now?

{Ed033's Note - With Trump, the rumour now is that every vote is logged in the Quantum Voting System even the paper ballots. This means the fake paper ballots can be discounted and any correct paper ballots that have been thrown away can be 'traced' and counted. If this can be 'verified' then Trump should win the fictional 'presidential' election.

And maybe this was all done to help 'wake up' the American people.

How can Mankind move on, while we have so many 'Asleep' people about?

John Harris was brilliant at he time, he 'woke' a lot of people up [maybe tens of thousands of people] then committed suicide for some reason.

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06 Nov 2020 14:28:36
Will they allow him to verify this though ed? Just seems they are trying to kill him off.

{Ed033's Note - Well this is likely to go on until sometime in December, because by the beginning of January some type of decision surely has to be made.

Is it possible they have a second election using the Quantum Voting System next year?

Or will the Supreme Court make the final decision on what happens?

06 Nov 2020 15:33:21
I think that is the major issue. The need for a result will come above letting this play out in the courts as it should. Even then, will the courts take his evidence seriously?

{Ed033's Note - I wouldn't trust the Supreme Court.

06 Nov 2020 15:36:52
The age of the Earth appears to be thousands not billions of years old?

06 Nov 2020 16:05:09
COVID-1984 Private Criminal Prosecution against MPs Update:
Yesterday morning M.O.B. received a reaffirmation of their legal team's 100% commitment to running the case against Parliament.

The legal team have agreed that the laying of the information cannot be delayed for three weeks, as proposed. They have now agreed that it must be laid by Monday 9th of November at the latest.

07 Nov 2020 00:13:55
Will you be posting regular updates on this ed? Thanks!

{Ed033's Note - On the Private Criminal Prosecution, yes.

06 Nov 2020 07:57:40
What a sign of desperation from government. Too many people now starting to question what's going on?

Peaceful protests will be banned under England's new coronavirus lockdown rules.

The obvious thing to say is, 'i'm not protesting'.

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06 Nov 2020 08:10:23
They're already making plans to continue the medical tyranny past 2025

The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028

06 Nov 2020 08:10:16
Michael O'Bernicia talks about 'Common Law' and Magna Carta 2020.

06 Nov 2020 08:24:19
immunologist, Prof. Dolores Cahill:
If you force someone to wear a mask, you're personally liable for medically harming them. Masks are causing serious harm and should be stopped immediately.

06 nov 2020 08:10:26
Gemma O'Doherty - Freedom of Information requests shows government has no 'virus' and has no evidence of a virus?

06 Nov 2020 08:10:30
UK Gov Sinks Further into Criminality

06 Nov 2020 08:58:23

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