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05 Nov 2020 18:04:14
W.T.F. Wetherspoons Employees wearing BodyCams? Who else is wearing body cams and for what purpose?

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05 nov 2020 18:08:00
Wow, This video is a must listen:

Michael O'Bernicia - Update on The Private Criminal Prosecution of Every Current British M.P.


05 Nov 2020 18:10:24
Face-mask recognition has arrived

05 Nov 2020 18:10:28
UN Admits New Polio Outbreak In Sudan Caused By Gates-Funded Oral Vaccine

05 Nov 2020 18:10:32
Spanish Flu Did not kill 50,000,000 - Vaccines Did and They Are Repeating the Same Pattern Again Now.

05 Nov 2020 18:56:59
Crater Earth : Flipped Americas

04 Nov 2020 21:03:58
Rian all you have to do is say your exempt.
I was at dublin zoo just after 1st lockdown was over and was told I had to wear a mask to enter the gift shop, i then told the guy manning the door that I was exempt, he asked me why I couldn't wear one and I told him my medical details were confidential.

I also told him he was out of line for asking this and pressuring me to wear a mask as I told him I was exempt, i then passed him into the shop and he stop me and apologise as he admitted he had no power to do so.

On leaving the shop the person at the door had been replaced with another person who never challenged me while leaving.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks for the post bert13.

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04 Nov 2020 22:30:50
I did that Bert, though not in Dublin zoo. My experience has been very different to yours. Have you tried to walk into big supermarkets without a face covering recently? Security won't let you in without one. Shopping centres too.

Is anyone here managing to do that in Dublin? I know the health act 1947 (amended 2020) should be protecting me, but in reality it isn't. I don't want to wear a face covering, but I also don't want to get into an altercation with some rent a thug every time I go to buy a loaf of bread.

{Ed033's Note - Why not go into a smaller supermarket?

You can also find out which security company it is and take the security company on by writing to them.

04 Nov 2020 23:45:15
Yes smaller ones are better. Good idea about writing to the security company Ed033.

{Ed033's Note - People in general need to start gaining the confidence to stand up for themselves.

The company need to tell their workers that the workers are personally liable if they discriminate against people and/or practise medicine without a license.
If where the employee is working is open to the public, then where are these laws that permit removal of you or prevent entry?
What is the mask law they're relying on?
What obligation are they relying on to have jurisdiction over you?
Do they have some evidence that you were there to do anything other than purchase goods for sale?
Is it their wilful intention to cause distress and alarm? [which can also be seen as a demonstrated wilful and belligerent act of terrorism.]

If people want a response then something like the below is needed:
If they don't get back to you in 30 calendar days with clear competent answers to every question, then they agree to pay you for wasted time/petrol etc and agree to pay for any future work involved with letter writing and/or phone calls to settle this matter as per the below Fee Schedule.
Fee Schedule:
[create an invoice with amounts]

05 Nov 2020 09:10:39
How do they get people to wear masks and close their own businesses just using words / spells / spellings?

We're dealing with satanic wizards. This is a World War against the people, but it's only actually happening inside people's minds in the fictional world.

If people wake up and don't consent, then their spells get broken. We can use our words against them. Ideally we the people should go back to our original 'Common Law' system rather than be part of their satanic, admiralty, maritime, slave system.

Simon Spaniard says his version of the way he sees the fictional world / living world.

05 Nov 2020 11:09:42
In possession of a Grandmother, Police kidnap a 96 year old grandmother [who is actually being classed as a 'fictional person'].
Lunacy subtly continues to 'Wake people up'.

05 Nov 2020 11:35:43
I'm from the north, rian, so not sure how different it is for us up here compared to yous. I have shopped in tesco and never been refused entry but they were trying to sell masks at front door for anyone not wearing one.

I just politely declined. I even think tesco have lanyards they can give to customers that are exempt. I suppose it stops customers arguing and makes their job easier.

05 Nov 2020 12:11:40
I will ask Tesco if they are issuing lanyards here in Dublin. Thanks Bert.

04 Nov 2020 10:09:32
So now we see the real reason why they have to have these isolation facilities/detention centres.

Compulsory vaccination paper to parliament

It seems that current public health 'law', rules out medical treatment, including vaccination, but permits extensive restrictions on personal
activity, such as free movement and association.

However, section 3 of the Mental Health Act 1983 requires that
appropriate treatment for the person's mental disorder is available and that it is not
possible to provide treatment without detention.

It's pretty bizarre that despite the government web site stating Covid-19 is not a highly infectious disease, despite their low death numbers for covid [even though awake people know the covid death numbers are a scam anyway], they are going to try to pretend that you have a mental disorder and need to be detained if you don't agree to their ongoing for the rest of your life experimental genetically altering vaccination program.

Surely, it's obvious that the people who think there is a continuing epidemic/pandemic using the low numbers [which is a scam anyway] have mental disorders and need to be detained.

We can hope that the detention centres are actually there for those perpetrating this scam.

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04 Nov 2020 10:34:36
NHS trying to force the Test Under Threat of Being Sectioned under the mental health act.

This highly knowledgeable guy [who requires medical help] defeats NHS staff mindset and they appear to agree with him and help him in the end.

04 Nov 2020 10:42:19
Has Rachel Elnaugh [of Dragons' Den fame] now 'woken up' to this world wide scam? Who else has woken up? Compliance is Complicity.

04 Nov 2020 10:42:23
What do you make so far of the US election ed and what Trump has come out to say? Does it seem to you like there is something fraudulent going on?

{Ed033's Note - Of course Trump should have won in a landslide, but you would expect huge fraud in any 'Banana Republic'.

People should realise; America, England and every 'Commonwealth' country should return to 'Common Law' or 'Constitutional Law' a.s.a.p.

04 Nov 2020 10:42:33
Chloroquine Analogs Found Effective Early in 2016 for Viruses Including SARS, Ebola, MERS, HIV, HCV and More

04 Nov 2020 10:42:37
Mark Devlin - Is this the real plan? Are we deliberately shown the criminal and corrupt nature of the Covid creators through it all being made so farcical that a five-year-old child could see through the trickery and games?


04 Nov 2020 12:12:56
What do you think will happen in the end Ed especially with Trump looking to go to the Supreme Court?

{Ed033's Note - The Supreme Court should decided that anything put before them which has anything to do with the 'presidential race' is void because there is no actual 'presidential race' it's fictional and only exists in people's minds. Bill Clinton was the last President, everyone since was pretending (see Russell-Jay: Gould's-Last-Flag-Standing).
But what would that mean?

However, The Supreme Court in the past has shown itself to be as corrupt as any other part of their system, so any overall outcome is possible.

03 Nov 2020 21:28:45
More logical analysis from Ivor Cummins

When are people going to wake up to this grand deception?

CRUCIAL Viral Update Critique of Data sending UK into Lockdown Meltdown

{Ed033's Note - thanks Rian. They should have woken up by now.

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03 Nov 2020 10:59:07
Can you provide me the link to the C.V. mask exemption pass please?

{Ed033's Note - If in U.K. you can buy a Face covering Exemption Card from the Disability Horizons Shop. It's easier to show someone the card than arguing.

Or in U.K. you could print your own Exemption card using the following, for example:

I am exempt from wearing a face covering.
To insist that I disclose why is a breach of Section 29 (5) (a) of The Equality Act 2010.
To deny me entry, and/or service is a breach of Section 13 (1) of The Equality Act 2010.
It is illegal for you to require someone to wear a face covering because it’s classed as an unlicensed practice of medicine.

Article 6 of the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights: 1. Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.

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03 Nov 2020 11:37:10
If people want some control over their details they handover to any entity, then they should do it all using paperwork and use the term 'Special Deposit' at the top of the 'details to be handed over' / sign up paperwork.

On this paperwork you specify your conditions under which you're handing over your details; such as, they can't give your details on to any 3rd party.

Basically as you own your details, you specify how they can use / what they can do with your details.

Remember, we're meant to negotiate the terms and conditions when agreeing/contracting with any other man/person/commercial entity.

03 Nov 2020 21:22:54
Is that working in Britain. Are you getting into supermarkets etc without a face covering? It's pretty hardcore here in Ireland. We're refused entry without one.

{Ed033's Note - Yes.

04 Nov 2020 00:55:25

Just say no mate.

You are exempt! Because, you don't consent. You'll find content on here to give you all the information you need mate.

{Ed033's Note - There has to be a separate mask page on here as well it seems.

04 Nov 2020 13:46:53
i have just ordered a mask exemption card as its easier to show that than argue with the local idiots who instead of catching real criminals find it easier to bully joe public plus i have just heard on the local radio they will now give on the spot fines.

{Ed033's Note - These "on the spot fines", can only be offers to contract. How do you 'fine' someone for not wearing a mask without a 'mask law'?

04 Nov 2020 17:45:37
That would be my first question under what law are you fining me.

{Ed033's Note - Unless a Police Constable is the one issuing the 'fine' offer, why would you give your details to them if they don't already have your details [from your vehicle details or credit card details]?

And if a Police Constable is the one issuing the 'fine' offer, they should realise that they are at that point in time outside their job title remit and therefore outside of their insurance bond, so shouldn't be doing it.

04 Nov 2020 20:14:43
Tried that RobbosPress. I was thrown out of my local supermarket and told to never come back. The problem here is that you are a pariah if you don't wear a mask. It's very hard to be the one person refusing.

{Ed033's Note - So you do realise that they are going to say, no vaccine, no entry next? But it's not just 1 vaccine. Why are they going to stop at 1 vaccine?

Ideally you want to start practising taking them on, by writing to their head office. They are open to the public but are discriminating against you and they are illegally practising medicine without a license.

Peggy Hall interview on whose authority and with what law.

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