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01 Oct 2021 15:40:47
Tanya Davies MP [Australia] - Mandatory Covid Vaccines are Unlawful and Side Effects Are Not a Conspiracy Theory

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30 Sep 2021 06:42:12
Are the ancient Greeks, Hubble, Hawking are all frauds?

{Ed033's Note -
1. Stephen Hawking:
longest ALS survivor by miles. Was probably replaced by an Actor double so they can keep the fictional physics/outer space going because you can't argue with 'Science', especially 'Top Scientists'.
This leads to divorce with his wife and the same year gets married to his nurse Elaine Mason. Elaine mason formerly married to David Mason an engineer was a super-fan of stephen hawking, who conveniently also designed hawking's speech synthesizer.

The Stephen Hawking Conspiracy youtube video

2. Hubble:
The Hubble Telescope is located inside an airplane that flies at about 45,000 feet.

30 minute fascinating phone call youtube video with NASA Deputy Mission Operations Manager, Mike Myslinski about the Hubble 'Space' Telescope.

3. Ancient Greeks:
We've been given a fictional history and fictional timeline. It's important to watch the below youtube video from Ewaranon [shown on here multiple times before] showing that we've been given a fictional history and fictional timeline. It's 6 hours long, but if you watch it at 1.75 speed, then it take it down less than 3.5 hours.

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05 Oct 2021 01:58:18
Cheers. Is it true the Vatican have the biggest telescope called Lucifer? Wtf would they be looking at / for?

{Ed033's Note - The Vatican have, yes and i guess they are looking for a sign or signs in the Stars.

30 Sep 2021 05:47:35
Is this the driving force behind the jibby jabs?
Programmable matter [Synthetic DNA beings] - Nicholson 1968

{Ed033's Note - Thanks p1.

The jabs and boosters allow experimenting on a mass scale. Anyone wondering why the jabs cause the many different adverse effects in people should comprehend that there are a load of different experiments going on with the jabs.

At least one of the experiments is how to create the Neural Link tech [Elon Musk Neural Link] by injecting nano tech into people so it will self build into a transmitter-receiver in the body to connect to the Cloud/Internet of Things.

Their ideal current goal is to have A.I. controlling people [or other synthetic beings if they don't need people anymore] via the nano tech self built transmitter-receiver.

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29 Sep 2021 13:29:52
Jon Levi talks with the Hibbler crew about the anomalies and what could be the true history of our Realm.

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29 Sep 2021 06:46:09
Came across this Dr Steven Greer documentary might be of interest might not

{Ed033's Note - i think Dr Steven Greer is another paid dis-info agent, trying to get people to believe in physical aliens [who are all benevolent beings] coming here from 'Planets', in [the fictional version of] 'Outer Space'.

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