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13 Jun 2022 20:19:44
Nightmare on your Street

13 Jun 2022 18:41:37
The False Idea of Who You Are - Alan Watts

14 Jun 2022 13:54:48
This isn't really conspiratorial but Alan Watts is a great listen to get your mind prepped for some deep thinking ???? ????

15 Jun 2022 20:39:39
Losing the 'ego' was a big move for me. Very 'freeing'.

{Ed032's Note - Wise words Scouseduckred. The 'ego' is a weird thing. It sort of tilts or perhaps better said, taints reality in your favour.

It's just a case of being humble isn't it?.

Everyone is better than you/us and need you/us to be you at your best to help them be their best.

I mean, we are mortal beings, right? with an immortal energy inside giving the mortal side essence. (I don't mean to be morbid but if you are every unfortunate enough to watch someone pass on from this realm you will understand body and 'soul' are separate things)

If everyone lived for everyone else, imagine the utopia. Instead we have been left with satanic parasites cleverly tricking our kind whilst they feast off of our energies when they are actually weaker than us when we have pure belief.

This is a never ending topic of thought for me. Perhaps people would like to have an arranged live chat to discuss this mind-bending topic?

13 Jun 2022 13:48:14
The Great Culling

13 Jun 2022 13:25:21
Bilderberg 2022: Our Uncertain Future - Reviewing Their Agenda & The Big Picture

11 Jun 2022 10:10:14
Antarctica; Once Tropical and even too hot to inhabit?

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