13 Sep 2016 20:59:39
Just seen reports that Clinton has died and a body double is being used . Is there any truth or someone having a laugh.

{Ed033's Note - there is a body double being used and a US tv news station did say she had died, but whether she has died hasn't been confirmed, but if she is still alive, it's highly likely that she is bedridden.

1.) 13 Sep 2016
13 Sep 2016 21:20:14
Cheers edd. If it were to come to light that a body double was being used what would the ramifications be could she be banned for running.

{Ed033's Note - The body double now appears to be temporary while the Democratic party makes a descsion on what to do.

an update on this appears to be that the tv station (ABC) has said they made a mistake about Hillary's death.

It also appears that the Democratic party are currently in talks and will announce that Hillary will be out of the presidentioal race (probably next week) and the democratic party are in talks to find a replacement candidate.

2.) 13 Sep 2016
13 Sep 2016 21:36:48
I believe you once said Obama might try and swindle a third term would he have a hand in any of this? .
The info I read said that if one of the candidates died they would re start the whole process and two new people would be put up for the running. If this is the case could Obama hang on to power longer than intended and what's allowed by the US rules.

{Ed033's Note - It's out of Obamas hand. He is just a puppet who does what he's told.

There were a number of possible scenarios that could happen. At the moment, if the Democratic party can replace Mrs Clinton with another candidate, then the election can probably still go ahead.

i think any rules are made up as they go along, just like 'laws' (legislation)

3.) 13 Sep 2016
13 Sep 2016 22:00:41
Cheers edd currently watching 9-11 program on itv worth a watch if you get the chance.

{Ed033's Note - ok thanks

4.) 14 Sep 2016
13 Sep 2016 22:17:09
Can we be sure the Anderson Cooper phone interview is legit? I mean, if you want credibility, the last person you call is Anderson 'Green Screen' Cooper.

{Ed033's Note - no, can't be sure.

5.) 14 Sep 2016
14 Sep 2016 18:09:14
All we know for sure is that she has been hiding her lack of physical/ mental fitness for the job. This implied to me that her backers a'r desperate enough to get her, specifically, into power that they had to lie. Why that is can only be speculation.

I always thought Clinton was due to win and the whole point of having a nut case like Trump as the other option was to make her look the lesser of 2 evils. I may well be wrong though as I totally mis-called the result of the EU referendum. If I am correct - then I like Ed33's suggestion about the vice president being a groomed puppet who takes over when she gets ill or worse. If she still runs and wins I will be intrigued to see who gets the VP position.

{Ed033's Note - Not picking you, but for some reason most people seem to believe Trump is a fool, clown or nut case. He clearly isn't any of those but the exact opposite. That doesn't mean he'll make a good President for the American people, but he clearly is nothing like the main stream media portray him to be.

6.) 14 Sep 2016
14 Sep 2016 21:13:38
You are right Ed33, that is how he is portrayed to us in order to make Clinton the more viable option. I meant to put 'nut case' in inverted commas to illustrate as such, but forgot.

{Ed033's Note - ok, thanks for clearing that up.

7.) 16 Sep 2016
16 Sep 2016 17:14:12
I see the Council on Foreign Relations backed Clinton over Trump at some point. That's usually a good indication of who is the chosen one.

8.) 17 Sep 2016
17 Sep 2016 04:01:27
A "nut case" can be intelligent. To be honest I'd fear Clinton and those that control her more so than Trump. My thoughts are, thou I could be totally of the mark, is that Trump is more interested in perserving USA soils for US "citizens" than fighting anyone else wars. This could mean the withdrawal of troops back to Base and emphasis put on border protection.
The world would be a better place without the interference of Americans.

9.) 17 Sep 2016
17 Sep 2016 21:58:08
Its Parkinson's if you go by WikiLeaks.

And Trump is an isolationist. Depending on your point of view either good or bad.

10.) 18 Sep 2016
18 Sep 2016 08:35:30
A very similar storyline just happened on conspiracy show 'Person of Interest', the power group looked as though they were pushing the interests on a particular candidate only for them to kill that person once they'd been elected only for it to emerge they'd groomed the running mate of that candidate.

11.) 18 Sep 2016
18 Sep 2016 10:45:17
Welcome back Kim. Looking forward to reading your posts again.

12.) 19 Sep 2016
19 Sep 2016 23:09:18
First visit for awhile but not back.