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21 Jan 2019 11:10:58
If you've watched, 7/7 Ripple Effect you may want to watch this Hillsborough Ripple Effect video below by the same guy.

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21 Jan 2019 18:54:40
Great stuff . I will check out the other video.

{Ed033's Note - 7/7 Ripple Effect is below.

21 Jan 2019 19:23:01
Nice one mate.

{Ed033's Note - 7/7 Ripple Effect should 'wake' you up a bit.

14 jan 2019 12:11:36
Gateshead council want Mark Steele jailed for asking questions about 5G. Also contains info about blue lighting.

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15 Jan 2019 12:58:40
One of the problems with 5G is that there is widespread ignorance, so thanks to people like Mark Steele for encouraging us to find out more. And now I know why he wears those glasses too.

12 Jan 2019 14:10:56
In the light of the brexit debacle that you predicted before and after the referendum. What is your take on Jacob Rees Mogg? I’m taken by him. Or at least he appears to be smarter than any other leading the leave cause and by far smarter than any remainer!

{Ed033's Note - Hypothetically, even if Jacob Rees Mogg is some exceptional 'super' man, the office of Prime Minister in U.K. is a puppet position, where you do as you're told or you're out.

If hypothetically there are 2 groups vying for power in U.K. (not political parties, but 'elite' groups) like we can surely see in U.S.A., whichever group runs U.K., their agenda will get carried out.

We can see that the lesser of the 2 evil groups (not Republicans and Democrats, but 2 'elite' groups) runs U.S.A at the moment. Maybe we can hope that might happen in U.K., but don't hold you breath, because even if it does happen, the agendas between the 2 evil groups are not exact opposites, some agendas are the same and some are different.

For all we know though, Jacob Rees Mogg could be the choice of Puppet Prime Minister for the lesser of the 2 evil groups in U.K. assuming there are 2 groups in U.K.

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12 Jan 2019 16:06:01
Well he is at least speaking the same as I feel so hopefully the lesser of two evils if it’s a choice between the two. He has distanced himself from running and although that’s a disappointment I would be equally satisfied if he stuck to his original outlook.

{Ed033's Note - Well look, May has a handler called Oliver Robbins, so anybody who thinks it is about getting the correct person in as Prime Minister would need to realise that things aren't what they seem. If people realise that Oliver Robbins is May's handler, then you have to ask, who does Oliver Robbins report to and get orders from?

12 Jan 2019 12:27:31
Energy from Space - The Shift Has Begun.

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10 Feb 2019 07:40:31
Interesting, but there has been no magnetic pole shift which has taken less than a few centuries to fully happen, the quickest one (that we know of) happened over 270 years (approx). And humans have survived 4 or 5 temporary magnetic pole shifts in our history, with the last temporary shift coming 41,000 years ago and the last full shift occurring 781,000 years ago.
Archiac Humans have been around for 500,000 years, anatomically modern humans for 200,000 years, so in my opinion, this is just scare mongering.

After reading up on this, the worst case scenario is that people will be more prone to cancers, due to the increased UV radiation, but for the Earth to become a barren wasteland like Mars, we'd need to have no magnetic field at all.

Pole Shift Debunked

{Ed033's Note - You can't just drop numbers in a reply and assume they are correct.

04 Jan 2019 16:15:03
This is an area that I have no expertise what so ever. But I have always been aware that the uk has always had earthquakes/ mild tremors throughout time. I have also taken time to ask the two geologists I’m currently working with. They believe that the shale fracking is unlikely to cause the earthquakes that have been mentioned and believe that they were scapegoats to fit the narrative. They said that as the shale deposits are so shallow that it would be unlikely to be caused by fracking, they did say that this was not definitive and couldn’t be ruled out.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks Browgun; ask the geologists where oil originates from :) No point asking them about the weathering on the Sphinx.

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04 Jan 2019 18:27:20
Lol Ed. It’s actually now something I would like to find out more about. It’s hard to know what is up and what is down in this day and age .

04 Jan 2019 20:02:24
Be interesting to find out whether the fracking area which suffered the tremors at the time in which they were active on site has had tremors previously when no fracking was active. Just a thought.

{Ed033's Note - good point p1

02 Jan 2019 15:46:37

Can you explain why you would have to prepare the fluids for fracking if it is just water that is getting injected in to the well to fracture the rock?

Why would you have to prepare the water?
If I have a drink of water from my tap all I have to do is fill up a glass, no preparation there

Also as there is now an expert on the fracking industry here can you explain and enlighten us why in America, where fracking has been carried out for a number of years that they are having issues with their water being contaminated and also with earthquakes?

Earthquakes are also a issue that has been experienced in England where fracking has been taking place. Hence the temporary shutdown of drilling operations when it has happened.
Can you give us a better understanding of why and how this is happening if it is not being caused by this operation

I’m sure the protestors you have mentioned haven’t been able to create earthquakes to disrupt operations and your working day. So there must be a better explanation for this than blaming someone else.

I look forward to the information you are going to share with us regarding these questions as it will give us all a better understanding of what is really going on.

{Ed033's Note - Good points Truth-seeker.

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02 Jan 2019 21:40:50
I’m going to be short. Not for a second have I said I’m an expert in fracking, again I have said on numerous occasions that no drilling of this type conventional or otherwise are particularly eco friendly. But nor is driving cars or eating farmed cattle . The only thing I have said is I don’t understand why over the past few years has this become the spawn of Satan.

It has been going on in this country for years, lots of years. As regards of preparation, I presume you don’t think the fluid just falls from the clouds and into the earth? So preparation is needed. But without getting into it and I can only speak from my experience, the fluid I have prepared has water and sand and a suspension agent, which I believe one is dried fish meal and the other is something that’s actually used in tomato ketchup. I don’t understand what you mean by the protesters causing earthquakes?

But they are not very nice people. If they want to stop vehicles I equipment then fine, I understand they have to try and get their point across somehow. But to stop people with family’s and children and make their days longer and harder than they need be when it’s a dangerous enough job where men need to be well rested and focused is nothing short of a disgrace.

If I don’t like a product that a supermarket sells, does that give me the right to harass and interfere with the checkout staff. And just to recap my original point in case you decided to miss it when you read everything else so well. I’m not really in favour of it all as greener energy is available. my point is that there’s lots of conventional drilling all over the uk that is dirtier by far but no one is bothered.

So just pointed out this is either a play by the powers or media that most have swallowed hook line and sinker. As for the earthquakes I have no idea? There’s not much point going into the depths of drilling practices as it would just go over your head and be a waste of my time.

03 Jan 2019 11:39:04
I have to say I’m disappointed in your reply. None of the questions answered clearly.

Maybe your not an expert but in your own words "I have a very good knowledge on the subject".

Although on the simple question regarding the fluid you prepare which you had previously said was just water you say you believe one is fish meal and the other is added to tomato ketchup. Your knowledge on this isn’t very good if your just assuming what this is.

Also what does supermarket employees have to do with this conversation. Your using this as a diversion to avoid answering what was asked. Supermarket employees sell food not prepare it, unlike what you do in your job.

As for your knowledge of drilling going over my head, you don’t seem very well informed on your own role. Plus, you’ve just made another assumption, that being you don’t know what my background is.

{Ed033's Note - We have an example here of one of the reasons why we can't get to the truth about anything and it's called compartmentalisation. Browgun has no intent to deceive us, but only knows a small fraction of the overall i.e. just enough to do his jobs.

Richard, D. Hall has shown examples of NASA employees not being able to answer questions, but they probably do not think NASA is full of lies and deceit like the truth seeking community does.

This also extends to the mainstream 'scientific' community who think all the scientific consensus (controlled peer review) stuff is all real.

On top of this, we have loads of paid agents who are paid to put out dis-information. We also have paid agents whose job it is, is to ridicule the truth and even to recruit ordinary people to perpetuate the dis-info and ridicule the truth.

03 Jan 2019 17:46:09
That’s a fair enough take ed033.

Truth seeker, I wasn’t trying to offend, but as in any job it’s hard to explain what is a unique sector to anyone who has never done it. I revert to my main point that I feel this is a diversion from the real truth, follow the path how you see fit.

I was honestly trying to give a bit of insight into a world I have lived and worked in for 14 years. I know enough to get paid handsomely. As for the whole oil and gas debate, I have seen these anti frackers turn up in vehicles and use things that rely on hydrocarbons, so people really need to understand that they can’t preach when their morals are only surface deep. We all have to understand and accept that no matter what, we are part of the system. Peace.

Also if your background was in Oil and Gas then you wouldn’t have asked the questions? So it’s fair to say my assumptions were somewhat founded.

03 Jan 2019 20:48:43
I see your making assumptions again.

Why wouldn’t I ask if I worked in oil and gas?
Maybe it because I wanted to see if you knew what you were talking about.
And going by the lack of a definitive answer, I’m unsure you actually do
The fluid injected in to the well to fracture rock is mainly water, although it may also contain chemicals or lubricants alongside your assumed fish meal and tomato ketchup ingredient which you believe is all that is added to the “brine”
Not the same as the brine you get in tins of tuna, but you could always ask one of those people in the supermarket you mentioned earlier, if it is similar or what the difference is. But in a non threatening way. That’s one thing we both agree on, although I’ve nothing against protesting about issues in a fair and peaceful manner.

I am surprised you don’t know the exact contents of the fluid as I would have expected a guy working in the oil and gas industry to be reading his Risk Assessments and carrying out his toolbox talk daily before starting work. This of course would include going over his COSHH assessments and MSDS for each and every thing being used to prepare his fracking fluid.

I dare say your toolpusher will not be best pleased when he finds out your taking shortcuts by not being fully conversant with all the relevant paperwork, not putting the correct controls in place and not even knowing if your using the correct PPE for the fluid your preparing.

By your comments in the threads here and also the position you say you carry out preparing fluid your relatively new to the industry and still have a lot to learn. One being think before you talk.

{Ed033's Note - Browgun said he's been 14 years in the oil and gas industry, but he probably still has a lot to learn :) (like the rest of us).

I hope we don't find out that any of the other ingredients added to the water are damaging to the environment in general and or damaging to plants / animals.

04 Jan 2019 01:51:34
Have you crashed google? Have a nice day, good luck in the rabbit hole 🕳.

04 Jan 2019 10:15:47
The problem been Ed. Is that I was to get into it chapter and verse it would become very boring and a waste of my time. I have never said that any of these methods are great for the environment, I have only been alarmed at how it has become public enemy no1. I have been involved in far more environmentally worrying situations. I don’t know why people feel the need to try attacking people who are only trying to give an insight. In short calling me a lair. But hey ho whatever floats their boat. Like most of the protesters you see they are totalitarian in their opinions and any who don’t agree are **** in their eyes, very ANTIFA like that’s why they attract the same crowd.

{Ed033's Note - We can't get to the truth about anything. Thanks for your insight. It's a pity you initially said that fracking only used water.

04 Jan 2019 10:48:14
There was a guy on here 2-3 years ago feverishly defending fracking. Maybe you're the same guy Browgun, or maybe it's just a coincidence. But your style of prose and overall heavily defensive tone is so similar. I think you're a shill.

{Ed033's Note - It was Browgun with a different username. I've read all of Browgun/Previous username's posts on here and a lot of Browgun/Previous username's posts on other sites, i don't think he is a shill, but i get why people might think it from his posts on this page over the last few days.

04 Jan 2019 11:44:45
No it used to be my previous/ original name but it got changed and I asked for it to be changed back. Some fracking is done with just water, or sea water. It depends on the weight needed to preserve the well bore. Like mentioned above it can be brine but there as also mentioned above different brines. And yes also the brine that’s in runs of tuna, I could go on but it’s pointless.

I have my phone in my pocket and usually tired and can’t be bothered getting into it chapter and verse. Everybody is looking into typos or wanting to try and make some out as a liar. The point that keeps getting missed is that it’s not on the same scale as conventional drilling.

It’s not about defending it Rian, but just trying to put it into perspective. Look into any industry or the way foods are prepared and it will scare you too death. Look at how many deaths are in the road, rail travel and other forms of travel. Life is potentially dangerous lots of things could be done better. I was actually trying to give you guys a heads up because I believe that you have been intentionally distracted into this.

It came from the tabloid newspaper originally for god sake. I know what happens and it makes me chuckle that some seriously dodgy stuff goes on and it never gets mentioned. And don’t even start me on some waste disposal methods offshore! So instead of desperately trying not to think that you extremely alert and awake people don’t get your legs pulled once in a while try and not be so dismissive of someone who isn’t just google bashing.

There’s no point going on anymore about this because it doesn’t change a thing. Fracking is about to become common place. People think it’s been stopped because of protests etc but it’s actually more to do with politics and the current nonsense with the brexit. And I will check out what a shill is Rian, but it doesn’t sound nice. Peace ✌️.

04 Jan 2019 13:29:44
I get what browgun is saying. he's saying in his opinion other drilling or extraction methods are more environmentally damaging than fracking in his opinion. I dare say there is a merit of truth in what he is saying. Just look how we are being pushed onto electric cars environmentally friendly no doubt, but the electricity is being made from not so clean energy.

On the whole, before someone starts going on about green energy. And if we all ended up driving electric cars the pollution from power stations would have to increase to cope with the extra demand. And we also are meant to be almost at the limit of energy consumption.

04 Jan 2019 14:30:29
That’s my point. I have had a change of opinion over the past few years. In most conventional drilling you are using OBM (oil based mud) and can some time drill to high losses, these losses are going into the earth. And most directional drilling and ERD (extended reach drilling) use a host of nuclear sources in their tools. I have personally seen these been lost when the drill string gets stuck. I’ve also drilled at 100bbl and hour losses with OBM. And that’s a 100bbl losses per hour.

04 Jan 2019 21:35:11
Crashed google?

Well done,
Thought you might have taken the hook.
But you would know all about fishing with your being big in drilling.

04 Jan 2019 21:53:49
Just to inform everyone know what I mean to by fishing
It’s terminology used when a tool is lost down a well and a specialist is sent to the oilfield to retrieve it.

Reason I’m pointing this out is I’m not one for being vague when talking about things that Browgun believes will go over our heads.

Now if you believe I’ve crashed google for information because I’m not in the oil and gas industry, how would I have known the terminology used for this?

Mmmm 🤔

Nice deflection tactic by trying to discredit someone in attempt to change the direction of the conversation.

Typical drilling mentality.

Keep filling in your stop cards and doing whatever your toolpusher tells you without answering back, whether it’s safe or not. Don’t question, just go along with the gung ho attitude of get it done at all costs. Time is money.

Peace ✌️
Well give me peace.

04 Jan 2019 22:33:19
Please share your experiences then truth seeker. Interested in your point of view on the subject.

05 Jan 2019 07:06:29
Ok without gig tit for tat truth seeker and not just hintng at it. What is your background? I’m not here to be unpleasant. Let me know your take please .

05 Jan 2019 12:03:21
I have worked offshore in the oil industry for 20 years.

On drilling rigs, oil platforms and lifting Barges.

Browgun is correct regarding oil based mud and the use of radioactive sources during drilling activities.

I’m not a fan of any way of recovering oil, be it conventional, fracking or extracting it from oil sands as they do in Canada. Much the same as Browgun it’s a job, one I don’t love or agree with but it pays the bills.

Every way is bad for the environment, not that many years ago when flying out to certain platforms you would see oil slicks which would go for miles and miles. I’m not exaggerating when I say 15 to 20 miles.

After arriving on these platforms if you reported this to management onboard you would get the standard reply of we are aware of it and it’s below the levels we are permitted to put over board.
While environmental rules have tightened up over the years it still happens although Oil companies are now held accountable for it. Spotter planes are sent out to measure how large spills are if they happen and the companies involved are charged.

To me this is still unacceptable, a fine to these companies and forgive the pun, is a drop in the ocean
While the UK and Norway have higher safety standards regarding this, those same companies don’t give a damn how they destroy the environment in countries with little or no environmental regulation such as the African nations.

It’s not just oil spills that affect the environment but the burning of gas and chemicals through the flare on installations. It’s criminal how much gas is burned off when OAPs throughout the country are being charged exorbitant rates for heating.

Oil production also produces NORM, naturally occurring radioactive material which comes up with the oil from the reservoir below. Although this material is already present in the rock, by bringing it up it then has to be disposed of as it present inside valves and pipe work which then may be sent back to the “beach” (onshore) to be decontaminated.

This industry must be one of the most wasteful in the world. It not uncommon for millions to be wasted on failed projects or for valuable equipment to be disposed of from poor planning or incorrect design. If shareholders of these companies knew the truth about how much money was wasted they would be fuming.

I’m also one for clean energy, I have kids and hope they have a future where they can still enjoy the environment and appreciate animals.

05 Jan 2019 16:51:47
Well if that's the case TS your singing from the same hymn sheet as myself. I just don’t understand why the big dig out as you well understand how shocking it is. I have moved into doing renewable and geothermal but still the initial drilling is still causing waste. The other downside from this on a personal level that the pay is a third to almost half it is for oil exploration.

01 Jan 2019 21:13:55
Dinosaurs never existed? - The Great Big Dinosaur Hoax discussion.

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01 Jan 2019 14:10:12
The Truth About Oil? Oil part starts around 11:30 minute mark, but 0-11:30 is worth viewing.

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01 Jan 2019 19:06:53
Yes very interesting. I must say though that when I refer to fossil fuel it’s just it’s brand name and I do and have always realised that it’s not from dinosaurs. The thing about making it a rare commodity to increase price is what I’ve said below about the fracking. The protesters and papers like the sun have stirred this up and are useful pawns in making this method more exotic and pushing the price up. It’s no coincidence that the frack off movement coincided with the huge price fall around 4-5 years ago.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, but we're told that they force a load of highly toxic chemicals at super high pressure into the underlying earth to split rocks apart and this is happening in loads of locations around the world. For one it has to pollute primary water sources.

01 Jan 2019 20:59:54
Have you seen the company in canada i believe who are extracting co2 i believe out of the atmosphere and turning it into clean fuels. Thought it would have had a lot more publicity than it has honestly but that would go against the fossil fuel industries.

{Ed033's Note - yes, they control all alternatives. If people didn't know, in the above video was Bruce de Palma (n-machine creator); it appears they also took him out as well as Stanley Meyer.

01 Jan 2019 21:26:05
It’s not highly toxic chemicals in the case of fracking it’s just water. That’s the biggest lie. I know because I have personally prepared the fluid for jobs like this.

{Ed033's Note - Right, thanks.

02 Jan 2019 19:56:37
How do you prepare water browgun? Surely water is prepared and needs no other intervention.

26 Dec 2018 10:45:16

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30 Dec 2018 14:16:16
Oh he’s one of those anti fracking nut jobs who actually don’t know anything about fracking. Dis info at its best there. God forbid they look into conventional oil and gas drilling 😀 I’ve had the misfortune of bumping into a fair few of these highly confused lefty students (just looked on his YouTube channel) dear oh dear.

{Ed033's Note - You only woke up a bit when the mainstream were saying ISIS were controlling a part of the oil cartel - (impossible of course like you said as your job is part of that industry), but Ian R. Crane is awake on a lot of issues and your still believing the mainstream on most issues.

30 Dec 2018 21:25:41
Ed I work in the industry it’s not believing the mainstream it’s something I see and do every day. I would suggest that the whole fracking nonsense originally came from a tabloid newspaper . I could write an essay debunking the whole thing. I would suggest that the whole thing could be a different agenda making people look away from more conventional techs that people don’t appear to have any problem with that are far worse and more destructive. I know this for a fact Ed I’m not lying to you.

The whole anti fracking movement are been played like puppets. I’ve seen this first hand and also seen the same faces at these movements that are also affiliated and seen amongst ANTIFA . I can’t comment on the other stuff he talks about and I’m not trying to feather my nest. I’m telling you as real 100% first hand knowledge that it’s utter rubbish.

On another note these idiots that are protesting at sites are nutcases I have had experience with this and these people are obstructing humans and stoping people getting home to there families after what should be a 12 hour shift is turning into 16-18 hour days . They are physically detains people and been offensive and provocative to people and damaging people’s personal stuff. This is totalitarian and fascist by there own logic.

They believe that there opinion is absolute. I’m not for a second defending oil and gas cartel I believe that fossil fuels are only needed for about 10%. I am currently working on geothermal and that should be the future but the same idiots are protesting these rigs as well. It’s shocking what these morons are doing and the fact is “conventional “ drilling is far worse as they are using oil based muds and synthetic muds that also fracture (frack) the formations when lack off occur. Fracking is just high pressure water mate. Fact. I’m just giving you the heads up so you don’t get conned by this MSM agenda. Surely your not buying this.

Also research what he did about CBL (cement bond living) And nuclear sources . They are typical for MWD (measure whilst drilling) CBL is run on wireline using resonance for determining the validity of cement jobs. He is simply making it up. A person with no experience in the field piecing stuff up to make himself sound like some sort of expert. Those nuclear barriers would have been for the MWD. I’m not lying just letting you know that he is very very wrong. And to be fair fracking jobs are absolute peanuts in the world of oil and gas. Don’t believe the hype mate.

{Ed033's Note - Ian R. Crane used to work as a high level executive in the oil industry, so he does know something.

Another thing people don't seem to comprehend is that there is no such thing as 'fossil fuels'. If you put any life form in the ground, they turn to earth, but they want us to think that a 'dinosaur' in the ground, turns into a billion barrels of oil?

No, oil is made in the Earth, by some unknown (as yet) process. There are now apparently oil fields that are now starting to refill with oil.

31 Dec 2018 09:03:41
🤔. Anyway regardless of fossil fuels. The point I’m making is that if he was such a high flier in oil and gas I don’t know why he has said the things he has and is targeting shale gas in particular. If he is what you say he is then he would surely be putting more efforts into traditional methods of extraction. The main point I am making is the protesters themselves, they are horrible human beings that are attacking and stopping workers going home to their family’s after what is a long enough day as it is and a fairly dangerous job where you need the time off between shifts to safely perform their duties. Surely you can’t be advocating this can you? They are also wasting lots of tax payers money on another note.

{Ed033's Note - ok, my main point is Ian R. Crane makes sense to me in all he says.

Update on multiple issues from Ian R. Crane:

31 Dec 2018 20:34:55
Ok well my main point is that I don’t have the knowledge and expertise to comment on the other things he talks about. So would have to blindly follow. As for a top oil and gas executive how do you know that. Have you seen his certs. Now as I do have a very good knowledge on the subject I can safely say that even if the other things he speaks about are correct (although I would not have a clue) the shale gas thing is absolutely nonsense, in the sense that it is a lot less damaging than conventional drilling if you like.

Of course there can be mistakes and things that go wrong as there can be in any job. For example plane crashes, car crashes etc. Are people up in arms saying that plane or car travel should be banned because they are ruthless killers? So if you compare the OTT coverage of fracking that I believe was set off by the sun newspaper or some other awful tabloid to the Gulf of Mexico that ended up been a blockbuster film after the absolute devastation it caused to the area then you have to put it into perspective!

So after watching a few of the guys videos and knowing that what he speaks of is utter nonsense then it would be fair to reason that the other subjects he speaks of are also flawed. By the reasoning on this very page and presuming that he is in fact some top oil and gas executive (although I believe it’s a lie or an exaggeration) could he be a planted dis info agent that is trying to divert attention away from the more damaging conventional drilling (which I do! Not shale) that covers 95% of the drilling world in far more delicate eco systems than what are been tracked in the uk.

It’s 100% hype and I’m honestly trying my best to give a good insight into a situation that is probably more propaganda than you would believe (unless I’m a half awake moron that doesn’t post you tube videos) I do believe this guy is charging for his videos on fracking, now if he was on the moral high ground and it was his passion to wake people up he wouldn’t be charging daft money for his stuff. Screams hypocrite and phoney all day long to me. Just my take ED ✌️.

{Ed033's Note - No, i haven't seen his certs, but i haven't seen your certs either. Ian R. Crane used to work for Schlumberger.

There are paid agents about, but is he? At the moment i don't see it.

31 Dec 2018 21:58:58
Well there we go! One of us is talking BS in regards to fracking. If you want my certs I can send you them. But like you say you believe whatever resonates with you. Funny enough he reminds me of someone I worked with ten years ago and he was a wire liner with sclumberger. But that was a long time ago. I do appreciate what you put on here and this is most certainly not a dig at what you do or what you believe. Just thought I’d chip in.

The world is a mine field and I believe no one has a bloody clue what goes on. Just wanted to put out there what I see in this fracking nonsense. Thought it might help. But I don’t know what you think of ANTIFA but can tell you I’ve seen dozens at both fracking protests and ANTIFA protests. Just saying.

{Ed033's Note - There are loads of ANTIFA groups and at the middle of most of them are paid agents (paid by government agencies) with their job being to recruit ordinary people to get the ordinary people to believe in the government agency/globalist narrative and turn up to 'events' and 'protest'.

31 Dec 2018 23:15:08
Exactly! So it stands to reason that the fracking protests are possible government paid agents that are creating a big stink to stop people looking at where the real money is been made in conventional drilling or to create a higher price because it’s such a sensitive method.

And said so called expert mr crane is such pawn or paid agent that even people on hardened conspiracy sites swallow up said operation and end up singing from the same hymn sheet as known morons from groups like ANTIFA. Trust me ed I’m condemning a sector I’m working in to highlight what I believe to be a smoke and mirror attempt to divert people’s attention from what the real issues are. It’s all very clever and you can be forgiven as they are seriously intelligent nut jobs out there.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, it stands that it is all smoke and mirrors.

01 Jan 2019 11:46:52
Browgun didn't a fracking site get shut down twice for causing tremors? i'm not sure, but i thought i heard something like that.

01 Jan 2019 18:21:02
I should just recap. My main point is that I don’t understand why fracking gets the worst publicity. I’m all for renewable energy and agree to a degree that hydrocarbons are somewhat obsolete. I also am fully aboard the fact that oil and gas is one of the main tools in a globalist capitalist agenda. It’s not even debatable. My point has been and always has been that anti fracking is obviously some sort of agenda.

Fracking has been going on for years and it’s used on all sorts of formations to make them permeable. There are different types of fracking like cold water fracking, acid fracking and the type of fracking that is getting slaughtered . Wells can be inadvertently fractured by other unintentional methods like pack offs where cuttings fall back down and surround the bit, when the pumps are started up again the fluid can’t return up the annulus which creates a pressure build up which fractures the formation and pumps usually oil based mud into the earth. Most of these fracking jobs are not drilling with oil based mud but gentle water based muds or weight brine (salt water) . Is it possible for it to create tremors? I don’t know I have never experienced it!

01 Jan 2019 20:57:10
You skirted around the question without answering it lol. Maybe a future politician here (i joke), but a site was closed twice i believe for tremors occurring whilst the site was in use was it not.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, i heard that. Browgun possibly doesn't know about it.

01 Jan 2019 21:28:27
I don’t mate, not saying it hasn’t happened . Just honestly trying to give my opinion based on intimate dealings. There was no skirting I answered the question! ?

02 Jan 2019 19:55:03
No offense intended browgun was only joking with you. If your not aware your not aware.

20 Dec 2018 23:46:50
Whats your thoughts on the Irish border Ed? I have family both side of the border so really have an interest.
This really needs to be handled delicately in my opinion.
Not sure if people realise but there is still a strong New IRA presence in Belfast and the trouble there is vastly unreported. Mob justice being rife with shootings in the knees and ankles etc.
Border checkpoints were targets for the IRA in the older days as they were seen as symbols or British oppression. At the same time, plenty if people are proud to call themselves British and would fight for the cause.
If a hard border does come into place, I fear the worst and i'm sure another conflict with the Irish was not in the plans of the powers above.

{Ed033's Note - From the people's point of view (i.e. a sane point of view), would be to implement whatever the best strategy that worked for the people in the past. However, we're not dealing with sane individuals who appear to be running things, we're dealing with satanic luciferian types, so nobody should get their hopes up of a well thought out outcome.

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24 Dec 2018 22:09:03
My view is England doesn't want it Ireland doesnt. The only ones forcing the issue is the eu. Clean break wto rules ignore the eu.

20 Dec 2018 21:34:56
Is Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia?

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19 Dec 2018 21:38:22
The Kremlin in Moscow is Actually Jerusalem in the Bible?

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19 Dec 2018 19:02:23
The Past Is Hidden To Keep You Ignorant.

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18 Dec 2018 15:21:18
David Scott talks about the Integrity Initiative.

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18 Dec 2018 14:42:26
The Lobby documentary Part 1 of 4.

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