29 Aug 2013 15:29:10
Hey, First time poster. I've been frequenting his site for a couple weeks and I've got to say, I really enjoy it. However, I feel like I've missed out on a lot and I've no idea where to start.

Is it possible for someone to post me some good links? I was hoping to do some reading on Agenda 21, Syria and anything else interesting in those kinda fields:) also any alternative news sites? I'm a bit of a techno gimp, just got myself a new iPhone and its changing my world!

Also, Franky, is there really strong evidence Maddy Mcann was a family job? It's scary to think someone could do that to their own child. Or is that me being naive!:)

. Sorry, didn't add my name.

Check out hoax moon landings, 911 Conspiracy, project serpo, coast 2 coast radio and anything John Lear or Richard hoagland mate. Could be all bs. but very interesting to listen to. there's loads more but that will keep u busy for a while.

Matty b

Well you see all these child abuse stories like baby p and that one recently with the little lad who ended up foraging in bins for food before getting battered to death. So it goes on and some people do horrible things to their kids, so IF they did do something to Maddy then its just child abuse.

Of course it depends on what exactly they did to Maddy. Did they kill her themselves, or did they hand her over to someone else who did whatever. Both still very bad.


Here are some links for alternative media


a few regulars might give you a few more as for the MM case did her parents kill their child? well the overwhelming evidence is if they did not kill one or more knew what happened that night, google chris spivey on his thoughts.

Cheers guys, I appreciate your time to reply. I've found some pretty scary stuff