26 Nov 2021 15:09:00

if your vaxxed and okay with this as you see him as unclean then your a complete scumbag

{Ed032's Note - Thanks, United ireland

26 Nov 2021 16:03:25
Is it likely that the entirety of Terra Australis has been purchased [fictionally in a fictional legal world like on a pretend Monopoly Board] by corporations/C.C.P. and they don't want any indigenous people disputing that fictional ownership by making a true lawful claim in the true Earth World?

26 Nov 2021 18:02:46
Maybe I don't understand it but surely there must be a way of legally challenging it even if it is in 'their' courts or is the legal system a lost cause too now?
I know the courts have always been to serve their purposes but there used to be a way to win if using the correct legal argument, no longer?


{Ed032's Note - How can you challenge the law when you are locked up in a concentration camp as a criminal/terrorist?

There are videos now, from the Netherlands I think?, where kids younger than 6yo are being taken away by the corrupt police (LE army) because someone has covid.

It'll all be blamed on the unvaxxed, which is pretty much EVERYONE now they have launched their NU variant (which is, as the LE say, vaxx aware to spoil everyone's celebration of the Good Light).

Weekly/monthly jabs to make big pharma more money?? More people dropping dead, even though/if fit and healthy, because of the jabs purpose to poison humanity. and it will probably be too late once the sheeple think "oh hang on this isn't right" they will be so vaxxed up their mortal bodies won't survive that long.

I am of the thinking Africa will be the next thing sold to the LE CORP/CCP much like Australia clearly has, if it hasn't already. Those are the 2 most mineral rich countries/places, that we know of, in this realm. CCP needed to be given something to join in with the wests LE, I am guessing that this was the deal. probably COP26 was to arrange this rather than climate BS.

People will fight back, martial law will be brought in, collapse of health and food services then realm-wide anarchy. They say society is only 3/4 days from this anyway if food runs out. Hunger for food will make anyone do crazy shit.

And all the while the satanic dark lord will rub his hands with glee with the hell he has created by manipulating the LE.

Rant over, please for the love of the Light let me be wrong.

And Tj70, the whole purpose of the law/laws is too confuse you. That is not saying you or anyone is stupid. But unless you have spent your life studying it, that is how it is.

Sorry for this post. My soul feels cracked today.

26 Nov 2021 20:11:20

26 Nov 2021 20:19:03
The weak willed cowards that are the LE will hide in the DUMBS they have been building, during the anarchy, let's just guess at around 500,000?? of the f****rs, and then emerge to their satanic realm.

26 Nov 2021 20:35:02
Ed ,Yes, wasn't meaning those that had been taken would be able to challenge but was probably naively hoping someone connected could be able to do something.

I guess that although awake to the broader picture of what's going on I will freely admit to not having your detailed or deeper understanding of the events underway. I appreciate you explaining it for me as I do wish to get a better understanding and it's important that we keep striving for a better idea of what's going on even if we can't stop it at the moment.

Its strange isn't it, I as an individual feel that I am more awake than the majority but still feel a bit behind the curve compared to some.

Although its not a great picture you paint (understatement) it does unfortunately resonate with me which usually means its a correct interpretation.

Time to stock up some more food and dig out the crow bar :) Joking but not joking. Stay strong Ed.

p.s. how on earth can these dic*s simply 'purchase land' that's not theirs whilst removing the rightful owners.Rhetorical question as it appears all pretence of adhering to conventional processes is no longer needed. As you say it's not going to be solely Australia and I can only see the outcome you see, by which point the majority will most likely be too sick to help the fightback.

Strange times but I'm guessing we chose to be here for this, either way I'm in!


{Ed032's Note - Please don't put me on some sort of metaphorical pedestal in the belief I am more enlightened than yourself, or anyone else reading for that matter. I do not feel that way and I constantly expect an email telling me to "reign it in" from the pointy hatted, white bearded personification of a mushroom, Ed033. I don't get one though.

I always have a tendency to under-believe in myself, which is what always gets me in sh*t so I figured WTF, say what you think and feel. If you speak the words and then it feels wrong you know you are off track. Sadly this isn't happening.

It is going to go one of two ways. The the LE win or they don't. Either which way it is not going to be pretty until the hopeful end WE would desire. Possibly a third where they back off to rethink and go again, but I feel it has gone beyond that now.

I am a person that prepares for the worst and hopes for the best. I don't think overstocking is they way, you can only carry so much. Make up an essential survival kit, a grab and go bag. Think fire, water, shelter, a way to get/grow food, a few topical books on natural meds/foraging/self survival and your favourite read, just in case. Space blankets (the irony kills me haha) are a must. cheap light and intensely warm and multifunctional.

Spread your love and kindness to everyone, be YOU for you are the only person who is that way. Help anyone in need. Hope for the best and that this crazy southern monkey is wrong. I hate the fact monkey has been turned into a racist one. I use it as a jovial sense of fun. I am happy to be the clown (monkey) to get everyone to smile even at my own cost. These posts are not that way which makes me sad. I am a better being when I live for others and I will stay that way.

Please don't let my words depress you, or anyone. They are words of caution and preparedness and not fact. I am just saying as I see it. Let's hope Ed033 jumps in with a tambourine whilst setting up a nice fireplace in a new commune where only peace and happiness live where the Light is all welcomed. :)

26 Nov 2021 20:21:16
I hope you are wrong ed 032


{Ed032's Note - Me too, Delboy124, me too, my friend.