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25 Feb 2020 12:20:51
I imagine this won't get posted, like the rest of my posts for the last two weeks, but who knows maybe this will get posted.

1). If there is a dome encasing the Earth, how is it supporting it's own weight?
It would need support beams to stop it collapsing in on its self.

2). Why is the dome made of crystal like you say? There are many more natural substances out there which would be better to use.

3). You've mentioned that the Sun is within this dome, can you explain why we're not all irradiated and/ or burned to death?

4). Assuming Betelguise goes Supernova within our lifetime, how will that be explained?


{Ed033's Note - 1). This is some awesome creation we're living in and whoever created it should be able to create an impenetrable weightless barrier if they wanted to. Maybe we'll be able to do it one day if we develop the technological know how.

2. I don't know what the Firmament is made from. It could be liquid. If someone was to came up against a see through impenetrable barrier, how would people describe it? It has been described as crystal like. People can watch the videos on here that are possibly showing the Firmament at timestamp 24 Feb 2020 13:44:21 and timestamp 18 Feb 2020 07:46:28 .

3. The mainstream theory of the Sun is incorrect. We know the Sun exists because we can observe it. I don't know where the actual physical Sun is exactly located and i don't know whether the Sun we see through our Personal Atmospheric Dome (P.A.D.) is a projection of the actual Sun, but we know that we're not being irradiated and / or burned to death becuase we haven't been irradiated and / or burned to death.

4. We don't know exactly what the luminaries above us are. They could be plasma? The mainstream notion that they are Suns is just a theory. We can give names to these luminaries (such as Betelguise) and they may fade out, grow or change from time to time.



02 Feb 2020 17:48:57
Ed033 and anyone else who'd like to chime in, I was just wondering what is your stance on God and/ or religion. I have a series of questions relating to this if you wouldn't mind?

1). Do you believe in God?

2). In what sense do you believe in God? Are you monothiestic, polytheistic or something else?

3). Given that there are a number of different religious ideologies around the world, with a lot of them having multiple Gods, are they all real Gods, fake, or misinterpretations?

4). Are you open to the idea that you could be wrong about your views on God? Whether you believe or not.

5). If you are open to the idea of being wrong, what would it take to prove you wrong?
For example if you don't believe in God, you may say something along the lines of "I want to see God personally". Or if you do believe in God it may be something like "finding life on another planet".

6). Assuming you were wrong in your beliefs, what would you turn to instead?
This applies to both believers and non-believers.


{Ed033's Note - These are all mainstream ideas / concepts. This is not a mainstream site.

Anyway, i now default to us living inside a non moving, closed system creation where the closest model that might be correct is the Flat Earth model.

If i see better evidence that the Geocentric model is correct then it's still a Creation in my mind and i move to thinking the Geocentric model is correct.

If i see better evidence that the Heliocentric model is correct then it's still a Creation in my mind and i move to thinking the Heliocentric model is correct.

Whichever the one above, as it's a Creation, then there has to be a Creator or Creators and religion doesn't come into it.

1.) 02 Feb 2020 21:19:35
You said wrong 4 times HSF. How can anyone even begin to consider the the concept of God within such a rigid and narrow mindset? You have such a black and white view of the world it’s a wonder you even bother to come on here.

2.) 02 Feb 2020 21:24:17
What are your answers to these questions you write, hsf?

1. I believe there are things at play that are beyond my comprehension and if I say anymore it will be pure conjecture. I guess I believe in seeking the truth.

2. conjecture

3. Not a direct answer but there seems to be similar concepts in all religions the main one I think of is the 'Great Flood'. I'm of the belief antediluvian history is being hidden from us all. I can only assume hiding anything has an evil purpose and it is controlling information which creates a lack of trust.

4. I will happily admit I am wrong when shown to be so. As I have previously stated. I seek the truth.

5. The truth, if against my opinion, would prove me wrong.
The only person to have supposedly met God in mortal form is Enoch. Maybe read his book. Although it is non-canonical. (Why is that? )

6. I always except and humbly turn to the truth.

3.) 03 Feb 2020 11:03:40
Rian, I'm just interested in the other side of the fence's views, why they believe in them and what would they do if they are wrong. There is nothing narrow minded about that, I'm not looking to try and prove people wrong. Maybe I'm wrong but I figured narrow minded views were ones which fail to acknowledge the concept of there being a different answer/ view/ theory etc?


1). No.

2). None.

3). Misinterpretations. I think there are a lot of stories from holy books that are very similar to one another, from different time periods and different parts of the world. I personally think that the majority of stories may well be true, but I think a lot can be explained by things like asteroid or comet impacts and extra-solar phenomenen.

For example, approximately 13,000 years ago a comet impacted Greenland. This caused mass flooding on several continents, caused the whole of north america to set fire and almost ended human life on the planet. It's estimated that we may have gone down to as little as 100,000 in population globally!

4). Of course.

5). I'm not going to lie, it would take quite a bit to convince me that God is real. Simply because of how Gods are depicted in the different cultures. So for this I would say I need to see God do something from one of the holy books, like part the sea or bring something that's been dead for 3 days back to life.
There are things which would make me more open to the idea, seeing some genuine paranormal activity like a ghost that just randomly throws my quilt off my bed, would definitely make me think twice.

6). If God came to me and parted the sea before my eyes as an example of proof, my next step would be to ask what I need to do in life. Then whatever was said to me would be exactly what I'd do. I mean I'd have no choice really.
But if it was proven that God isn't real and what I believe in also turned out to be false, then I'd just wait for evidence to point me in the right direction.

4.) 03 Feb 2020 21:59:09
Just to point out something regarding your example in your response to question 3, hsf.

You are just replacing ancient stories apparently told for thousands of years and believed by most of the inhabitants of this planet, with stories from MS science.

There are no cold hard facts to either. You either believe what you are told or you don't.

You will probably reply with something like "they explain this and that and it all makes sense". (this and that is poetic license to shorten this post :) )

But there are people that have done studies on crazy possibilities, like for instance, the recent study on fallen Titans that Ed033 posted. Watch that series of 6-7 videos. You may not believe it but the evidence is there if you want to believe.

That is kind of my point really. You have to take a leap of faith, of sorts, in whatever you believe. It's just that I think the people in charge of the stories in the mainstream have the most to gain from whatever they want to tell us.

5.) 04 Feb 2020 08:18:28
What if you’re wrong hsf? Have you considered the possibility? Free yourself from the programming. Most people here are looking for the truth. Right or wrong doesn’t really come into it.

6.) 04 Feb 2020 17:53:47
I have considered the possibility Rian. And regarding things like God there is no right or wrong answer, yet. And I am free of the programming.

I don't adhere to most things commercial or conformist. For example I rather enjoy Death Metal and wear baggy clothes. I don't watch TV, listen to the radio or read mainstream news papers. I also differ in opinion to the MS archaeology when it comes to ancient Egypt, I think there is very good evidence to suggest that they weren't built 5,000 years ago but refurbished during that time period and built much earlier.
Here is a link to one of the bits of evidence for this, if you wish.

SM. The Younger Dryas theory has only been mainstream for a year or two and was vehemently dismissed until the discovery of a 31 kilometer wide crater under Greenlands ice. Randall Carlson has been at the forefront of this theory and almost lost his career because of it.
I know it's Joe Rogan and he's not exactly popular on here, but Randall Carlson is very interesting to listen to.

What is it you believe the mainstream have to gain from saying these things? Just curious to know, not going to try and trash you reasoning or anything.

{Ed033's Note - Joe Rogan has been mainstream for quite a while now.

7.) 06 Feb 2020 20:26:11
hsf. You do realise a theory is just that. A theory.

A theory, whether supported by the MS or not, is still a theory and not truth. Believing in that would be no different than believing in a God, that you so brashly dismiss.

And how do you know how old the pyramids are? . 5000 years? Isn't this too, a theory? .

And if you don't understand what is to be gained by the elite who control the MSBS, there is no hope for you, my friend. These are not the pages you are looking for.

{Ed033's Note - hsf throws out numbers like 13,000 years ago and 2 billion years ago as though this means something - It's all made up mainstream theory b.s.



22 Aug 2019 20:22:28
Elon Musk is continuing to explore the idea of terraforming Mars, by "nuking" certain regions of the planet.

A very brief explanation:
The idea is that it will melt the polar ice caps on Mars, which will release a large amount of C02 into the thin Martian atmosphere and warm up the planet.

Personally I'm against nuking it. there are other ways which may take longer, but will be less destructive.


{Ed033's Note - He must have watched the Alternative 3 docu-drama.

1.) 23 Aug 2019 06:04:25
That was very entertaining and, not a little, revealing. Brilliantly done.

2.) 23 Aug 2019 14:07:44
Hope you'll allow me to copy and paste a terrific comment below this on youtube by Scott Tracy Ed033.

(The Science Report) was a legit and popular science programme which aired fortnightly on anglia independent tv in the UK. It was a good programme that showed cutting edge information that the establishment frequently frowned upon. I rarely missed an episode, and I certainly didn't miss this one, all the facts you see on this episode are TRUE some 38 yrs later.
If this programme is BS then why did British Parliament pass laws the very next day to preview and censor all future tv material they deemed not satisfactory for the public.

Actors role played the characters because many of them were not around anymore? and some were reluctant to say anything. All 3 of these ALTERNATIVES are being carried out to this day.


Sky- Chemtrails
Water- Fluoride, Pesticides, Radioactive Particulate etc
Food- GMO's, Pesticide, Nano Bacteria etc
Vaccination- Mercury, Aluminium, Formaldehyde (antigens made from animal DNA) to endless to mention

Cancer rates before the 1980s were 1 in 30. Today they are 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women and this is just cancer folks, don't mention auto immune diseases, allergies etc, THEY WOULDN'T DO THAT WOULD THEY?
Your Government is the ultimate obscenity and betrays all of you, (As in the words of Sting- There is no political solution) that has always been the case except for a few.


There are an estimated 1480+ underground bases and cities as at 1987 to cater for the break-away society who are among us and off world.


There is documented evidence that has shown that we have already gone way beyond the boundaries of our solar system. We have semi-conductors even in the public domain that are producing computing technology that is almost self aware and yet we are still driving around in cars with INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES, even though the EV-1 electric car was released in 1996 and crushed a few years later. (People Grow a Brain) and take a look around you, we have a financial system run by the central banks that is the biggest ponzy scam in history that has been ongoing for around 6000 years and your still buying into it
The part played by Bob Grodin is aka:- Buzz Aldrin even though he has gone from pillar to post ever since.

The book was released by Leslie Watkins 2 years AFTER the episode that was aired and the follow up novel was stolen during transit to New Zealand. This information was given by many for leslie to publish as to hide it's origins.

This program was done back in the day when real (INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM) was the norm instead of the current large scale brainwashing by the MSM and endless so called (Reality TV Shows) .
I believe once the (science report) started looking into Britain and the Worlds brain drain the order was given to can the series so they went out with a bang knowing they were done anyway. There is information around that indicates once they looked into people disappearing some came forward giving the information about the people and off world programs.

In finishing, the worlds elite are puppets to the real architects who have been with us for as long as we have existed and who probably engineered us. Some high ranking politicians and leaders may be in on this but definitely not all. Switch off your TV sets or throw them out, they not only brainwash you but also control you. Above all keep an open mind and never dismiss anything out of hand, TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AROUND YOU AND KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN and read as much as you can stand, time is fast running out and if you believe all this so called terrorism you have already lost, it is simply overseas empire building to further the NWO's desired end outcome. The truth is so much stranger and harder to comprehend in this instance.
As in the words of the song:- WELCOME TO YOUR NIGHTMARE.



20 Apr 2019 02:17:58
Ed033's note - this space / astrophysics post has been moved to the newly created, space and astrophysics page




03 May 2018 22:34:33
Lots of military movement going on down here near Salisbury Plains. As I'm typing at least 5 Helicopters and 5 Chinooks flew over.
Been like this for the last week or so. Lived here for 29 years and never seen so much in such a short period of time.


1.) 05 May 2018 12:26:35
I live near Corfe and the lulworth tank ranges have been extra busy!




hsf's banter posts with other poster's replies to hsf's banter posts


12 May 2020 16:41:08
12 May 2020 04:18:25
Have we solved the mysteries of Fast Radio Bursts?




16 Apr 2020 22:04:49
16 Apr 2020 21:53:54
Exploring the possibilities of non-carbon based life.




27 Mar 2020 07:16:59
27 Mar 2020 04:48:26
Do gamma ray bursts solve the Fermi Paradox? With Dr. James Annis of the Fermi Lab.




24 Mar 2020 08:37:44
23 Mar 2020 23:32:46
The mind blowing scale of 'Super Voids' in space.




13 Mar 2020 08:21:14
13 Mar 2020 03:41:23
Mathematical SETI with Dr. Claudio Maccone





hsf's rumour replies


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02 Mar 2020 00:26:56
Rian, it is truly amazing that you can somehow, find imaginary holes in the 19 words that I typed, yet you are unable to find (or elect to ignore) the monumental holes with in some of the discussions on here? More specifically, flat Earth and the faked Moon landing.

Additionally, where did I say anything about "taking note of the curvature" in any of the 19 words that I typed? I said it didn't look any different to the passanger windows, in reference to a post claiming the passanger windows are fish eyed. Which it doesn't and they aren't. Just a bigger field of view.

As for your comment about the instruments and not being interested in them. I was interested and I asked many questions, but I also spent a good while looking out of the window too, as I was fascinated by how different everything looked from 5 miles up.


{Ed033's Note - Nobody on here has mentioned that the passenger windows on planes are fish eyed.



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01 Mar 2020 18:56:01
Well, if reports are correct the object has an eliptical orbit, that ranges from 77,000km from Earth, to 1.7million km from Earth.
It's also allegedly only 3.5 meters across, so how they even found it is beyond me.

As for the red, blue and green lines, I would imagine that is down to an exposure issue, as we're targeting an immensely small light source, from a massive distance away.




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01 Mar 2020 18:46:41
Well it is outer space Ed. There are particles all over the place in space, these are usually what's left of the proto-planetary disc on a microscopic scale to a city sized asteroid scale. Everything else either coalesced into planets, asteroids, moons etc. Some also got trapped in gravity wells of planets and burned up.
It's still happening today too, you ever seen a shooting star? Well that's a small space rock burning up as it enters the Earths atmosphere.

It's also worth mentioning, if this footage were recorded in 4k, we wouldn't be having this discussion because you would see the particles more clearly.
Unfortunately the camera technology in 1996 wasn't that great.


{Ed033's Note - i guess if you continually repeat mainstream b.s., you lose the ability to see the obvious. Tis is clearly something [microbes?] in water and they are pretending it's outer space,



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01 Mar 2020 11:34:00
So microbes are real ed? Even though the mainstream scientists are constantly going on about 'microbial life'.


{Ed033's Note - This looks like microbes or something like microbes floating in water, but NASA is saying this in outer space.



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01 Mar 2020 11:31:58
I've been in the cabin during a flight as a kid. Didn't look any different to the passenger windows.


{Ed033's Note - How about watching the video then commenting.




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20 Dec 2019 18:29:44
An interview with Dr. Jerry Ehman, the man who discovered the "Wow! " signal.




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29 Aug 2019 23:54:50
Sorry correction, ExoMars is a collaboration between the European Space Agency and Roscosmos (Russia) .




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01 Aug 2019 17:12:01
The first step into intersteller travel. I too had a big smile on my face.




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02 Jun 2019 17:24:28
I think the footage they are referring to in that article is the Nimitz Encounter.




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22 May 2019 18:32:17
It's very interesting indeed. Although Anti-Matter is somewhat expensive to create at the minute, and we don't currently have a method of mass production for it. But that could all change of course.

I've recently come across a couple of channels which may interest you.

Isaac Arthur

John Michael Godier

Event Horizon - John Michael Godiers's second channel.