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22 Oct 2017 17:21:55
What do you guys think about the Titanic and it possibly being switched with an almost identical ship in "the Olympic" as an insurance scam?


{Ed033's Note - That's exactly what happened plus they decided to make a human sacrifice as well at the same time as the insurance scam.

Titanic Conspiracy Documentary

1.) 23 Oct 2017 03:01:10
I don't know about the whole human sacrifice thing, but it definitely looks like it's been switched. The pictures especially from the under water shots compared to the pictures of the Olympic look very similar.



21 Aug 2017 11:49:05
Probably a little much at once, but I sat and watched these 3 videos in 2 days, all 9 hours.

Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson on the Joe Rogan Experience
In these videos, they discuss Egypt, Gobekli Tepe, The Younger Dryas and a global flood 12,800 years ago.

This one also includes a 3rd guest - Michael Shermer

Fascinating stuff to listen too, especially the stuff on Gobekli Tepe and the Sphinx.
Is there a piece of human history that is genuinely missing?


{Ed033's Note - If people have seen the Planet of the Apes film with Charlton Heston as lead role, i interpret that film as the apes who are covering up the past (advanced humans, artefacts), is analogous to the Elite run Smithsonian Institute and others covering up our past (giants, hobbits, hominids, advanced humans, advanced artefacts, ETs?)

1.) 21 Aug 2017 13:01:03
I see what you're saying with that, it makes sense about the advanced humans.

I genuinely don't think it's about ET's or anything like that. I'm with Randall Carlson that a comet hit the earth during the Younger Dryas period and wiped out a huge amount of life. Possibly leading to lost knowledge and lost civilisations. There is an insane amount of evidence to suggest this happened, with the extinction of 80% of the mega mammals in North America, plus the Black Matt layer, the nano-diamonds and the lack of mega mammal skeletons above the black mat layer.

It's all very convincing stuff and I look forward to hearing more, especially as now mainstream archaeology is getting behind this theory and pumping money into it!

When you consider the Human race has been around in it's modern form for around 200,000 years, it seems very naive to assume that it took us 199,000 years to become technologically advanced, especially when you have megalithic structures like Gobekli Tepe the one under the sea near Italy that date back over 10,000 years.

{Ed033's Note - I hope you don't mind me not closing my mind off to anything ET I'm open to the possibility that the 'Cone Heads' for example being non human or ET.

2.) 21 Aug 2017 15:07:38
Rogan sells out regularly.
He sold out for fame and to avoid being forced off youtube through censorship.
If u want an indication of what people believe, look how many people tuned into watch Eddie Bravo on the Rogan show two weeks ago compared to this show.

Apart from that these specialists tell you things we know nothing about. Ie they talk about the time the first comet hit it caused an ice age. Well this is apparently what happens when the sun gets blocked by the dirt and dust getting kicked up into the atmosphere.

Then they go on to say and about 1600 years later another comet hit to cause a massive rise in temperature. How about after the dust settles, the sun being able to peer back in, it would naturally start to melt the ice and in turn create clouds witch would then rain and then flood.

But a bigger question gets left unanswered. We are covered in water where did it come from? Because these same specialists try to say water was first brought to the planet by a comet. But these specialists also try to say the water has resided as well, meaning there was a lot more at one point. It's all best guesses.

We cannot get honest clear pictures of the deepest of our oceans or the deepest parts of space or even real full pictures of the earth or the moon that passes in front of our Earth. They can give false evidence all day though.

Humanity in the past most probably where massively advanced. We today just like to think we are. So I do hope there is hidden tech because at least we could then be seen to be advancing in space and seas as we like to believe we can.

{Ed033's Note - Yes southampton, it's a lot of guess work going on with Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson on this subject.

3.) 21 Aug 2017 15:17:05
Ed, I'd love it to be ET's I really would. I'm open to the idea, I just don't think it's likely is all.

4.) 21 Aug 2017 23:23:43
Sorry for not replying sooner
Yes that is what my opinion would be on these two.
ASwell ed
Thanks for replys.



14 Aug 2017 12:51:36
Ok so I looked at the pictures of the Pyramids on Mars and there was only one that stood out, but it's (in my opinion) clutching at straws.

In this image for example.
"the face" is just an example of shadows making something look different and it was a lower resolution photo.

The Pyramid looks like it's just a sand dune, probably formed over a large rock.

And "the city" looks to be a similar situation as the Pyramid, except smaller rocks for foundation.

I saw a few other images that were either very low resolution or just clearly faked/ enhanced to suit the purpose. But there are so many fake photo's out there that it's difficult to find the originals.

I'm not saying I'm right, just offering a possible explanation. Do you have any other images I should look at?


{Ed033's Note - The most compelling argument for artificial structures on Mars (assuming the satellite images are the raw data of Mars) are the non fractal ( i.e. straight lines as an example) in the images and the geometrical alignments of possible structures.

As non fractal and / or impossible geometry coincidences of alignments mean an intelligent life form was on Mars at some point.

We also have the theory that Avebury 'complex' on Earth is a mini version of Cydonia on Mars.

1.) 14 Aug 2017 15:05:26
Look for the Dark side of the moon lol.
The face once caught my eye when they came out but then I watched a doc with more images and apparently it's shade cast as it moves kind of ruined it.
I also see the lines mention and that too looked interesting .
They also claim to have a picture they claim is similar to the Grand Canyon.
Apart from that they have it first before releasing.
And they apparently employ people to air brush things out they don't want people to see.

{Ed033's Note - Exactly, they do their best to hide anything of interest by using air brushing.

2.) 14 Aug 2017 16:33:37
I will be honest Ed, I find the geometry stuff really difficult to believe. I'd imagine we'd see similar patterns with satellite views of arid deserts on Earth or on the Moon.

There has also been evidence of straight lines used in nature (although it is exceptionally rare).

Sunrise, Tessellated Pavement, Eaglehawk Neck, Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, Australia

"According to Dr. Chloe Bulinski, a Professor of Biology at Columbia University, straight lines are all around us, from the compound eyes of insects to the collagen fibers in connective tissue. Dr. Bulinski cites Tasmania’s Tessellated Pavement, an inter-tidal rock platform that looks like the floor tiles in your kitchen, as a particularly fine example of naturally occurring straight lines. "

Pyrite Cubes are a natural formation.

Basalt Columns
"It is the nature of basaltic lava cooling that allows this to happen: this lava is hotter and moves faster than other kinds. As it cools from the bottom up and from the center outward, long fractures form columns that at times take on astoundingly clear-cut hexagons. The whole process is called columnar jointing"
-google answers

There are a few good examples of angles in those pictures too.

{Ed033's Note - For anyone interested there is more information on what's so special about the geometry at Cydonia in the Monuments of Mars book by Richard C. Hoagland.

3.) 14 Aug 2017 16:44:36
I would also like to go on and state that I really want there to be proof of ET life, either present or historically. It's something I've looked at for years and the reason I bought a telescope to be honest with you, I just wanted to see a UFO! Lol.

As I've said before on here, there are astronomical numbers that more or less prove we are not alone. As our galaxy alone has an estimated 100 billion stars, a large percentage have planets around them. So if you apply that theory to the rest of the galaxies in the universe and we're talking about the possibility of trillions of planets. There is no way that the the Earth is a 1 in a trillion.

That being said, I've seen no evidence that 100% proves it. There are circumstantial bits of evidence, a few anomalies here and there and a few questionable testimonies / confessions but nothing definitive. Yet.

{Ed033's Note - The Brookings Institute recommended back around 1960 that as it was inevitable that evidence of ET life would be found, it should be hidden from we the people.

When the Viking mission around 1980 (which had 3 soil tests for life) tested for life in the martian soil, 2 tests were positive for life and 1 failed. The one that failed also failed on Earth and was a deliberate failing test, so that they could then say the Viking mission tests failed to find any life in the soil on Mars.

4.) 15 Aug 2017 22:54:00
One good bit of footage that hasn't been proven fake or tampered hsf.
Is a ufo hovers in Jerusalem flashes then takes off.
nothing they build at the minuet with the tech they admit to having, is possible to do that.
Literally takes off in a flash.

5.) 15 Aug 2017 23:01:32
Also I will add
Two weeks ago I saw three lights in a triangle.
Not the hole thing if it was anything at all just lights through the cloud traveling north west had not a whimper of sound.
Where there was so many clouds I only see it for two seconds then thick cloud blocked it from view.

I wasn't even going to mention it where I see it so briefly and as you do it makes you question whether you see anything.
But thinking about it I deffently see something slip through the clouds to big to be a commercial drone.

6.) 16 Aug 2017 15:15:30
This is the thing though, people automatically assume a UFO is aliens, when the reality is, it's just unidentified.

I live near Amesbury and they have an RAF base (Boscombe). When I was working a few years ago in the summer, we saw multiple strange aircraft taking off and landing. All different shapes it was kind of crazy. I actually thought Aliens had landed at first! But it was fairly obvious that it was just testing after a closer look.

I've also heard a few "booms" at night which could be sonic booms from an aircraft such as the Aurora. But, I live near Salisbury plains and they have regular tank/ artillery drills there. Oh and a pro-tip for you guys. Don't EVER go onto Salisbury plains at night.

1). You don't know what you're stepping on such as unexploded shells.

2). Tanks do not stop easily (don't ask! )

3). The ammunition they use is LIVE.

4). When being escorted off, they're not very polite about it ¬_¬ Especially to 14 year old kids who are just exploring 8-) lol.

7.) 16 Aug 2017 21:31:12
Yes hsf I too believe most ufos seen are human built,
Dr Greer has some good info on it.
Only thing I think is a bit of are the meet ups he talks of and photos of (extra dimensional beings)
But u never know .
And I get the heads up cheers



12 Aug 2017 20:14:49
I read a theory that said Apollo 11 went to the moon, but the astronauts and footage we saw was filmed in a studio, as they didn't want the public to see a tragedy if it happened. But then I remember watching a live video of several astronauts being blown up when a rocket failed not long after launch. So who knows?


{Ed033's Note - What you saw was a rocket being blown up, you didn't see astronauts being blown up. it's possible 1 or more of the astronauts weren't blown up.

Are the Crew Members of 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Still Alive?

1.) 12 Aug 2017 21:02:44
There are Rumours that Stanley Kubrick used the set that was used in James bonds "diamonds are forever"? The moon buggies scene in the film is meant to be the same set? I'm not sure. Good to have a bit more on the page. I've been following it since it's been live again.

{Ed033's Note - In the first half of the documentary Kubrick's Odyssey, Jay Weidner shows how Stanley Kubrick faked the Moon landing videos for NASA. In the second half of the below documentary, Jay Weidner explains secrets hidden in Stanley Kubrick's movie, The Shining.

Below is Part 2 of a low quality 15 minute out-take of Kubrick's Odyssey (showing how Kubrick did it). Part 1 is also low quality, but if it intrigues anyone, you can purchase a high quality version.

2.) 13 Aug 2017 12:11:02
They didn't mind showing people killed in 9/11
And they don't mind showing people bombed in war .
It's all part of vampirism get people low to feed of the worry.
To me honestly if I train for a space mission and this is a dream come true.
I already know I could float off in space no chance of rescue.
Drones round the other side of the world is done by apparently bouncing frequencies of the ionosphere .
And how do you know they are not doing the controlling from and "outpost"as u put it with nibiru.
Even if you double the distance require to travel the circumference of the world .
It's not even a inch on the travel needed for mars.
And mars is not in a fix postition not that I'm saying u couldn't work out a math or formula to work out where it would be.
Just that doing the two things are massively far apart.
Look at the continent of Africa double and triple on nasa cgi.
I'm not saying space travel is fake or impossible.
I'm saying with what the science tells us of space the tech they use does not travel it.
And to believe in space travel u must be to some degree believe conspiracy.
Becuase in my view space travel can not be done with the tech they talk of.

And I heard u talk of a star that is in the red spectrum.
Does this include the in far red to
Becuase red and in far red are two different things.
Even when we talk of proof the earth our planet! Moves
The mickelson and Morley experiment failed .
They say the fualcort pendulum proves movement too but this is proven to change direction of travel.
I'm not saying we don't move or anything.
Or we don't travel space.
Just that most of what is said as fact and truth is in fact a theory.

And I agree most are the best theory to stand up to date but they are still a theory and a best guess.
When it comes to telescopes
There are what I call real telescopes that u directly look though and see an image with your eyes.
But real deep search telescopes are scanning frequency and wavelengths then the computer creates the image.
But who has programmed the computer and is what this person sees what others would see?
They depict space in films movies and documentaries .
Even when it comes to maps they document certain continents a lot bigger than they are.

To make an enemy look more threating to school kids.
They say we have sate-lights that gives signal around the world.
If so why deep sea cables and so many antennas being put up.
They say the moon is how far?
Really u can see objects on the moon.
So why can u not see something on earth from 290,000 miles away it's just inside what nasa say the true edge of the atmosphere is .
They also say we know more about space than our own planet and the deep sea.
I reckon there is one reason for this .
Many humans will never be able to disprove space but if they lie about what is on the planet they could be disproven.

But it don't really matter how much they prove to be lying .
People will still eat there crap.
Please feel free to dig holes in my post .
This is why I come on here.
I don't come on hear to dig holes in what they love .
As I to still dig for space films to watch .
Good day peoples.

3.) 13 Aug 2017 13:24:37
Foot not miles sorry.
Edge of our atmosphere 330,000 ft
Late night last night lol.



11 Aug 2017 19:09:36
Do you read or follow anything by Graham Hancock? He seems to be on point regarding the Egyptians.


{Ed033's Note - Until a few years ago, i closely followed Graham Hancock. What about the Egyptians is he on point regarding?

1.) 11 Aug 2017 21:20:01
Regarding the age of the Sphinx. He strongly goes against the mainstream view and has some pretty compelling evidence. Both he and Randall Carlson had a discussion on a Joe Rogan podcast about Egypt and certain climate issues surrounding it.

Hancock was talking about about some water erosion that in the current climate, would be impossible.

The deep lines in the wall indicate heavy rain or water flow. Randall Carlson came forward with evidence, suggesting that the Nile flooded around 12,800 years ago and the region was affected heavily by this. Any civilisations would have to abandon and move and then come back later, Which could be why there are so many discrepancies in the dating of the Pyramids and the Sphinx.

There is strong evidence to suggest a great project was being worked on 2500 years ago, but Hancock believes that was probably a restoration. He cites the quality of the Great pyramid to the lack of quality in the smaller ones.
Additionally, a University student broke into the Pyramids a few years ago and found evidence of a 2000 year old restoration.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, earlier on John Anthony West managed to persuade geologist, Robert Schoch to take a look at the Sphinx and he originally made a conservative qualified estimate that the Sphinx was 7000-9000 years old.

Although i would imagine that it is older than 9000 years.

Dr. Carmen Boulter (author of the pyramid code) - Is The Sphinx In Egypt 450,000 Years Old?

2.) 11 Aug 2017 23:01:42
I think Hancock refused to give a date on how old it really is, but both he and Carlson came to the conclusion that it's at least 12,000 years old because of the water erosion evidence.

450,000 years old? I'll watch the video but humans have only been sophisticated enough to do this for about 10,000 years until recent evidence suggested it could be a little earlier.

Göbekli Tepe is estimated to be around 11,500 years old and until its discovery, it was thought that only Hunter-Gatherers were about during this time. Evidently, we were very wrong about this! As Gobekli Tepe is an architectural masterpeice.

{Ed033's Note - Is there 1 or more pyramids on planet Mars? If so, who built them? and could they have come to Earth and built a pyramid or 3 here?

Is the D&M pyramid on Mars in the Cydonia region a pyramid?

3.) 11 Aug 2017 23:54:47
I will take a look at that Ed.

Mars was allegedly like Earth once, I remember reading once that there was a slight possibility that Earth collided with Mars and formed the moon, but I think that was debunked and now they believe it was a rogue planet that they've named as Theia that smashed into the Earth twice. (sorry went off topic slightly lol, I love space! ) So perhaps there was life on there too, we've not openly found any yet though. They've found evidence of flowing water and even found water-ice at the poles. I think Mars is a strong candidate to formly hosted life for sure.

I have however seen a few videos on youtube, some more psychadelic than others about Humans originally being from Mars and migrating to Earth when they learned of an impending impact (the theory cites the enormous gauge on Mars as the extinction event in most cases) .

Honestly, I've never done any non-prescription drugs other than Cannabis, Alcohol and Nicotine, but I wish I watched this one video while taking acid, would have been one hell of a trip!

Seems like complete rubbish, but it was very entertaining to watch! The stuff like the higher conciousness ascension thing, I'd love for them to find evidence that you can "ascend". I'd 100% rename myself Goku. xD.

4.) 12 Aug 2017 00:48:58
I think if anything can be manipulated through a conspiracy
The "timeline" people talk of deffently can
Second is nasa space and mars talk
In my personal opinion.
How do rockets work in a "vacuum"
Or them air jets they like to talk of?
U need atmosphere for rockets to thrust against to give u the thrust in the first place .
How did they get past the van Allen radiation belt
In the moon lading or to mars lol.
Hsf u like space so have u seen the latest model they talk of how the sun speeds through the universe with our planets
We would be like a flee lost forever with no fuel to get back.
Most of a rocket fuel that is used in take off so how much could the shuttle possibly carry to work rocket engines that couldn't possibly work in space
Check out how Brandon's plane thing
Soon as it was supposed to be in "space" it ignited it's engine and did a 360 in high speed when't nowhere and won't either.
Space x I swear have put mars talk back again
Nasa are a massive fraud
How on earth do they still pretend they are remotely controlling a device on mars
More like it's done in a desert and had the image altered.
Float high in our atmosphere yes
Space travel with the tech they talk of No
And it's back to conspiracy again
Becuase in my view they need much more advance than they admit technology wise to do so.
And I think this is why so many lies.

{Ed033's Note - They are either idots or lying when they claim space is a vacuum.

Maybe they had black technology to get past the van Allen radiation belt?

5.) 12 Aug 2017 01:28:50
Yes I do not doubt if the "deep state" has superior tech
It could 100% percent be possible .
But with what nasa and space x talk of no chance.

{Ed033's Note - yes, you're most likely correct based on what we're told.

6.) 12 Aug 2017 06:55:48
I think if they can control a drone on the other side of the world, then they can control a drone on Mars. Technology is also concealed from the public, this should be fairly well documented now.

I don't know anything of this "black technology" that Ed033 has mentioned before, but I know they hide certain things and then a few years down the line, release it to the public in some form (in most cases) .

{Ed033's Note - black technology is something that exists, but they pretend it doesn't exist.

For all we know, they do have tech such as drones on Mars, but in order to conceal what is on Mars from us, they show us images and video from rovers on uninhabited northern islands on Earth.

7.) 12 Aug 2017 15:43:37
Space may be the final frontier
But it's made in a Hollywood basement

{Ed033's Note - The Apollo astronauts on the moon video was shot on Earth by director Stanley Kubrick for instance?

8.) 12 Aug 2017 17:45:52
What makes you say that Ed? I'm just asking as I'm a firm believer that we did go to the Moon.

{Ed033's Note - i think humans got the moon as well at some point (don't know whether Apollo missions got there though using black technology), but probably like Mars, they don't want us knowing what they might be doing there or what is there, so they show us videos made on Earth instead.




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23 Oct 2017 03:01:10
I don't know about the whole human sacrifice thing, but it definitely looks like it's been switched. The pictures especially from the under water shots compared to the pictures of the Olympic look very similar.




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06 Oct 2017 22:17:01
I moan and groan in my sleep when I'm stressed out, am I being mind controlled?


{Ed033's Note - What's crazy about some people is that you can have 100+ discrepancies/anomalies and then someone lists 1 odd one and then the main stream media crazies pounce on the 1 odd one.



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03 Oct 2017 19:39:51
Sorry TTTSmark2, but you've completely missed about a thousand other variables as to why he might have done this. You seem to have just jumped straight onto the conspiracy wagon regarding this before any evidence has even been released.

There are much more plausible reasons as to why he may have done this.
He may have had PTSD or some other mental health issue, he could have been in massive debt from gambling, he could have been mind controlled, he could have just thought "**** it I want to kill loads of people".

We don't know, so why are we already drawing conclusions that it's a fix or made up or mind control? Do we not have any respect for those that have lost their lives?


{Ed033's Note - TTTSmark2's post seems perfectly reasonable to me and he put a question mark at the end of the post as well to show he's not sure due to a lack of info.

Initial interviews from people who were there suggest more than one shooter.



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01 Oct 2017 17:20:40
It's horrendous what is going on in Catalonia. I have someone on my steam friends who lives in Barcelona and he's too scared to go outside because of it.


{Ed033's Note - It would have been easier to let them have the vote and then stall the independence for a year and then put the independence back to 2021, like they have done with Brexit in U.K. 😋.



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26 Sep 2017 17:34:44
I don't see what's wrong with it personally. I draw the line at transgender myself, I don't see any problems with people who are gay, lesbian or bi-sexual it's your preference and you do as you please. But when it comes to completely changing your sex, because you "feel like a woman" or vice versa, then I think we are dealing with seriously suppressed mental health issue's.

According to a the Williams Suicide report, a 41% of Transgender individuals that were surveyed in America claimed they had thought about or attempted suicide.
Compared with 20% of LGB and 4.6% of non-LGBT.

If that is also world wide statistics or even close to that, then that's a serious issue that needs to be resolved.


{Ed033's Note - There is a sick agenda here. Why would any rational person want to force LBGT stuff down the throats of young children? Doesn't make any logical sense unless there is a sick agenda.

Transgender people think about and attempt suicide even after the surgery that may make them appear what they think they are.

But this whole agenda is not about LBGT people themselves, they are being used like we all are to further the negative agenda.




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