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31 Jul 2020 10:42:13
I’d like people’s views on something as I’m a little confused. On an iPhone you can screen record. When you do this the top of your iPhone has a red bar to indicate this.

There have been 2/ 3 occasions in the last month or so where that red bar has appeared without me activating screen record, and it’s only appeared for a few seconds. Everytime it’s happened, I have been speaking to someone about the corrupt world we live in. Usually the Instagram app.

I’ve researched it and I can’t see anything online about this, and I can’t figure out if it’s just a coincidence, a malfunction, or if the app has decided to screen record my conversation? I check my photo gallery the moment it happens and there is no saved recording.

Thanks for any insight.

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31 Jul 2020 14:41:19
Just to add to what’s happened. Now today, two Instagram stories I posted have been removed without even informing me. And the person whose post I was forwarding, their account has been deleted or has become unsearchable.

This censorship is even effecting what you would assume to be irrelevant people. I don’t want to be paranoid but now I’m even more certain that my conversation on Instagram messenger was screenshotted by the app. Very confusing and scary times if this is accurate.

{Ed033's Note - The rumour is that in a matter of weeks or so, they are going to ramp up their attack on anyone who is communicating about subjects they don't want you communicating about on social media.

30 Jul 2020 19:45:26
Government admits its Test and Trace programme is unlawful.

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30 Jul 2020 21:38:25
Any thoughts on UK Border Control monitoring 14 days of quarantine, from Spain? 🤔.

{Ed033's Note - How about each government signed up to a game of Simon says, where Simon is a dynamic real time scripted never ending fictional pandemic A.I. computer simulation, where the governments are supposed to pretend that whatever is happening in the fictional pandemic simulation is happening in the real world, so have to implement things accordingly.

30 Jul 2020 23:14:35
Manchester Evening News making up ridiculous B.S.

30 Jul 2020 23:24:12
Anthony Fauci being told to say more B.S.?

Masks Aren't Enough: Dr. Fauci Says People Should "Probably Use Eye Shields" To Protect Against COVID-19

30 Jul 2020 23:25:33
A.I. Driven Robots To Enforce Mandatory Face Mask Rules.

The main initial goal is to inject everyone, to genetically alter them so people are no longer seen as living men or living women, but fictional entities. Add the masks, to pretend that we can't talk or breathe, which symbolises that we are dead and the 6 foot 'social distancing', also symbolises we are dead, being buried 6 foot under.

Put this together and then from the Lucifereans sick point of view, if we consent to the above, they will pretend we are actual dead, fictional, birth certificated persons that they own.

29 Jul 2020 22:20:18
Covid-19 can't be called a virus because nothing has been isolated and passed Koch's Postulates to determine whether a virus even exists. As a virus has not been isolated and passed Koch's Postulates, there can't be any way of testing for a virus and that means Covid-19 can't be put on a death certificate.

About Koch's Postulates:

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29 Jul 2020 22:24:58
Well done to Snooker Champion Peter Ebdon for Dropping C. V. Truth on the BBC.

29 Jul 2020 22:26:56
C.D.C. Director Says There are More Suicides and Deaths from drug overdoses than C.V. Deaths.

29 jul 2020 22:32:30
Lockdown killing more people than C.V.?

29 Jul 2020 15:32:39
In 2007, a new Pandemic Severity Index was released in coordination with Centres for Disease Control with seasonal flu being Index 1 [normal].

Now with all their number faking, this alleged pandemic is at Index 2, where it is recommended that sick people self isolate in their homes and everyone else carries on as normal.

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29 Jul 2020 15:40:08
Practical example using a cloth mask.

29 Jul 2020 15:40:35
BS-19 Test Fakery:

29 Jul 2020 15:50:55
Dr Carrie Madej - Truth And Freedom regarding C.V.

28 Jul 2020 20:13:40
virus or scamdemic?

From Ramola D Reports:
"The entire COVID-19 'pandemic' scenario playing out worldwide and apparently still going strong, despite increasing and vocal challenge from numbers of awakened people all over the planet is in actuality a worldwide and “system-wide” training and simulation exercise involving the release, actual or advertised, of a 'lethal respiratory pathogen' as required by the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board in its September 2019 demand-document report 'A World At Risk' and the WHO’s International Health Regulations of 2005, a worldwide treaty signed off on by 194 countries associated with the WHO."

CONFIRMED: COVID-19 Plandemic a Known, Live 'Training and Simulation Exercise' under W.H.O.:

{Ed033's Note - Great one p1, we can but hope that this info can go viral across the World so no one will trust the mainstream media or governments again. [Except the U.K. government web site that told us on March 19 2020 that COVID-19 was not a High Consequence Infectious Disease.]

As Mike Pompeo told us months ago - "We're in a Live Exercise here".

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28 Jul 2020 20:41:04
Yeah that clips in the video ed.

28 Jul 2020 21:15:14
Two Chinese Boys Drop Dead From Wearing Masks at school while running in a gym class.

28 Jul 2020 21:20:57
BBC clowns putting out their usual B.S. - A Pet Cat in UK 'caught' CV-19 from its owner.

30 Jul 2020 12:40:21
Very informative p1, thanks for sharing. This woman reminds me a bit of Deborah Tavares.

28 Jul 2020 16:53:07
Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter Censor Viral Video of Medical Doctors on Capitol Hill at C.V. Press Conference.


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29 Jul 2020 08:14:54
I watched that doctors video last night and I have to admit Ed, although the purpose was right, the execution of that video was almost a car crash! I understand when things aren’t scripted you’ll get more passionate responses but the structure of them speaking was so chaotic I think the brainwashed would struggle to take that seriously, which doesn’t help our cause of awakening people : (.

{Ed033's Note - There's nothing stopping these M.D.s or other M.D.s from trying again and again to get the message out. It might only take one video to go viral to get the Sheeple questioning.

29 Jul 2020 10:55:46
Woman with Black Lives Matter tshirt:

'I'm not following the science. So is the problem with children on psych units that they have low zinc levels? '

Doctor calmly replies 'No, we're talking about the the virus now. '

BLM seems to attract a lot of (white) people who's main motivation appears to complain and argue about anything regardless of whether it is real or imaginary.

Well done to these brave doctors. I wonder why they are not headline news around the world? I wonder why it was only alt media covering this, and not one MSM journalist/ propagandist or camera in sight?

27 Jul 2020 11:38:29
Hello all, with all the news on the pentagon releasing the admittance of otherworldly vehicles, do you think Bob Lazar is telling the truth of his experience at S4?

{Ed033's Note - No, making it up imo. Richard D. Hall paid for some Statement Analysis on Bob Lazar Starts at 18:00 minute mark.

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27 Jul 2020 12:57:07
Shahzwar Bugti kills the GLOBE with a single tap.

27 Jul 2020 12:57:27
24 hour Sun at Antarctica Faked Again.

27 Jul 2020 12:57:54
Globalists and their Lies Prove the Earth is Flat.

26 Jul 2020 16:54:11
As we already knew, it's not 1 genetically modifying vaccine and we go to the 'new normal'. Bill Gates already saying it's multiple vaccines just for C.V.

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26 Jul 2020 16:59:45
Retailers who cash in on community fears about C.V. by exaggerating the health benefits of surgical masks could face huge fines.

But government exaggerating alleged benefits of face masks is ok.

26 Jul 2020 17:06:18
Psychologists Explain why the Sheeple Deny False Flags like 9/11.

26 Jul 2020 17:10:52
Orlando Governor DeSantis "concerned" after people who weren't tested for C.V. receive positive results.

26 Jul 2020 17:17:09
Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews tells us the agenda, We Will be Wearing Masks For a very long time.

26 Jul 2020 17:23:16
Anthony Fauci shows us how to Wear a Mask Without Wearing a Mask.

25 Jul 2020 23:59:51
CONTRALAND 2020 documentary.

Video on bitchute

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23 Jul 2020 13:21:50
This looks to be Ryan Dawson's 5 hour documentary - The Empire Unmasked.

On lbry site

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24 Jul 2020 16:05:15
Thanks for this Ed033. I'm working my way through this. He goes into a lot of details with names. So far very interesting.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks for the feedback, hopefully it's good all the way through.

28 Jul 2020 12:09:43
It's an odd one. This video could have been less than an hour long, but somehow he takes five hours to do it. Basically he claims it was Israel with some Saudi help.

He takes a very blinkered view of 9/11, completely ignoring anything that doesn't fit his agenda. No mention of the mechanics of it, just who he thinks did it.

I saw another video he made where he ridicules Judy Wood. I don't think she has 100% figured it out, but she is very close, maybe the closest, and I think it is to Ryan Dawson's deficit that he is so dismissive of her.

Can't say for sure he is disinfo, but I'm leaning that way right now.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks for the informative feedback.

23 Jul 2020 01:30:27
Hunters and others have been disappearing from North American wildlands for hundreds of years, many without leaving a trace.

Missing 411: the hunted - David Paulides documentary:

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22 Jul 2020 14:48:59
Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging documentary.

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22 Jul 2020 15:03:56
John Hamer presentation about The Titanic Conspiracy - The Great Deception.

22 Jul 2020 15:26:24
Corries Interview Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem - observations on the commercial manufacture of modern music.

20 Jul 2020 22:07:36
Retired F-16 Pilot - Earth is Flat.

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20 Jul 2020 22:08:16
16.4 Mile Laser Tests show Flat Earth

20 Jul 2020 22:08:21
NHS Consultant Says Staff Are Being Silenced Over COVID-19

20 Jul 2020 23:00:21
'Planets' - you can see right through them?

20 Jul 2020 11:33:51
David Goldberg's final recording about memos/projects of what is planned.

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20 Jul 2020 11:40:56
Too many people waking up.
David E. Goldberg's final recording [dead man's switch?] before his death [June 8th 2019] - he reveals two classified projects underway: Project Pogo and Project Zyphr - chilling plans scheduled for 2020/2021.

20 Jul 2020 13:29:48
How Do I Wake Up My Friends and Family? From James Corbett.

20 Jul 2020 18:44:34
You can lead and ass to water but you can't make it drink.

{Ed033's Note - yes

23 Jul 2020 09:35:21
Ed what’s your views on the theory David Goldberg uses regarding trump working for them? I know you’ve always had the view that there’s two elite powers working against each other? I’ve never managed to see anything documenting this theory of two elite powers, has it been another disinformation to confuse? Or do you still believe there’s 2 powers?

{Ed033's Note - It's pretty obvious that we see 2 groups, so I would say either there is one group and they make it look like there's 2 groups or there really are 2 groups. I've said for many years on here that it's not a good group vs an evil group, but 2 evil groups that want total control so we have to hope that the lesser of 2 evils wins.

This David Goldberg audio is most likely dis info, but successful dis info contains mostly truth, and the most important bit is a lie.

At the moment i think there's 2 groups, but i'm open to changing my mind to it being one group controlling and pretending there are 2 groups.

23 Jul 2020 10:03:49
Thanks for sharing your views on this. So which part do you believe to be the dis info? For me it was either saying they plan to exterminate all the truth seekers (for me this is a very good deterrent to make people scared to comment and talk about the docs they see on utube etc? Or maybe the part regarding blackouts and taking people in the middle of the night? I fully believe one day we’ll experience blackouts as a way of control, but I can’t see them killing people off so dramatically! What’s your views?

{Ed033's Note - I think the blackouts are going to happen, but it depends what they are planning while the blackouts happen.

I think they would like to remove the truth seekers somehow, but grabbing millions of truth seekers during blackouts seems to be the dis info.

19 Jul 2020 09:58:43
Missed his name exposing the fraudulent court system.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks for the post.

This is Santos Banacci from years ago. I think from memory this was in reference to him intentionally getting thousands in vehicle 'fines' and then 'dealing' with the 'fines' using a private administrative process each time he received a 'fine'.

However his private administrative processes didn't 'work' because at some point 2 men came to his house asking for immediate payment of around 70k ('fines' + legal fees) and if he didn't immediately 'pay' he was going to court. He couldn't pay so they kidnapped him and brought him to court.

The administrator pretending to be a judge in the court said to Santos that he had watched some videos of Santos and knew Santos was a good man and also said that Santos should learn how to discharge debt using his signature.

Then the administrator sentenced Santos to Prison

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19 Jul 2020 13:12:45
A.I. Surveillance of all activity.

19 Jul 2020 13:13:57
8 'Facts' About COVID 19 That Are Incorrect

19 Jul 2020 13:23:10
Sonia Poulton + Shaun Attwood with guest Ryan Dawson 02 Part 2 of 3.

23 Jul 2020 13:01:48
Very good interview. Ryan is excellent, I'd like to watch his film The Empire Unmasked.

{Ed033's Note - Added a link to it above

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