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20 Jan 2022 19:26:56

22 Jan 2022 18:55:54
So, Elon Musk is about to start (advertised) human trials with brain-computer relationship IC(chip) tech.

How convenient seeing as most of the sheeple have been injected with a nano-tech graphene based substance with a possible MAC address. God knows what else.

Welcome to the future. Let's all burn in the firey pits.

p.s. I have mentioned my abandonment of a certain online retailer (Skynet).

I ordered from another site something that I couldn't get locally. You can imagine my shock( or not) when the packaging was from the shunned company, with the courier stating "here's you package from Am..(Skynet)"

I might change my name to Ed118, cos 'they' got my f*****g number!

😂 1🍕 1

23 Jan 2022 02:47:32
The Stores always ?

22 Jan 2022 09:06:07
I was having a moment yesterday sitting gazing at the sky and it got me thinking looking at the way buildings are built and when you look at hills it looks like the sky is rounding itself back on each other my point being I think they have deliberately manufactured buildings to make it look this way instead of what it really is with is other thing I think God made the world flat to remind us in a way we were all meant to be on the one level to live by each other side by side no one greater than the next .wheareas lucifer has manipulated it to the world is round so the system is there are ones at the top and ones at the bottom just my thoughts guys but I'm started to see a lot more now than I ever did before.

{Ed032's Note - Everything is Intelligently created for purpose and you can only 'see' what you are ready to. Truth is given to those that seek it.

What we have to except is our eye's are limited and only able to see so far in to the distance, which gives us our own perspective. It is this limit of perspective that causes optical illusions, giving the impression of 'curving' within an atmosphere.

Are you familiar with the Personal Atmospheric Dome analogy? (PAD). Because of the limit of our vision it creates a realm within the Realm. A personal view of everything that is uniquely your own.

Hopefully if you watch this on YT it will take you to the playlist

22 Jan 2022 11:45:21
Right, if you are standing on a beach with the water in front of you and it's evening so the Sun is in front of you, then you see a line of light on the water from the Sun, directly to you. And if there are for instance 100 people to the left of you and 100 people to the right of you in a row [in a line] along the beach, each one of them will see a line of light on the water from the Sun, directly to them. Now none of them can see anybody eles's line of light and this is because we have our own personal relationship with the Sun of God :)

But it's not just the Sun, we have our own unique personal experience with everything on Earth that we see. This is because we can only see a limited distance and we see things in terms of perspective, or it might be better to say that we exist in a virtual personal viewing dome. In the Flat Earth Model, this is known as a Personal Atmospheric Dome or PAD. The PAD has a diameter of about 12,000 miles.

22 Jan 2022 15:37:47
Thanks for your reply and different knowledge and views ill give the video a watch

{Ed032's Note - Click on and watch the 'playlist' link, Jacynta. Only short videos. It gets more difficult to find the one's I wish to show you.

I will say, don't take my word as fact. That is not why I am here saying things to you. All I want my words to do is to inspire you to look into things using your own unique eyes and mind and come to your own conclusions.

I know we will still end up in the same place because you can clearly think for yourself, beyond the 'curve', but you would have had your own journey experiencing personal insights in getting their. Enlightened.

Or you can be spoon fed NASA BS and look at their multi-billion dollar CGI and believe in their made up beliefs which are unquestionable fiction, and not use your own mind at all. That is the brain dead easy route, for which I chose not to be party.

One true photo of the Earth as a ball. That would be truth and fact. They never show us that though. Why? because their 'space' is fake!

Question everything!

21 Jan 2022 21:38:13
Been a weird couple of days here in Northern Ireland, the whole covid situation seems to have taken a completely different direction.

Early Thursday morning after England's announcement abt easy restrictions we were warned that we shouldn't be expecting our restrictions lifted as quick, then by Thursday dinner time many of them were lift the next day with more to follow on the 26th.

MSMB over here has also started to change their tune, reporting things that question the narrative that they have been spinning all along.

Steven Nolan radio show run by BBC over here has been scare mongering right from the get go and are now seem to be changing there tune too, they even said abt the South African doctor saying omicron was milder and we didn't need to be as concerned, I'm pretty sure that doctor said that abt a month ago so why report it now.

Was wondering if this is happening anywhere else or does anyone have a clue why things seem to be taking a 180 and so quickly?

{Ed032's Note - It could be because a lot more seem to be stirring from the hypnotic LE induced sleep and beginning to question things. Give them a lot of the things taken away, back to them. Make them forget before they take it all away again with a new fictitious 'strain' that has never been 'isolated' right around March time when the said vaxxine 1.1 will be ready. All the sheep will once again be queuing up for their satanic serum shot.

22 Jan 2022 09:20:15
I believe the restrictions being lifted has a lot to do with the criminal investigation currently going on for crimes against humanity.

{Ed032's Note - If the criminal investigation actually goes ahead and isn't sabotaged by the LE somehow or even another controlled opposition narrative, because their control over things are too great. It won't make the slightest difference what they do now.

They can never undo the harm and satanic deeds they have already performed on the Intelligent Creators work known as Humanity. If the true Laws of this Realm are followed correctly it will have them all brought to justice.

So this being said I would be surprised if they are trying to back track for this reason.

22 Jan 2022 12:00:10
Makes sense, Angrychef. According to Anna De Buisseret, they may have sent Cease and Desists as part of the criminal notices to loads of people. This is scary for them because they now have to hope that they can be protected by the L.E. to stop it going any further. So they maybe complying with the Cease and Desists at the moment.

22 Jan 2022 17:22:06
Maybe you, AngryChef and Ed033, are right. Maybe I am too cynical to think the 'Law' systems in place are not too corrupted by the Satanists to do what it says on the tin, uphold the Law. I still fear they are for show. With Canada, Australia, and many Euro countries all acting from a different hymn sheet I feel these court systems are controlled pantomime. Every fibre wants me to be wrong on that judgement. But the dots don't aligned and add up to anything I can take comfort from.

They have been working on this plan for decades. With their vast network and wealth do you not think they have not played out all scenarios?. And the fact the the LE controlled Blackrock and Vanguard own stakes in EVERYTHING means they have their fingers in all the relative pies to sway things any which way they want, with dirt and skeletons on everyone they wish to control. There is every possibility that Fuellmich, McCullough, Malone, Fauci, Biden, Trump, etc etc are all 'Puppets for the puppeteers' from the same cast/script and part of the well thought out plan which has been acted out numerous times over the centuries with all the resets, given 'them' plenty of practice and foresight into how to deal with any supposed hinderances.

Cynical? Yes. Wrong? I hope so.

21 Jan 2022 11:58:38
Scam QR codes

{Ed032's Note - Thanks, Ed033.

19 Jan 2022 19:42:58
50 Scientific Facts for the Downfall of Modern Astronomy (Videobook)

19 Jan 2022 12:41:30

Karen Kingston, former big Pharma employee, Biotech Analyst and whistleblower IS INTERVIEWED by Maria Zeee.

21 Jan 2022
New image uploaded to the
Conspiracy Talk Sightings page entitled, Interesting if true.

Click picture for larger image

21 Jan 2022 19:50:29
Thanks, Lickyfields_M7. It is true but the company has an interesting approach to tackling a 'virus' rather than jabbing everyone with some satanic substances.

Here is a quote from an article easily found:

"On Wednesday it emerged Djokovic had acquired an 80% stake in QuantBioRes, the website of which says it designs treatments for viral diseases and resistant bacteria through “predicting the electromagnetic frequency” that can interfere with a virus’s activity.

“At QuantBioRes, we work in utilising unique and novel Resonant Recognition Model … a biophysical model based on findings that certain periodicities/frequencies within the distribution of energies of free electrons along the protein are critical for protein biological function and interaction with protein receptors and other targets,” the website says."

Still sitting on the fence in my opinion of Mr Djokovic as much as want to believe in him totally freely convinced. There is every possibility that this tech is being created/explored for nefarious means.

Or maybe it just helps to make better donkey cheese? ? ?

21 Jan 2022 20:01:17
ed032 no need to sit on the fence buddy. djokovic is one of them thats what that big farce of him being kicked out of Australia was on the news constant for weeks for to make him look like one of us. now he has created a drug for covid something fishy there he will have got a lot of support there and people will believe him and his new drug

{Ed032's Note - It is not a drug though, United ireland. It is using frequencies. Everything is frequencies. If you have a tool to disrupt one thing you can sure bet that it can disrupt whatever you want to 'corrupt', deactivate or even, 'activate'.

I'll dig into this a bit more over the weekend to try and understand exactly what the tech is. Sad thing is that anything created out of a good purpose can be polarised to the opposite.

22 Jan 2022 07:49:05
drug or tech buddy he is on there side that's why he got all the air time on the news fighting for good to fool people who are against the vax to take his new what ever it is

{Ed032's Note - I am not disagreeing with you but from an 'on the fence' POV it would be difficult not to cover this story as no coverage of it would make it obvious something was being hidden.

Although there is a lot of evidence Djokovic is with 'them' with the hidden eye pictures and dealings with WEF (and then disappearing links from his website) to name a few. But I am always hopeful. Maybe he is caught up with things he wants no part of but is forced/coerced in some way? Maybe he made decisions when he was younger that he didn't fully understand until recent times? in a way wanting his soul back from satanic clutches.

22 Jan 2022 17:22:21
covid is the common cold buddy rebranded covid installed with the fear factor so why do we need a cure for it. the cure for the common cold is rough it out and eat and drink natural foods with good vitamins

{Ed032's Note - You are missing my points, United ireland.

And by 'common cold' do you mean the said 'cold virus'? A computer simulated piece of LE make believe, because as far as I am concerned viruses are just some made up rhetoric to scare and 'spread' fear.

Illnesses like what are portrayed as 'viruses' are just your bodies way off purging toxins (exosomes/dead rotting cells)not fit for being inside someone human. A natural response. And yes, as you say, being healthy keeps you 'healthy'.

It feels like we are at a point where like-minded souls are at horns. Ironic. As that is the game plan of 'them'. Maybe they have already won?

20 Jan 2022 12:48:48
Real world flat earth model proof. Exalt Wireless has a product called ExploreAir which is a LINE-OF-SIGHT microwave transmission platform.

{Ed032's Note - Thanks, Ed033.

19 Jan 2022 09:26:10
Shibam - City of Mud Towers

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