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22 Jun 2022 14:53:54
School 🚫 BANS 🚫 ALL Contact Between Pupils / Hugo Talks

😂 1

22 Jun 2022 14:52:38
Here is the latest video from ' SpaceBusters'. I haven't had chance to watch it in its entirety yet but they are well explained and always worth a watch. Sign up to Odysee and it will save your place so you can watch it in parts or alternatively, watch one of there shorter videos on this subject.

The End of Germ Theory

23 Jun 2022 21:53:06
Another brilliant video from SpaceBusters

{Ed032's Note - I am about halfway now but this is the best video SpaceBusters have created so far and is a must watch IMO.

24 Jun 2022 03:35:43
Everything I now believe in, in a nutshell. The narrator has a great, condescending nature. Rainbow magic amuses me, given our BS 'pride month'.👍

{Ed032's Note - SpaceBusters have a original and brilliant knack of making things easy to understand and always a great watch, ah, Scouseduckred.

22 Jun 2022 20:51:10
OK, this maybe a Southern monkey thought to far for some but, 'Evolution' 'Darwinian' thoughts now imposed as fact in 'skools' states we 'evolved' into what we are.

The only living entity within this realm/on this Planet, that needs clothing as soon as you leave your mothers womb.

Are we things of corporate/consumerismistic manipulation? beings literally bred to become part of a system where we automatically have a need to purchase things to survive?

Why would we 'evolve' in such a way where we would die from the elements without the 'need' of other things to shield us from such?

What else has apparently 'evolved' this way? No other living thing has a need of anything other than to eat/drink/sleep/procreate/die. There is no thought of 'self' only 'keep offspring alive'.

P.S Evolution is BS by the way. If you are new here do some research.

Where are the inter-species? - it is not just a case of a missing 'link'. The whole theory is flawed and literally makes zero sense when you breakdown the LE indoctrinated beliefs imposed on us.

Everything is perfect and fit for purpose, apart from us. The needy which have now become self-obsessed with looking pretty by buying things that sparkle and dazzle. And if you don't sparkle and dazzle you feel worthless because you do not get the attention you think you deserve because if everyone is special, no one is special. And the circle of manipulation continues.

22 Jun 2022 22:59:00
Evolution has no proof to it, it's just a theory like The Big Bang, The Globe and Heliocentric model.


24 Jun 2022 03:41:49
Ed032. Interesting post. Beer required, I believe. Personally, my standpoint is, everything is a lie, prove it true. Lose the ego and it all makes sense. Ditch the TV and the propaganda doesn't effect you. WW3? What can you actually do to stop or effect it? So why worry? Think smaller, change what effects your life on a day to day basis. Just opinions.

{Ed032's Note - Haha. So you need a beer when stepping inside my head, Scouseduckred?

I can't recall the film which this would be a paraphrased quote from but -

One genuine random act of kindness everyday.

It's nice to be nice. Utopian attitude.

24 Jun 2022 18:46:25
Cheers Ed. Just appreciate things more with a beer.👍

{Ed032's Note - So you need to be drunk to appreciate me? I can roll with that, Scouseduckred 😜

22 Jun 2022 15:15:56
Did you ever look into darloros cannon or quantum healing therapy sessions?

{Ed032's Note - Hey Kilbroney, Welcome to the site and thanks for posting.

You ask the question like I have been asked before, maybe I am reading to literally. No, I haven't or at least I don't recall the names. But I will look into it now, thanks. I am aware of zero point energy treatments all to do with certain frequencies and vibrations healing the corruptions of one's own energies and frequencies. I contacted the people doing the research but they never got back to me which was a shame as it made it feel less real but nonetheless it all seemed to make sense.

Before i look into these subjects, what is your take on this?

Thanks and you are appreciated.


23 Jun 2022 12:29:24
Ed032 I was referring to daloros cannon,she's a well known quantum healing therapist and just a little bit more(special) . You were correct on frequencies and energy healing.
Yes I had a session myself bro and it was incredible. From what I seen,what I felt both emotionally and physically it was incredible. There was even orangy/golden orbs in the room during my session.
Imo...once you get into this and especially have a great session everything that's going on in this matrix or alot of it doesn't matter. It really is all illusion, the only thing that is real is "love". Yes there'll be still many a time where you get sucked back into bullshit but it was never meant to be easy here.
I went down the rabbithole of many now seeing what we are living in and the lies . The end point was daloros cannon and her work especially. I do honestly believe we sign up for alot of stuff we experience here before we come here and reincarnation/karma etc. Once you're open minded to this stuff and have your own session in the right mind frame I'm almost certain anyone as many do have unbelievable experiences.

{Ed032's Note - Sounds amazing and incredibly intriguing, Kilbroney. Was your session actually with Doloros? or are there many people that do this type of healing?
I will definitely take a deeper look into this as I suffer a lot from yet a unknown medical condition with symptoms that cause me enormous amounts of constant pain. The NHS just want to fill me with their strongest painkillers that have really bad side effects so I refuse to take them so it seems I need to look beyond mainstream medical help. This topic could perhaps be something that could help me. As you see, I am an Ed on a conspiracy site so I feel I am very open minded. I love rabbit holes. :)

Thanks for sharing some of your experience on this subject. Appreciated, mate.

23 Jun 2022 19:54:06
Edd032 I went to a quantum healer called triona sheeran in the Republic of ireland. Yes it can definitely help with pain or disease/cancer etc. Illness in general is usually from trapped or undealth with trauma. Either from this lifetime/a previous or you chose to have a certain illness/disability..
I had pysical pain myself especially in my shoulders/into arms. During the hypnosis there were parts were I balled my eyes out (trauma being released) . I could feel like an electric energy field across my entire body. It really was somethingelse. There was pysical healing happening. I had the lightest shoulders in years at the end of the session and could still feel like an energy around me when it ended. Alot of peace and genuine happiness came from that session for weeks.
What I seen in my hypnosis I'll be honest I still question was it just my imagination, was I meant to see it or do I just not have the belief in myself yet. You have some questions prepared for the session that you ask your higher self. One of which was I asked about my future self and seen my future family, this was emotional for me too. I've dealt with almost a decade of deep depression . I actually had my 4 year old self point towards the edge of the horizon and in front of a massive sun(source)I seen my wife and 3 kids,2 boys and a girl.
I seen some strange things aswell in my hypnosis regarding the greys. It wasnt scary for me and it was when I encountered those 3 beings where I felt immense healing and love. I was in a dimension I could only explain as unconditional love and never wanting to leave. You could feel those who look over you (spirit guides/guardian angels) around you and immense love.
I could go on but it gets more personal concerning things I had to deal with in my past which caused real trauma.
A few other things I'll mention, more so of the pysical elements and what was happening to my body. Before the hypnosis when you talk(openly and honesty is the only way) , I could feel a presence in the room but more soo of another element. I had sensations to my left ear and left side and my mouth began to jitter when I spoke. Triona(quantum healer) had said my mother's mother was beside me.
Also When I got onto the hypnosis bed to begin the session my legs began tremour/kick/ was uncontrollable, She assured me with me with a smile it was just vibrations I was experiencing. It didn't scare me atall. Actually made me smile.
So yeah Ed 🤣 I'm sure to most I'd be laughed out of a room or asked did I take mushrooms but I'm comfortable in myself at this stage and it is what it is. The only way to truly understand is to do a session yourself when you come to the right point or moment in life. I think we're shown what we're meant to see in these sessions.
I can send a link in to the site of a recommended daloros cannon video if you want ed

{Ed032's Note - I actually got goose bumps reading that. Thank you so much for sharing and yes send all the links you want, we are a free and peaceful sharing community here with intrigue of such matters. We want you to share.

My pain is a little more complex than what my pre-condition self would think of as normal pain. It is difficult to explain without going into detail which I am not comfortable sharing openly on this or any other website. I truly apologise for that. I am sorry. Only a handful or less actually know my full woes but I assure you I am incredibly open and sharing on this site. Hopefully the stalwarts on here will agree with that statement. A couple of which have become very dear to me and are part of the said handful. One of which is based in Ireland too and knows of a specialist that maybe able to help me, even offering to pick me up from the airport to drive me to the appointment themselves. So touched by that. The thing is, travelling is incredibly difficult for me as I am overwhelmed by the logistics of it all. Maybe when I fully come to terms or perhaps, even cured?!, I will share to all to perhaps help others as that is all I feel I have been put in this realm for.

I am so pleased to hear you are comfortable being laughed at for your beliefs and not conforming to the masses opinion of 'normal'. That makes you truly you. Never change that, yeah? Stay you. I mean if we all have to change who we are to fit in a 'standard' Pidgeon hole of what is normal how f*&%£*g boring and sad a time that would be. The LE satanic one's dream. It would be a case of not truly being ourselves.

You need to post on here more. You are amongst many like-minded souls, none of which will laugh at you, just with you.

As stated before, you and your words are appreciated and evoke deep thought of things not totally understood by our mortal minds.

Much love and respect.


24 Jun 2022 03:49:33
Cracking post by both Ed and Kilbroney. Embrace the positives, de stress whenever you can. Live the best life you can.👍

24 Jun 2022 11:30:34
Hi guys, wanted to jump in on this thread to share my experience.

I did a QHHT session last year, not because of any particular matter that needed healing but out of personal interest.

The experience was incredible. I found myself in another life, not entirely sure whether it was past or future. It was me, but I was living in another lifetime, it was like I was reliving memories that weren't my own, I was experiencing them rather than seeing them if that makes sense.

In the beginning, I found myself in a cave with a crystal wall. Within the wall, a number of the crystals were coloured and I intrinsically knew that each represented a lifetime. I was drawn immediately to one in particular, touched it and off I went through a door into that lifetime.

Some of the experiences were simple, sitting to eat bread and soup at a table but powerful in that I could feel my hunger, I could feel the texture of the bread, I could taste it.

Others were more significant events, including reliving my own death in this life. The session was recorded and at the time of dying, I was violently coughing as if it were happening right there in the room.

After this, I moved into a shapeless form and found myself in conversation with the man from that lifetime.

What I know from this experience is that we are more than this lifetime. I intend to do further sessions and continue to read and learn more but wanted to reinforce the experience of the original poster and encourage others to consider these sessions as it is, in my view, an area where the experience can provide tangible proof that we are more than we are led to believe.

{Ed032's Note - Hey Chris2020, Thanks for sharing you experiences of quantum healing. As stated previously, I am so intrigued by this subject but still haven't got around to doing my own research and seeing if there is perhaps someone closer to me which conduct these sessions as of yet. It is on my ever growing list. I forgot how much time it takes to find worthy content for this site and whilst that is not a complaint, I enjoy doing it. I just mean my time is finite and I am not finding enough hours in the day. :)

So, these sessions are a type of hypnosis?

It does sound like you almost enter the same place we go when we dream, just in a more controlled environment, or perhaps they are one and the same but during the session you have a guide which makes things more controlled and understandable rather than random 'dreams'.

What was the name of the person who took your session?

I am not sure where the 'quantum' part fits into this? maybe I am just thinking along the wrong track and I guess it is kind of irrelevant.

Thanks for posting.

21 Jun 2022 10:54:08
False Gods, "Experts" and the Death of Science

21 Jun 2022 10:50:11
World On Fire: Current Events, Disturbing News, Food Shortages, Energy Crisis & War

21 Jun 2022 09:44:07
just listened to Mr Steve Kirsh and he is an American who talks about covid misinformation according to him from the pfizer clinical trials he did some maths and said the vaccine saved 10,000 lives (well done pat on the back) but the vaccine killed 150,000 people (guessing America as its a 2 minute video on twitter) i find it scary how these figures completely get ignored and brushed under the carpet by the powers that be and how the media seem to turn a blind eye

{Ed032's Note - Hi, Bluey1878.

The problem is the MSBS 'Media' are controlled by 'the powers that be' (Luciferian Elite) and they have no intent of sharing the actual Truth. They will spin things any which way they want to get their desired outcome, at any or anyone's cost, even at the expense of peoples lives. It is a very sad and scary state of affairs. The fact they have 'skooled' and 'brainwashed' all the sheeple into believing they are there to help, when really it is all deception, all they have to say now is 'trust the science' (dogmatic BS) 'believe the experts' (Satanic shills).

It gets even scarier when it just keeps continuing.


19 Jun 2022 13:13:50
Wake Up Alan Watts Our Beautiful World. - Flat Earth

19 Jun 2022 13:11:28
Lost Legends of Atlantis

18 Jun 2022 15:22:02

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