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09 Oct 2021 14:12:38
M.O.B. reveals new info on Mark Devlin youtube channel.

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10 Oct 2021 11:26:35
The lawyer in this video has now made a cease and desist order to Mark Devlin over the allegations made by MOB in this video. One suspects the claims made are unsubstantiated.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks, the lawyer being Clare Wills Harrison, who has replied to M.O.B.

08 Oct 2021 08:28:09
Heat Pumps: the Future of Home Heating - Heat from the cold.

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11 Oct 2021 15:19:27
Back online! . Judging by all the posts I have a lot of catching up to do. I barely even get 1G or mobile signal here so communicating let alone getting online has been pretty much impossible. But it's been nice to take the tin foil hat off haha a welcome break.

My new home has one of these heat pump systems with solar panels (no electrical storage. unused power goes back in the grid) which basically heats my water which is stored in a pretty complex looking, highly insulated immersion tank which gives me hot water from the tap or to flow around the central heating system. This eliminates the need for any sort of boiler. It would be nice if I understood all the icons on the control panel so I knew how to use it though. :)

{Ed033's Note - Welcome back SM.

08 oct 2021 07:56:50
Bosnian pyramids.

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08 Oct 2021 05:41:15
Came across this might be of interest for people being coerced into the jibby jabs.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks p1.

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06 Oct 2021 19:15:36
Ok. So I've tested positive last week. My wife (who's vaccinated) and my 3 kids have all tested positive also.
I was really rough for a couple of days, reminds me of a bad cold or mild flu when I was younger and be off school.
But today I have lost my taste and smell and I've got a weird sensation in my nose like I've gone to the local swimming pool gone under water upside down and not held my nose.

I'm starting to feel better but it is a little weird.
I'll be fine but obviously worried about my wife as she's had the vax as she works for the nhs and felt she had too.
I'm guessing the loss of taste and smell is like can apparently occur sometimes when you have a cold according to what I've read on line.

{Ed033's Note - Don't know whether it's true, but I've read that the lack of smell is down to a lack of zinc? If so, what causes the zinc to be used up?

I still think that if Ivermectin (kills parasites) can stop the symptoms in 48 hours, then we're dealing with some type of parasites?

If people get into trouble with their breathing or such it seems what's going to help is parasite killers?

1. Ivermectin
2. Hydroxychloroquine
3. MMS / Chlorine Dioxide in water
4. 30 drops or so [using a pipette] of Diamond G Forest 100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine onto a teaspoon of sugar and then eat the Turpentine soaked sugar
5. Nano particle size silver solution?
6. Wormwood, Black Walnut, Cloves parasite cleanse?

I heard that in:
1720 there was a mass outbreak of Plague [Plague = Parasites being sprayed about?]
1820 there was a mass outbreak of Cholera [Cholera = Parasites in the water supply?]
1920 Spanish Flu where they injected people with disease causing substances i.e. parasites?

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06 Oct 2021 20:16:58
I'll check it out Ed. I have always taken good quality supplements. I regularly eat foods with good zinc contents, nuts, eggs, shellfish etc and get my kids to do the same. The other stuff I'll have to check out but none of us can work or leave the house until next week lol.

{Ed033's Note - What was the point of taking the fake test?

06 Oct 2021 23:00:39
My work wanted the results of a PCR test. To be honest it was after the PCR swab that I lost my taste and smell earlier today. Has the coatings on the swab got anything to do with it?

{Ed033's Note - Apparently there is something coated onto the swabs and that is why you don't put the swab anywhere near you and you either don't do anything with the swab or you spit on the swab from a distance.

07 Oct 2021 09:42:05
I had the exact symptoms you did. My sense of smell came back around two weeks after I stopped being ill. Around 3/ 4 weeks with no smell.

05 Oct 2021 15:10:09
From this article:

"Because the latest Public Health data shows that Covid-19 vaccinated people have accounted for 81% of Covid-19 deaths this summer, whilst UK Government data shows that Covid-19 deaths are over 11 times higher than this time last year, and Office for National Statistics data shows that since teens were first given the Covid-19 vaccine there has been a 63% increase in deaths among teen boys compared to the same period in 2020.

The UK is essentially in the midst of a national disaster with a vaccine programme that has clearly failed, but more worryingly has also killed children, and will kill more. because we seem to have a problem in the UK where a huge majority of the population do not believe a single thing unless it is shown on the BBC News.

But the data could not be more clear. Just take a look at Public Health Scotland’s latest Covid-19 Statistical report published September 29th. Table 18 of the report shows that the vast majority of Covid-19 deaths between August 21st and September 17th 2021 were among the fully vaccinated population with 233 deaths recorded, accounting for 77% of all Covid-19 deaths.

Throw in the 10 deaths to have occurred among the partly vaccinated and that means the vaccinated population accounted for 81% of Covid-19 deaths in Scotland between August 21st and September 17th."

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04 Oct 2021 19:31:45
What the Ship Is Going On? October 4, 2021 | What's Going on With Shipping?

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04 Oct 2021 11:43:23
If you missed it on here from a ago: World Bank Document Lists Covid-19 Program Ending on 31 March 2025.

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04 Oct 2021 11:28:56
Evidence of Midazolam Death By Government Policy [From M.O.B.].

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04 Oct 2021 21:02:02
Mob chats rubbish though he's been winning against the government for about 2 years but achieved jack.

{Ed033's Note - And he's not going to stop.

04 Oct 2021 08:31:43
All Qantas Airline Staff Will Be Fired On 15th November If They Refuse Jab

It is particularly interesting from 3.10 onwards.


{Ed033's Note - Thanks Rian.

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03 oct 2021 16:15:35
guess who's exempt from getting the jab


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04 Oct 2021 07:43:54
Thanks Rian.

03 oct 2021 12:18:55
When does cognitive dissonance become plain stupidity?


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04 Oct 2021 18:55:12
Love this guy he don't mince his words.

02 oct 2021 18:34:50
Great pyramid of malta identical to giza.

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02 oct 2021 12:40:11
G r a p h e n e - this is about the new lady gaga video! coincidence? they always show us!


{Ed033's Note - Thanks Rian.

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02 Oct 2021 16:55:47
is this graphene oxide there talking about does this go in foods.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, they or other people might use the term Graphene, when they mean Graphene oxide.

They're allegedly putting Graphene oxide into a lot of things and into the vaxs. It might be going in foods based on the videos where people are putting magnets next to food stuffs.

02 Oct 2021 17:54:11
the way to check foods would be to put a magnet next to it ed. was looking at that water distiller you have they were sold out on there site i watched the video after its distilled and they show you all the gunk left at the bottom of the distiller did that happen with you mate. also is it just tap water youse put in it.

{Ed033's Note - In videos i've seen, People have been putting neodymium magnets next to food such as bread, breakfast cereal and have attracted black stuff. They've also put neodymium magnets on meat and the magnets stick to the meat. It's possible these videos are faked to some degree, you'll have to try it yourself.

Yes, you put tap water in and you get water without the gunk. Yes i always have a smelly oily substance left after distilling. They did get more in stock, but it's possible they ran out again - maybe look again.

02 Oct 2021 18:10:53
cheers mate. just bottled water i drank but no doubt that's been tampered with to.

{Ed033's Note - Distilled water uses up a lpt of electricity so if you like bottled water [i'd prefer the gass bottled type as plastic can leach into the water] it might be ok.

02 Oct 2021 18:30:04
cheers mate. we're all screwed mate this is too deep and went too far. they're basically genocideing us and telling us they're doing it and everyone does not even care. too busy on tiktok and watching netflix.

{Ed033's Note - Periodically they genocide us it seems.

04 Oct 2021 20:59:46
So are we saying for years and years when they've been saying fortified iron and other things they have been saying they've been putting in breakfast cereals is graphene?

{Ed033's Note - no, not saying that. I'm saying people have recently put neodymium magnets next to cereal food and drawn away magnetised black stuff.

05 Oct 2021 18:45:23
Is that not the iron they've been saying they've been putting in for years though?

{Ed033's Note - why would you throw in some separate black iron bits into cereal packets and print 'fortified with iron'?

01 Oct 2021 15:43:09
30 facts about C.V. Your C.V. Cribsheet.

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02 Oct 2021 12:30:26
That’s brilliant. Thanks for sharing Ed033.

{Ed033's Note - ok, thanks.

01 Oct 2021 15:40:47
Tanya Davies MP [Australia] - Mandatory Covid Vaccines are Unlawful and Side Effects Are Not a Conspiracy Theory

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30 Sep 2021 06:42:12
Are the ancient Greeks, Hubble, Hawking are all frauds?

{Ed033's Note -
1. Stephen Hawking:
longest ALS survivor by miles. Was probably replaced by an Actor double so they can keep the fictional physics/outer space going because you can't argue with 'Science', especially 'Top Scientists'.
This leads to divorce with his wife and the same year gets married to his nurse Elaine Mason. Elaine mason formerly married to David Mason an engineer was a super-fan of stephen hawking, who conveniently also designed hawking's speech synthesizer.

The Stephen Hawking Conspiracy youtube video

2. Hubble:
The Hubble Telescope is located inside an airplane that flies at about 45,000 feet.

30 minute fascinating phone call youtube video with NASA Deputy Mission Operations Manager, Mike Myslinski about the Hubble 'Space' Telescope.

3. Ancient Greeks:
We've been given a fictional history and fictional timeline. It's important to watch the below youtube video from Ewaranon [shown on here multiple times before] showing that we've been given a fictional history and fictional timeline. It's 6 hours long, but if you watch it at 1.75 speed, then it take it down less than 3.5 hours.

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05 Oct 2021 01:58:18
Cheers. Is it true the Vatican have the biggest telescope called Lucifer? Wtf would they be looking at / for?

{Ed033's Note - The Vatican have, yes and i guess they are looking for a sign or signs in the Stars.

30 Sep 2021 05:47:35
Is this the driving force behind the jibby jabs?
Programmable matter [Synthetic DNA beings] - Nicholson 1968

{Ed033's Note - Thanks p1.

The jabs and boosters allow experimenting on a mass scale. Anyone wondering why the jabs cause the many different adverse effects in people should comprehend that there are a load of different experiments going on with the jabs.

At least one of the experiments is how to create the Neural Link tech [Elon Musk Neural Link] by injecting nano tech into people so it will self build into a transmitter-receiver in the body to connect to the Cloud/Internet of Things.

Their ideal current goal is to have A.I. controlling people [or other synthetic beings if they don't need people anymore] via the nano tech self built transmitter-receiver.

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29 Sep 2021 13:29:52
Jon Levi talks with the Hibbler crew about the anomalies and what could be the true history of our Realm.

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29 Sep 2021 06:46:09
Came across this Dr Steven Greer documentary might be of interest might not

{Ed033's Note - i think Dr Steven Greer is another paid dis-info agent, trying to get people to believe in physical aliens [who are all benevolent beings] coming here from 'Planets', in [the fictional version of] 'Outer Space'.

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