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17 Apr 2021 11:15:57

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17 Apr 2021 11:17:02
Gordon Bowden talks about Unprecedented Money Laundering To Fund Endless Wars And Coups. [from 2015]

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17 Apr 2021 09:04:55

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18 Apr 2021 19:47:49
Tomorrow should be interesting.

17 Apr 2021 09:04:50

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17 Apr 2021 09:23:16
and here's the link:

1918 Masks

17 Apr 2021 09:04:46

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16 Apr 2021 20:28:25
Anyone else feel like every, single day, is just a constant loop of the mandela effect? Ed, has there ever been given any thought into having a chat page upon this pages menus? I love the page, and read it religiously, but rarely contribute.

{Ed033's Note - I have now set up a Chat Page on this site.

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17 Apr 2021 10:50:32
Much appreciated Ed, thamk you kindly.

16 Apr 2021 16:07:59
Convid suppression of truth

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16 Apr 2021 15:36:31
On the news in Australia - Biotech company trying to develop a treatment for people dying of COVID vaccine?

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15 Apr 2021 21:10:25
If the Controllers want as many people to die as possible, then at some point in a few years after a shed load of vax deaths, why wouldn't the Controllers let it out to the Public around the Earth that loads of people [not limited to Medical people] knew and went along with [aid and abet] the vax deaths/maiming.

Wouldn't the Public be pissed and then consent to the Military rounding as many of the 'aid and abetters' they can find in each Country, for Nuremberg 2.0 Trials, where the guilty would be put to death [by lethal injection?]

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16 Apr 2021 12:53:35
Seems abit of a stretch Ed. I’m more inclined to believe if they want to kill off the population surely the first step would be conspiracy theorists etc as they are the people that don’t fall for there tricks. Think about it, if everyone is complicit they can do whatever they want.

Soon they will have data on every person that has rejected the vax.

{Ed033's Note - No doubt it's a stretch.

We are bound to see the Zombie Sheeple at some point, repeating what they've been told on the T.V., something like, We must give up our Liberties and Freedoms to save 'The Planet' from Climate Change.

And it wouldn't surprise me that the Sheeple will be told to wear 'Bane' like masks all the time, which remove carbon dioxide from exhales, to save 'The Planet'. :) [and it's all Fictional World nonsense].

Bane Mask

15 Apr 2021 17:16:53
NHS vax specialist speaks out:


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15 apr 2021 17:12:22
Vax Truth from Kate Shemirani:


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15 apr 2021 17:03:51
Death at a vax drive through?


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15 Apr 2021 15:51:26
Hi ED033, Been a long time reader on here and know you have legal knowledge, have you any tips for or template letters to help with a conditional acceptance letter. I know a lot of people that are just accepting this bull going on but helping a few people understanding they legally have a choice to just say no a few are being pressured by work, any help would be much appreciated as can't find the old posts on here that had a lot of info about what to put as your own terms of acceptance. The £10 million in silver bullion was the last time I remember reading on here.

{Ed033's Note - Right, for people that don't know; We don't want to go into dishonour by creating controversy, so instead of refusing something we should Conditionally Accept; to stay in honour and avoid controversy.

This miriaf has 3 pages of links to some letter templates. People can always takes bits from several and make your own.

You can add in Nuremberg Codes

Here is a template example of a Notice of Conditional Acceptance :), but edit the Conditions:

Time Sensitive Document
Estoppel Conditions Apply

[Our Name] (we, us, our)
[Our Address]


[Their Name] (you, your)
[Their Address]

Office Found

Within the Universal Maxim of Law, Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal and Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent.

All addressed Parties jointly and severally as well as their Successors Nominees and Assigns.

Notice of Conditional Acceptance

Re. [Reference]

Dear [Their Name],

Thank you for your letter dated [date]. We conditionally accept upon proof of claim of the following:

1. Please provide a document that shows evidence of the testing procedure being used in the United Kingdom that 100% positively identifies COVID-19, also known as Sars Cov2, in a living man or living woman beyond any reasonable doubt.

2. Please confirm that Guidelines are recommendations that do not have to be complied with.

3. Please present proof that the test being used to justify these Guidelines do not give false positive results.

4. Please present independent scientific evidence that the method of detecting transmission used within the United Kingdom is fit for purpose as a test for the alleged virus known as SARS-CoV-2

5. Please present independent scientific evidence that the method of detecting transmission used within the United Kingdom is able to isolate and detect the alleged virus known as SARS-CoV-2 only in each test subject

6. Please present independent scientific evidence that the detection method of the alleged virus known as SARS-CoV-2 is being used in accordance with its design purpose

7. Please present scientific evidence that the National Health Service nationwide has been, since March 2020, and still is, in need of protection due to the overwhelming number of hospitalisations for the alleged virus known as SARS-CoV-2

8. Please present a certified copy of these Guidelines and show me where it specifically names me and or my business.

9. Please provide a certified copy of the Contract signed by both parties, where i agreed to comply with these Guidelines.

10. Please explain to me how i am breaking the Law by not complying with these Guidelines.

11. On the government web page at,, it states: "As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK.". Please provide proof that COVID-19 is currently highly infectious.

12. Please confirm the current medical threat COVID-19 has to a healthy living man or living woman under the age of 70 years old.

13. Please show independent scientific evidence that, within the United Kingdom, the alleged virus known as SARS-CoV-2 is causing high numbers of fatalities across a range of age groups.

14. Please define what is meant when the Government use the words "Public health threat" in relation to COVID-19.

15. What grounds does an alleged "Public health threat", which was downgraded in severity as of 19 March 2020, become of higher importance than the long term threat I face in terms of mental problems and financial ruin.

16. Please confirm how many critically ill people without any underlying medical conditions there are in Intensive Care Units, so i can make an informed decision on these Guidelines.

17. Please confirm that these these Guidelines have been through a risk assessment and will protect me from mental and financial ruin.

18. Please present independent scientific evidence that Lockdown is, at the present time, the most effective method of eradicating the alleged virus known as SARS-CoV-2.

19. Please provide me with a personalised insurance document valid for any point in the future, so if it is determined that the COVID-19 vaccines genetically modify me to any extent, or injures me to any extent, or disables me to any extent or contributes in any way to my death, that a payout of 10 million ounces of Silver Bullion would be made to me if i'm still alive or to my closest relative if not. And, as conditions of the document, i would have to personally verify the insurance document is genuine and correct, and i would have to personally physically view and verify the purity of each of the 10 million ounces of Silver Bullion that would be assigned as the Surety.

Only a reply that meets the following criteria qualifies as a correct and verified reply:

a. It must be supported by an Affidavit with your full legible name, title, wet ink signature and address for service.

b. It must be signed and sworn or affirmed by any claimant as being true, correct, complete, certain and not intended to mislead. And under the claimant’s full commercial liability and penalty of perjury.

c. Incorrectly addressed mail may be returned, unopened and unread without dishonour. Any and all correspondence can only be sent by trackable mail to ensure a record of delivery.

d. We don't consent or authorise to be contacted by phone, email, text message, personal visit or by any method other than trackable mail.

e. Any claimant must answer each of the above paragraphs in this Notice point by point.

If no reply in the correct manner as stipulated above is received after 10 Calendar days then it is taken that you assent and agree that 1. this matter is finalised and 2. you discontinue all communication with us.

It is well understood that no one can be required to work or use their time or resources without exchange. It is a Law Maxim that a Workman is worthy of his hire.

Service Fee Invoice:

Without ill will or vexation,

All Rights Reserved.
Non waived ever.

End of Notice.

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17 Apr 2021 14:04:08
That's the one I had seen, Thank you Ed033 it's much appreciated bud.

14 Apr 2021 20:49:59
Obviously we knew it was coming;

CNN Director admits next non stop, 'Wall to Wall' COVID like FEAR to 'Sell' to the Public is 'Climate Change'

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14 Apr 2021 11:12:48
Derek Knauss Ph.d - 1500 positive COVID-19 samples, tests as Influenza A or Influenza B by multiple labs in U.S.?


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14 Apr 2021 12:57:10
Do you think they're trying to wake people up now and this might come to an end soon ed33?

See more stuff on mainstream media going against the scamdemic and questioning actions taken.

{Ed033's Note - Even if there is something else going on, the goal of getting total control isn't ending imo.

15 Apr 2021 17:41:04
Professional footballers kicking he'll out of each other, spitting on the ground, no social distancing on the pitch, yet no fans allowed or few. No vaccinated or death amongst players. Are they complicit or brainwashed?

14 Apr 2021 10:56:36
Laboratories in U.S. can’t find COVID-19 in any of 1,500 positive test samples.

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13 apr 2021 15:36:54
DMX The Illuminati nightmare - from lsnt original channel

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13 Apr 2021 15:13:55

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13 Apr 2021 15:12:52

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13 apr 2021 08:45:01
cdc tell the truth

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