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08 May 2022 20:35:14
How many of the alleged Ancient Egyptian ruins are fake or partially fake?

08 May 2022 09:11:06
The Next Level 2022 documentary from Hibbeler Productions about the Globe lie, the heliocentric model lie and more/extra land/terra beyond the Antarctic Ice Wall.

06 May 2022 10:54:19
Ed033 or others, wondered if you could point me in the right direction on this.

I've been intending to review the position in respect of taking away liability for utility bills after seeing snippets that there are mechanisms to legitimately avoid paying for those services.

We have been trying to get a refund of prior overpayments from a new supplier who had our account transferred when the previous supplier was one of those who went bust.

I've used their inability to process the refund appropriately as means to terminate our account with them as it provided a convenient reason to leave without another supplier taking this over.

In my simple mind, once they close the account and have agreed any final account debit or credit, their interest in the property would seem to end and, if we do not proactively seek a new supplier, who then remains to chase us for meter readings, payment etc.? This seems too simple and I want to accelerate my understanding of this to suitably align to avoiding, where possible, agreement with any future supplier.

Logically, there is no mechanism for the services to be switched off that I can see.

I welcome any comment from those who may have a more advanced understanding of this area to inform how I move forward.

Many thanks in advance.

{Ed033's Note - The first thing everyone needs to know is that Water and Energy are free to we the people.

Paul Webster - [Why] Gas, Water & Electric are FREE [for people?]

Secondly, people need to listen to this phone call that tells you that Energy is in fact supplied to people for free, as it should be.

However, the Energy meters [supposedly accurately] track the consumption and then you receive a statement / credit slip [from a company pretending that they temporarily 'own' or are temporarily responsible for the meter] showing you the amount in currency of the consumption and then they con you into thinking the consumption statement / credit slip is a Bill you have to pay.

So if anyone buys their own meters and has them installed, then the Energy gets to the meters for free, but then in theory there is no company trying to con you into paying for the free Energy.

Electricity Scam Energy is supplied for free

Yes, i think the current 'Statement / credit slip sending company' definitely will not turn the water or electricity off to a 'residential' property. The thing with Gas is they will pretend that there is a potential of a Gas explosion and that's how they get permission to swap out your meters for pay as you go meters. You can stop this initially if you have a recent Gas Safe certificate.

If you were 'paying' your utility statements / credit slips by Direct Debit; in order to get a refund, you contact your bank by phone. Remember your bank can't be seen to be aiding and abetting in any kind of fraud or anything illegal or unlawful. You tell your bank what you believe to be the case is for the refund and they refund you. And if they don't refund you, you phone back the next day to speak to another bank agent until they refund you.

Claim Your [Council Tax, Water, Energy, Credit card interest] Payments Back with Stacey Wilkinson

06 May 2022 06:30:03
Paul Cook interviewed a generational [Stone Mason?] expert in Geopolymer, who has to remain anonymous. Paul had to write down the conversation then speak it out.


05 May 2022 11:33:32
Sorry Ed to bring football again , granted I haven't for a very long time (what ever did happen to those 300 blood bags of sportsmen & women suspended by WADA and ordered to be destroyed), onto this page, but I saw something this week online about during the 20-21 season (don't know about this season), that Liverpool FC had 22 players out of a squad of 35 that suffer from asthma.

This includes players newly diagnosed that had arrived at the club.
Seems very similar to the British cycling team / Team SLY and being able to abuse Sabutinol or whatever the drug is that's permitted to be taken with an "asthma" condition.

It would mean Liverpool have 5 x the national average of asthma sufferers at something like 65%!
Seems very dodgy and if true I'm surprised it's not received more attention.

{Ed033's Note - This is a complete guess, are you saying it's a possibility that within certain sports Teams, the sports people get a diagnosis of asthma, and therefore they need to take a certain substance, and maybe that substance can have a temporary enhancement affect while performing the sport?

05 May 2022 13:26:07
Yes, a substance called Salbutamol or similar which opens up the airways and I think gives basically increase lung capacity. Also mentions Leicester City and Manchester City.
Also some sort of steroid injections can be permitted by asthma sufferers including increased caffeine levels, (although caffeine is no big deal).

This here is 1 of a few similar articles online that I came across this week.
No surprise to see stuff again in relation to Real Madrid & Barcelona.
Seems to be a trend in employing doctors for clubs who have experience with cyclists.

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