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07 Mar 2020 12:47:55
It seems that a previous worldwide civilisation (Tartarians/Atlanteans?) left bronze 'cannons' all over the world, but they did not use them for projecting stone balls. Like a lot of previous Atlantean technology, our current civilisation's 'elite' group repurposes the technology and then we're fed a bunch of B.S. about its origins.

Cannons - how they worked? some answers?

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07 Mar 2020 11:59:19
Ken Wheeler was asked by his viewers to read up on 5G and make a video about it.

5G High-Band dangers and reality

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07 Mar 2020 14:19:08
Guy comes out, says he's not a tinfoil hat/ conspiracy guy

dressed as yoda

almost wet myself.

{Ed033's Note - At least we got his unbiased view of 5G and it's somewhere close to what the truth community had already heard about 5G.

06 Mar 2020 22:14:54
Was going to post a video on the 'strawman' but in it it states.

"when a police officer says do you understand? . And you reply yes, there is (within these sentences) an agreed verbal contract that 'you' "stand under" the authority of the law. they state this is from Blacks Law Dictionary.

However, I have in front of me the 7th edition of said Blacks Law Dictionary and under 'understand' it reads what you would expect -

"to apprehend the meaning of; to know. the testator did not understand what he was signing"

I haven't found anything, as of yet, that twists words to mean other things.

I am a little perplexed with said 'strawman' though I am not stating it a lie.

Is it that usually the book is pretty expensive, the narrator is hoping no one checks up?

Just seeking truth.

{Ed033's Note - Maybe, you should read what i wrote in the 05 Mar 2020 10:28:09 thread again.

The Birth Certificate doesn't represent the living man. The surname on the Birth Certificate is written in all caps nowadays. That shows it doesn't represent the living man.

Instead of using the term, 'Strawman', how about using the term, 'Birth Certificated Person'.

The Police try to get joinder with a name and address or name and date of birth of the Birth Certificated Person in the system.

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07 Mar 2020 10:16:30
I understand that, Ed. I Should have made the post solely about 'Blacks Law dictionary' and left the 'strawman' bit out.

What I meant was that, I brought Blacks Law Dictionary because from the research I have done and from what I have been told, 'the law' use legalese to confuse. I. e. using words with a reverse meaning to what you would expect. (like the example I gave in the OP) .

I am just stating that I have, as of yet, not found any terms that twist their meaning in said book.

It is a big book so there is still time, but I was expecting to find a lot of things that when someone (the public) acknowledges a phrase from 'the law' they are unknowingly accepting a language they do not understand and this language may have twisted what they believed the sentence to mean. If that makes sense? .

I know my mind can come across as a bit idiosyncratic at times, but I have taken on board and understand what you were telling us with the 'birth certificated person'.

I guess I am a little disappointed not to find a more twisted legalese language.

{Ed033's Note - In Black's Law 7th most words have multiple definitions. What is it's definition of human and 'human being'?

Just like Fomenko, you get bogged down looking up words for the rest of your life in Black's Law 7th to get some incite on what might be being conveyed.

07 Mar 2020 15:43:15
'Human' and 'human being' are not in BL7th. However, from that I looked up person.

'Person' - 1. A human being 2.An entity (such as a corporation) that is recognised by law as having the rights and duties of a human being. 3. The living body of a human being

'Artificial Person' - An entity, such as a corporation, created by law and given certain legal rights and duties of a human being; a being, real or imaginary, who for the purpose of legal reasoning is treated more or less as a human being. - also termed fictitious person; juristic person; legal person; moral person.

Pretty interesting.

{Ed033's Note - Ideally though, in order to comprehend any of that, we need the definition of 'human being'?

07 Mar 2020 16:46:31
The only thing I have been able to find so far is this:

"Human Beings Law and Legal Definition.

There are various definitions for a human being. Biologically, they are classified as hominids of the species Homo sapiens, which are a primate species of mammal with a highly developed brain. Humans have the highest brain to body mass ratio of all large animals. They have a life expectancy approaching 80 years old in wealthy nations, walk on two feet and have opposable thumbs. Skin color ranges from almost back to pale pinkish-white. Height and weight varies, depending on locality, historical factors, environmental, and cultural factors such as diet.

Human beings are characterized by the ability to speak. They have a high capacity for abstract thinking and are commonly thought to possess a spirit or soul which transcends the physical body. The spiritual aspect of human beings is often defined in terms of rituals and religion. Theories involving the definition of the beginning of human life, evolution, and creationism are hotly debated topics in the law. " - definitions.

{Ed033's Note - ok thanks.

06 Mar 2020 17:25:59
Faking Space S1 E5 DSCOVR Image Analysis Part 2 of 5.

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06 Mar 2020 19:04:09
You would of thought with Nasa's multi billion dollar budget they would have hired someone with some decent photoshop skills. Surely they would expect a few to delve deeper and see the fakery?

Standard, you still here? how do you explain this? why photoshop any images of the Earth? Why not show us the raw images? what have they got to hide?

Oh and how's the 'prove all MSBS is truth' video coming along?

We all can't wait to see it. Expecting it soon as you said it was so easy.

{Ed033's Note - NASA probably think that only a tiny fraction of the population will ever find out about the fakery.

07 Mar 2020 02:35:29
I found math boylan/ powerland had a good veiw in this nasa fakery.

07 Mar 2020 16:29:27
It's often beguiling to think of how obvious some conspiracies are. From nasa's fakery to towers falling out of the sky in 2001. Its something that bugged me for years.

On the most obvious level it leads one to think - how stupid or brazen are our controllers? But on another level, as I intimated the other day some of us are meant to find these clues / anomalies, in my opinion. The hidden hand at work - looking to aid our understanding and evolution. One soul at a time. When you think of it in those terms the clear anomalies make more sense, even if the concept seems crazy at first.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, but the controllers appear to see it as having to tell us the truth some how, some way, so the negative karma doesn't get placed on them, but gets placed on those who accepted their lies.

07 Mar 2020 17:47:17
Yes, almost like they need our consent Ed033 so they leave things as possible to work out. The interesting thing for me though is that when you see through all the deception and get to the ultimate truth - we get the knowledge that we need to empower us and to break free from the system/ matrix that they built around us.

Or at least that's how it seems to me. This is where the lines between good/ evil and light/ dark become blurred. Because by understanding the darkness we can get through to the light, that is the truth about reality.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, a big one that at least starts to set us free is knowing we are living in a creation of some sort.

08 Mar 2020 04:26:26
Southern monkey. It is not hard to understand why the images are edited. The scale we are talking about is huge. It's like taking a panoramic photo on your phone. It needs to be edited for you to see an actual image rather than a whole lot of nothing.

{Ed033's Note - Standard, you've already said you don't want to watch the videos on here, you only want to read text. I think you read, "why photoshop any images of the Earth?" and gave an answer to it. Had you watched the video, you would be perplexed by the 2 moons.

Also, had you watched the video, you would of heard that this satellite is allegedly a million miles away from Earth. At that distance the alleged Globe Earth can easily be seen as a whole. Remember the alleged photos of the whole Earth taken from the surface of the Moon, which is allegedly 225,000 miles away?

08 Mar 2020 13:37:38
I agree Ed033 the universe is created and so are we. The version of reality being fed to us paints mankind as insignificant - which is a major fallacy in my eyes. The scientific theory of evolution has us being the result of a purely mechanistic process with no purpose or meaning.

The current thinking about space has us placed in a tiny corner of an unimaginably vast realm. These perspectives keep the masses in an illusion of total insignificance but the truth is we are far from that. We are very powerful beings but TPTB don't want us realising that.

09 Mar 2020 09:57:06
What happens when you see through the fakery and break free as you put it? Do you think any of the controllers would really care if any of us saw through them as long as the masses dont?

{Ed033's Note - The idea is you as an individual being is free of them even if it's just spiritually free of them. They are scared that the masses could wake up and that for example is why the online search results are altered so mainstream or B.S. links appear at the top of the search results.

09 Mar 2020 19:34:01
We have the power to change our physical reality that exists around us by tapping into our true nature (of mind and soul, as well as body) . We are not helpless nor insignificant as they have us believe. So yes, I would say the controllers are working hard to keep this from us in order to keep us as submissive as possible. An elite goal to control our hearts and minds.

Not that I'm claiming to have broken fully free of the system, far from it. But my opinion is that by coming to the above understanding then helping others to do the same - this is our best chance of breaking free.

It seems to be a case of spiritual warfare playing out in front of us.

{Ed033's Note - Better put than my reply.

06 Mar 2020 09:22:07
Evolution - A masonic lie to hide intelligent design?

{Ed033's Note - Thanks SM.

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07 Mar 2020 02:36:46
Dubay at his best.

Lol the nothingness explosion.
Made the nothingness universe.

05 Mar 2020 10:28:09
The hocus-pocus they use against us.

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05 Mar 2020 13:12:27
Unbelievable. I presume it's no different here?

{Ed033's Note - Correct Rian, no different here.

05 Mar 2020 15:21:34
How does this tie in with 'Corpus Juris' and the 'strawman', Ed?

I thought that, that is based around the 'capitalised surname' and I was under the impression that it was based on legalese, which has a construct.

Could you help clear the cognitive dissidence I am suffering from? or am I just looking at this from the wrong angle?

{Ed033's Note - The capitalised 'surname' is only a small part of the whole. I don't know what your question exactly is, but i will explain a bit more.

If you see 2 or more uppercase English alphabet letters together, that is not English.

What we should be getting into our heads is that we are living man [male and female] and our origin is fertilisation not a date of birth. Also living man does not have a name in their system. ie.we don't have a first name or a last name in their system.

The satanic luciferean elite want to control us, but they cannot control us as living man unless they use slavery [but hardly any of us is going to knowingly consent to slavery]. They don't want to use slavery anymore, so what do they do?

Well, they create a birth certificated person (strawman), with first name, last name and date of birth and then they send us the birth certificate.

They continually output legal rules for the strawman and as they think they own the strawman, if we identify ourselves with the first name or last name or date of birth, then we have identified ourselves as their property (the strawman) and they can do what they like with us by interpreting their legal rules.

What the video was basically saying imo, is that none of their legal documents are written in any 1 language with a set of rules behind it. All of their legal documents are meaningless, don't say anything, can't be read, contain multiple languages. They use different fonts, brackets, boxes, italics, underlines, block case, forms of latin, word marks etc., in a single legal document, to make it into a meaningless piece of artwork that can be interpreted in anyway.

05 Mar 2020 19:05:30
I basically thought the 'strawman' was tied to legalese which is clearly not that case.

Thanks for the explanation. I agree with your opinion of the op video. I was just confused about the 'starwman'.

I did watch the video, was it CRow777?, where our origin is the divine spark of fertilisation. The Old Testament relating to the womb, waters and the boat (ark) . Then, at birth, the lucifereans steal the umbilical, which is 'you', before the process is completed naturally. Take it away and do whatever they want? . Was a really interesting concept. One I will probably have to listen to again.

My village vicar is popping in for a catch up tomorrow. (I don't go to church and he likes to touch base every now and then, since burying my dear Mum) . I intended to relay that to him for an opinion (point of origin), along with the Titans and giant petrified Trees and Fauna (amongst other things) .

He has always stated that as he gets older the edges of what he believes gets fuzzy, so should be interesting.

As he lives in an old rectory, I will also be enquiring on the oldest books he has in the house collection. I am sure there will be a few. Hopefully ones that I am at least able to examine and maybe gain some insight in some of the subjects we discuss on these pages.

{Ed033's Note - It's Kurt Kallenbach. Ok, the idea is that when we continue our journey through our mum, we leave some of our D.N.A. behind at the hospital. That D.N.A., that is identical to our D.N.A. is placed in trust and a birth certificate is created for it and at some point is claimed by them under their 'law of salvage'.

06 Mar 2020 11:52:17
claimed by who Ed?

{Ed033's Note - Claimed by the 'State' on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church/Holy See.

04 Mar 2020 15:35:51
Why the Horizon is Paramount to Proving the Flat Earth Model.

{Ed033's Note - Excellent, thanks Rian

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04 Mar 2020 18:39:57
How long does it take to make a video on the ISS?

04 Mar 2020 18:55:28
Excellent find, Rian.

It's great to have a video where the narrator is not being a 'dick'.

I have said before, this distracts from what is being said. Finally a
well presented version of the 'facts'.

What those facts mean I am open too.

And another great video from Ed. Here is the original footage

04 Mar 2020 21:51:04
It’s by Mark Sargent and I’ve just realised in the last minute he’s the same guy who did the predictive programming video that Ed033 posted on Monday. That’s probably how I found it. So thanks Ed033 for that find.

Yeah, I like his non preachy style SM. As you know I’m not a FE devotee, but anything is possible and I try to keep an open mind. I’ve started following him on YT. He has a lot of interesting vids. I’m also following Taboo Conspiracy ii (Ben) who’s a very interesting guy. I know you follow him SM, you post a lot of his videos, and I hope people here will share who they follow because it’s getting harder to find stuff on YT.

05 Mar 2020 16:09:43
Actually it is YT that is putting Taboo Conspiracy ii on my feed. I am not subscribed to him. Most of his stuff is mirrored, but that can be handy. As you have twice the chance of finding it.

I am not sure if true or not, but I have heard that some accounts that get banned on yt also get there viewers banned too. I'm guessing the stuff I watch wouldn't lead to that, but caution never hurt.

I usually find my info by random chance. Mainly on Bitchute, and if there is a yt mirror I will use that link as you can't make the video go full screen when embedded for some reason. At least, my computer won't.

I will warn you over bitchute though. There are things on there that you will never be able to un-see. Things that I am unwilling to describe on this site, or anywhere for that matter. Truly demonic.

I guess that's the price you pay for curiously searching for truth.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks for the heads up on searching Bitchute.

05 Mar 2020 22:10:19
I don’t know about bitchute, but thanks I’ll take a look. Need to find alternatives to YT.

10 Mar 2020 12:50:24
What are they SM?

04 Mar 2020 12:20:07
Hi, was going to make comment on Corona virus on football website but saw comment to be directed here. What's the actual take on it? . I live in Asia and have have some ties to Italy were there is a general furore around this. A friend sent me a statistical map with a lot of other conditions that are actually far worse than Corona virus.

There appears to be a lot of confusion surrounding it. I transit through airports a lot and the increase in face masks has in my view increased dramatically. Western people tend to not wear them although in Asia it's quite normal. I did see a western person taking one off to cough which made me think it was maybe a fashion statement for him lol. I'm just intrigued on other people's views as it just seems a bit amiss to mee.

{Ed033's Note - I would say that we're being lied to so much that it's difficult to get an actual take on the entire situation. However, if people are 'Preppers', then they already have prepared for a bad scenario. If not then it would be a good idea to quickly stock up on items, such as storable food and toilet paper.

We can speculate that it is another Spanish Flu or a Bioweapon and therefore we could start socially distancing ourselves from groups of other people and see what happens over the next few months.

Whatever this phenomenon is, it may not be over by this Summer but come in waves, whereby it appears to have gone away and then comes back all of a sudden. At the moment it would be best to be a 'Prepper' imo.

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04 Mar 2020 14:05:26
I've never seen something taken so serious though. The company I work for have sent info. on precautions and you have to sign off on a questionnaire before rejoining (I know how futile that sounds) . I've worked overseas for years and have never seen so much genuine concern from company or the general hysteria around it.

Which always makes me wonder if there is another side. It just feels stranger than normal. I do realise we are fed a "version" of what's the real story. All I got was it came from a live animal market in Wuhan, or the other version that it's from a bio lab there. there's definitely a lot of misinformation but for governments / large companies going to such measures makes me think there is more.

{Ed033's Note - If it is either going to hospitalise more people than countries can handle or the death rate will be 10 times or more higher than regular Flu, then it would make sense. We'll have to wait and see.

05 Mar 2020 23:05:25
Is it just me that sees the fundamental inaccuracies in this whole palaver, so the who quote a death rate based on number of deaths divided by the number of cases . but what about the cases that have had no outcome? How can you include them in the statistic? It’s unknown

Added to that the number of cases that are so mild that they are never even reported as people don’t register their disease?

As I’m on the conspiracy site I’ll throw one out there. The whole world is making a bigger deal out of this than they should to justify increased taxes in the future? I can picture it now . we need to increase taxes by x so we can better prepare for future pandemics. Coronavirus killed x amount of people so we need research more and spend more to stop it happening again.

I’m one that believes that there is already a cure for cancer but pharmaceutical companies withhold it as they make more from bogus treatment than they would a magic pill / treatment that would cure it. Yes I’m a family guy fan but I think they got closer to the truth than most people would care to believe.

Charity’s are mostly a scam . how much does the ceo of oxfam earn a year again? What motivation do they have to remedy the underlying issue?

{Ed033's Note - The goal of the controllers is total control, so if they can use pandemic to get more control, then they're going to implement more control.

Yes, over the years, anyone who has found any effective cancer treatment for the general public has been shutdown.

It's also likely that cancer is not what we've been told it is. German new medicine's take on cancer - Richplanet show part 1 of 4:

06 Mar 2020 11:54:56
If you cure cancer for the general public then we have overpopulation and the same if not more people would die anyway. Cancer is cruel but at least it is perceived as random so there is nowhere to complain to if it strikes.

04 Mar 2020 08:48:19
where was everyone in the 1850s and 1860s? By 1900 there were loads of people about. Were they all introverts or was there a catastrophe, a plague or did they freeze to death or starve to death?

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04 Mar 2020 09:21:55
Part 2 of the above video. Waste management in these empty cities didn't become an issue until the 1890s?

04 Mar 2020 10:19:04
Staged Reality Part 3 of the above videos: Why are there only a few areas with living trees over 200 years old?

05 Mar 2020 15:26:08
Only sort of half watch the first video so far, then feel asleep, so didn't catch it all.

Did get me to think though, that when I have been shown photos from this time period, the reason for no people was 'long exposure time'.

But as shown in this video, in some of the photos you can see the blurred people, so surely that was a lie?

{Ed033's Note - Watch all 3 videos first as watching the first 1 doesn't give you enough info to make a conclusion.

03 Mar 2020
New image uploaded to the
Conspiracy Talk Sightings page entitled, Saw the 'Tree of Life'

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03 Mar 2020 21:33:07
This doesn't do it justice.

All I can say is, you get up early There are rewards.

This isn't a conspiracy but moments open your mind. Make you think.

I felt it worth sharing.

{Ed033's Note - You would think that you couldn't get a mirror image of the trees in the water if the Earth was moving at over 2 million miles per hour in 4 different directions at the same time.

04 Mar 2020 08:22:12
You would think that, Ed. Good point that I overlooked.

Even with the magic of 'gravity' you would expect ripples of movement.

03 Mar 2020 17:30:16
Mud Flood City and Reset Cities.

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02 Mar 2020 16:20:31
If you don't know, the controllers tell you what they're going to do ahead of time somehow, someway even if it's cryptic or esoteric. It seems to be part of their religion and it seems the reason for it is if you go along with their agenda, the negative karma from their negative agenda passes to you. We are given the choice of going along with their mainstream b.s. or rejecting /not consenting to it.

This 5 minute video from 1967 is pretty unbelievable, where they tell you outright that they use models of rockets amongst other techniques to fool the public. Or is it just a regular fictional T.V. program?

Predictive programming - Part of a 1967 show "The News Benders".

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03 Mar 2020 02:14:00
Cheers for that 33, gold, and that is exactly how they work. That clip ought to flick a switch in at least a handful of people, surely? Time to wake up?

{Ed033's Note - Hopefully will get some of the sleepwalkers thinking if they watch it.

03 Mar 2020 08:12:30
What if these 'clues' are left deliberately 'in plain sight' because we are meant to find them? Designed for those with an open, inquisitive mind to notice and to see through the false reality we have been provided with?

An aid to the spiritual evolution of mankind, you might say.

Imagine there were a hidden force that had been leaving such 'clues' for us throughout our known (manipulated) history. From the codified knowledge in the design of pyramids and ancient temples, to the deeper meaning hidden beneath the surface of ancient scriptures, to the 'predictive programming' we see around us today.

I've not posted for a long while but I'd like to thank Ed033 and SM and others as I've been reading the site recently and they've helped in my personal spiritual evolution more than they will ever know.

Good work folks.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks for posting HoneyBadger, the 'clues' are there for people with eyes to see and ears to hear.

03 Mar 2020 10:02:38
This is the full program of the video clip above.

03 Mar 2020 10:21:29
I've been meaning to post about this but not got round to it yet, seeing as though this relates to it. Has anyone seen the apparent book written in the 1980's about coronavirus? It's very detailed and interesting how accurate it is. I'd like to provide a link but I got shown it at work off a stranger's phone. Scary times.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, Dean Koontz wrote about a fictional virus called Wuhan-400 in the 1989 re-release of his 1981 novel, The Eyes of Darkness.

Also, in 2008 a book titled, End Of Days: Predictions and prophecies about the end of the world, by an American psychic called Sylvia Brown contains the words, "In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments".

03 Mar 2020 10:30:18
The sleepwalkers will simply say this is fiction Ed033. You can lead a horse to water.

{Ed033's Note - yes.

03 Mar 2020 10:38:10
Blast from the past from the Manchester pages. Welcome aboard HoneyBadger.

03 Mar 2020 10:51:14
All I will add for now is its best to try not to get too hung up on the negative / destructive things around us, if we can. Just like the 'clues' - the destruction is another challenge for us to understand and overcome imo.

Sometimes you have to see the darkness before you see the light.

The Game of Life is just that. When you rise above it all there is no duality, no dark and light, no good v evil - that's part of the illusion. I imagine that realisation comes towards the end of the process.

Some of the discussion here around the 'nature of reality' really helped me to understand the above.

I hope what I've said makes sense to some folk. Best of luck on your journeys!

03 Mar 2020 11:37:10
End of Days by Sylvia Browne - Coronavirus!

{Ed033's Note - Thanks Rian.

03 Mar 2020 12:13:29
Hi Southern Monkey, nice to catch up. Thank you! I don't post about football anymore but I've never stopped learning about truth despite being away from this forum for years, so hopefully I will dip in more regularly.

03 Mar 2020 20:51:02
And just for fun and possibly a little inspiration, a few quotes to ponder;

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. " (Mark Twain)

"History is a set of lies that people have agreed upon" (Napoleon)

"If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed" (Hitler)

"But once you have a belief system, everything that comes in either gets ignored if it doesn’t fit the belief system, or gets distorted enough so that it can fit into the belief system. You got to be continually revising your map of the world. ” (Robert Anton Wilson)

02 Mar 2020 14:06:57
Are Gravity, Magnetism, Electricity and Dielectricity all the same thing?

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02 Mar 2020 00:05:18
Ed033, is your believe in the flat earth because the book written 4000 years ago mentions it to be a circle? Honest question?

I'm interested in your theory although it's completely wrong. In physics it is shown due to gravity and mass of objects speheres are a natural occurance If the earth is flat, how do the outsides of the flat circle stay up and just ignore gravity? Would be pretty revolutionary stuff if we could figure out how that was done. How do other planets and stars and the majority of objects in space become a sphere due to gravity but our magical earth just ignores it. Baffling.

{Ed033's Note - No, i don't read the Bible. I have an open mind and realised the heliocentric model has problems and the globe model has problems. I go where the evidence takes me.

If you want to know why i say what i say, then you'll have to watch all the videos over the past 10 pages on here. This site isn't just about the Flat Earth Model.

The idea of this site is if you're intrigued by the content, you stick around, if not, you leave. This site is not about posters trying to have a fight by defending mainstream info, this is not a mainstream site. If you like mainstream info, then you should visit other sites such as the BBC and NASA web sites and you can bathe your mind in all their content.

I thnk you'll find that 'gravity' is the magical entity.

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02 Mar 2020 07:19:09
I only explained a few days ago that mainstream science had to make up dark energy and dark matter to make the theory of gravity work. There is absolutely no proof in either other than the fact that if they are not there gravity is wrong.

Name any other theory where so much has been made up, for it to work?

Maybe do some research in to incoherent magnetism [gravity].

02 Mar 2020 09:37:36
Orwell did say it though.
There be no need for police because people will do the police work .
Same must be for education .
Or maybe gravity isn't as is taught.

02 Mar 2020 09:41:15
If the earth is flat why here in Australia are we unable to see the North Star and the constellations are upside down?

{Ed033's Note - ok, good question. This video explains it.

01 Mar 2020 06:59:58
Earth's new moon 2020 CD3

What is all the blue, green, red lines everywhere?

I used to be a space junkie, but i have never seen an image quite like this when honing in on a small 'space' article.

Thoughts? explanations? . All welcome.

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01 Mar 2020 18:56:01
Well, if reports are correct the object has an eliptical orbit, that ranges from 77,000km from Earth, to 1.7million km from Earth.
It's also allegedly only 3.5 meters across, so how they even found it is beyond me.

As for the red, blue and green lines, I would imagine that is down to an exposure issue, as we're targeting an immensely small light source, from a massive distance away.

01 Mar 2020 22:51:41
Slightly bigger than a mini.
From 77,000kms away.
Good spot.
It could be a tesla lol.
Ohh no it isn't, because that's in the warehouse next to the moon one .

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