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02 Sep 2020 22:12:58
New Revelations on the COVID Death Count

{Ed033's Note - Thanks Rian

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03 Sep 2020 14:21:31
JP has a great knack for tackling really serious stuff in a hilarious yet insightful way. Well worth checking out his YT channel.

02 Sep 2020 21:31:04
Trump said he (the Trump is part of) was thinking of moving the U.S. Capitol away from Washington D.C. (on the East Coast).

Maybe Team Trump are thinking or knowing that if Trump wins the Election in November 2020, the 'Deep State' Group are going to send some missiles? at the Cumbre Vieja volcano, which could dislodge a chunk of land the size of the Isle of Man into the Atlantic Ocean, triggering a Mega Tsunami, which would hit the U.S. East Coast as described in this video:

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03 Sep 2020 09:14:53
Would make sense. I recently worked with a guy from Brazil who during convention said this is what happened in Brazil. Most people state rio de genero as the capital when it is infact brazilia . It was moved to the middle of the country so as not to be attacked from sea.

03 Sep 2020 14:17:50
I think Steve Huff would gladly sell Chateau Pensmore to the US govt.

02 Sep 2020 16:23:23
Elon Musk - Starlink Quantum Internet (Project Odin) Internet 2.0?

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03 Sep 2020 12:44:43
Ed this is fascinating them rolling out a new internet. what’s your views on it? I had to find other videos on it as I didn’t like how convinced that guy was that it was for the greater good without any evidence to prove it.

The name and nature of it reminds me of sky net from terminator 😅

Thanks for all the replies.

{Ed033's Note - I'm guessing the lesser of 2 evils group (Trump group) has essentially won the war against the 'deep state' group (although it may continue for a couple of years) and the Trump group is going to make changes like releasing suppressed tech.

01 Sep 2020 22:09:19
BS-19 Test Kits Uncovered as faulty.

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01 Sep 2020 22:10:59
T. V. has been indoctrinating people for years.

01 Sep 2020 22:21:58
N.H.S. Certificate Of B.S.

01 Sep 2020 22:36:11
Kate Shemirani - Elderly people being intentionally 'taken out'.

01 Sep 2020 17:19:37
Is this close to what is being planned as the new 'Quantum Financial System'?

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01 Sep 2020 19:24:52
Farms and Food Factory 'Outbreaks' - intentional worldwide food shortages?

31 Aug 2020 17:33:54
Mark Walsh - New Bending Metal Technology.

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30 Aug 2020 20:28:39
Something to give the Flat Earthers to think about Ed:

Do We Live in a Crater?

New World Map of our World?

{Ed033's Note - interesting stuff, thanks Morpheus

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29 Aug 2020 12:50:38
Ed, do you happen to know of any good documentaries on MK ultra/ the drug and mind control experiments of the 60s/ 70s?

It’s been a few years since I was down that rabbit hole and can't find the compelling ones.

Appreciate it if you do.

{Ed033's Note - it's difficult to find them because as we know, the search algorithms on google/youtube have been changed to show mainstream content at the top and hide the true info.

Maybe this youtube channel is a good start?

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28 Aug 2020 14:29:03
Hi Ed033 hope all is good.

this is unbelievable mate

{Ed033's Note - Yes thanks. Yes, but it's not surprising if people are already 'awake'.

If people missed my text from a few days ago. The SWIFT [banking] system is being done away with and we now have The Quantum 'Blockchain' banking system with instantaneous worldwide transactions.

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28 Aug 2020 15:03:40
New Zealand 1st Lockdown ruled Unlawful by the Court system, but Government continue with the agenda.

28 Aug 2020 15:08:05
Old Aged people to be used [without consent] for medical experiments (Because they're going to die soon anyway?)

{Ed033's Note - Maybe this has been going on for years without us knowing about it?

28 Aug 2020 15:14:38
Why Isn't This Shown on Mainstream?

28 Aug 2020 18:53:35
ED do you have an eta on everything going to blockchain?

{Ed033's Note - I don't have inside knowledge. i think as from September 1 2020 onwards we'll either experience it or be told about a bit of it as and when. It might not be done all at once.

29 Aug 2020 12:21:53
Ed is there a way to profit from this knowledge? I’ve always wanted to dabble in stocks etc and I thought knowing about cashless, blockchain etc before the masses should mean there’s money to be made? I looked into cashless a year or so ago but in the end I bottled taking the risk.

{Ed033's Note - It's all rumour and speculation, but the new financial/quantum/blockchain system is allegedly backed by gold. The lesser of 2 evils who are winning the war are going to 'tokenise' everything using 'blockchain' technology and release suppressed technology with silver as an important component.

Certain blockchain token cryptos are going to increase significantly. XRP is possibly one of the alleged blockchains used in the new financial system. Theta crypto token is possibly a big part of our future online entertainment.

Therefore maybe, physical gold, physical silver [not paper GLD/SLV], XRP, Theta are possible 'investments'?

27 Aug 2020 22:30:02

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27 Aug 2020 23:58:10
There's loads of BS-19 Paid Agent 'Actors'.

28 Aug 2020 00:09:01
COOPED UP - The Australian film that predicted Corona B.S. back in 2016.

28 Aug 2020 00:22:30
Have Bill and Melinda Gates been replaced with body doubles?

27 aug 2020 19:02:30
theres a monster coming! are you even aware?

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27 Aug 2020 19:07:52

27 Aug 2020 19:09:51
United Nations COVID Propaganda reaches brazen new levels.

25 Aug 2020 14:49:43
Eerily quiet on the world scene at present Ed, some surprises to come in September do you think? We've seen September being as a shock month over the years, it wouldn't surprise me if something of epic proportions happens next month.

{Ed033's Note - The new 'Quantumised' Blockchain banking system is now online with instantaneous transactions.

September is possibly where the Governments see just how stupid the Sheeple are, with unbelievable B.S. coming from Governments and the mainstream media, which may continue into next year, where the aim is to get people to think there is no choice, but to take the genetically modifying vaccine.

More lockdowns are possible in September in some countries that came out of lockdown.

Next year we might see certain food shortages.

Next year, we might see some weird happenings [unknown electromagnetic phenomena] in the sky?

I would expect to see loads more paid agents acting everywhere showing how much the whole COVID is B.S., which will be obvious to us, but the Sheeple won't be able to see it.

But, the Sheeple need to get the idea that COVID only goes away when the majority calls B.S. on COVID.

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25 Aug 2020 15:36:24
COVID 19 has not been isolated so how can they test for a specific virus.

Human Chromosome 8 is the COVID 'Virus' test. Revelations with David Icke and Andrew Kaufman.

25 Aug 2020 21:53:24
Regarding food shortages I'm waiting for Brexit to be blamed 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️.

25 Aug 2020 14:28:40
Beyond The Globe! - Full documentary.

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25 Aug 2020 15:07:49
The International BS Station vs Submarines.

23 Aug 2020 15:36:06
this is an interesting watch regarding who actually created COVID

Plandemic 2 - InDoctorNation documentary.

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22 Aug 2020 12:10:55
Evidence that COVID RNA Base Pairs are Identical to Chromosome 8 in Human DNA.

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22 Aug 2020 23:42:31
Just for giggles 😅

22 Aug 2020 23:47:01
Harry Vox video from 2014 about the New World Order agenda (been posted on here before)

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