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28 Sep 2021 21:13:50
Dr Judy Wood Where Did The Towers Go 9/11 Truth NEW INTERVIEW


{Ed033's Note - Thanks Rian.

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28 Sep 2021 22:37:53
Ed033, do you know about the Israeli art students?

{Ed033's Note - i have heard of them, but don't know much about them.

9/11 Conspiracy – The Israeli Art Students

28 sep 2021 17:15:22
cart ruts: old world wide transport system.

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28 Sep 2021 11:09:11
Morning Ed033,
I was trying to search for a post a few months ago where you detailed the 2 Supreme Court cases regarding self certifying exemptions and what is required in order for informed consent to be completed. Could you repost this for me please? Thanks.

{Ed033's Note - Vaccines in UK are not mandatory. There is an exemption on evidence of medical reasons and the Supreme Court recognises at common law that denial of free and informed consent is a self certified medical reason. See Montgomery v Lanarkshire [2015] UKSC 11
uksc-2013-0136 judgment

In R Wilkinson v Broadmoor : [2001] EWCA Civ 1545, Lady Justice Hale, Supreme Court President, confirmed that forced medical procedure without informed consent "may be sued in the ordinary way for the (common law) tort of battery".

In the judgement it was held that acting under statutory authority provides no defence, therefore the Employer will be guilty of coercion on the threat of battery with regards to unlawful dismissal if express evidence of denial of informed consent are unlawfully rejected.

This will result in a breach of contract and also a Tort that can be sued. The above is why mask "mandate" exemptions were self certified. It is unlawful for Doctors to interfere with the process of free and informed consent. Informed consent is defined in Montgomery as follows:

1. That the patient is given sufficient information – to allow individuals to make choices that will affect their health and well being on proper information.

2. Sufficient information means informing the patient of the availability of other treatments (and forms of testing).

3. That the patient is informed of the material risks of taking the medical intervention and the material risks of declining it.

If consent is given but the Patient subsequently proves that information provided at the time breached the above common law test of informed consent, the Tort of battery is committed and the medication is unlawful.

The High Court has found children incapable of providing Gillick Competency for experimental medicines with unknown long term effects. Schools therefore risk being sued for battery if ignoring Parental preferences. See Bell v Tavistock [2020] EWHC 3274
Bell-v-Tavistock Judgment

These principles are discussed without reference to case law on this important NHS page on Free and Informed Consent and Gillick Competency.
NHS Consent to treatment

The fundamental common law right to free and informed consent, based on the ancient Tort of battery (trespass to the person), are valid in all 16 Commonwealth Realms and both the Republic of Ireland and USA, where English common law is retained as a body of law.

In Ireland, evidence that English common law rights are retained can be found in the Statute Revision Act (2007) which retained Magna Carta and most of the English Bill of Rights (1688) and much, much more.

In USA, English common law rights are retained by the 9th Amendment of the Constitution "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.", hence why US courts refer to them.

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30 Sep 2021 10:34:06
That's the one Ed033, thanks. The search facility is functional again now.

I see the Government are calling for public opinion and evidence for 'Plan B' and the introduction of vax passports

The latest PHE report shows that the rate of CV per 100,000 people is higher in the double jabbed than all other vax statuses combined (page 17 graph A)

The data shows that requiring proof of vax, but NOT a negative test result (especially for the hundreds of thousands attending PL matches) will make the vaccinated the super-spreaders.

{Ed033's Note - Since the implementation of the jabs, is C.V. now mostly adverse reactions to the experimental jabs?

i guess it all comes down to whatever the 'Stakeholders' want as government now does whatever the 'Stakeholders' want?

30 Sep 2021 13:32:32
Or, the jabs are the Delta variant. There was a spike in cases in most nations globally shortly after the rollout of these jabs.

{Ed033's Note - i sort of meant the jabs are the Delta variant

26 Sep 2021 22:01:05
Israel: The most jabbed country in the world is the most infectious.


{Ed033's Note - Thanks Rian.

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26 Sep 2021 15:38:36
Aladdin - The Ends of the Earth.

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26 Sep 2021 08:47:29
A pandemic that no one would know existed without the media telling us


{Ed033's Note - Thanks Rian

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26 Sep 2021 07:41:28
Just for a chuckle

{Ed033's Note - Thanks p1.

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25 sep 2021 12:25:11
Proof the Moon is not over 200,000 miles away.


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25 Sep 2021 17:41:05
Thanks p1.

24 Sep 2021 22:54:05
Just started watching this Level movie from Hibbler Productions

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25 Sep 2021 17:40:54
thanks p1.

24 Sep 2021 15:51:59
The fuel shortages are here guys. Food and gas next.

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24 Sep 2021 18:21:13
Once you can see through the bull then it becomes predictable and unsurprising doesn't it!
I've got to the stage now where I quite enjoy (if enjoy is the right word) everyone of my friends and family thinking I'm nuts.
What has totally astounded me from the start is just how blind the majority seem to be.

The big question for me is how is it that a minority of us seem immune to the lies no matter what they tell us and yet the majority would seemingly believe endless propaganda even to their own detriment.
I'm not for a moment suggesting that those of us the minority are above the rest but what is it that allows us to see?

24 Sep 2021 20:17:03
Totally agree but the big question for me is how can they not see, and I think a big part of it is due to herd mentality and the need to be seen to fit in and be 'normal'.

24 Sep 2021 20:44:52
Mass hypnosis. Do you remember the day a pin dropped in your head and you seen everything differently? I do.

24 Sep 2021 21:09:55
Yeah herd mentality and mass hypnosis are definitely part of the problem.
As for my awakening I remember being very young and shown the globe along with the fact Australia was 'at the bottom of the globe' but still the right way up. I thought it was nonsense then but at that age and in the 70's you didn't really question authority too much.
More recently (3 or 4 years ago) I was shocked by some Mandela effects and things starting falling into place or should I say the true nature of reality started to be revealed, although I would guess we still know very little.
About the same time I came to understand the undeniable truth about the flat plane we live on (even if it is an illusory reality its still in the form of a flat physical earth) . I learnt a lot about the flat plane and then Eric Dubay and others filled in the gaps.
I'll fight with everything I've got against this horror currently set against us, particularly heart broken that all my family including daughter have taken the poison but comforted by the belief that succeed or not we'll someday be in a better place.

25 Sep 2021 07:11:37
9/11 is when I woke up to all the bull. The narrative was such bs. The passports of the Terrorists found in the Wreckage, the skill required to fly a jumbo yet into a building, building seven etc

How people just believed all that crap i never know.

25 Sep 2021 10:51:49
Totally agree Spanner, the list of lies is endless, space travel, 911, satellites, globe earth, gravity and recently of course the imaginary Covid-19.

25 Sep 2021 16:57:22
Hopefully a few more snap out of hypnosis. I doubt that.

24 Sep 2021 11:06:37
More flat earth:


{Ed033's Note - thanks p1

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24 Sep 2021 10:35:13
The Great Wall of India.

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23 sep 2021 20:28:03
from m.o.b. - PEOPLE'S UNION OF BRITAIN three notice process to stop Care Homes mandating employee vaxxes [amended].
1. notice of conditional acceptance
2. notice of opportunity to cure
3. notice of default

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23 Sep 2021 19:44:39
Project Veritas - PART 1: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings

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23 Sep 2021 18:34:41
Just got letter from my wee lads school saying u16 that have been accessed to be competent can give consent themselves for jabs, surely this is illegal?

So our government think u16 aren't able to decide if the want an energy drink but old enough to decide if they want an experimental gene therapy.

{Ed033's Note - There are some truthers taking this to Court, but i guess it will take a long time even if they win.

Isn't it likely that the schools are being paid for jabbing children at schools?

Essentially these letters are saying it's likely that your child will be jabbed at some point while your child is in school.

They are now in full Satanic mode because people keep consenting to it all.

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23 Sep 2021 20:21:59
You have an opt out sheet but that means nothing obviously as they can just say your child is competent to give consent.

It also says you have to give a reason if you don't consent which I found weird, ill be ticking no consent and writing that I don't need to give reason.

{Ed033's Note - At the end of the day, the school can say, Whoops, Honest Mistake Gov., don't know how your child ended up having the jab, sorry.

23 Sep 2021 21:18:24
Unfortunately your right Ed, my kid is only young but I've told him if anyone tries to give him injection in school not to let them, do whatever to try stop them and tell them to phone daddy, best I can do I suppose.

Part of me still hopes people will come to their senses now they're coming after kids but that's me probably being naive.

{Ed033's Note - maybe they are going to have to run out of school and then phone daddy on a mobile phone.

24 Sep 2021 09:59:18
Keep them off on the day/s when inoculations take place.

{Ed033's Note - Sounds good, but are they going to inform anyone but the teachers, which day inoculations will take place?

23 Sep 2021 13:37:03
Old spinning globe i mean flat earth research

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23 Sep 2021 15:08:17
Thanks p1.

22 Sep 2021 13:48:46
very interesting - TARTARY EMPIRE - AETHER

{Ed033's Note - Thanks United ireland.

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22 Sep 2021 18:39:45
whats your thoughts on this ed if you have had a wee watch of it.

{Ed033's Note - not yet, i am going to soon though, thanks.

21 Sep 2021 19:20:58
The Israeli "Art Students" Who Rigged The Twin Towers


{Ed033's Note - Thanks Rian.

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21 sep 2021 08:49:47
Auditing the fabricated coastline - Paul Cook

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20 Sep 2021 21:34:49
DR. BRYAN ARDIS - The coming adverse effects in vaxxed children.


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