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07 Jun 2019 10:52:35
Jim Willie: Trump, Putin and Xi Secret Reset Meetings To Beat The Globalists And Avoid WWIII.

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06 Jun 2019 17:02:20
What have Cancer and Scurvy got in common.

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01 Jun 2019 18:34:05
The Great British Mortgage Swindle - Talk by Michael O'Bernicia.

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27 May 2019 11:03:47
How to Take Action Against 5G - Max Igan In Conversation With Ray Broomhall.

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20 May 2019 12:11:37
Richard D. Hall has put out a section from his DVD about the Manchester incident

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21 May 2019 13:18:05
Richard has done great work highlighting this 'incident' as you so aptly describe it Ed033, and also he has also shined a light on UK Critical Thinker who I was unaware of.

Here's an excellent video on what he believes happened.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks for the video Rian

23 May 2019 21:27:54
UK Critical Thinker wants to remain anonymous according to Richard D. Hall, but it’s easy to figure out who he is, and it’s inevitable he won’t be anonymous for long. I’ve been working my way through his shorter videos, and his analysis is excellent. I’d encourage anyone who is interested to go to his channel on YouTube and watch all his videos because they could be taken down any time.

07 May 2019 18:55:16
What do Brennan, Alexander Downer and spying all have in common?

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02 May 2019 23:43:48
The Persecution of David Noakes and Lyn Thyer.

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29 Apr 2019 16:02:45
Media blackout on the fact Brexit already happened on 29 March 2019 at 11pm UK time?

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20 Apr 2019 02:17:58
Ed033's note - this space / astrophysics post has been moved to the newly created, space and astrophysics page

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15 Apr 2019 20:32:04
hi ed033, can you clear up what actually happened with Thomas Sheridan? I used to enjoy his channel, but he’s completely dropped off the face of the earth.

{Ed033's Note - I've heard him on interviews several years ago, but i don't know what happened to him.

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15 Apr 2019 22:23:15
a lot of content is still on his channels, some of it very interesting. Thanks anyway, if anyone else knows, please let me know.

13 Apr 2019 18:46:59
So Ed033, what's your spin on things of late? UK democracy is standing at the gallows. And the worrying things is, is it's being done in broad daylight. UK and EU laws are being broken ( I have to take 3rd party knowledge as being correct on this, as I have no time to read through the red tape bureaucracy)

The vote card said. Stay or Leave, nothing about deals and all the BS.
The remainers are being just as bad as well, but none of them seem to see the death of the genuine real power of a vote.

{Ed033's Note - I guess all it means is no Brexit, even if they pretend there is Brexit at some point in the future.

And then after they say Brexit is all done and dusted (however it ends), 99% of the general public will go back to sleep.

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13 Apr 2019 19:58:12
Hope makes me want to disagree with you, mate. I just hope the obviousness of political corruptness wakes people up. But no hope without fear and that's, that you are right.
Do you have a way to get back in to the matrix ed? as its getting far too depressing.

In retrospect. contemplating your response. is Ed033 still the same person?

{Ed033's Note - I'm a little older now than when i started this site in 2011. What response were you expecting rom me?

13 Apr 2019 22:59:36
Has it really been that long?

I meant no disrespect Ed, it just felt like your reply was a little defeatist, no that's the wrong word, hmm, Just feels like less, can't explain in words.
I only expected a true response, which i received with thanks.
But, I guess I hoped for a more retaliatory response to the political elite playing their games out of the shadows. Meaning that you usually have a lot more to say. But, end of day as long as its still you its all good. Appreciated your work.

{Ed033's Note - I think they'll keep ramming their political correctness down everyone's throats at every opportunity, this keeps people's minds on political correctness (and keep people divided), while they carry out their Agenda 21.

11 Apr 2019 19:24:00
The timing of Assange's arrest is very interesting to say the least.

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18 Apr 2019 08:45:02
Whys that mate? Not a dig just interested. It's a strange case altogether.

04 Apr 2019 20:31:04
Dr. Sebi, credited with successful AIDS, and cancer treatments, died under sketchy circumstances. Nipsy Hussle was making a documentary about Dr Sebi and was slain in a gangland shooting - orchestrated hit sounds more like it?

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04 Apr 2019 19:59:14
Ed were well aware you can become a man of the land is it possible to revoke European citizenship?

{Ed033's Note - Yes, it's possible, This isn't the only way, but you could talk to your local priest/vicar about it. They might know someone higher up in the church that can help you out.

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04 Apr 2019 20:44:32
Not religious that won't help. I mean a Freeman of the land as in John James Harris. So it would be able to say that you don't recognise EU laws etc.

{Ed033's Note - John Harris had a document you could download, fill in and sign, then send to the Queen. I think it was about saying you don't think she is doing a correct job, so you no longer consent to being a Subject and claim your own sovereignty.

05 Apr 2019 15:13:37
I meant to decline to adhere to EU laws etc. Not actually becoming a Freeman of the land.

{Ed033's Note - The way they see it is, that you are tied to the EU legislation due to you being in the 'Vatican World Ecclesiastical Trust' via the Birth Certificate. After the age of 21, you are able to get out of the Birth Certificate and the Vatican Trust by setting up your own Ecclesiastical Trust outside of the Vatican Trust. Then you put the Vatican on Notice that you no longer consent to being in the Vatican Trust.

The problem is that the Vatican aren't going to give you a document saying, 'You're out', which means every other entity is going to assume you're still in.

02 Apr 2019 14:25:57
The Great British Mortgage Swindle with film-makers Michael O'Bernicia and Michael O'Deira.

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