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18 Sep 2021 07:06:22
Censored - a short 6 minute film about vax injuries.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks Rian.

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17 Sep 2021 20:43:31
Did anyone see what appeared to be two suns today
Our sun we see was as is and what appeared today was a second disc at six o'clock a lot smaller and only visible for 1 and half minutes roughly.
At about 6.30 UK time
And on top of that this morning there where 7 planes for engineering.

{Ed033's Note - I didn't, but if the Sun we see is a projection of some kind, then it's possible that any second Sun we see is also a projection or a reflection of some kind?

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17 Sep 2021 22:12:59
Yes I also thought that ed33,
Like a lense flare in camera.
Two work colleagues I gave a lift back from Brighton to Southampton
Also see the same thing.
I didn't say what to look for
Just where to look and they described the same thing I see.
Also it was orange in colour compared to the sun we see everyday.
And there was a lot of geo engineering (chemtrailing) happening first thing this morning.

17 Sep 2021 22:14:16
I know Hunter's moon, sun dog.
But this wasn't that .
Or didn't seem to be .

17 Sep 2021 16:39:48
The public schools [in the west] are now becoming satanic?

Ohio Mayor Craig A. Shubert [who is obviously not in their satanic club] demands school board members resign or face possible criminal charges.

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17 sep 2021 14:37:25
Camden catacombs and ancient highways - Paul Cook

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17 Sep 2021 12:06:28
People may not have seen some of this before?

3.5.5 Lost History of Earth - Ewaranon.
Can be played at 1.5 speed or higher

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