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13 Jan 2022 14:30:47

unvaxxed aussies are completely banned from society even health care

{Ed032's Note - Thanks, United ireland. They say get the vax to save lives because we care about health. If you don't listen and don't get the vaxx, you can go and die. Satanic logic.

13 Jan 2022 17:07:10
How many jabs = vaxxed?

{Ed032's Note - I think Meta used the answer as their logo, didn't they?

13 Jan 2022 20:39:27
When you are coerced threatend etc that alone tells you this is wrong on so many levels.

{Ed032's Note - When they don't get their way and the trickery doesn't work, creating fear to make you do, is all they have left.

14 Jan 2022 06:41:11
Only in WA that, they happened opened the borders since this started.

I'm in South Australia, only big events are banned for the unvaxxed, but then them events become hotspots for covid ??

{Ed032's Note - That would suggest the vaxx doesn't work. Shock, horror ?

14 Jan 2022 11:50:07
They do work Ed, if it wasn't for the vaccinated limiting the spread everyone would be ill and dying ?

13 Jan 2022 13:34:22

I found THIS

{Ed032's Note - Sorry I can not comment, p1 as FB have banned me :) Thanks for posting though.

13 Jan 2022 16:57:29
This is an audio recording of a man phoning Hammersmith CID and asks if the Crime/Case reference number 6029679/21 is a true Police case number. The answer is yes. This is a Mark Sexton et al case.

{Ed032's Note - Thanks, Ed033. I will look for an alternate source.

13 Jan 2022 13:05:37
So another fan had chest pain at Spurs. This is starting to happen so often on and off the pitch. How do people not see what's happening.
Also anyone else think all these so called parties are boris escape plans, just like the Hancock incident. So called hidden camera, another get out, after what they have done.

{Ed032's Note - The sheep are blind with hypnosis,, BLUEBOY1

With Van-Tam leaving as well it seems there will be a change of the 'puppets', a new line of people for which the LE can pull the strings.

13 Jan 2022 12:40:59

Free energy tech

{Ed032's Note - Thanks, Morpheus.

I did post these a little while ago thanks for reposting for those that missed them. It is going to be interesting to see where Nigel Cheese's work leads. As stated in the video, he apparently has a premises set up for production so it could be very soon. Amazing stuff if true.

15 Jan 2022 19:50:48
Royal Navy officer was a fantastic watch. Confirms the evil world we live in.

13 Jan 2022 10:05:44
It's getting so satanic it's unbelievable actress Megan fox has got engaged to rap star machine gn Kelly asked how they celebrated reply was we drunk each others blood

{Ed032's Note - Does not surprise me at all, Jacynta.

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