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17 May 2020 09:59:36
On this site at timestamp: 09 May 2020 09:53:10 the post was about The Tanzania President sent Pawpaw fruit and Goat samples off for corona virus testing, but gave the samples human names and ages. The tests came back positive.

In the below video The Tanzania President expands on more crazy test results meaning the whole of COVID testing is useless or there is no real testing going on.

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17 May 2020 10:43:01
A police officer in America put out a video on utube saying to other police officers that they shouldn't go crazy on the public and do unconditional stuff. His commanding officer thought it was a good video to put out. However the video went partially viral, so his commanding officer got told to tell him to remove the video, but he declined and will be terminated.

17 May 2020 10:51:05
Step by Step to total control - officials now saying they will remove people from family homes for COVID isolation.

17 May 2020 15:01:39
Sitel are currently recruiting hundreds of call centre staff who will be working from home and phoning the contacts of all People who tested positive for the virus. They are compiling a huge database but will not say who has access.

16 May 2020 18:12:13
Prof. Dolores J. Cahill PhD. - No need to Social Distance and you're worse off wearing masks and most importantly Coronavirus vaccines cause Cytokine storms when people go through their next Cold or Flu.

So one of the reasons for the world wide COVID-19 vaccine is for a great many people to die via a Cytokine storm possibly a few years later so people won't put the vaccine and the deaths from Cytokine storms together and it can be sold as a new mutated killer virus causing the Cytokine storms?

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16 May 2020 22:12:10
👆 video won't load Ed, do you have another link please?

watch it on youtube site - Prof. Dolores J. Cahill PhD

16 May 2020 23:15:00
Love Prof. Dolores, crimes against humanity is spot on. End the lockdown NOW. 👊.

{Ed033's Note - May 25th sounds good to me.

16 May 2020 14:53:37
Ok let's try again VAXXED the Movie (on - banned from utube like any vaccine truth video they can find.

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16 May 2020 14:57:47
VAXXED II (on - second movie called: The People's Truth.

16 May 2020 20:57:11
Evidence of the power of big pharma, media and government control, that they are unbelievably talking about inventing a the virus vaccine. Without proper testing, without animal testing and the favourite to win the contract has never had a vaccine approved.

I also believe that in 60 years, a the virus vaccine has never been produced. How would anyone in their right mind, willingly accept such a vaccine, any vaccine.

{Ed033's Note - The sheeple will beg for it i'd imagine. At least in America Trump isn't going to mandate it to be compulsory for all Birth Certificated Persons like other governments, who are trial ballooning,

16 May 2020 22:06:26
Just noticed Ed, are we being careful with certain trigger words? 😳.

{Ed033's Note - yes.

16 May 2020 23:15:40
Wow, cheers and keep up the excellent work. 👍.

{Ed033's Note - thanks

16 May 2020 06:27:55
160 earthquakes in Nevada US within the past 24 hours, close to the site of Area 51. I'm hearing a lot about DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases) and tunnels overlapping this area.

Can anyone shed any light on this at all?

USGS Earthquake site

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15 May 2020 13:35:06
I can understand the symbolism of the first sin now. That began the dark age. That began the web depicted on the dollar bill, worldwide web www, etc
Symbolism everywhere including the dollar bill comes from the occult, pagans, witchcraft, etc.

Greenwich mean time GMT, i have a feeling the 0-360 degree longitude there is something hidden ( japanese islands like tsushima)
The dark sun symbol before swastika, yin yang, moon deception, moon footprint mocking.
The naming of planets with greek myths, moon apollo missions?

Dark sun seems like the original and the real one is just a deception. How they did it has to do with the egyptians and pyramids.
Thats why the moon is such a mystery.

The deception seems to do with the fallen angels and the creator himself. Both the suns seem to represent the creator himself (yin / yang) but notice we seem to be in reverse flow because of the deception. We are harnessing the dark forces instead of the positive ones.
Also the occult forces seem strong in the dark. Stronger forces / mocking.

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15 May 2020 08:31:58
Richplanet documentary Film released about the Manhester Incident called: Manchester : The Night of the Bang. Watch and or download the film

Part 1 of 3:

Manchester : The Night of the Bang

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15 May 2020 12:08:06
Ole Dammegard's most important video ever about 'Live Exercises'

15 May 2020 19:24:22
Ed, will you be posting the other 2 parts to the Manchester bombing conspiracy? Cheers.

{Ed033's Note - You can click on part 2 and part 3 that's to the right of the video on the page.

Part 2:

Manchester : Part 2

Part 3:

Manchester : Part 3

15 May 2020 20:15:24
Cheers. 👍.

15 May 2020 21:38:27
Night of the big bang thoughts. Have you ever watched someone's hard work and research and been left a little frustrated? Victims were so unconvincing, circumstantial evidence damning but still left annoyed that he was clutching at straws. So close to exposing something but I believe he missed, just. 🤷‍♂️.

{Ed033's Note - The Manchester Incident was another Live Exercise that the mainstream media and government said was real.

15 May 2020 22:10:06
Just wish he'd uncovered one of the victims abroad. Job done. 👍.

{Ed033's Note - He asked his audience to help find a girl (an alleged dead victim) he had a lead on who moved to America.

14 May 2020 21:28:39
So few doctors nurses and other hospital staff out clapping tonight?

just when they have 'crushed the curve' of the virus?

at the peak we were shown car parks full of staff, police cars, ambulances

did they get bored or have they been ordered 'look busy guys TV cameras here'
just an observation.

{Ed033's Note - Yeah it's a poker bluff and they have the poorest hand possible.

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15 May 2020 19:25:51
Never clapped, never donated. Hang onto your hats for the 2nd wave and the 'darkest winter'.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, people have to realise that there is no way back. They will keep the buff going into the total control New World [order]

14 May 2020 15:23:44
Vaxxed Documentary - From Cover Up to Catastrophe.

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14 May 2020 21:13:17
Ed, no words. I am aghast. Compelling viewing, thank you.

{Ed033's Note - yes, people might want to watch this quick before it's removed by utube

16 May 2020 07:10:49
This has been deleted by YouTube already. Ed, what can we do to help spread this info? I managed to send the link to about 4 of my closest me in my circle, and only 1 of them watched it in time so it makes me realise, there’s no way public opinion can be persuaded if they limit the people watching it to the ‘conspiracy theorists’

It’s frightening how quickly these videos get taken down in content to when we watch them.

{Ed033's Note - Exactly, this is a multi pronged attack on the 'Woke' people to limit any truth getting out. This is part of the 'Social Distancing' strategy, where it's difficult to even speak to anyone. And most of the 'Woke' are not doing anything because of QAnon where they either think Trump will do something or are waiting to see if Trump does anything.

14 May 2020 10:38:10
Are We Asking Enough Questions About Vaccines?

video from RFB channel on

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14 May 2020 11:57:13
Video Meme made from the Film, They Live, We Sleep.

14 May 2020 13:53:41
People being programmed for terrible 'Dark Winter' of 2020.

Video from James Corbett channel

14 May 2020 14:08:35
Out Of Touch - Kevin James Short Film about Social Distancing.

13 May 2020 21:04:34
Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot video, she is saying the U.S. Constitution has to go and you pick people for important positions, "that are pledging allegiance to the New World Order".

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12 May 2020 20:00:04
Dr. Buttar accuses Fauci, Gates and the mainstream media for using Covid to advance the agenda.

Video from WokeBoy channel on

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13 May 2020 14:22:30
Interviewer asked the Doctor what Gates' motive was for mass vaccination and population control through premature deaths and sterilisation? He's been the richest man in the world for 2 decades, what does he achieve? Well the wealth created by vaccinating 7 billion people, selling access to governments to control and monitor their populations, will make him the richest man again but in a different field. But ultimately I honestly believe, through his family ties to eugenics, Bill Gates wants to play God and that is the frightening.

{Ed033's Note - A lot of the minions like Gates have taken part in something they shouldn't have taken part in and so they are owned and do what they're told to do. The motivation is therefore non exposure of what they took part in.

13 May 2020 17:19:30
I think Gates wants to sit at the top table too. Or like Soros, leave a legacy of their 'humanitarian work'. Bezos is money mad and the likes of Musk and Branson, petulant kids amongst the 'big boys'. We, the relative plebs, are just there to be used and or disposed of. Have you an up to date image of the illuminati pyramid? Cheers.

{Ed033's Note - i don't no.

13 May 2020 19:52:22
Scouseduckred as ed said bill gates is a minion. Just scared i can see through everything now from information accumulated through education, movies, music, games, reading, experience as a navigating officer, etc.

The queen coronation check who wins the oscar.

Dollar bill - check the words DEBT and also symbols

2001 a space oddysey reasearch the symbolism. Eg. evolution, virus, space, 2001 chinon parchment . Also stanley kubrick.

Try connecting dots literally a web.

Seemed like the royals were tourist attractions in england, man i was wrong, the power of the QUEEN.

14 May 2020 10:04:36
Still the world's largest land owner? Yes, I was on twitter about 5yrs ago when a lot of the above was being revealed to me. Got banned by Lineker but that's another story. 😃.

14 May 2020 10:08:35
We can't get to the untouchables, so we have to take out their minions and will always have to. Knowing who the controllers are, doesn't make it any easier to bring them down.

{Ed033's Note - The Committee of 300 / The Olympians.

14 May 2020 11:02:26
It's all smoke and mirrors. Their skill is to hide in plain sight.

11 May 2020 19:31:21
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: This is The Biggest Scam Ever Perpetrated on The Human Race.

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11 May 2020 21:18:35
No liability and immunity from prosecution for big pharma and their vaccines. They are literally covering every base. 🤬.

11 May 2020 18:58:31
The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize for 2001, in two equal portions, to the United Nations (U.N.) and to its Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, for their work for a better organized and more peaceful world.

For one hundred years, the Norwegian Nobel Committee has sought to strengthen organized cooperation between states. The end of the cold war has at last made it possible for the U.N. to perform more fully the part it was originally intended to play. Today the organization is at the forefront of efforts to achieve peace and security in the world, and of the international mobilization aimed at meeting the world’s economic, social and environmental challenges.

Kofi Annan has devoted almost his entire working life to the U.N. As Secretary-General, he has been pre-eminent in bringing new life to the organization. While clearly underlining the U.N.'s traditional responsibility for peace and security, he has also emphasized its obligations with regard to human rights.

He has risen to such new challenges as HIV / AIDS and international terrorism, and brought about more efficient utilization of the U. N. ’s modest resources. In an organization that can hardly become more than its members permit, he has made clear that sovereignty can not be a shield behind which member states conceal their violations.

Did the above really happen or am i day dreaming?

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11 May 2020 15:18:14
Hi Ed033, worth a look. Alex Jones summarises the Covid-19 lies and ramifications

{Ed033's Note - Thanks zipraph

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10 May 2020 19:19:23
Amazing Polly - The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket.

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10 May 2020 23:31:41
Well researched, well presented. Smoke and mirrors by the blag organisations and foundations, takes the phrase 'money goes to money' to the nth degree. Plandemic indeed and the second wave already in the pipeline. Compulsory viewing IMO.

10 May 2020 23:39:16
Furthermore, boom indeed. 😳.

Ps, I said Fauci should be prosecuted.

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