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23 May 2021 18:10:07
Watched the UK Media recently? Taken over? Watch closer.

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23 May 2021 19:14:59

23 May 2021 12:19:20
Russian Army Recruitment Ad vs American Army Recruitment Ad.

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23 may 2021 11:56:23
Another good Flat earth model conversation with dave weiss.

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23 May 2021 11:17:36
In the Garden of Eden there are two trees left of right. Choose your path God says. What if that were up or down? Bowing our head to God is down is it not? Raising our head to Satan is it not? What is up is down and vice versa.

{Ed033's Note - Also, isn't it when praying to the Creator, you get on 2 knees, but when they 'worship' Satan/Lucifer, they apparently get on 1 knee. So why are these sports people getting on 1 knee? It's Satanic isn't it?

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23 May 2021 12:28:54
Exactly my point. They the sports people, pray to satan.

{Ed033's Note - Right yeah [i didn't quite get it the first time i read it] - They're trying to mind control people towards Satan and away from the Creator. All of this intentional dividing us is Satanic.

23 May 2021 16:47:02
wee bit confused with this one. would you not be looking up praying to the creator as he is up in the heavens and down below is the evil one?

23 May 2021 10:55:14
A poster asked what is our/ your next prediction? I know it was answered correctly, however if he/ she wants a prodiction I have one, although probably not a good idea here it is. Queen Elizabeth's death or someone else within the Royal Family will be announced within the next 2/3 months.

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