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16 Jan 2022 17:00:16
I watched a clip with Bill Gates talking about the next Pandemic that will be way worse.Him and his wife(ex wife) sit with excited grins on their faces.I don't know when it's from but I'd guess a year or more.He talks about Germ warfare task force exercises between th UK and USA. The scary part is when he talks about bio weapons being released at mabe 10 airports scenarios.

{Ed032's Note - Hi, Pud. If it is the clip I am thinking of, it was from before the plandemic. I think it was only a few months before, maybe Oct19 but it could be earlier but not that much before then.

I posted a video on Blll Gates a little over a week ago. Type 'gates' into the search box, it is the second post down. 'Bloodlines'. Worth a watch if you've not watched it.

16 Jan 2022 19:39:32
Cheers ?I usually spend ages going through all the pages trying to find stuff.Its frightening that this little man can pull so many strings of the puppets that act out being world leaders.

{Ed032's Note - You're welcome, Pud. I think Gates is one that gets their own strings pulled.

16 Jan 2022 09:04:26
America's Food Supply Fertilized With Human Remains And Coated With Nanoparticles

14 Jan 2022 16:26:08
Liquid being suspended above air in an enclosed container shown in this video from 4:15 mark.

{Ed032's Note - Thanks, Ed033.

14 Jan 2022 14:43:45

14 Jan 2022 11:53:12
Portable inside use emergency wood stove

{Ed032's Note - Thanks, Ed033.

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